I’m Moving

Leaving the note that she hoped would say more

“Honey, I don’t want to scare you . . . ”

I clutched my triple venti vanilla latte and held my breath. What was Dave about to tell me? I had made the mistake of watching Kairo the night before—the original Japanese version of the horror movie Pulse—and was still feeling spooked. Ghosts? Is it ghosts? It’s ghosts, isn’t it?!

We have a mouse.”

. . .

AND, now we have to move.

It’s too bad. I basically have the whole house to myself because Dave lives in the basement. I go downstairs to do laundry, and that’s about it. Oh, and sometimes I visit Dave.

If Dave selfishly refuses to move, it’s safe to say I’ll never go into the basement again. I’ll take my clothes to a laundromat—they have free wi-fi, right? When Christmastime rolls around, and it’s time to drag the fake tree upstairs, I’ll stand at the top of the stairs and yell encouragement. If the tornado siren sounds, I’ll just hunker down in the bathtub with a heavy book over my head. On those nights when it’s too hot to sleep upstairs and Dave won’t turn on the A/C, I’ll go to a motel.

Actually, a motel is sounding pretty good right about now. Dave is getting ready to leave for work, and I’ll be alone with the mouse. What if it ventures upstairs?

I’ve had experience living with vermin, so I know my limits. I buy the mousetrap. Anything beyond that is Dave’s responsibility. I am more than comfortable fulfilling the female stereotype of standing on a table, holding my skirts above my knees, and squealing. The day passes uneventfully but not without a lot of darting looks and holding of breath. Remember: there still may also be ghosts.

You’re probably wondering why our two cats haven’t gotten involved. Being cats, there’s no reason for them to hunt down this mouse in broad daylight. No, they wait until the middle of the night. That’s when I sense a distinct lack of cats draped over my legs. And it’s quiet. Way too quiet. I get up, and they’re both in the kitchen, sitting very still and staring at the bottom of the refrigerator. The mouse has relocated.

The good news: I can do laundry downstairs. The bad news: I will never sleep again.

I get down from the kitchen table and go back to bed, where I lie awake, imagining the worst-case scenario:

After a while, the cats return to the bed. Prudence is playing with something—not unusual; she likes to bring her toys onto the bed and keep me up all night. But this time something is different. The playing seems . . . livelier. And then a mouse runs across my face.

After the screaming stops, I take the first of many, many scalding hot showers, scrubbing my skin raw with a mixture of bleach, penicillin, and rat poison. I shave my head just to be safe. And after I set fire to the bed, I take comfort in the fact that that will be one less thing to move.

Of course this doesn’t happen. That mouse is way too smart to be caught either by Prudence or a mousetrap. As for the ghosts, I think they’ve moved on. Ghosts are notoriously scared of mice.

TO . . . BE . . . CONTINUED . . .

If You Have a Mouse
  • Move. It’s the simplest option
  • If moving is for some reason impractical, get a humane mousetrap (this one catches 30—faints)
  • If you’re ingenious and brave and slightly insane, catch it without a trap
If You Have a Ghost
  • Move. It’s the simplest option
  • If moving is for some reason impractical, get a humane ghost trap
  • White people, take some advice from Eddie Murphy

(Whatever you do, don’t search for “Japanese ghosts” on YouTube and spend all afternoon watching them, even if it is sunny outside.)

Tasukete . . .


Maybe they’ll let me move in here

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57 Responses to “I’m Moving”

  1. 1 Jaffer

    I had a horrible time last summer because a mouse chewed her way through the panels under our fridge from the neighbours and had “babies”.
    They did a bit of damage to the wiring, carpeting, anf furniture.
    All we could think of was set traps everywhere and it took us a few weeks to get rid of them all – some not without blood and decapitation.

    - Good Luck !

