They Call Me Julia

That’s not my name
That’s not my name
That’s not my name
That’s not my name


So you know me as JD and—DON’T PANIC! I am JD. But that’s not what my parents named me.

They named me Julia. Isn’t that a pretty name? Oh, you’d better be agreeing. I was almost a Lisa and almost a Zelda. Lisa would’ve been fine when I was younger, but I might be bored with it by now. ZELDA? That would’ve been the end of me in 5th grade, but today I’d be extremely honored and thrilled to share my maternal grandmother’s name.

But even my parents had trouble sticking to “Julia.” For years, my dad called me Joodge (still not sure how to spell that) and M. J. Smackington because of the way I ate as a baby (Lay off, man! I was just a baby!). These days, most of my family calls me J, which I love for its one-syllableness.

EXCEPT! For my dad’s side of the family, who have always called me Julie. (That’s Joooooo-lie, ‘cuz they live WAY down south in Springfield, IL). When I was young, it never occurred to me to correct them and now it seems kind of rude and silly. Um, excuse me? That’s not my name.

No. Julie is not my name, y’all. It’s not my nickname either. Not acceptable. “Do people call you Julie?” “Only once.”

They call me Julie
They call me Judy
They call me Juliet
They call me Joya (?)

Julia isn’t such a difficult name, is it? Especially in these modern times of Julia Roberts and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and let’s not forget Julia Sugarbaker. But I still get weird permutations. I mean, Joya? Is that even a name?

Then there are the people who get my name right but the pronunciation wrong. Yeah. Instead of the three syllables of Ju-li-a, I get Joo-ya. There’s no cheating on the “L,” people. You HAVE to say the “L” or it’s not my name. JU-LI-A. I’m sorry it’s so damn long, but come ON.

My parents named me Julia because they liked the name, and that is good enough for me.

So you can call me Julia or you can call me JD. Hell, you can even call me J, after all, we’re family here, right?

But please don’t call me Julie.

That’s not my name.


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69 Responses to “They Call Me Julia”

  1. 1 muskrat

    My parents called me “dammit.”

  2. 2 Anne

    I love the name Julia. I think it is beautiful. And after seeing your Blogher video, it really suits you.

  3. 3 smarticus

    One day, three sisters were asking their Dad questions.

    The first sister asks, “Dad, why is my name Rose?”
    And Dad replies, “Well, because when you were born a rose petal fell on your head.”

    The second sister asks, “Dad, why is my name Pearl?”
    And Dad says, “Because when you were born a pearl fell on your head.”

    Finally, the third sister asks, “Duuuuuuuuur”
    And Dad goes, “Shut up, Cinderblock.”

  4. 4 absepa

    I’ve used the “only once” reply, too…many times. When I introduced myself as Stephanie, and someone asked, “Does anyone call you Stephie?” Blech.

  5. 5 georgie

    I will now have that damn ting tings song stuck in my head all day now…have you heard it? LOL I was singing it all through this post…

    Yeah try growing up with the name Georgina-the kids made fun of me and the older people still cant pronounce it…

    Hey if your name was Zelda then your claim to fame could have been the video game-yes i would be milking that one…

  6. 6 georgie

    note to self…do not comment on blogs before having go go juice…of friggin course you have heard the song it is linked right up top there….

    thats not my name
    thats not my name
    that not my my name
    they callll me i-d-i-o-t! not stacy

  7. 7 Pippa

    My parents called me Pippa and I am always asked is it short for Phillipa?
    They called my sister Kitty and she is always asked if it is short for anything (the answer is No, but it is a shortening of Katherine apparently).
    Luckily they stopped breeding at this point!

  8. 8 babs - beetle

    OK Jools I won’t call you any of those bad, bad names.

    They call me Julie with an ‘E’
    Not Julia with an ‘A’
    And Julie with an ‘E’ goes ‘eeeh’ not ‘aah’
    It’s ‘A’ instead of ‘E’
    Not ‘E’ because it’s ‘A’
    It’s simple as can be – It’s Julieee… Julia!

    You’ll always be JDeeee to me :)

  9. 9 Stephanie

    Dammit (sorry, Muskrat), absepba stole my comment before I had a chance to.

    I’ll answer to Steph and Stephanie, but Stephie – never. My daughter (another Stephanie) goes by Stephie, probably because I don’t.

