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First of all, how much fun is it to say “Wordle”? WORDLE! I want to “Wordle” all my words from now on. I Doodle Thingdles so Youdle Don’t Have Toodle. Oh, it’s fun. But Wordle is more than a silly word. It’s a way-cool “word cloud” application that allows you to take a bunch of text OR your blog URL and turn it into a lexicographical phantasmagoria of luminescent ridiculosity!

Wordle spits out your words into an eye-pleasing blob. The more frequently a particular word appears, the bigger it will be. I’m rather pleased that “will” is featured so prominently in my blog Wordle. It makes me feel like I’m exerting a positive influence on the blogosphere. It’s interesting that “Gus” is bigger than “Dave.” Hmmm.

Oh, Wordle. You so crazy. Look! You can change the font, the color, and the layout:



Or you can just enter some words and see what happens:


Unfortunately, you can’t save a Wordle as a JPG, but you can save it as a PDF, print it, screencap it, or save it to the Wordle online gallery.

And, according to Wordle’s FAQ, your Wordle creations are yours to display, wear, eat, or sell, even if you type in song lyrics or a poem.


Do you Wordle?


I can’t seem to Wordle humor-blogs.

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48 Responses to “I Wordle”

  1. 1 Jay

    No, can’t say I doodle. And it’s one thing I’m very glad that you doodle so I don’t have toodle. I’ll leave that to youdle, then shall I?


    Jay’s last blog post..Conversations with a husband: No. 8

  2. 2 Kathy

    Do I Wordle? I do NOW! Why are half my words food items???


    Oh, this was so fun! Like I need a new addiction! Oh, that reminds me, I apparently still say “like” too much. It says so in my Wordle.

    Kathy’s last blog post..The Subway/Wawa Smackdown

  3. 3 Daisy the Curly Cat

    That was very, very fun! My biggest word, by far, was JUMPING. I like that word.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: What IS that?

  4. 4 jennypenny

    OH, man, I love this! Thanks JD! I blow you a kiss!

    **goes to wordle Johnny Darling Depp a million times**

    jennypenny’s last blog post..“There Will Be …

  5. 5 LuckyGirl

    Thanks–just what I need–another thing that’s too much fun and keeps from being productive. ;)

    LuckyGirl’s last blog post..And the Sign Said

  6. 6 Angi

    Haha – fun!!! This is definitely something I’ll have to try to refrain from doing 24/7………..

    Thanks for a new obsession ;-)

  7. 7 Babs - beetle

    I’ve just spent 30 minutes playing around with Wordle now!
    Here’s mine. Looks like a mouse with a sticky up tail ;O)


    You could do something quite artistic with a good selection of words…. Oh don’t get me started!

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..This made my day!

  8. 8 JD

    Jay: Way to get in the Wordle spirit!

    Daisy the Curly Cat: I thought your biggest word might be “Temptations”!

    Kathy: Good one! “Want Sandwich” kind of jumped out at me.

    jennypenny: You may not love it 3 hours from now, when you’re still playing around and not getting anything productive done. Still, I accept your kiss!

    LuckyGirl: Yup! See my above comment. I’m always looking out for my readers, trying to find ways to waste their time.

    Angi: There are so many cool options, it doesn’t get boring too quickly. I don’t know why a bunch of words is so fun to look at, but it is!

    Babs – beetle: Cool! Funny the words that you use the most: “Mo,” “car,” “trolley,” “Box.” We should try to write poetry using our biggest words!

  9. 9 PG

    I do, but I’ve never really posted about it. I think I may have tweeted about it before.

    Plus most of my blogging recently has been photos entries only.

    I have a neat idea for a wordle. Maybe I will post it later.

    PG’s last blog post..You’ve Heard of Pie in the Sky? (166/365)

  10. 10 Alice

    It’s addictive…like a slot machine…

    I wordle.

    Alice’s last blog post..Tour de Sunshine!

  11. 11 JT

    Now, that’s what I call ART!

    JT’s last blog post..Tickilisms

  12. 12 JT

    P.S. Thanks alot! Like I needed a new internet addiction!

    JT’s last blog post..Tickilisms

  13. 13 Jeff

    Yay… I made your Wordle! And right above “love” too – right where I belong ;b

    But how come it makes “Will” the biggest word? It did that on mine too.

