Years from now when you talk about this
—and you will—
be kind.

mom belly dances 1

My mom is 74.

She has COPD.

And a few other issues.

This week her COPD rehab class is having a Halloween party.

My mom is going as a belly dancer.

And she will dance.

You got a problem with that?

mom belly dances 2

‘Cuz she doesn’t.



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58 Responses to “My Mom Shakes It so you don’t have to”

  1. 1 Tracy

    That’s awesome! Shake it like a Polaroid picture JD’s mom!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..It’s a rubbery sausage! Made of fish! And cheese! =-.

  2. 2 Kathy

    If you got your Zumba moves from her, she oughtta be tearin’ the house down. Go JD’s mom!

  3. 3 Jen @ lifelove'n'wine

    Too cute.
    .-= Jen @ lifelove’n'wine´s last blog ..Tasty Tuesdays – Falafel Dinner =-.

  4. 4 Anne

    I so don’t have a problem with that! I hope that when I am 74 I am able to shake it like that (I also hope I look that good, she is gorgeous).
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Daylight Saving Time at the Dance =-.

  5. 5 The Incredible Woody

    If I’m as hot as your mom at 74, I’m definitely going to be a belly dancer. Rock on, JD’s mom!!
    .-= The Incredible Woody´s last blog ..Vol Fan’s Christmas Shopping =-.

  6. 6 Grace

    More power to her! Hope she has a great time. I bet she will be the life of the party. Remember “To live is to dance, to dance is to live” My personal motto.
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..Do you surprise yourself? =-.

  7. 7 Buggys

    Your mom is a beautiful lady. Go Mom!!
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  8. 8 cardiogirl

    Way to shake it Mom o’ JD. It looks like you get your thick hair and your fun spirit from your mom.

    That’s cool.
    .-= cardiogirl´s last blog ..She’s right, I do want that bumper sticker =-.

  9. 9 Stephanie Barr

    Good for her. Shakin’ is a good thing, unless you have a fever.
    .-= Stephanie Barr´s last blog ..For Isa: What About Love? =-.

  10. 10 Daisy the Curly Cat

    You go, girl!

    I been thinking maybe I ought to take up belleh dancing. On account of I need to tone up my big, squishy belleh.
    .-= Daisy the Curly Cat´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: SuperHarley! =-.

  11. 11 Tiggy

    Is this the start of JD’s Mom Does Things So JD Doesn’t Have To? Awesome! ;)

  12. 12 Jenn Thorson

    Your mom rocks, JD.

    Simple as that.

    Go mom! Rock ON! :)
    .-= Jenn Thorson´s last blog ..T’was the Night Before Halloween, Plus Zombies =-.

  13. 13 Puglette

    woohoo! go mom!! i love the bells, they make every outfit complete.
    hugs to you and your mom!
    .-= Puglette´s last blog ..More Agility Fun! =-.

  14. 14 Bingo

    I think is perfect, she looks happy and that’s what really matters.
    .-= Bingo´s last blog ..Increasing your chances of a Bingo win =-.

  15. 15 JD

    Tracy: Woo-hoo! She’ll do it—even if she doesn’t quite know what that means.

    Kathy: She’s definitely taught me some moves. And I’ve got her butt, which is SO important for Zumba.

    Jen @ lifelove’n'wine: She is, isn’t she?!

    Anne: Thank you! I know she’ll appreciate that. She looks amazing for her age and has more energy than I do.

    The Incredible Woody: WOO! Indeed. I hope I hold up as well as she has.

    Grace: That’s an awesome motto. Just give me some music (or not) and I’ll dance. With or without a coin skirt!

    Buggys: Thank you! She IS: inside and out.

    cardiogirl: I do, for sure. And a lot more good stuff.

    Stephanie Barr: HA! True dat. Luckily this is the good kind of shaking.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: My belleh needs some toning too. I would love to take a belleh dancing class. (We do a little belleh dancing in my Zumba class, but just a song or two.)