    Jaffer’s last blog post..Ramadan routine

  2. 2 Kelly

    So, I guess I shouldn’t tell you about my mother’s cat who used to like leaving carcasses on her chest for her to find when she woke up. I’m PRETTY sure that’s not the reason she became an alcoholic (five kids in seven years was my grandmother’s theory)… but it probably contributed to the problem.

    Moving is a good idea.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Large Abstract No. 7

  3. 3 Bucky

    If your cat loves you, it will kill the mouse and leave it on your pillow for you when you wake up. It’s dead little beady eyes staring back at you while you sleep.

    Bucky’s last blog post..Arachnophobia

  4. 4 Singular Girl

    I agree, it’s time to move. I don’t know that it’s safe to take anything or the mouse might relocate to the new home with you. It’s probably safest to declare your old home a warzone, consider everything a loss, pick up the kitties, get the hubby, leave and never come back.

    Singular Girl’s last blog post..Hitting the Cocktail Circuit

  5. 5 Canucklehead

    Hmph – I just found a (mostly) dead mouse in my basement – it is if we are living the same life yet miles apart. Eerie – well, not Japanese ghost eerie, but still. In short, relocating to my house will be of no benefit to you … but I suspect you already somehow knew that.

    / twillight zone theme plays ominously

  6. 6 Maureen

    AW….. get a cage and keep it as a pet!

    I had a white mouse as a pet when I was young. I named it “Tiny” (wasn’t I a bright kid?)

    I loved playing with that little thing (wasn’t I a lonely kid?)

    Here’s hoping the mouse moves, not you. Although the mental picture of you on the kitchen table was hilarious!

    Maureen’s last blog post..We Eat Ham, And Jam And Spam A Lot

  7. 7 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I have never actually seen a live mouse, but I have had lots of practice with toy mice. The best way to take care of him is to grab him real tightly and bite him in the head. Then bunnykick him real hard. At least, it seems to work on my toys.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Fashion Friday: Rasta Daisy!

  8. 8 Tiggy

    I have ghost mice in my house – they’re the worst!

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Bad Apples – Tiggy’s Campaign to Ban This Evil Fruit

  9. 9 Athena

    Oh dear. Been there before and this was the only thing that worked for me: get out phone book (or google, whatever). Look up name of experienced exterminator, and make the call. No muss, no fuss and the little rodent can kiss his vermin ass goodbye! Goodluck!

    Athena’s last blog post..This has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction, thank god

  10. 10 April

    We occasionally get visitors of the rodent variety here in the office and I am very much the typical girl when it comes to dealing with those things. I remember the first encounter when I was still fairly new here, I was all alone in the office when I witnessed a mouse scamper across the floor into the bathroom where I was just heading. I squeeked, ran over to the bathroom and slammed the door, ran back to my desk and sat on it with my feet up, called my boss and told him to hurry up and get back here because a rodent just took hostage of our bathroom and I *really* needed to go.

    Here’s hoping your cats are good mousehunters.

  11. 11 Kelly

    you should see all the mice i work with. they don’t bother me until they are dead. then they stink. and then someone feels the need to empty an entire can of air freshener. then i get a migraine. it’s not fun.

    Kelly’s last blog post..There Is Just So Much Ass Kicking Going On!

  12. 12 feefifoto

    Remember what Bill Cosby said about cats and mice? Talking about how cats are lazy and disobedient: “Go out and catch some mice!” “No, man, cause I’m full. And besides, some of them haven’t bathed yet.”

    I once called a roommate at her boyfriend’s and insisted she come home and help me kill a cockroach. I had a good reason: I didn’t have my glasses on and knew if I went to get them the bug would disappear and then I’d have to move into a hotel; if I tried to smash the thing without being able to see it clearly I’d miss and it would disappear and I’d have to move into a hotel.

    Bless her heart, she came home. We were at school in New Orleans; the cockroaches there are EPIC.

    feefifoto’s last blog post..McCain Vs. Obama

  13. 13 Jeff

    This post is classic JD… funny from top to bottom. Thanks for making me laugh out loud in the middle of a conference call with an important client.

