For those of you who never even knew that I visited the Ponderosa Sun Club (PSC) in the first place, this re-post is for you.

The suddenly popular “I Went to the Ponderosa Sun Club” post, originally published on 9-12-07, tells of Dave’s and my visit to a nudist resort last summer. But the real story is revealed in the comments generated recently by a flock of passionate nudists, all of whom I’m happy to welcome to the sometimes nude world of I Do Things.

I urge you to set aside a few months and read some of the comments. Join the discussion. Should I have been so sensitive about my big, naked butt? Were we wrong to order the hot dogs? Why is Dave called Sky Dog? Would you ever visit such a resort?

This re-post serves as my official announcement: I’m going back. Sky Dog and I will visit PSC this summer AFTER the Nudes-a-Poppin’ show is well out of the way, when the water is warmer, and when the people are nakeder.

And, yes, we’re going to the snack bar.

Stay tuned to hear all about it.


I wanna be a nudist
And live by the sea


Photo courtesy of Free Images

I am not a nudist. But I’ve been on three nude beach adventures, twice at resorts in Jamaica and once at Haulover Beach in Miami. For me to be nude in public there must be

a beach or pool
total strangers
no clothed people
no bowling

But this summer we decided to try out something a little closer to home.

The Ponderosa Sun Club (sort of not safe for work) in Roselawn, Indiana, sounds innocuous enough until you find out they’re famous for their “Nudes-a-Poppin” (definitely not safe for work) pageants.

But when the nudes aren’t a-poppin’, the club is a family-friendly resort for naturalists of all kinds. As I said, my husband and I don’t consider ourselves naturalists, but we do love a good nude swim. And I know it’s sort of cancer-y, but I love getting an all-over tan. It may be an optical illusion, but I’m pretty sure my stomach looks flatter when it’s tan.

We pulled into Ponderosa’s driveway past the sign that, instead of reading “Abandon Clothes, All Ye Who Enter Here,” simply had the club’s name and the silhouette of a presumably naked couple against a sun. We checked in at the front desk, paid our $35 day visit fee, and looked at the brochure.

“Bare in mind, you are not at a show, you are here to be a nudist.” I hoped “Bare” was on purpose (a bad pun is always more acceptable than a spelling error), but you never know. We also learned that you can get kicked out for gawking (good thing I brought my mirror sunglasses!) or driving around in your car.

As we drove around, gawking, we passed some naked tennis players (Guys? Naked except for a baggy T-shirt? Not a good look), a naked woman fishing, a naked volleyball game. All naked, all tan. Dave asked plaintively, “Are we always going to be the whitest?” “Well, they’ve been doing this for a while.” “Yeah, but doesn’t anyone just . . . start?” He was quickly distracted by a naked couple tooling past in a golf cart.

The Ponderosa is on 88 acres of really pretty woods, with campers, cottages, tennis courts, and other recreational buildings surrounding the large pool area. The pool looked great, but the water was freezing. A very large woman noted, “It’ll feel better after I’ve stood around and sweated.” Um, yeah, maybe.

On the Ponderosa’s Web site, they repeat that “NO clothing is permitted in the swimming pool area” and “Clothing is NOT optional” about 100 times. This turned out to be a big lie. Not only were a few of the pool loungers fully or partially clothed, there were several burly college-age guys—clothed!—removing the platforms and other stuff from the previous weekend’s Nudes-a-Poppin show. VERY uncomfortable. At one point, I was sitting on the edge of the pool, and from behind me I heard a male voice: “The water can’t be too cold if you’re sittin’ there.” I turned around, and . . . Fully Clothed Guy! Arrrgggh.

But this was just a taste of the horrifying discomfort to come.

While the overall experience was fun, relaxing, and people were friendly and respectful, I do have to warn any prospective guests about the snack bar.