    Ironically I shorten my other two kids’ names: Alex for Alexander and Roxy for Roxanna. Clearly, I’m a hypocrite. With a stolen comment.

  10. 10 Barb - WillThink4Wine

    Julia is a beautiful name. I can’t imagine why people have so much trouble with it.

    My full name is of course, Barbara, but I perfer “Barb”. I only use “Barbara” for my legal stuff or for clarification purposes when people think I said “Bob” instead of “Barb”. Now you wouldn’t think “Barb” would be so tough either, would you?

    And don’t EVEN get me started on how they wreck my last name!

  11. 11 Florida Girl In Sydney

    I already have a few Julias in my life and am not easily confused by Julia and Julie. Julia is obviously far better.

  12. 12 dcr

    But, can we call you Zelda? ;) If your parents had gone with Zelda, you could be ZD now. Of course, that might cause you some issues with Ziff-Davis, but, still, catchy. ZD. Could be pronounced Zed, then you’d be like that guy in Men in Black, except you wouldn’t be a guy. But, that’s okay. 007 gets bossed around by a woman now, so J & K could be too.

  13. 13 Puglette

    ok, my name is judy…not susie, not julie, not jody, not trudy.

    and it’s really , really not judy, judy, judy in a Cary Grant imitation. he never said that, and i get so tired of people saying you must get tired of people saying judy, judy, judy! why yes, i do get tired of it, and you just said it again!

    now at the new job, i get called debbie by one of the women. oy!

    oh, and sometime i typo and sign my name as jusy…

  14. 14 Grace

    I’ve already discussed this issue on my blog – calling people by their proper name, or their preferred name. Huge PITA when you are polite and smiling and gently say, “Excuse me but my name is…..” I also have used that answer to “Has anyone ever called you….” “Only once”.

    True story. There was a new employee at my rather small company. I had been with the company longer than anyone except the principals. I was introduced to this young woman as “Grace”. She called me “Gracie”. I politely told her that was not my name. She persisted in using it because she thought it was funny. One day as most of the office was in the hallway waiting on line at the coffee cart, she called out the name “Gracie”. I turned around and said, calmly but loudly, “If you ever call me Gracie again I will rip your tongue out and shove it down your throat”. She blanched; after a moment of silence everyone laughed and she skulked back into the office and during the rest of her tenure there she avoided me – not easy to do in a small office, but she managed.

  15. 15 janine

    You know, you always write the most thought-provoking posts. I never gave much thought to the correct pronounciation of Julia before and damn if I haven’t been saying it wrong! I tend to say Juliya. And that’s wrong and I am going to stop that right now.

    I most desperately wanted to be a Kathy or a Cindy or even Karen, anything but Janine, but like you I was eventually grateful, especially when I realized I was almost named Sara. Sara Lee to be exact – back before the frozen cheesecakes. So things could have been WAYYYYyy worse than they were, as unimaginable as that is.

  16. 16 Pricilla

    The publicist’s name is Patty and she was erm, a little chubby as a child and everyone called her Fatty Patty. She did not like this.

    We goats just call her, “Maaaaaaaaaa!”

  17. 17 Bingo

    I know the feeling, my name is Jenny but some people call me Jennifer and I hate that, why do they want to call me Jennifer? I don’t know, it’s a longer name. I think some people do it just for bother you, Julia is nicer than Julie, hey The Beatles have a song called Julia, you are so lucky!


    Half of what I say is meaningless
    But I say it just to reach you,

    Julia, Julia, oceanchild, calls me
    So I sing a song of love, Julia
    Julia, seashell eyes, windy smile, calls me
    So I sing a song of love, Julia

    Her hair of floating sky is shimmering, glimmering,
    In the sun

    Julia, Julia, morning moon, touch me
    So I sing a song of love, Julia

    When I cannot sing my heart
    I can only speak my mind, Julia

    Julia, sleeping sand, silent cloud, touch me
    So I sing a song of love, Julia
    Hum hum hum…calls me
    So I sing a song of love for Julia, Julia, Julia

  18. 18 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I think Julia is a very pretty name. My Mommie’s name is Abby. Can you imagine all the possible things she could be called as a child? Let’s see:
    And don’t forget the always popular “Abby Normal.”