    Jeff’s last blog post..In Your Face!

  14. 14 chat blanc

    Eek! a mouse in da house! I’ll come help you move. Just be sure not to pack up the mouse in your things.

    chat blanc’s last blog post..Today’s Battle Royale

  15. 15 Babs - beetle

    That mouse wouldn’t stand a chance with Mitzi around! We would come in and find a nose and teeth laying on the floor – possibly a tail as well!

    I shared a bed-sit once with dozens of them! That was not nice!

    If it’s a field mouse, they are sweet little things ;O)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Fings ain’t what they used to be!

  16. 16 Natural

    Okay I’m holding in my laughter at work…note to self: bust a gut laughing when I get outside. JD, put the cats in the basement and let them do their thing, they have to work for food. When we did get a mouse in the house, it wasn’t for long, my cat was moody and mean as he** and didn’t tolerate no mess. Rip the head off too.

    Other option and I know the feeling: Get out. LOL

    Dave lives in the basement. Sometimes I visit Dave. LOL

    Natural’s last blog post..Butt-to-Gutt Ratio Gone Wild

  17. 17 Judy K

    Years ago, I went to feed my cat only to discover a mouse had chewed its way in to the cat food bag. I poured out the cat food and a mouse plopped into the food bowl! The kitty looked up as if to say thanks Mom for the cereal prize! The mouse ran away and I grabbed an empty coffee can and captured the poor thing. I called my husband in a panic and made him leave work to get it out of the house. He did…and we moved…literally.

  18. 18 Woody

    I was totally waiting for you to have a ‘present’ waiting on the pillow next to you. But the fact that it got away completely did me in!!!!

  19. 19 JD

    Jaffer: Ew. I had not thought of mouse babies. Now I’m definitely moving. The trap I bought is supposed “humanely” kill the mouse quickly with a jolt of electricity. I don’t think I can take decapitations.

    Bucky: Oh, now that’s a nice thought! Thank you! Luckily, I’ve put off sleeping until we catch this thing, so at least I don’t have to worry about the shock of waking up and finding it. Just the shock of finding it.

    Singular Girl: I like the way you think. Mice can get into ANYthing, so it’s too risky to take anything. Wheee! All new furniture! A new wardrobe! This might be the best thing that ever happened!

    Canucklehead: Somehow, yes, I did know that. But we are definitely living some kind of parallel life. What about your ghosts? Are they shuffling around, just out of sight or do they just kind of hang around, eating all your food?

    Maureen: Aw! You definitely were a bright and lonely kid! I don’t love the idea of mice as pets. They’re just so squinty and pointy. And their little hands . . . shivers). Would you own a mouse today?

    Daisy the Curly Cat: I’ve seen both my cats demonstrate that very move on their toy mice. But when it comes to this real one, they seem to prefer to keep their distance.

    Tiggy: Yikes! How the hell do you even get rid of ghost mice??? They’d slip right outta the trap!

    Athena: We may be looking at that option very soon. I am just not cool with the idea of sharing my house with a mouse. Thank you!

    April: That’s a horrifying story. I can’t even go to the bathroom if there’s a spider in there.

    Kelly: Oh, GROSS! I don’t have it nearly as bad as I thought I did. I really feel for ya. Stinking, dead mice. At work. I think you’d better call the exterminator before I do.

    feefifoto: Epic cockroaches. Those I do not need. That’s a nice roommate you had. Is she available for mice? Oh, and great Cosby quote. I don’t remember that one!

    Jeff: What are you doing distracting yourself with a conference call while reading my blog?! Seriously: thank you! That means a lot to me.

    chat blanc: Well, yeah! As Singular Girl said (above), it’s probably safest to just leave everything behind and buy all new stuff. You can help me shop for new clothes!

    Babs – beetle: If I come home to find a nose or teeth on the floor, that’s the end: good-bye. If Pru or Gus do eat this thing (which I doubt), they’d better eat it ALL right down to the tail and whiskers. Brrrrr!

