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Hey, do you all know Musing from Blogtations? Musing collects and showcases hundreds of mostly humorous quotations from bloggers everywhere! It’s an awesome and addictive site. But today she’s HERE at I Do Things writing a guest post because, thanks to foot surgery—TODAY!—I have been really busy. Please enjoy!

I Avoid Housework so You Don’t Have To

by Musing

I’ve never been a domestically inclined kind of mom. I’ve only baked a few dozen cookies in the last two decades. My kids have to tell me to clean my room. And the iron has no idea who I am.

On the other hand, I have read hundreds of books to my children. I support my kids. No matter what. And I listen to them. Really listen. Well, except when I’m on the Internet. Then they have to physically take my face, turn it toward them and say, “MOM, I am TALKING to you.”

I also do all I can to support my kids’ interests. For instance, a few years ago when my teenage daughter and I became obsessed with Japanese rock, I’d pull in the driveway after work and see her grinning at the back door. Once inside, I’d kick off my shoes, throw my purse on the table, sit down with her at the computer, and we’d spend hours watching the music videos she’d uncovered.

In other words, my kids are good at feeding themselves.

Fast-forward to the other night. Wait. First some background. My 18-yr-old son recently discovered the awesome anime* for big people, Black Lagoon. He got me into it, we watched the first season together and then decided that, before going any further in the series, above-mentioned daughter had to see it, too. So, we’ve been getting her up to speed.

Back to the other night. I rushed home from work, we fired up the DVD player and watched seven episodes. In a row.

To show you, though, that I’m not completely anti-all things domestic, it actually went like this: watch an episode, during the credits unload the dishwasher, watch an episode, during the credits load the dishwasher, watch an episode, during the credits sort the laundry, watch an episode . . .

Although, we also ate Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos and white chocolate Lindor truffles for dinner, so I’m thinking that may have negated any progress made.

Neglecting Domestic Duties Resources


*Anime: Japanese animation, some favorite series being Death Note (epic mindf*ck), Gundam Seed (drama/action/mecha series—I’m an Athrun ho, btw), and now Black Lagoon (foul-mouthed modern-day pirate story).

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32 Responses to “Musing Does Things”

  1. 1 Tim

    So I’m guessing since you avoided all that housework we have to get to it now? :) I don’t know if I like this deal.
    How often do your kids make you clean your room? Inquiring minds would want to know.

    Tim’s last blog post..Bending Over Backwards For Backlinks!

  2. 2 100indecisions

    Have you tried Fullmetal Alchemist? That’s one of my favorites. I’m…trying to think of others and coming up blank, possibly because that’s the only one I’ve watched partially on my own; every other anime I’ve seen has been with friends who are more into anime than I am.

    100indecisions’s last blog post..cornelia funke: inkdeath

  3. 3 Lola

    When my kids or my partner want to get my attention when I’m on the laptop with the headphones on, they do jazz hands.

    It’s subtle, but it works.

    Lola’s last blog post..Colonoscopy Sweepstakes – Yes, It’s For Real!

  4. 4 Regan

    Well, I make most of my own food. I would try and tell my mom that a clean house is a wasted life, but I would just get sent to my room. Why is it that when a kid doesn’t want to do chores, they get in trouble, but when the adult doesn’t want to do chores, they load it off on the kid. That happens to me all the time.

    And I’m told I never do anything around the house. And most of the food I make for myself is microwavable.

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  5. 5 Musing

    Thought I’d reply a bit before heading out to work!

    Tim: JD and I got you covered. She did a I Clean My House so you don’t have to post once. :) And my kids only tell me to clean my room when it keeps them from walking through it, which is because my “bedroom” is actually in the living room (long story!)

    100indecisions: I have watched some Fullmetal Alchemist and really liked it. Also, that Alchemy’s law of equivalent exchange thing? that must be why my baseboards never see a duster. Just can’t find anything to trade off!

    Lola: Great idea! Effective and visually interesting.

    Regan: I wonder that, too, sometimes! P.S. I’m also a microwave maven.

  6. 6 Shelly

    I could’ve written that post. I had a friend (from HS) recently tell me that she was surprised at all the craft and cooking posts I do. She never would have figured me for the “domestic” type. I explained that the crafts and food are for the family and what I do while AVOIDING the housework. I do laundry…and that’s about it unless company is coming. The Kids are still too young to care and I figure by the time they are old enough to worry what their friends will think, they’ll be old enough to clean themselves…if it really bothers them.