  19. 19 absepa

    @Stephanie: Sorry I stole your comment! Thinking about being called “Stephie” got me all in a lather and I posted my comment pretty quickly. One of the reasons I started using “absepa” to comment here was so there wouldn’t be two Stephanies. :)

  20. 20 kathryn

    What’s in a name? I agonized over my sons’ names…didn’t want anyone shortening it in school to something not approved by moi. So, I found 3 names that had no short versions to bump down to…but that didn’t stop my family from doing it:
    Kevin=Kevie, Websie
    Taylor=Tay, Tay-Tay, TAYLOR JON! (Middle child. Always in trouble)
    Connor=Fortunately, “Con” didn’t sound too good. First he was our little Pooh, then Poor-bear….then finally Bearie.
    Of course, they’re all bigger than me now, so I call them by their proper names.
    Great post, Joo-lee-ya!

  21. 21 Sue

    My name is Suzanne, people can have it written in front of their face but will call me Susan. There’s some kind of anti-Suzanne movement going on across the nation and I’ve been fighting it for years. Really getting pissed about it and then one day I’m telling my mom about it and she says, “Yeah, I wish I would have named you Susan.”

  22. 22 Stephanie

    absepa, I bumped you from your NAME?!?

    I am SO sorry. I take back everything mean I thought about you (and since I really didn’t think anything mean, that won’t take me long).

    Would it help if I used Stephanie B? Or Rocket Scientist?

  23. 23 JD

    muskrat: That’s actually a lot more innocuous than I would have thought.

    Anne: Oh, that’s so nice. I’m happy with my name. And don’t tell my mom (who is Leda Ann), but “Anne” with an “e” has always been my preferred version of the name.

    smarticus: HAW! Wait, what are you saying here? That every single person named Cinderblock is mentally challenged? Is that fair? I mean, I’ve only known a few Cinderblocks in my life, and they . . . well, yeah, I guess you’re right.

    absepa: Ew. Stephie. Don’t like it. How about Steph? And why do we HAVE to have nicknames anyway? Is 3 syllables just too much trouble?

    georgie: YES! It’s a great song and totally responsible for this post, as I found myself singing along “They call me Julie, they call me Judy” etc. I’m afraid I’m WAY too old to have taken advantage of Zelda the video game as a child. And, old people! May I ask what is so hard about Georgina? Get with it! (I don’t always know the songs I quote, so it’s not a dumb question at ALL.)

    Pippa:Oh, I love Pippa AND Kitty. Of course, both of those lovely names are gonna have people asking about nicknames. I wonder what they might’ve named a third child?

    babs – beetle: HEY! Why didn’t I think of that song? I absolutely love it and the whole TV special/soundtrack of which it was a part. Extra points to Babs for quoting “Liza with a Z”! How about asking Mo to sing it? Oh, and “Jools”? No. No, no, no.

    Stephanie: OK, now I feel bad that I said “ew” to “Stephie,” but I’m too lazy to change it. Some names lend themselves to nicknames better than others. And how cute is Roxy, anyway (I mean the name, but obviously, the baby too!) No, I definitely don’t see you as a Stephie.

    Barb – WillThink4Wine: No, I can’t either. It’s not exotic or hard to pronounce, but they often just hear something different. Yeah, I can imagine people hearing “Bob” instead of “Barb.” Because people are stupid. Sorry, people!

    Florida Girl In Sydney: It is, isn’t it? I knew some Julies and another Julia in college for a while. Everyone seemed to get it right then.

    dcr: YES! I’d love it if you called me Zelda. “ZD” is soooo cool. Ziff-Davis can bite me. I don’t like Zed, tho, because it sounds too much like “Jed.” ZD. Awesome!

    Puglette: HI JUSY! Oh, man, how many times have I typed Juila? Now THAT would be a difficult name. Ugh. I can just imagine how sick you must get of Judy, Judy, Judy. NOT original. When I was in school, that Bobby Sherman song “Julie, Julie, Julie, Do You Love Me” was popular, so I went thru something similar. But at least no one remembers that song now.

    Grace: You are my HERO! Way to go. People need to learn: It’s neither funny nor interesting to call people by names they clearly hate. It’s just plain stupid and annoying. Oh, man. I’m so gonna use that “Rip out your tongue” speech the next time I hear “Julie.”

    janine: Oh, boy. Sara Lee would’ve been bad, all right. I like Janine. It’s pretty and not that common, much like the fabulous Julia. I’m not sure you’re pronouncing it wrong. Ju-lee-uh. There is a kind of “y” sound at the “lee” and “uh.” Hmmm.