    Natural: Hee! The way our cats eat, they SHOULD work for it. Maybe I just need to starve them until that mouse starts looking good. And I do know you know what I’m talking about!

    Judy K: “The kitty looked up as if to say thanks Mom for the cereal prize!” Oh, my god, that’s hilarious! I’m in awe that you had the presence of mind to grab a coffee can and actually catch the thing. I’d have probably just run out of the house, screaming.

    Woody: Now I almost wish I’d gone thru the horror of a mouse in the bed if it meant I was done with this ordeal. But still it lurks. . .

  20. 20 JD

    Kelly! For some reason you fell into Akismet’s clutches. Maybe it was trying to shield me from your horrible carcass story. That would be enough for me to turn to drink. CARCASSES!!!

  21. 21 Kathy

    I say let Prudence have at it. She’s been with you for enough months now that she needs to prove her worth. I don’t care that she’s not much bigger than the mouse itself. I say you and Dave go to a hotel and don’t come home until Pru hangs a sign in the window that reads: “It’s safe now.”

    Or, you can keep the mouse and continue writing hilarious stories like this so I can laugh a little at work. This saved me from strangling a client today. You’re providing a service here.

    Kathy’s last blog post..I Swear I’m Not a Grammar Snob

  22. 22 Margaret

    Seems like every other blog today is about getting the crap scared out of you by a live creature that does not belong in the house!

    Margaret’s last blog post..There’s Never a Hero Around When you Need One

  23. 23 Musing

    You have my complete and total sympathy.


    Musing’s last blog post..Blogtations on YouTube!

  24. 24 Lidian

    I laughed when i read this – I really DID move out of my dorm room in grad school when there was a mouse on our hall! When my neighbor’s illegal cat caught it (I mean, she wasn’t supposed to have the cat but thank heavens she did) I went back. Reluctantly…

    We now have 2 enormously lazy cats who have roused themselves when we have had the odd mouse and turned into fierce hunters (only at night, as you say). They are so proud of themselves that they have been resting up ever since the last time 6 years ago.

    I really like your blog!

    Lidian’s last blog post..Party Dos and Donuts

  25. 25 Tim

    This is pretty weird, because I am waging war against a mouse at my house right now. I’ve given up on the traps and moved straight on to poison, but the tricky beast won’t eat any of it, an apparently knows how to eat food off traps without getting caught. We can hear it moving around late at night, and my pug is completely useless at catching mice.

    Tim’s last blog post..Sexy New Hybrid Cars

  26. 26 Juliet

    I hope in your imaginings you waited for the mouse to finish running off your face before you screamed. What if it had gotten in your mouth? There would be no toothpaste good enough for that. You would have to live the rest of your life knowing live rat had set foot on your tongue. Shudder.

    In other mouse related news, my sister once lived in the country and had mice. I, silly girl that I was, visited her. It was the middle of the night and I opened the fridge to get a drink when a mouse runs right in between my feet. I did a little hoppy dance of horror and shrieked like the girl that I am.

    Juliet’s last blog post..Negativity

  27. 27 diesel

    Just be thankful you don’t have gophers. Although it’s true that gophers tend to stay outside.

    diesel’s last blog post..Throwing My Vote Away (on a Smaller Vagina)

  28. 28 jennyonthespot

    Ew. EW. EW!!! I am looking over my shoulder as I type. I hate vermin. They give me the heebie jeebies… just like ghosts do :)

    jennyonthespot’s last blog post..Make Me Laugh Monday

  29. 29 Luxor

    May I come and visit you, JD? I’ll take care of that mouse … so you won’t have to! :)

    Luxor’s last blog post..Toesies on Tuesday

  30. 30 Scratch Bags

    Eeekksss! I hate mice and I may end up peeing in my pants if I get to know that there are ghosts in my house . You are right – Move!!!