  14. 14 Chat Blanc

    Love your wordles! Haven’t tried it yet but of course I will cuz I can’t resist anything that’s like a new internet toy! :) Thanks!

    Chat Blanc’s last blog post..Vexing Hexing

  15. 15 Monique

    Oh this is too fun. And now I get to have one more internet addiction! Thankfully I have been married for long enough that my husband doesn’t miss me when I am spending these extended hours online.

    Monique’s last blog post..I’ve Been Keeping Something From You

  16. 16 JD

    PG: Show us your Wordle!

    Alice: My name is JD and . . . I Wordle.

    JT: It’s bee-yoo-tiful, isn’t it?! And we all need more Internet addictions.

    Jeff: That’s weird (oh! not about the “Jeff” and “love” snuggling up together). Where’s your Wordle? We want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Chat Blanc: I love toys, too. Anything that keeps me from doing anything productive.

    Monique: Right! I just tell my husband I’m working (and always have a fake Word document ready to pull up, just in case), then it’s back to the time-wasting crap!

  17. 17 Kelly

    I Wordle!! I made some wordles a couple of weeks ago. I’d share them with you, but I can’t find them any more on Wordle. Much sadness.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Doodle Week: Body

  18. 18 Margaret

    Wow! How cool is this?! Thank you for spreading the wordle!

  19. 19 Natural

    cool JD! i’m going to head on over and see what i can wordle up. looks fun!


    Natural’s last blog post..Paper or Plastic?

  20. 20 Natural

    dang that was quick, i must have nothing to do.


    Natural’s last blog post..Paper or Plastic?

  21. 21 dcr

    Apparently, I use “just” a lot. I just don’t think that’s right. Usually, I just end up with word clouds that are just a little bit too scary to save.

    dcr’s last blog post..Success Saturday: Triskaidekapalooza

  22. 22 JD

    Kelly: I bet your Wordles were all circles, right? And extremely colorful and vibrant and beautiful. I’m sad they’re gone, but you can make more!

    Margaret: You’re welcome! I found it on another blog (who found it on another blog, and so on and so on), but I hadn’t seen it yet in my “circle.”

    Natural: Ooh, cool Wordle! If you have nothing to do, make MORE!

    dcr: I think I am sensing a pattern here.

  23. 23 PG

    JD… I did show my wordle! But of course you already knew this as you have commented on the post (but perhaps your brilliant readership can’t get enough worldle action…. http://annoyinglyboring.com/fun-with-wordle/

    another fun thing to do with it… Pump the lyrics to your favorite song into worlde.

    PG’s last blog post..Rockslide (169/365)

  24. 24 Canucklehead

    I’m sure that the Canucklehead wordle would be something to see but that whole ‘save it as a PDF, print it, screencap it’ thing … well, it just ain’t happening. Ah – screw it – I’m off to at least go take a look.

  25. 25 dcr

    I just bet you do.

    dcr’s last blog post..John Chow and the Pandas of Dot Com Doom

  26. 26 Michelle Gartner

    I love wordle- I did one a couple weeks ago on my vintage blog and it looks better then my logo. In fact I think that’s what makes me want to change my logo for my blog and my online stores.

    Michelle Gartner’s last blog post..Stop Playing Minesweeper! They Use Real College Guys to Check For Mines!

  27. 27 Kelly

    This will come as a great shock to everyone who knows me, but no… the Wordles weren’t circles! I have to admit I was a little bit frightened of them because they were so… so… so ANGULAR. And perhaps I WILL redo them.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Doodle Auction

  28. 28 Scratch Bags

    Ha ha! this is so cool. The words that are used the most on my blog are ‘clickofy’, ‘biggify’, ‘Doodle’ and ‘name’ . All useless :-P I ended up playing there with font and color.

    Scratch Bags’s last blog post..Procrastinated Doodle Pet

  29. 29 Rob O.

    I did this too! It’s mostly just a fun time-killer, but it can reveal a few things about some of the commonly-used (overused?) words in your blog posts. After many rounds of refreshing & tweaking, I ended up with a result that was really cool-looking and the colors worked just perfectly.

    Rob O.’s last blog post..What Lies Beneath?