    Tiggy: It could be! She’s done a lot more things than I have, so she would be perfect for the job.

    Jenn Thorson: Yup. I can’t argue.

    Puglette: Yes, I’d wear bells on EVERYthing if I could. Hugs back!

    Bingo: She is a happy lady. I’m lucky to have her as a mom.

  16. 16 ann

    Wow, she’s looking Fantastic for 74. Go JD’s mom.
    .-= ann´s last blog ..I dare you. =-.

  17. 17 Pricilla

    How how wonderful! I wish I could be so free…but wait! There is my famous goat dance of joy!

    Your mom and I could do a dance together. I am not allowed to wear veils though, I would eat them.

    Bad Pricilla, bad, bad, bad.

    Go Mom!!!!
    .-= Pricilla´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Will it Never End? =-.

  18. 18 carissajaded

    This is just simply amazing. I want to give your mom a hug right now.
    .-= carissajaded´s last blog ..Just trying to be helpful =-.

  19. 19 Spot

    JD’s Mom has got it goin on…(tune of “Stacey’s Mom)

    Now that tune will be stuck in your head forever. Good for your mom! And good for you for appreciating her youthful spirit! That’s the mom I want to be!

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..I’d like to thank the academy… =-.

  20. 20 jennyonthespot

    I wish your mom was my mom.

  21. 21 babs - beetle

    They say if you want to know what the wife will look like when she’s older, look at her mum. 74 and still dancing? Can’t be bad :)
    .-= babs – beetle´s last blog ..Autumn leaves =-.

  22. 22 Lola

    You’re very blessed to still have your mom around. I’d say if she wants to shake it, then baby shake it!
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..I’m out of ideas =-.

  23. 23 Tracy

    Belly dancing is a great way to get exercise so tell your momma to shake it all she wants.

  24. 24 C.B. Jones

    The belly dancers on FitTV > Your mom.

    Get mad.
    .-= C.B. Jones´s last blog ..SpookyDrivel: Special Halloween Sale – half off all severed anuses =-.

  25. 25 absepa

    Your mom is so awesome, kickin’ COPD butt! I hope I look that good when I’m 74…you have obviously inherited great genes.
    .-= absepa´s last blog ..The flu didn’t get me, but I thought daytime TV might =-.

  26. 26 Lin

    Dang! Look at that girlie’s figure!! She SHOULD shake it–I would if I looked like her! She’s adorable. (YOu don’t have to tell her I said that though) :)
    .-= Lin´s last blog ..I’m a Buzzkill =-.

  27. 27 Your Daily Cute

    I love it!

    Go mom… Go mom… Go, go, go mom!

    I only wish it had been a video. ;)
    .-= Your Daily Cute´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of Cats =-.

  28. 28 Leeuna

    Are you sure that isn’t your sister? She’s such a beautiful lady and I love it that she belly dances at 74. Now I have hope for my future.
    .-= Leeuna´s last blog ..Dog robbed of snak: bird denies allegations =-.

  29. 29 Michelle Gartner

    Your Mom is a cutie- I am surprised she is 74, she looks much younger.
    .-= Michelle Gartner´s last blog ..Just ask Errol Flynn- Halloween is a Drag =-.

  30. 30 frogmama

    Go mom!
    .-= frogmama´s last blog ..Yet another reason why big-handed men are show stoppers =-.

  31. 31 ish

    cool mom!!!

  32. 32 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    You go, girl!

    That’s awesome, JD. Mad props to your mom’s belly!
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..Goat Thing of the Day: Leavenworth =-.

  33. 33 Shaky Jake

    That’s not even something to pretend to be embarrassed by. That’s just terrific.
    .-= Shaky Jake´s last blog ..The Spiffy Clothing Effect. =-.

  34. 34 Patty

    Fabulous! All she needs now is a BUMPIT ™ to finish off the look! She should be a cover model for AARP magazine (I mean that in a good way…Bruce Springsteen was on the cover a few months ago…I hang out in too many doctor’s offices’ waiting rooms…)

  35. 35 JD

    ann: She really does. But it could be the belly dance skirt. Nah, she really does look that good.