    Pricilla: Oh, poor Patty. No, I can imagine she would not like that mean nickname. I think “Maaaaaaaaa” is the loveliest name I’ve ever heard, and I bet Patty rather likes it too.

    Bingo: Yes! I remember finding that song in a book when I was a kid, and feeling very special. I don’t think I have seashell eyes, but otherwise, yes, it’s pretty accurate. Thank you for the lyrics!

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Oh, dear. That’s so mean. And Abby is such a pretty name. Almost as pretty as Daisy.

    absepa: Wow! I did not know that! You’re so selfless! What does absepa mean, if I may be so bold?

    kathryn: Aw, I love all your sons’ names. I’m especially fond of Connor. Ugh, he could have been called “Conny.” That would’ve sucked. Families tend to come up with cute and/or strange nicknames. My dad called my brother “Mister” his entire life.

    Sue: Oh, these PEOPLE! When will they learn. I think it’s too much trouble to put the accent somewhere different. You know, it takes just a little extra breath to push out that “anne” instead of ‘n.’ I like “Suzanne.” My mom’s best friend was named Suzanne.

    Stephanie: Stephanies! I’m sure you can reach an agreement. Good thing my beloved Stephanie S. goes by BiffyBeans!

  24. 24 Lola

    The next time someone calls you Julie, break out into song. The Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name”. I dare you!

    Google the lyrics and change accordingly…Something like this:

    “Four letter word just to get me along
    It’s a difficulty and I’m biting on my tongue and I
    I keep stalling, not keeping it together
    People around gotta find something to say now

    Holding back, everyday the same
    Don’t wanna be a loner
    Listen to me, oh no
    I never say anything at all
    But with nothing to consider
    They forget my name (ame, ame, ame)

    They call me hell
    They call me JULIE
    They call me her
    They call me JOYA
    That’s not my name
    That’s not my name
    That’s not my name
    That’s not my name…..”

    Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but my real name IS spelled as 1 name, but can be spelled as two. (Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it?) People always f’ it up and it aggravates me. It flows more beautifully as a single word, so why wouldn’t you choose that spelling? And to the people who don’t feel they have the energy to say an eight letter word and shorten it to the 2 letter nickname that I hate…there is a special place in hell for y’all.

    PS – I didn’t know Springfield, IL was the south. Lol!

  25. 25 C.B. Jones


    Aside form making a video game reference and saying your soul mate would be a pointy eared fellow named “Link”, I’ll just say the following:

    Abbreviating ones first and middle name > saying the persons first name.

    that’s just my little bias opinion though.

  26. 26 Lola

    Oh and wait, one more. There is a special place in hell for y’all who change the “y” to an “ie”. That really irritates me.

  27. 27 Leda L

    “As long as they don’t call you late for dinner” my Mom always used to say, when I groused about how my name was pronounced (or mispronounced) and still is! Some things never change but then I shouldn’t complain, anyone with a name like Leda must be ‘special’

  28. 28 absepa

    @Stephanie: It’s no probs, really! When I first starting leaving comments, you were already here. I would occasionally get confused when JD replied to us both, so I decided to use a different nickname. Around that same time, I was getting my blog started, and my husband (Mr. Paranoia) asked me not to blog under my real name. So, I came up with “absepa” because it wasn’t already in use by someone with a Blogger account or Gmail address. It’s from my three dogs’ names: ABby, SEbastian, and PAtches. I don’t mind not using my real name, since I’m still working on promoting my blog and whatnot. I am curious, though: Were you born in the 70s? There seem to be a LOT of us from that decade. :)

  29. 29 Doctor Faustroll

    So did you parents pay royalties to Kurt Vonnegut for ripping off Cat’s Cradle?

    My parents were mutes and it took a long to understand their personal signing for me meant take out the trash.

  30. 30 Regan

    Well, my name doesn’t really leave room for nicknames. Except for the occasional moron who thinks its funny when there’s a discussion about Ronald Reagan, so they turn around and stare at me. :p

  31. 31 Jeff

    Now you’re making me nervous. I’ve probably called you Julie like a dozen times by now. I mean just look at my track record with Jim… AND HE’S RELATED!

    Wait… I get it now. I’ve been calling you Julie but you’re too polite to tell me straight up, so you wrote this post in the hopes that I’d realize it and stop.

    Mission accomplished JuliA… I promise it won’t happen again.