    Scratch Bags’s last blog post..Tuffy’s Story

  31. 31 kouji

    those cats… so smart… they know that with the mouse there, all they need to do is sit on their paws, and they get to move somewhere new… cunning…

    kouji’s last blog post..haiku poem: downpour

  32. 32 Regan

    Oh no! The suspension! What happens next? Are your cats going to eat the mouse/mice? Are those ghosts going to come back once the mouse is gone, IF it ever leaves??? These questions are unanswered! We must know what happens next!

    It’s okay if you never make an ending, though. I like to make up my own ending that are pretty cool.

  33. 33 JD

    Kathy: Oh, boy. If I can make you laugh (and save a life), having a mouse in the house is more than worth it. Plus, I don’t think Prudence is really up for getting rid of this mouse, unless she plays with it to death. I do like your motel idea, tho.

    Margaret: I know, right? What’s going on? Some kind of “Revenge of Nature” end of the world scenario? I think your giant bug was way scarier than my tiny mouse, tho.

    Musing: EEEKKK! indeed! Yuck. Who let the mice in (eek!eek! eek!) I’ve been on guard pretty much 24 hours a day, but I know the instant I allow myself to forget about it, that mouse is going to dart out and TOUCH my foot.

    Lidian: Thanks so much for stopping by! Can you arrange for your lazy hunter cats to stay here for a while? Our two cats seem content to just sit and stare at the spot the mouse occupied 3 hours earlier. Or maybe I need that illegal cat. Is that cat available?

    Tim: Gross. The trap we have seems pretty foolproof, but who knows. It was expensive enough—it BETTER work. Mouse goes in (lured by peanut butter), door slams shut. The end. We hope.

    Juliet: If the scenario had indeed gone that way, I’d probably have to have a lips, teeth, tongue, and gum transplant. If any part of a mouse touched my mouth, I’m finished with that mouth. Move on to a new one. Brrrr. And your reaction to that middle of the night mouse is EXACTLY how I imagine reacting!

    diesel: Oh, man. I DREAMT last night about gophers! We had a garden in our kitchen (?) and a huge gopher suddenly dug his way up and into our house. I screamed and screamed, and then 2 more gophers appeared. WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

    jennyonthespot: Yup! Vermin and ghosts. Although I imagine ghosts to be cleaner.

    Luxor: YES! Please come immediately. As I said above, our two beloved cats aren’t being very proactive. AND I’ll let you play with all of Prudence’s toys and give you catnip and treats. Please come!

    Scratch Bags: Thank you! Another sensible person. It seems to me that moving really is the only option, especially since that will mean I won’t have to dust.

    kouji: Yeah, they’re smart, but do they ever accomplish anything! I feel like tapping them on the shoulders and saying, “Uh, you do know that to kill the mouse you actually have to MOVE, don’t you?” Sheeesh.

    Regan: Yeah, it sounds like your endings may be more exciting that what might really happen! I’m hoping this all ends rather uneventfully: mouse goes into trap, dies instantly, no ghosts, everyone’s happy. But that won’t make a very good blog post, will it?

  34. 34 Jenny

    Girl whatever you do, don’t get those glue traps. Sometimes you wake up to see a tiny leg mired in the glue and a few pitful drops of smeared blood leading away from it. Tripod mouse on the loose.

    Just kidding.

    Did you really get a trap that holds 30 mice? That grosses me out so much, I may not be able to eat today.

    Yeah right.

    Jenny’s last blog post..Dumpster Muffin

  35. 35 Monique

    We have a mouse as a pet… actually, my husband has a mouse as a pet so they freak me out a little less.

    However, at work, we have rats and omg those things freak me out so much. Plus we have glue traps everywhere so you come in to find one half alive trying to fight his way off of it… its just disgusting.

    Monique’s last blog post..MySpace Curse

  36. 36 Jay

    Hahah! Our dogs don’t catch mice, either. Well, I guess, being greyhounds, they’re waiting for something bigger and bouncier to turn up, like a small deer or something .. but we had a friend round one day with her Norwich Terrier. Now Norwich terriers were bred to catch rats, right?