    Shelly’s last blog post..Got some Love

  7. 7 Stephanie Barr

    I could have so described that evening, only with Fruits Basket (my children are younger) and cheese and crackers rather than cheetos and chocolates.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Bad Month for Space

  8. 8 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    I’d love to do housework with you (many hands may work light)!!

    Only in between the loading and unloading we’d have to pop a few caps off our beers.

    Or wine. I’m easy that way.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life’s last blog post..Thank You Mr. Liberal Unitarian English Teacher of My Tenth Grader

  9. 9 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    ps I loooove the quote badge you did for FADKOG. And I’m thinking Huge Jackman would look good on it as well!

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life’s last blog post..Thank You Mr. Liberal Unitarian English Teacher of My Tenth Grader

  10. 10 Steve | Trade Show Guru

    Musing / JD,
    Your picture for this post is AWESOME (A clean house is a sign of a wasted life). :) And if I had to decide between reading and cookies (for children), well, I suppose I’d go with the reading and mind-development thing, unless the cookies were chocolate chip with walnuts and just out to the oven. :) ~Steve, the trade show guru
    PS. JD, good luck with that foot!

    Steve | Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..My Kids Are Smart… cockle shells

  11. 11 Jenn Thorson

    CrockPot Anything, really, is the perfect avoidance of cooking. Take meat, put it in the Crockpot with broth… go away for hours. Dinner is done. Repeat with a whole chicken. Or whatever is in the fridge that doesn’t look gross.


    Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Celebrating the Few, the Noble, the Kinda Sorta Unthought-About

  12. 12 Musing

    Shelly: An avoider after my own heart! and I’m glad to have company every once and a while, or who knows what would start growing in the bathroom sink.

    Stephanie: Sounds fun! My kids skipped over Fruits Basket, ’cause they didn’t get into anime till they were a older. They went straight into shows about war, death, and the earth taking revenge on all mankind.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life: Now, that’s an offer I can’t refuse!

    Steve: I’m with you. Who cares about nurturing the minds of our young when there are chocolate chip walnut cookies to be had. I mean, really, one does have to set certain priorities.

    Jenn: Crock pot meals save us from malnutrition.

  13. 13 Kathy

    “And the iron has no idea who I am.” What’s an iron? Seriously, I don’t buy any clothes that have to be ironed. I cannot think of a less enjoyable chore, except perhaps shampooing the carpets, which I did this weekend. I haven’t been able to move my arms since then. I just hoist my arms up onto a desk and let my fingers do all the work.

    I don’t “do kitchen,” and all I really need to know is how long to microwave something. My husband knew this about me when we met, so he knew what he was getting into. If I ever do venture in to make a meal with more than three ingredients, he gets all excited, then thinks I’ve just been told I have six months to live.

    Yeah, it’s that bad.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Good ‘n Plenty

  14. 14 Preston

    OMG! I need that book about how to make your house do your housework! You know you’re in trouble when you have to put on hiking boots just to climb over the mess in the living room in order to get to the kitchen. Help!

    Preston’s last blog post..The Reports of My Blog’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

  15. 15 Jeff

    Nice job! And very funny. You’re a worthy substitute Ms. Musing. And thank you for avoiding housework so I don’t have to. :-)

    Jeff’s last blog post..Thank you for your suggestions – Part I

  16. 16 Brona

    Great post. I quite literally laughed at loud at this. And the fact that you do housey stuff during the credits, I thought I was the only one!

    Brona’s last blog post..Tourists Say the Funniest Things

  17. 17 Musing

    Kathy: There just has to be a paper trail out there somewhere showing we were twins at birth.

    Preston: I love Don Aslett’s books. Back when I was a home owner I used his principles and had counter tops and flooring that did not show dirt. I could neglect vacuuming for months and you’d never know it.

    Jeff: Thank you! I was so nervous guest posting on JD’s blog, because she sets the bar so high.