  32. 32 Stephanie Barr

    absepa, I was born in 1967.

    Now I REALLY feel old. Oddly enough, I was named after someone and that’s an interesting story in and of itself.

    I was named after a girl named Steve Ann. You know, I’m not quite as boring as I thought I was.

  33. 33 Nodami

    Many names? Here in the Philippines naming of persons is one way of pastime-just to have fun. I myself had a lot of name-I was called canal, sting, mai2x,hes,mailo,hesmai. By the way Nodami is not my real name. I think Julia is better than Zelda hehehe

  34. 34 NaTuRaL

    at least julie is close. my mother doesn’t know who the h*ll i am. i am com’ere. i started writing com’ere on the inside of my underwear and when i got to school they changed my name to valerie and didn’t know why i never answered.

    “cuz that’s not my name.”

    “well i have siblings, maybe that’s one of their names.”

    and truth be told that’s what my mother calls me. i’m karen, my sister. nobody knows who i am or that i even existed because i was so quiet as a child and they only remember my sister. i have a bunch of people around my mom’s age that call me karen and i have to correct them.

    i think some people who who have names that just cannot be shortened to a nickname want one so bad. julia to julie. mary to mare. come on stop the madness. i do like JD though, but i’d never call you julie.

  35. 35 Jay

    Julia is a pretty name! I love it. But yes, people do mess with your name, don’t they? Whatever it is.

    I use a shortform of my name. I never, ever introduce myself with the full version, except to the doc who needs it for my records. I get so MAD with people who extrapolate and use it anyway, because I really, really don’t like the full version. I’m so averse to it that if I get mail with my full name written out in the address, I won’t open it. ROFL!

  36. 36 JD

    Lola: HA! Yeah, I linked to that Ting Ting’s song at the top of my post. I LOVE IT. Listening to the song is what gave me the idea for this post. I literally did start singing, “They call me Julie, They call me Judy . . .” OK, now I’m REALLY curious about your name and am trying to figure it out. Would you ever reveal it? It’d make a good post.

    C.B. Jones: I’m all about the abbreviations. And believe me when I say that Zelda the videogame came WAY after any kids would’ve been able to tease me about it.

    Lola: But what if they dot the “i” with a tiny heart?

    Leda L: HI LEDA!!! Thank you so much for commenting! I was thrilled to see your lovely name. I agree: All “Leda’s” are indeed special and deserve to have their names pronounced correctly.

    absepa: Ah. THANK you for the explanation. I love it. If I blogged under a name made by pets’ first two letters, I would be Gupru. Or Prugu. If I took my last 2 pets and my current 2 pets, I would be Sikigupru. I love this!

    Doctor Faustroll: I’m pretty sure ol’ Kurt couldn’t trademark the name “Julia.” If he did, well, good on yer, Kurt! At least you had an important function in your home. It’s so nice to be needed.

    Regan: Yeah, I can imagine you get some weird looks if Ronnie’s name comes up. Just be glad you were born well after The Exorcist came out. You’d have gotten a LOT of grief.

    Jeff: Trust me, if you ever called me Julie, it would only have been once. I would’ve politely corrected you WAY before now. Also, way to be vain, Jeff! I bet you think this post is about you, don’t you, don’t you? ;-)

    Stephanie Barr: You? Boring? I don’t think so. I hope you’re going to post about this Steve Ann. That’s kind of a cool name. Also, you are not the oldest one here.

    Nodami: I wish I had all those names. People would be bound to get at least one of them right!

    NaTuRaL: I always wanted SOME kind of cool nickname that had nothing to do with my name. Like Snapper or Maneater. Oh, well. You poor shy girl. I’ll never call you Karen, that’s for sure.

    Jay: WOW! You are serious, aren’t you?! That’s hilarious. I can just see you, tossing mail into the garbage, fuming. Well, now at least you have a song to sing while you do it.

  37. 37 Elle

    yes, I feel your pain. You see, because MY name is Ellen. Nobody ever gets Ellen the first time. It is Elaine, Eileen, a couple of times Alice (??), or my absolute favorite, Helen, which makes me instantly 74 years old with blue hair. I even have a ‘friend’ who insists on calling me Helen just because he knows how much I love it. So my real friends, slackers that they are, all seem to just call me Elle. El. L. You know, the letter, or the French word for ‘She’. They have neither the patience nor the energy to give that last letter N breath. Of course,, then there are the neophytes who call me Ellie, like the Hillbillies. THAT only happens the once.

