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All this talk lately of porn and underpants has naturally turned my thoughts toward my favorite actor, David Strathairn.

You may know him from his Oscar-nominated role as Edward R. Murrow in Good Night, and Good Luck, or perhaps as the evil child molester (SPOILER!) in Dolores Claiborne. Or maybe you go way back to one of his earliest collaborations with John Sayles in The Brother from Another Planet.

But you don’t know David Strathairn as I have known him—over and over and over—until you watch this:

Click here for the video.

Yup, that’s David Strathairn in A Dangerous Woman. Don’t be fooled by the 70′s porn-stache. The movie was actually made in 1993 and also stars Debra Winger and Barbara Hershey. But who cares. David Strathairn is wearing black briefs. Do we need to know anything else about this movie?

And this isn’t DS’s only foray into underpants land. His character Joe Gastineau strips down to tightie whities in Limbo; the deleted scenes from Harrison’s Flowers show us an adorably skinny DS flitting around in his skivvies; and you get full-on NAKEDNESS in Return of the Secaucus Seven.

But maybe you don’t care much for David Strathairn, which is certainly your preference, wrong tho it may be. There are other actors in underwear, and, thanks to an enterprising underpants fan, you may enjoy a somewhat limited selection at un-der-wear.com. I checked out the site, and while I was happy not to have to look at Tom Cruise, I was sad to find that David Strathairn wasn’t included and even sadder to find that Billy Bob Thornton was (please, don’t click to enlarge).

And, folks, it’s not just actors who look good in underwear. There are some hot musicians out there too:


Look! It’s Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips! Check out the Superman logo.

And let’s not forget TV stars. Fracas, in her untiring efforts to bring us a naked Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, has done the next best thing by posting this video, which . . . I don’t know if those are, in fact, underpants, but they get the (dirty) job done, as far as I’m concerned. Good on yer, Fracas!

Do you have any pictures or videos of actors in underwear you’d like to share? No, I’m serious.

If you want to know more about David Strathairn:
  • Check out this disturbingly comprehensive site.
  • Ummm . . . really, that link is all you need.


I’ve heard they don’t even wear underpants at humor-blogs!

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15 Responses to “I’ve Seen David Strathairn in His Underwear”

  1. 1 Kathy

    Ahhh, David Strathairn! How I love thee! Just caught him in A League of Their Own yesterday, although not in his underwear, sadly.

    God bless the Internet. I just love that someone saw a need for “Underwear in Film” and filled it.

    JD, I’m glad you search out the best underwear-clad men for us, so we don’t have to!

    Kathy’s last blog post..Can’t Read Light Text on Dark Backgrounds?

  2. 2 JD

    Kathy: You, my dear, have excellent taste. He’s great in A League of Their Own. Love those steel-rim glasses. Makes up for not getting to see him in his underwear.

    What wouldn’t I do for you?!

    JD’s last blog post..I’ve Seen David Strathairn in His Underwear so you don’t have to

  3. 3 cardiogirl

    How very interesting. That site un-der-wear.com has the Alexa ranking I thought I was close to getting — 298,000. And mine suddenly is dropping, now at 313,900.

    I guess I need some photos of celebrities in underwear, eh?

    By the by, didn’t recognize hardly anyone at that site and I still don’t know who David Strathairn is.

    I did enjoy this line, though:

    “But maybe you don’t care much for David Strathairn, which is certainly your preference, wrong tho it may be.”

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..I stood up to a 7-year-old — baby steps I know, but it still felt good

  4. 4 Corrina

    I LOVED him in Sneakers! Of course I loved Robert Redford in that too… And River Phoenix… Did you ever see Sneakers? If you haven’t- you MUST. So funny!

    I’ve never seen A Dangerous Woman, but I think I’ll skip it just to avoid a couple of hours of Debra Winger looking like that. Ick. But it’s ok because YOU watched it so I don’t have to! Thanks!

