Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
JD’s Syndrome
Cause: Dancing
Symptoms: sudden jaw dislocation, hair growth, extreme rashes, vague warts
Cure: sleep
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Don’t worry, y’all. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, and just knowing what is wrong with me is helpful. After talking with my team of doctors, I’ve decided NOT to quit dancing. We all agreed that the mental and emotional benefits outweighed the gross and horrifying physical stuff.

I can deal with the jaw discoloration and the hair growth (the hair growth hides the jaw discoloration—DUH!). As for extreme rashes, well, so far I’ve only been getting them where no one can see them, so THAT’s good. And vague warts are better than definite warts, I’ve always believed. Also, those are sprouting up (vaguely) where no one can see them, too.

Do you think you might have JD’s Syndrome? If so, I really urge you not to give up dancing. It’s what separates us from the animal kingdom (?). It can turn a frown upside-down and don’t even get me started on its calorie-burning powers. How many more cupcakes can you eat if you get jiggy with it? Dancing makes the blood pump all the way to the ears and toes and yes, sometimes it makes us feel dizzy and we hyperventilate and maybe pass out a little, but it’s all so worth it. TO DANCE!

JD’s “DANCE!” Playlist (a selection)
  • Can’t Touch It: Ricki-Lee
  • Pump It: Black-Eyed Peas
  • Stacie Ann: The Fratellis
  • Holiday: Green Day
  • Goody 2 Shoes: Adam Ant
  • Ever Fallen in Love: Buzzcocks
  • Sunshower: Ocean Blue
  • Bounce: System of a Down
  • Let’s Groove: Earth Wind and Fire
  • Suzie: Boy Kill Boy
  • Pull Shapes: Pipettes
  • Move Your Feet: Junior Senior
  • Party Hard: Andrew W.K.
  • Rubberband Man: The Spinners
  • Generator: The Holloways
  • Party People: Nelly
  • Beginning of the Twist: The Futureheads
  • Just Dance: Lady Gaga

I recommend downloading ALL these songs today and start dancing. Just ignore the warts and rashes.


What’s your favorite dancing music?

Did you get your own diagnosis? What’s your disease? Can we start comparing rashes?

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55 Responses to “I Will Continue Dancing”

  1. 1 Angi

    Hmmm…jaw discoloration doesn’t sound too terrible, but jaw disLOCation does!!!! ;-)

    Angi’s last blog post..Valentine’s Day and Macro Settings

  2. 2 Jeff

    Finally! A diagnosis AND treatment for my problem! Check it out…

    Harmonica’s Disorder

    Cause: lack of beer

    Symptoms: vague gullibility, dolphin noises, sudden headaches, urine color changes

    Cure: sleep

    I don’t *click* mind the urine color *click* changes, but the dolphin *click click* noises tend to *click* irritate everyone *click click click* else.

  3. 3 Stephanie Barr

    I have Stephanie’s Lurgy from lack of cheese.

    Cause: lack of cheese

    Symptoms: black eyes, food cravings, vomiting, occasional breast pain

    Cure: attempt to repeat cause

    Since the side effects cause black eyes and vomiting, I’m definitely going to up my intake. Of course, I eat a pound or so already which might be why I don’t throw up or have black eyes

    I wonder why comment luv doesn’t love me any more.

  4. 4 chat blanc

    oh I’ll never stop gettin’ jiggy wit it! syndrome’s be damned!!

    btw, my diagnosis–Chat Blanc’s Syndrome

    Cause: hot weather

    Symptoms: revolving neck, ankle swelling, talking like a pirate

    Cure: fire

    isn’t a revolving neck sorta possessed Reaganish from the Exorcist? :P

    chat blanc’s last blog post..Times have changed, evidently

  5. 5 April

    I can’t dance so I’m safe. Phew. However, it appears that rats are a problem…

    April’s Syndrome.

    Cause: spread by rats

    Symptoms: occasional flacidity, frequent anger, vague water retention, drooling

    Cure: paint a black cross on your front door and wait

    I don’t know about the flacidity (sp), but I am almost always bloated and usually wake up in a puddle of drool in the morning. Some people think I’m quick to anger but I don’t think so. I think for the most part I’m pretty calm… WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T AGREE WITH ME? WELL SCREW YOU! *hurls chair across room*

    hmm. Better check my building for invisible rats…

  6. 6 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I have: Daisy the Curly Catosis
    Cause: Too much sleep
    Symptoms: invisibility, brain swelling, steam whistling from ears, sudden demoniacal visions
    Cure: Exercise

    Well, I did notice I was invisible once, so maybe it is really accurate.

    I enjoy dancing, but I do not know any modern songs. My best dance song is the Hokey Pokey.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Fashion Friday: How to Wear a Pashmina

  7. 7 absepa

    It appears that I have been diagnosed with Absepa’s Syndrome:

    Cause: Egyptian curse

    Symptoms: belching, sleepwalking, drooling

    Cure: attempt to repeat cause

    Well, I have had problems with sleepwalking the past, and I drool a lot when I sleep. At least I try not to be too rude with the belching.