  30. 30 Canucklehead

    Okay – I did it. The results? Perplexing …

  31. 31 JD

    PG: Yes! Share the Wordle, share the love. We can’t get enough Wordle! And I love what you did with your Wordle. I guessed the book (based on one of the names). I’d like to try that with some other books or songs. Good job!

    Canucklehead: HA! No one can resist the power of Wordle. And, come on! How hard is it to screencap? Or save it online? Oh! You did it? But let us see! We want to be perplexed too!

    dcr: You just always have to get in the last word, don’t you?

    Michelle Gartner: I tracked down your Wordle, and you’re right: it would make a really cool log. The way “Vintage” is displayed, with all the other words being totally relevant. Plus it looks awesome.

    Kelly: Yes, we can’t have angular Wordles in Kelly’s world. I’m sure you can figure out how to circulartize them.

    Scratch Bags: I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I hardly discovered Wordle; lots of other bloggers have found it, but I thought I’d share the fun. Try submitting your URL again when your front-page content has changed. You’ll see different word(le)s.

    R.O.: YES! Thanks so much for commenting. I knew I’d seen Wordle on a blog BEFORE the most recent place I saw it, and it was on your site. Care to share your most recent Wordle?

  32. 32 Meg

    Thank you. This seems like a better activity for Daughter than watching You Tube videos on how to apply makeup.

    Meg’s last blog post..In Which I Lose The Battle

  33. 33 JD

    Meg: I’m always glad to be of help to the youth of today. Wait, there are YouTube videos that show you how to apply makeup? Get outta the way, Meg’s daughter!

  34. 34 Musing

    How fundle! Thank yoodle!

    (andle now I’m gonna talkdle like this the restdle of the daydle)

    Musing’s last blog post..Quote for the night

  35. 35 Regan

    Oh, yay. Sounds like much fun. =)

  36. 36 Elle

    OMG-dle! We’ve discoveredle pig wordle.

    Elle’s last blog post..Doodle Week – Pet

  37. 37 TeasasTips

    OMG, wordle, that’s what that thing is!! I’ve seen it frequently on friends’ stumble upon pages and wondered what the plurk it was!! Thnx 4 explaining. I think I’ve found a new addiction.

    TeasasTips’s last blog post..God’s Pharmacy

  38. 38 Mike Foster

    Never heard of or tried Wordle…but your writing did make me chorltle…a good thing. Will try them both again…


    Mike Foster’s last blog post..Fruit or Vegetable? Who Cares, Just Eat Tomatoes Every Day

  39. 39 lala

    ok, based on your wordle, that’s cool.

    but I’m old and wise also…

    lol…hell yeah I am!

    lala’s last blog post..Show Some Respect for Nature

  40. 40 JD

    Musing: Hee! You’ve got the Wordle spirit!

    Regan: Try one!

    Elle: HAR! I’m not sure Wordle anticipated that phenomenon, but with a name like “Wordle,” how can we resist?

    TeasasTips: Yeah, Wordle! It’s everywhere. And yes, very addicting. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

    Mike Foster: Wow, you took “wordling” to a whole new level with “chorltle”! I’m so glad you stopped by. Please doodle come again!

    lala: Some days I’d rather be young and stupid. Thanks for dropping in!

  41. 41 Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

    Oh JD you do find some of the coolest things! My mind is swimming with all kinds of arty applications for this wordy tool! Thanks!

    Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor’s last blog post..Faux Amber Jewellery from Polymer Clay – Books by Victoria Hughes

  42. 42 JD

    Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor: Why, thank you! Please come back and share your Wordle creations!

  43. 43 Stephanie

    I am so excited to try this at home!! Thanks!

  44. 44 JD

    Stephanie: Let us know how it turns out!

  45. 45 saffron

    I just wordled! It was fun! Thanks for sharing! Wow your blog is entertaining!

    saffron’s last blog post..Restaurant Review – The Cheesecake Factory

  46. 46 JD

    saffron: Why does that sound so funny??? “I just wordled!”? I love it. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by!

  47. 47 Diamond jewellery

    i played scrabble with my brother and sisters…………i love this game alot……thanxx dear

  48. 48 JD

    Diamond jewellry: You are welcome, my darling.


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