At the end of the pool area sits a trailer, and inside that trailer is the snack bar. Now, most of you have in your minds an image of the typical pool-beach-resort type snack bar: you walk up to a window after perusing a menu board (hot dogs, chips, ice cream bars, etc.), and tell the nice man behind the window what you want. Well, get that image out of your minds.We walked into the stuffy trailer only to find ourselves in someone’s home. Like, a normal trailer home with a living area and a kitchen. In the kitchen, a woman was busily preparing something for a customer, and at the other end, two CLOTHED men were sitting at a table.

We were naked.

It was dead quiet.

There was no menu.

We shifted around uneasily, shooting each other looks that said, “This is sooo uncomfortable, but we’ll be laughing about it for the rest of our lives.” The guy in front of us was getting a meatball sandwich and it took FORever. When it was our turn, we asked what was available. Lots of stuff, it turns out, but we opted for hot dogs, figuring they’d be fast. They weren’t. The nice woman took one hot dog and put it in the microwave (Put them both in together! I screamed in my mind). Meanwhile the guys at the table behind us said nothing. My butt never felt so big. The microwave ticked away. We looked at the ceiling, at our feet, at the door in desperation . . . we were never getting out of there.

After what seemed like several days, we got our hot dogs and ran. I vowed never to return. To the snack bar, that is. A tan stomach is too much of a temptation.

If you want to visit the “PSC” (as we nudists call it):
  • Bring your own chair and a towel. And for God’s sake, bring your own food. There’s a Subway not far from the club.
  • Men, erections are not tolerated.
  • Ladies, go ahead and bring a sarong, cover-up, or a pair of shorts into the pool area. THEY CAN’T MAKE YOU BE NAKED!


For more of my nude adventures, please check out:

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13 Responses to “I’m Going Back to the Ponderosa Sun Club”

  1. 1 Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Girl

    hehehe that is a funny story! You are braver than I, girl!! BTW, who the hell is Viggo?

    Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Girl’s last blog post..Striped Cane – An Easy Polymer Clay Cane Project For Beginners

  2. 2 JD

    Cindy: Thank you! It was a funny, fun day. Sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zone to get a good blog story. What I won’t do for my readers!

    Who’s Viggo?

    Extremely talented, sometimes hot, often naked actor. Here’s a good primer:

  3. 3 Tim

    Now that is one funny picture. 2 guys sitting behind you ….
    You definitely have more guts than I do! (Sorry, I’m sure you are quite thin with or without a tan, I was referring to courage)

    Tim’s last blog post..Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival – Red Deer Apr. 19 & 20 / 08

  4. 4 JD

    Tim: You’re right about the guts (in both meanings, I’m afraid).

  5. 5 cardiogirl




    It’s very rare that I actually laugh out loud when reading blogs. Ding a hundred baby. As soon as I saw that you were in the woman’s trailer complete with living room and two clothed men.

    Love that story! You will go to the ends of the earth for your readers and I thank you for that. Kudos JD!

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..Trying to live in this moment, difficult as that may be

  6. 6 JD

    Cardiogirl: I’m not big on the ol’ LOL, myself, so that is quite a compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed my horrifying tale of nakedness. What won’t I do for you guys?!

  7. 7 Lisa Lisa

    This was hilarious! I’ve always wanted to go to a nudist beach just not brave enough and now being married… he aint havin’ it! Too bad for me. I’ll live vicariously through your blogs :o)

  8. 8 JD

    Lisa Lisa: I’m glad you’ll be able to live vicariously through my nude adventures, which, thanks to my husband, will be many! He loves the whole nude beach experience. I guess I do, too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get embarrassed from time to time.

  9. 9 C

    Great to hear, I hope you have a better experience this time lol

  10. 10 JD

    C: Thanks—you’ll be hearing all about it, either way!

  11. 11 Roger

    Wow, very brave girl.

    I would not be able to, I hope you are fine now.


    Roger’s last blog post..Improve Your Accuracy by Reading the Green

  12. 12 Lynn

    When is the next event?

  13. 13 JD

    Lynn: Which event are you referring to? Nudes a Poppin’? It takes place in summer some time. Have fun!


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