  38. 38 Julia (!)

    They call me Julia too. That’s because it’s my name. I have varius nicknames, but they don’t really stick; I’m not really a nickname person. I also hate when people call me Julie, mainly cos I make a real effort to get other peoples’ names right. Also, I work with 3 Julies but I’m the only Julia, you’d think it’s be easy! I really like my name and the way it’s just unusual enough. I was nearly called Imogen….

  39. 39 Lola

    1 more clue. When they change the “y” to an “ie” they also spell it either as 1 word or 2.

    Hmmm, what a riddle.

  40. 40 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    What about Fred? Can I call you Fred? It’s just that Julia is so hard to say, plus I have to get up earlier in the morning and some other inconveniences I won’t go into here. I mean I’d call you Julia if it were another year or something, but for Chrissakes, it’s 2009!

    (OK, I don’t know what any of that means, but I couldn’t come up with anything witty and Muskrat took my joke and there you have it.)

  41. 41 Kathy

    I love your name! It’s so pretty! Only my last name got butchered because it’s so long at 12 letters. I’ll never forget. In kindergarten, we got name cards to put on our desks. Every so often we’d have to sit down and practice writing our full names. When you could do it all by yourself, the teacher took away the name card. Mine was the last one to be removed. *sniff* It was hard!

    p.s. I’m glad I read through all the comments. Now I know where Absepa comes from!!!!

  42. 42 JC

    JD, it was a joy meeting you at blogher (newbie breakfast). I was so excited when you came on the stage to read. There are few people who actually make me laugh but you are one of them. Love your site.

  43. 43 Julie

    “There’s no cheating on the “L,” people. You HAVE to say the “L” ”

    My sister calls me Joo-wee! I actually don’t mind her dropping the L but only she can do it, no one else.

    I understand the pain and torture dealing with like-name mess-ups. When I get called Julia, my ears start to steam a bit.

    Here’s to people getting our names right!

  44. 44 Lin

    What’s that song from “Alice doesn’t live here anymore”?

    “I’m not Lisa, my name is Julie……”

    I just kept singing that in my head through your whole post. I think it could be the soundtrack for it.

  45. 45 Maureen

    All the way thru reading this post I could hear John Lennon’s “Julia” too.

    Now every time I think of you I shall have that lovely tune in the back of my head.

    Thank the Gods you weren’t named Lucille. I hate to have “You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille” going through my subconcious because our old side-by-side neighbor used to play that damn song over and over and over again at full volume. Drove. Me. Crazy.

  46. 46 Tippy

    Jew – lee – ahhhhh…

    The one letter nickname is the best! Makes you seem famous, like Cher or Madonna if they were just called C or M…

    On the name game topic, I was almost named Tracy, but ended up with the name Tara. I have a friend who was almost named Tara but ended up with the name Tracy…bizzare!

    And how much do I love that song by The Ting Tings…now it’ll be in my head all night, but that’s okay as I find it much better to sing out loud than Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’…that one gets you the ‘funny’ looks!

  47. 47 Dad Blog

    I got in trouble a lot as a kid. So I was called all my brothers’ names and sisters’ names and then, to top it off, I was called the dog’s name.
    You are right, people should be called what they desire or proper, unless it is for attention seeking purposes.

  48. 48 JD

    Elle: Wow. Isn’t “Ellen” like the easiest name in the world apart from Ann? But still! These people! Well, do you like “Elle”? I like that myself, because, again, I do love the 1-syllable name. Helen is out. As is Ellie (from which it is one small painful step to Ellie-May).

    Julia (!): Welcome, my fellow Julia! I agree: we have one of the best names out there. Get it right, everyone. It’s not like we’re asking you to call us John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith or anything.

    Lola: Argh! That made it harder!

    Margaret (Nanny Goats): HA! And you think you weren’t witty. Yes, you can call me Fred but only YOU because secretly during BlogHer, I was calling you Margaret Goats, as in “I really hope I get to meet Margaret Goats.” Well, it’s better than “Margaret Panties,” isn’t it. That damn Muskrat!

    Kathy: Oh, that’s not fair! What a mean way to do it! Nothing like pressure from teachers to make you hate your name. Poor little Kathy. Now. May I call you Kate?

    JC: Hi, JC! Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks for the nice comment. I loved our Newbie Breakfast table — everyone was so nice. Hope you had a great time at BlogHer. See you in 2010?