    Pricilla: My mom would love to do the goat dance of joy with you! And she would make sure you didn’t eat the veils.

    carissajaded: Oh, my mom appreciates that! She does accept virtual hugs.

    Spot: Me too! And maybe I’ll have to come up with new lyrics for “JD’s Mom.” But, you know, with a less creepy younger guy vibe.

    jennyonthespot: Aw. She would be happy to be your guest-mom. Would you like her to send you a virtual hug?

    babs – beetle: Nope, can’t be bad! I hope I look as good AND have her energy. (I wish I had her energy NOW!)

    Lola: Woo! I agree. I feel very blessed. Especially to have a mom who shakes it so convincingly.

    Tracy: Yes, I will! It is great exercise. I do a little, but it’s not “real” belly dancing.

    C.B. Jones: You can’t make me get mad. My mom is just starting out. Plus, are those FitTV belly dancers 74? No. I didn’t think so.

    absepa: Yes, I’m so thankful for my mom genes (not to be confused with mom jeans). She really is kickin’ COPD butt, isn’t she?

    Lin: I have a feeling she’s reading this and laughing her head off. I also have a feeling she may be very difficult to deal with, now that she’s a famous belly dancer.

    Your Daily Cute: Whee!

    Leeuna: There is always hope. She’s kind of like a sister to me in some ways. The sister I never had . . .

    Michelle Gartner: She does—especially in person. You should see my brother. 5 years old than me and he looks 10 years younger.

    frogmama: YEAH!

    ish: She is, isn’t she?!

    Margaret (Nanny Goats): Heh. My mom’s belly thanks you. She’s wearing that to a Halloween party today and I hope she shakes all those old men out of their wheelchairs!

    Shaky Jake: What a nice thing to say. Thank you. (Altho my mom HAS embarrassed me PLENTY!)

    Patty: HA! I am all too familiar with AARP magazines, too. But yeah: What a great cover she would make. Maybe I’ll submit the photo . . .

  36. 36 Judy

    I think it’s great that with her COPD she has enough breath to dance AND the dancing is good for her. Even though we are in our 70′s, our minds think we are in our 20′s and we still want to do what we did then. I’m glad she doesn’t have back/hip problems that prevent her from doing what she wants to do. Way to go!
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..Chatting With A Squirrel =-.

  37. 37 Kathryn

    OH, GOD! Now I see where you get your groove from, girl!

    She is absolutely adorable (can I say that about your mom?)….
    or are you both simultaneously rolling your eyes in that genetically-linked mother/daughter way that you do whilst sighing dramatically…

    I think it’s a fabulous costume….and I’m so proud of her for letting you take her picture for this here blog. (She DID know you were taking her picture, didn’t she? I mean, you weren’t holding a bagel in front of the lens and saying, “Mom! Look at this bagel while you belly-dance…it’ll give you focus and stability!”)

    ‘Cause that would be mean.
    .-= Kathryn´s last blog ..24 Little Hours =-.

  38. 38 Buggys

    Lol. This picture of your mom just makes me smile! She looks like sh’e in her own little world and enjoying every minute!
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  39. 39 MomZombie

    Aw, your mom looks so sweet and it’s great that she hasn’t lost her ability to embrace life and have fun.
    .-= MomZombie´s last blog ..Gratitude vs. attitude at 6 a.m. =-.

  40. 40 Jeff

    That’s it… I’m going as your mom for Halloween this year. She’s my new hero.
    .-= Jeff´s last blog ..4 Ways of Looking at… =-.

  41. 41 JD

    Kathryn: YES! You can say that about my mom; no eyeball-rolling here. And yes she knew I was taking her picture AND gave her permission to post it. No bagel needed. (Tho it never hurts.) Thank you for the nice comments!

    Buggys: Yes, she is often “in her own little world.” It’s a very happy place. I visit it, too. We dance a lot while we’re there.