    As far as dance music goes, I’m going to admit something here that usually causes heaps of abuse to be flung upon my head: I love disco. There, I said it. I know that, musically, it’s basically garbage. But it’s what makes me want to shake my booty.

    absepa’s last blog post..Notes from the State of Emergency

  8. 8 Tiggy

    No MC Hammer on your playlist, JD? I’m disappointed.

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Guest Poster – Eddie McMayonnaise on Television!

  9. 9 Babs - beetle

    Beetle’s Syndrome.

    Cause: lack of salt in diet

    Symptoms: deafness, bad poetry, hand numbness

    Cure: trepanning

    I can accept those symptoms – who’s gonna donate their head?
    JD I think yours is far worse! Dislocated jaw!! That sound very Zombyish to me!

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Look what we got!

  10. 10 Babs - beetle

    Oh I like this one best!


    Cause: computer virus

    Symptoms: crying, earache, impotence, foaming at the mouth

    Cure: wake up and realise it was all just a dream

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Look what we got!

  11. 11 Puglette

    hi jd, well…i am glad to know my disease has a name, puglette’s syndrome. i am sad to see that the cause is just one of those things. my symptoms include anxiety, terror and ankle swelling. the cure??wake up and realize it was all a dream. ooof! i only wish i could wake up!! i do wish my cure was sleep, i am really tired!

    and jd, i think your symptom is jaw dislocation,not discoloration. so your jaw may suddenly move but it will not change color. :o(

    sorry, a color changing jaw sounded so cool! i would hope mine would turn a lovely spring green instead of the blotchy pink it always is.
    hugs and happy friday!

    Puglette’s last blog post..Pug Poem

  12. 12 Natural

    Bad luck! You are suffering from Natural’s Disease.
    Cause: drug abuse
    Symptoms: double-jointedness (i’d like to think this was a perk), hallucinations (matter of opinion), frequent bowel movements (thank the lord), mild (more like paranoid) hypochondria
    Cure: none.

    Valerie’s disease was boring. I like Natural’s disease better. Heck that’s my life right now. I don’t do drugs unless you count overdosing on Benadryl,then I do do drugs.

    Dance music? Janet Jackson has me covered. I don’t understand what the heck she’s saying but her beats are always hot.

    Natural’s last blog post..Roll Call

  13. 13 cardiogirl

    I’m afraid it’s bad news. You are suffering from Cardiogirl’s Disorder.

    Cause: mosquito bite

    Symptoms: vague suicidal thoughts, lust, sudden wrist pain, mauve blood

    Cure: exercise

    I knew exercise was good for the mind, body and soul. Power up the elliptical! And what’s wrong with mauve blood?

    Um, where’s Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to be Real”?

    What you find-ah
    What you feel now

    Oh yeah, feel the burn. That song helps me boost my average strides per minute by at least 10-20 strides. If I put that song on repeat maybe I could kick Murial’s ass at the Y (the old lady, remember her?)

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..The book of questions, Volume 27

  14. 14 Save Money Tips

    No way was I gonna allow a stranger to diagnose me when I’m on a crusade to evade truth in all it’s forms myself. So I entered in one of my several aliases and I’ll be damned if this person/entity didn’t STILL get it right! My quandary, my fix (hmm those words mean the same thing in a different context):

    Bad luck! You are suffering from
    Dumb dumbosis.

    Cause: caught in hospitals

    Symptoms: déjà vu, shivering, vomiting, déjà vu

    Cure: smoke four cigarettes with meals

    To paraphrase our new president: if there’s anyone out there who still doubts that the internet isn’t enriching our life, this is your proof……

  15. 15 JD

    Angi: Yeah, I agree. I can handle a discolored jaw, as long as the color is flattering to my skin tone.

    Jeff: Awesome! I think you sound adorable. And what color IS your urine, anyway. Is it like a mood ring—red when you’re angry, purprle when you’re passionate, etc?

    Stephanie Barr: “Lurgy”? What’s that? I wish some doctor would tell me to eat more cheese, especially if that cheese is accompanied by macaroni and bacon. But that’s a different disease.

    chat blanc: Are you going to pursue that fire cure? Let me know if it works. Revolving neck sounds painful and definitely possessed Reaganish. Talking like a pirate could also fall into that category.

    April: OUCH! I hope you’re painting a black cross on your front door, too. Do you drool while venting your frequent anger? That could be dangerous.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: I’ve heard of Catosis; I didn’t realize there was a specific “Daisy the Curly” strain. Thank you for contributing a dance song! I love The Hokey Pokey too, if only because I get to jump all about. I hope the steam whistling from your ears doesn’t keep everyone awake.

    absepa: There are some disco songs I quite like. Does “Stars on 45″ count? Oh, and “Disco Inferno” and actually quite a lot of Bee Gees. There goes my booty!