    Brona: Maybe we should form an I Do Housework During the Credits support group? :)

  18. 18 Natural

    okay, um. hi musings. my name is valerie or natural and i enjoy housework.

    are you sure you’re doing it right? you have to put on something romantic, like music and dress up a little: french maid outfit, maybe?

    you mean to tell me, a neatly stacked bookcase or an organized linen closet or a cupboard with everything in height order and the labels all facing forward doesn’t bring about sheer pleasure to your body and soul?

    a closet with clothes neatly hung on a hanger, categorized by item and all facing the same way does nothing. not even makes you tremble just a little bit?

    a wasted life. oh no my dear friend. a clean house is all that and a bag of chips. i won’t even talk about the ironing. shudders.

  19. 19 Stephanie

    By the way, based on your recommendation, reviews at and the title, I bought the “Let Your House do the Housework” – we’re in the midst of remodeling. Let’s take advantage.

    Stephanie’s last blog post..Wednesday’s Writer’s Workshop: Poetry Pt. 1 (WWW => New Feature!)

  20. 20 Grog

    Thats awesome! Talk about multi tasking. Eating the junk food can be a side effect of spending time in your kids interest as they take a lot of time. I am potty trainng my 2 year old and I often multi task by taking him to pee in between Sponge Bob episodes. I just wish I could get him to aim for the bowl :)

    Grog’s last blog post..What Is Dengue Fever?

  21. 21 No Sheeping

    I love it! I want a copy of the pic for my wall.

    PS Grog- get some cherrios ;) Throw em in the point and tell him he gets point every time he hits one! He’ll be scoring baskets (and not messing up the floor) in no time.

  22. 22 Musing

    Natural: Can you come over to my house and play? You can organize all you’d like!

    Stephanie: Hope you enjoy it. A favorite quote of his: “If it isn’t dirty, don’t clean it!”

    Grog: Ah, potty training. One thing that gave me hope during those years was telling myself, “Sometime before he’s eighteen, he will be potty trained!” and you know what? he was. :)

    No Sheeping: I love that pic, too. Gives my lack of domestic skills a real sense of purpose.

  23. 23 natural

    please don’t tempt me. i’m weak.

  24. 24 ann of thejunkdrawerblogfamily


    It’s time to clean the bathrooms! Of course, eat your microwave dinner first.


  25. 25 ettarose

    Oh you are a good mom. I love the fast that you are sharing with your children and slowly getting the house picked up. Notice I did not say clean.

    ettarose’s last blog post..Personal Products? Be Proud

  26. 26 Musing

    natural: Don’t think of it as giving in to temptation, think of it as a rescue mission!

    ann: The day my kids were old enough to clean the bathroom themselves was a banner day.

    ettarose: Thanks! :)

  27. 27 Tankinis

    That is good to see that you are so supportive and involved with your children. I think that is more important then worrying constantly about everything that needs to be done in the house.

  28. 28 Matt @ Where to Sell Gold

    The crockpot is the best solution to cooking food. AND, it does a fine job making stews, roasts, and soups…all the types of meals that I love.

  29. 29 Payday Loans

    I wish i was more like you. I pretend to cook and bake ( I pretend becuase most of the time what I’m try to make doesn’t turnout), but I wish I spent a lot more time with my daughter. she’s 15 months, and I don’t know where the time has gone. What Do you think I could do to spend more time with her?

  30. 30 Musing

    Tankinis: I agree. Children before chores.

    Matt: A crockpot is a housework avoiding person’s best friend.

    Payday: Pretend cooking. I like the sound of that. :)

    Musing’s last blog post..Omg, she’s opened comments!

  31. 31 Rick @ VoIP Trunk

    JD, I’m still a bachelor and I live in a three-bedroom condo under 1,400 square feet. It’s a chore cleaning one or two rooms at a time and then it’;s time to move onto the next “dirty” room. By the time you’re done, the rotation begins again. My Mom told me I should hire a cleaning person and I told her if I can not manage my own household then I deserve the mess that is my predicament. I think it is hilarious that there are some people who preclean for the cleaning person because they’re embarrassed about their mess.

  32. 32 Jesse

    My mom was always paranoid about keeping the house spotless. It became like a full-time obsession with her. My sister and I really didn’t follow in her footsteps! When we started living on our own and our homes were far from spotless it really used to bug her….. a lot!! She would come over and try to help by doing the dishes or folding clothing. It used to drive us nuts!! Over the years however she has come to accept that we are just not going to be as neat and tidy as her. What a pleasure!


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