    Well, there we were, sitting outside enjoying the sun when a gigantic rat strolled across the patio. We yelled at Cracker to ‘Go get that rat!!’ and he turned and looked at us as if to say ‘What, me? By myself? You must be joking’.

    Both dogs then proceeded to watch the rat with mild interest from a distance of about ten feet, till it disappeared.

    Jay’s last blog post..Miss September

  37. 37 Elle

    We had a mouse last fall. I killed it with the bathroom vent fan. Accidentally, of course, how did I know it wanted to make an apartment out of the bathroom ceiling light? I was also the one who flipped the lightbulb-changing door open and got it out after we were sure it was, um, deceased. Bloody coward male people I live with!

    Elle’s last blog post..I Kick Ass, CERTIFIED

  38. 38 Elisa

    we don’t have mice but I think we might have ghosts. or it could be that I watched Sixth Sense a few years ago and have been afraid of the dark ever since. but we’ll be moving next year, so I’m sucking it up. I know, I am an inspiration.

    Elisa’s last blog post..help! I’m Paris Hilton!

  39. 39 JD

    Jenny: NO! I did not get the 30-mouse-capacity trap! That’s just what popped up on my Google search for “humane mousetrap.” Mine is a pretty fancy electronic gizmo that is supposed to zap the mouse instantly—all enclosed, no mouse parts, no blood smears . . . hmmm. Now I may not be able to eat. Yeah, right.

    Monique: Can you hear me screaming from, now where do you live, Texas? Florida? Somewhere humid, right? Well, I am screaming loud enough to be heard in all 50 states, so I’m sure you can hear me. RATS AT WORK IN GLUE TRAPS! Oh, man.

    Jay: HA! Oh, that’s funny. “watch the rat with mild interest”—I love it. What is going on with the dogs and cats of today?
    What I can’t believe is that you had the presence of mind to yell at Cracker. If a gigantic rat strolled across MY patio, I’d be a dot on the horizon.

    Elle: So . . . it was IN the fan, like, in pieces? And you had to scrape it out? Please call 911, someone . . .

    Elisa: You are indeed an inspiration! I don’t feel so alone. Never mind Sixth Sense, you probably do have ghosts and are wise to move. Can I move in with you? I won’t bring any mice with me.

  40. 40 ann of the cellphone bag

    It would be challenging to me to sleep in a place where I knew that little creatures that I could not control are having the run of the place. I would be too freaked out knowing that those little guys could possibly climb into bed with me without my knowing it.

    just knowing that it could happen to you will keep me awake. Please, please get them out of your house, so that I can sleep. We’ve used traps with peanut butter in the past. Our two cats wouldn’t know what to do if the mouse sat on them. Good luck.

  41. 41 Corrina

    That was so funny I almost died laughing! I’ve never shared a home with a mouse that wasn’t my pet. They are really very cute and friendly. :-) Maybe you should feed Prudence some kitty steroids… I hear steroids make who/whatever eats them quite aggressive. lol

    I’m going to go search YouTube for Japanese Ghosts now…

    Corrina’s last blog post..Another Sunday

  42. 42 JD

    ann of the cellphone bag: Believe me, I want it (them? oh, please god no) gone as much as you do. I know the second I let my guard down will be the second the mouse runs across my feet. And that’ll be it.

    Corrina: Please don’t die! We need you! I’ve heard good things about mice pets, but I’m just a cat person through and through. And Prudence does NOT need to be more aggressive! Her problem is, if she were ever to get her paws on the mouse, she’d just want to play with it. Play with it to death, maybe. Let me know how that ghost-searching goes.

  43. 43 Kim

    Oh my God! That is so funny, because I always say the same thing! If someone talks about having a mouse, or if I have to deal with spiders…”Well, that’s it! Now I’m going to have to move.”