  5. 5 Canucklehead

    I think I wondered into the wrong blog – sorry about barging in like that ladies. Carry on …

  6. 6 JD

    Cardiogirl: I haven’t been tracking my Alexa rating, but I’m sure it’s shot through the roof with this latest post. You best educate yourself on David Strathairn, girlie! You don’t want to be one of the “wrong” ones.

    Corrina: YES! Sneakers was great–the whole cast was awesome. That’s one of the things I love about DS. He has such gravitas, but he’s not afraid to look silly. OR SEXY! ahem.

    I’m happy to have watched A Dangerous Woman so you don’t have to. The Debra Winger scenes (all) were a bit hard to take, even tho I quite like her.

    Canucklehead: Oh, get back in here. No one cares that you’re in your underwear! Do we, ladies?

    JD’s last blog post..I’ve Seen David Strathairn in His Underwear so you don’t have to

  7. 7 Carla @ WordPlay

    That DS Web site *is* disturbingly comprehensive. It’s unofficial, but the disclaimer says DS is aware of it and approves. There’s something just a little weird about a celebrity site that asks for donations. I’m sure those go to Andrea, the college student who runs it, but if I were David’s agent, I’d tell him to monitor the content a little more closely. (Like it’s any of my business!)

    Oh, and thanks for that video. I never thought of DS as a sex symbol until I saw it!

  8. 8 Jeff

    This post is sexist! If you’re going to provide a link to guys in their underwear you must also provide the same kind of link to women in theirs. I’m pretty sure there are laws about that or something.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Let’s just say it wasn’t my wife’s first choice

  9. 9 JD

    Carla: Yeah, I wonder about that site. When I first came across it, I was sure it had to be some sort of paid site. Who would spend so much time doing that for just donations? But I’m not complaining. I’ve spent many a happy hour, clicking thru the thousands of pictures and videos. Yum.

    Jeff: First of all, no men allowed unless they’re in their underwear. Second, I tried to find a link to women in underwear, but would you believe I just couldn’t find anything? Weird…

    JD’s last blog post..I’ve Seen David Strathairn in His Underwear so you don’t have to

  10. 10 Canucklehead

    oh, I wasn’t aware of the rules .. sorry …

    /shuffles off to find his underwear …

  11. 11 JD

    Canucklehead: And not those ratty boxers again, either!

    JD’s last blog post..I’ve Seen David Strathairn in His Underwear so you don’t have to

  12. 12 SiteSurfer

    Nice entry about DS! I agree, hes extremely yummy.

    I’m a member over at a DS yahoo group..and can tell you that the young lady who runs that great site doesn’t get paid for it. Any donations.and I don’t think she gets many actually, help her with domain and hosting costs. Since shes a friend of mine, I wanna just say that I wouldn’t call that site “disturbing”. It’s a terrific resouce for the yummy DS and conducted very professionally. It’s comprehensive, yes.but on the guy’s career. I don’t see how you call it anythng less but thats my opinion.

    Thanks again for this entry and for posting that video. I’m off to drool over it a second time.

  13. 13 JD

    SiteSurfer: Wow, thanks for dropping by! So you’re a friend of the infamous Andrea? I didn’t mean anything negative by “disturbing,” only that she must spend soooo much time on that site (for which I am eternally grateful), that it disturbs me, and I want to find her and take her out for a sandwich or something. I did know that she’s totally doing this for the love of DS, and I think I’ve donated in the past.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love of DS and for rooting for Andrea’s site, which is AWESOME!

    JD’s last blog post..I’m Still Rewarding Vocab Skillzzzz so you don’t have to

  14. 14 Jordans

    hahaha I love that picture. He looks so cute!

  15. 15 Patrick Donaldson

    If you’re a David Strathairn fan check out the film “Racing Daylight” It’s available on Netflix. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Racing-Daylight/106749986028431?ref=ts


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