    MomZombie: Nope, she’s going strong. Stronger than me. Go, Mom!

    Jeff: HA! I love it. Please send photos (note: just in case you can’t tell from the photo: she has green eyes and purple eyeglasses).

  42. 42 Barb - WillThink4Wine

    2 words… Awe Some!
    .-= Barb – WillThink4Wine´s last blog ..Drawers. Check. =-.

  43. 43 Mary

    Go momma go. LOL that is awesome. Wish my mom could still do that. Ya’ll have fun and Happy Halloween!!
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Spread the Boobness! =-.

  44. 44 Chris@TheSnackHound

    Is your mom shaking it so we don’t have to, or so that YOU don’t have to? And then you’ll do it so WE don’t have to…? That is the way this blog works, doesn’t it?
    .-= Chris@TheSnackHound´s last blog ..A Big Fat Sloppy Kiss =-.

  45. 45 Fatima Da

    And Mama looks grt ..keeping Rocking mama…. Lovely blog you ve got …
    .-= Fatima Da´s last blog ..Happiness – 7 Key Secrets =-.

  46. 46 Dave DeWall

    God bless your Mom! I bet my 77 year old Dad living in Vegas belly dances in the casinos when he has one too many “free” drinks. Funny blog!
    .-= Dave DeWall´s last blog ..Terror in the Philippines! The Multo Is Back! =-.

  47. 47 Jay

    Good for your Mom! She looks great!

    My Grandfather had emphysema and my little Pirate Jack had chronic airway disease. It’s a hard thing to live with, isn’t it? But I’m sure that a little gentle excercise and a positive attitude go a long way to keep quality of life high. Little Jack certainly thought so, and enjoyed life right up till … well, it would have been his last day, but in fact he really stopped having so much joy in life when we lost The Princess, poor fellow.

    Grandad? He just sat in his chair and smoked. LOL!

  48. 48 JD

    Mary: Thank you so much. You too!

    Chris@TheSnackHound: Now I’m confused. I think both my mom and I will shake it so you don’t have to. I don’t want to make my mom do all the work.

    Fatima Da: Why, thank you. My mom will indeed keep rocking. That is her way.

    Dave DeWall: Good for your dad! My mom loves Vegas too, tho she’s not much of a drinker or a gambler. But she still shakes it!

    Jay: HA! Your grandpa sounds like my dad, who had congestive heart failure. After he passed away and my brother and I were packing up his apartment, we found dozens of crumpled-up packs of cigarettes stuffed behing his bookshelf. Poor Little Jack. When life stops being joyful, that can be the end for some of us. At least he and The Princess are together now.

  49. 49 Rocky

    Can we get video of this next time?
    .-= Rocky´s last blog ..Kenny Chesney: Possibly the Hottest Male Crossover Artist in Country Music Today =-.

  50. 50 Ron

    I say BRAVA to your mom!

    You GO, girl!

    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Candy Corn and Halloween Costumes =-.

  51. 51 JD
  52. 52 Florida Girl In Sydney

    Oh mama!! Yo mama is hot, good for her!
    .-= Florida Girl In Sydney´s last blog ..Oh Yes I Did! =-.

  53. 53 JD

    Rocky: Judging by how happy she was to let me post these photos, I’d say YES!

    Ron: Thank you!!! And so nice to “see” you here. My mom is basking in your applause.

    Floriday Girl In Sydney: WOOOO! She shakes it with the best of them!

  54. 54 Maureen

    Awesome! She doesn’t look 74!!!

    Now we know where you get your hutzpah from (I have NO idea if that is spelled right).
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..The Scariest Part of Halloween =-.

  55. 55 JD

    Maureen: No, she doesn’t! Not even real close-up! Thank you. I am proud to have inherited my hutzpah from my awesome mom.

  56. 56 Chandani @ Belly Dancing Classes Atlanta

    Your Mom is a smart lady. Dancing is an absolutely great way to stay fit and happy. She looks great!

  57. 57 HYIP

    That’s awesome! I hope I look that good when I’m 74

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