It’s over, it’s over

thank you


Who’s slicing onions in here?

I put it off as long as I could. I tried, y’all, I REALLY tried.

But the day we all dreaded is finally here.

I just couldn’t keep doing things . . . as, um, you probably noticed by the distinct lack of things being done around here lately. Yeah. Sorry about that.

Sooo, this is it. THE END. You’re going to just have to start doing things yourselves. Get your own colonoscopy, eat your own cat puke, have your own bacon cremation, meet your own creepy neighbor, create your own strandwich, and you can go to Jamaica ALL BY YOURSELF. Wait, actually I will continue to do that. Back off.

There comes a day in every JD’s life when it’s time to leave her frivolous youth behind and strike out on her own. Wait, this sounds like a different story. Oh, I remember. I’m quitting my blog. I guess I quit a while ago but wasn’t quite ready to make it official. Today it’s official. Sorry, suckers. Also, thank you. For all the love. It’s been so much fun. But without you, it would’ve been lonely and pointless. Not completely pointless, because I would’ve done things and written about them anyway. Why do anything, if not for oneself, I always say.

BUT WAIT! Dry your stupid tears, because I Do Things will be archived and forever preserved in its glory at the improbably titled, where you can visit every day and mourn its demise.

And so in closing, thank you again. For allowing me to do all the things you didn’t want to do. It was an honor and a pleasure. In 2007, I became addicted to prescription painkillers, but that is also the year I started this blog. I’ve had many crappy days since then, but I Do Things and all of you brought me a lot of happiness, laughter, and gratification.

Now get off your asses and do your own damn things.

Love, JD




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9 Responses to “I’m Done Doing Things so you don’t have to”

  1. 1 Stephanie B

    I seriously don’t want to do those things myself.

    I guess they’ll have to go undone. But I will be watching your new blog.

    Take care.

  2. 2 Babs

    I’m so glad you have started a new blog. Out with the old, as they say. It’s a brand new beginning for you and what’s more fitting than a new blog.

    I’m so thrilled for you and know, in part, what you must have gone through.

    Well done JD!

  3. 3 Margaret Maguire

    Love love loved this blog, but understandibly all good things must come to an end. Excited for the new blog, just happy to see you writing again. Thank you for countless laughs when life gave me nothing to smile about. You’re amazing!

  4. 4 Jacki Schklar

    I’m going to miss you doing things!!!

  5. 5 kathcom

    I’m so sad to see you go. You’ve got such a unique and funny view of the things you’ve done so I don’t have to. I’m glad you’ll still be writing and doing things I don’t normally do, like being a grateful addict. See you there!

  6. 6 Lin

    I don’t see it as an ending…but a beginning. I liken it to taking the training wheels off. Now you are SAILING! :) Wheeeeeee!

  1. 1 ????? ????????? ??
  2. 2 O hai let me wanna-be! pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
  3. 3 lenscrafters


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