    Julie: Oh, thank you for being so nice. I saw your name and was all, Uh oh! Here comes a Julie to yell at me for not liking her name! But I do like it fine. It’s just not MY name. And yes, your ears SHOULD steam a little at “Julia.” It’s only fair. Thanks for stopping by!

    Lin: Wow! Never heard of that song! I’ll have to track it down. And change the lyrics. “I’m not Julie. My name is Julia . . .”

    Maureen: OHMYGOD! Lucille. I hate that song too. I also hated Lucille Ball, not that that’s going to win me any points. Lucille is pretty bad. I’ll have to go listen to “Julia” again.

    Tippy: I, too, love to sing “Baby Got Back” especially because I know ALL the words and can amaze friends and family with my rendition. But I usually just like to bust out “I LIKE BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie.” ANYway, that Tracy/Tara story is truly bizarre! (I like Tara better.)

    Dad Blog: My husband was the youngest of 7 boys, and when his mom was mad at any one of them, she’d have to run thru the entire list: ChuckLarryJohnPeteBobBillDave! But I don’t think she ever called any of them the dog’s name. That’s harsh, man!

  49. 49 juliefoolie


    I am a Julia in real life… (wait its more complicated than that)Okay, I am a First Name, Julia Last Name, and have always gone by Julia.

    I used to get extremely irritated if not actually “stabby” when people called me JuliE because A)Its not my name. B) To me it sounds like a cheerleader, Barbie-doll name, perfect for some airbrushed teen magazine girl… definitely not me. C)When I was a kid in the 70′s you could find things with “Julie” on them but never Julia, and people would buy them for me…(My Brother is now a Never David, please call me Dave..but at least David is his name. So they would buy a pencil that said David, for him, then one that said Julie for me. Yuck!)

    Now I have more or less made peace with it… I have a few elderly relatives that call me Julie, and that’s ok–ish. Juliefoolie is my screen name, out of a bizarre time when I had a group of Shriners sing a barbershop quartet at me about “You can’t let Julia foolya…” but in the days before you could have spaces in usernames Juliafoolya just looked wrong.”

    But Im still not a Julie.

    Oh and I am NOT a diminuative of my firstname either. Can you imagine sitting in a hospital emergency room writhing in pain and they are calling you by not just a name you never use, but a NICKNAME and an uncommon one at that.

    Parents, never name your kid something intending to use the middle name. Being an initial,Middlename Lastname is annoying.

  50. 50 Lola

    Another clue. There is a song with my name in it from the early 70′s. Also another quite obscure song with my name in the title, although my name isn’t mentioned in the song.

    ….this is fun.

  51. 51 Mom Taxi Julie

    This gave me a bit of a chuckle for obvious reasons.

  52. 52 Preston

    I say Preston and they say, “Christian?” or Presscott? or Prestin? or What? So, I know how you feel. BTW I don’t think your comment luv is working. And girl, stop by my blog and enter my contest! Didn’t you almost win my last one?

  53. 53 Kim

    I think it’s funny that you used Zelda as an example of a bad name to be saddled with and I used it as an example of something exotic people would want to be called. :)

    I have a sort-of sister in law whose name is Pam. Between Kim and Pam we get called each other’s names by the family we share a lot. We’ve even been called the wrong name by our partner/husband, which is pret-ty funny.

    Apart from that, though, most people seem to just get it right so I am one of the lucky ones.

  54. 54 JD

    juliefoolie: I had a history teacher who used to call me “Peculiah Julia” just because he thought it was hysterical. I wasn’t peculiar at all. And oh my god how many of those stupid novelty pencils and keychains with JULIE did I have to put up with? Oh, the poor Julia’s of the world. Thank you so much for sharing your tale of woe.

    Lola: You’re killing me.

    Mom Taxi Julie: Hey, there! Nothing against Julie’s, y’all! It’s just not my name. I’m sure you’d feel a tad churlish if someone called you “Julia,” right? No? Well, that’s understandable.

    Preston: HA! “Christian?” Yeah, stupid. My name is Christian. Dumbass. OK! I’m on my way . . .

    Kim: It’s hard to mess up Kim or Pam, unless you get them switched, which I can see happening. Yeah, Zelda would’ve been pretty bad growing up, but I’d love it now. Unless people tried calling me “Zellie” or “Zell.” Then? A punch to the throat.