    Kim’s last blog post..The Song Remains the Same – Unfortunately

  44. 44 loosecannon

    As a child my dear mother once said to me:

    “You have horrible taste in music”

    “You have horrible taste in movies”

    “You have horrible taste in friends”

    “You have horrible taste in your selection of jokes”

    “You have horrible taste in books”

    “You do, however, have a lovely ottoman.”

    loosecannon’s last blog post..Things We Weren’t Taught In School: Vol 1

  45. 45 Mike Foster

    But what if you don’t wanna move? Guess you just have to join the rat race. Groan…


    Mike Foster’s last blog post..Just Do It? Ten Tips to Get You Started

  46. 46 Regan

    Wait. A thouht just occured to me. What if you do kill the mouse, but then the mouse’s ghost haunts your house? What then?

  47. 47 JD

    Kim: And you really mean it, too, don’t you? I am not kidding around here! Of course, I also say that when the house gets too dusty or we need to move something heavy.

    loosecannon: “Ottoman” is my new favorite word.

    Mike Foster Oh, boy. “Groan” is right!

    Regan: Great minds think alike. If a ghost-mouse starts to haunt our house, we will definitely be forced to move. Because, as everyone knows: you can’t kill a ghost-mouse.

  48. 48 dcr

    Be careful. Mice are the ones that really rule the world. The fact that they fall prey to simple traps set with cheese or peanut butter is just a ruse.

    As for ghosts, haven’t I given you ghost advice before? Get a piece of white chalk, draw a circular maze on the ground. Ghosts check in; they never find their way out.

    dcr’s last blog post..Yesterday Was Wordless Wednesday

  49. 49 windyridge

    Aw c’mon, mice are cute! Except when they die between your walls and stink up the place and you have to wait for them to completely decompose before you can breathe again.

    windyridge’s last blog post..By: mistipurple

  50. 50 JD

    dcr: Oh, yeah, I remember your ghost advice! How come I never see that in a Japanese horror movie. And I think you must be right about the mice, too. We haven’t caught ours yet.

    windyridge: Oh, gross. It sounds like you speak from experience. I hope not!

  51. 51 kouji

    true. the cat’s probably waiting for you to take care of the mouse. :) again, cunning cat. :)

    kouji’s last blog post..captivating Capiz, a haiku poem

  52. 52 JD

    kouji: I am tempted to say, “LAZY cat,” but you may be onto something.

  53. 53 JT

    Oh God, do I have to post something on this! I have a story to tell, but you’ll have to come by and read it. :)

    JT’s last blog post..As the intestines turn

  54. 54 JD

    JT: Oooh, I will! I’m behind in my blog reading, but ya mo be there.

  55. 55 Jnett

    I can top your nightmare with a true story: Lying in bed @ 11:30 pm, sick. Finally fall asleep. Wake to LOUD, strange chirp/squeek running across the floor faster than any bug or mouse has ever moved. Cat chases. Noise and cat move out into the hall, down the stairs… So scared I can’t move feeling finally wears off. Shut door to make sure “it” can’t get back in, but there’s a 1/2″ gap at the bottom of the door, so it might be able to get back in. Must investigate. Find cat 2 stories down in basement with BAT in mouth. GOOD KITTY!!! (Pause) THERE WAS A BAT FLYING AROUND IN MY BEDROOM!!!!

    Repeat 1 year later; different bat, different cat, same panic. Ex-residence.

  56. 56 JD

    Jnett: Oh. My. God. Yes, there is definitely something worse than a rat in the house and that is a rat with WINGS! And you’re telling me this happened TWICE? Holy Jesus. You have definitely topped what I thought was my worst nightmare. I have a feeling that may change—tonight.

  57. 57 Tony Lee

    Don’t let the mouse win!

    Stand your ground and keep the cats close and vigilant.

    Sounds like you may have just one so far, be glad you don’t have crews of them.

    Get this guy/gal now before it decides to start a family!
    .-= Tony Lee´s last blog ..Danish Modern Tables =-.


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