  55. 55 cardiogirl

    What about two syllables — Jool-yah? Kinda rhymes with boo-yah. Can I call you Jool-yah?

    Alright, I’ll stick with JD.

    I’m not going to tell you my real name, but many times people think my name is Helen which isn’t even close and does not rhyme with my real name.

    What the hell people. It’s not like I said my name is Susan but you can call me Helen.

    Me: My name? Why it’s Susan.

    Them: Helen? Okay.

    Me: Whatever betch.

  56. 56 JD

    cardiogirl: I’ve come to the conclusion that people just hear what they want to hear, and size you up as a particular name. “She looks like a Helen to me, so that’s what I’ll call her.” And that’s a big NO to Jool-yah. But thanks for asking!

  57. 57 David

    I shoot on sight when people call me Dave. Which is really funny when you consider that David Rochester isn’t even my real life name, so there’s no reason for people to call me that.

  58. 58 JD

    David: HA. I wondered about that. My husband is a “Dave,” and for a while my mom went thru a weird period where she called him “David.” We were both like, Who you talkin’ about?

  59. 59 Ernie

    At least Julia and Julie are pretty close. For some inexplicable reason, I have been called Eric on multiple occasions. But it’s like that old saying goes, “Just don’t call me late for the Blue Beaver Beer”.
    .-= Ernie´s last blog ..Attack of The Spam-Bots From Dimension X =-.

  60. 60 Suzanne

    Oh girl, i completely get what you’re saying. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been called SUSAN. Does Suzanne look like SUSAN to you?! I’m fine with Suz, Sue, Suzy…anything but not SUSAN! Different name man.
    .-= Suzanne´s last blog ..Demo: Concept Attainment Strategy =-.

  61. 61 Chris@TheSnackHound

    I can relate. Not sure why people think “Christine” is short for “Christina.” I just don’t get that one. And I have corrected a person or two, but they continue to do that. They say “oh, they have a daughter named Christine so its hard for them to remember that you’re not.” Okay. So my 5th grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Anderson, so do I call ALL 5th grade teachers Mrs. Anderson because I don’t know any better? The logic somehow falls…

    And btw, nobody calls me Christina, anyhow. I don’t like it. But its better than Christine, because that is not my name at all.
    .-= Chris@TheSnackHound´s last blog ..Countdown to Campus Scrapple =-.

  62. 62 JD

    Ernie: Well, they got the first letter right. At least no one’s misnamed “Blue Beaver,” right?

    Suzanne: EXACTLY! Why don’t people get it? You can’t just play around with someone’s name at will, adding consonants or dropping vowels. DIFFERENT NAME, MAN (thank you for my new comeback).

    Chris@TheSnackHound: HA! I love your story. Some people are just too thick-headed to get it. Perhaps you need to share your analogy of the Mrs. Anderson story. No. That probably wouldn’t help.

  63. 63 heidi

    thanks julia!

    my daughter is Lillian yes Lillian not Lily Lilly or Lillie.

    i have never once (in print or in person) referred to her as any of these names yet people insist on using them. her nickname is Lulu or Lu.

    i feel your pain. the worst is when I correct people and they act like I am insane. she will get great mileage out of the ‘just once’ response

    Julia is tops

  64. 64 JD

    heidi: I love “Lillian.” And I especially love “Lulu” as a nickname. People need to understand that unless a nickname is personally sanctioned, they are calling that person by the WRONG NAME, which is considered rude in most societies.

  65. 65 P Shane McAfee


    I feel your pain.

    Please check out my blog on a similar issue.


  66. 66 Julia

    My name is Julia and I have a lot of nickname! I am so glad my parents named my Julia b/c no one really has that name around here where I live so it is Awesome!!!

  67. 67 april_325

    My name is April… Yes, like the month… haha
    i do your laundry, so you don't have to.
    I do your dishes, so you don't have to.
    I do you, so your hand doesn't have to.
    I work, so you don't have to.
    I pay bills, so you don't have to.
    I love you, so you don't have to … love me back…
    I do you, so you don't have to…
    do me…
    I get drunk, so you don't have to.
    I'll just entertain … ME!
    (This is entertainment)
    Enjoy!!! Hope You liked IT!

  68. 68 JD at I Do Things

    Was that to the tune of “That's Not My Name”? Awesome! And yes, I was definitely entertained.

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