    Tiggy: That song “Can’t Touch It” is something of an homage, maybe . . .?

    Babs – beetle: No, discolored jaw! Well, that sounds zombie-ish, too, actually. Look, if you really want to be cured forever of Beetle’s Syndrome, you’re going to have to use your own head. It will hardly hurt at all. But if you decide instead you have Babsosis (a much cooler name), I’d just sit tight.

    Puglette: Oh, geez! Why did I read “discolored”? Maybe my disease is worse than I thought. I think I’ll continue to pretend it’s discolored. That’s funnier to me. I’m sorry you got stuck with a boring disease. Maybe you should try a different name? HAPPY FRIDAY!

    Natural: You’re right about Janet Jackson. I may have to peruse iTunes. As for Natural’s Disease, it really doesn’t sound too bad. Which is good, since there is apparently no cure.

    cardiogirl: THANK YOU! I’ve meant to d/l “Got to be Real.” That’s a great one. Mauve blood seems pretty cool—just think how dramatic you’d look if you cut yourself in front of a bunch of people. No comment on the lust?

    Save Money Tips: Well said. I feel so much more enriched after discovering this online doctor. Now, get busy smoking!

  16. 16 fragileheart

    Oh fun:

    Reg’s Syndrome.
    Cause: cursed amulet

    Symptoms: enlarged liver and spleen, dry rot, feverishness

    Cure: attempt to repeat cause

    I LOVE the cure… but uh… what on earth is dry rot?

    Anyway, keep on dancin’ girl.

    and btw, you’ve been tagged.

  17. 17 Win jackpot

    I have: Beatlesosis.

    Cause: falling over

    Symptoms: slightly low blood pressure, vomiting blood, tongue forking, excessive smell of brimstone

    Cure: exercise

    Anyway I still love the beatles and you keep dancing!

  18. 18 Regan

    Yay dancing!!! I’ve never really heard of any of those songs but Just Dance… And I know another song called Bounce. It’s by The Cab. They’re pretty cool. ;)

    Well, I’ve been diagnosed with dancing before. It was definatly worth it.

    Regan’s last blog post..My Cat, Tooty

  19. 19 Regan

    Congratulations! You are suffering from
    Regan’s Disorder.
    Cause: caught in hospitals

    Symptoms: guilt, grunting, ankle swelling, frequent terror

    Cure: none

    Why do I have no cure? That’s not fair….. Maybe it actually means if I DO nothing, I’ll be cured. :)

    Regan’s last blog post..My Cat, Tooty

  20. 20 Brandon

    I’m glad I’m not the ONLY person who knows about the song “Suzie” by Boy Kill Boy. I think it’s a lot of fun! Good mix.

    Brandon’s last blog post..C’est La Vie – B*Witched

  21. 21 The Hawg!

    An illness? Ah, that’s easy. I’ve got:


    Cause: A new office = The Hawg gets pulled out of his huge, plush office and jammed into a damned cubicle.

    Symptoms: Mood swings ranging from barely-repressed anger to blatant hostility; loss of productivity; not giving a damn.

    Cure: Pulling that law license out of the mothballs and going back to my former profession of being a loud-mouthed, swaggering bully.

    Oh, yeah!

    The Hawg!’s last blog post..Fun with license plates

  22. 22 Trade Show Guru

    hey JD,
    1. I want to change my name to Jeff.
    2. I thought what Tiggy said before I read it. I was going to ask about MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice though.
    3. Cool website, but it doesn’t care for me…
    Steve’s Disorder.
    Cause: poor dental hygiene
    Symptoms: grey skin, drooling, extreme restlessness, shouting
    Cure: prayer
    I’ve been putting my faith in toothpaste. I guess I’ve been wrong.
    ~ Steve, the wish-I-was-Jeff trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..Trade Show Zombies

  23. 23 pet snakes

    Thanks goodness you’re willing to do the dancing. I certainly wouldn’t want warts and rashes and whatnot. I’m scary enough without any additional help, thank you very much.

  24. 24 JD

    fragileheart: Dry rot, I think, is something that normally happens to wood, so I would recommend getting a second opinion.

    Win jackpot: Yes! Don’t give up the Beatles, for crying out loud, even tho those symptoms sound rather serious.

    Regan: I’ll check out The Cab’s version of Bounce. The other one is pretty hardcore. Whatever that means!

    As for your disease, I’d seek a second opinion. I’m sure you can learn to live with guilt, ankle swelling, and frequent terror, but grunting? No one should have to deal with that.

    Brandon: “Talk, talk to Suzie!” Yes, it’s a great song, as is “Killer (Demo)” or something like that. Woo!

    The Hawg!: Wow! Tho I wouldn’t normally advise anyone to make a self-diagnosis, you sound like you’ve got things under control. Cubiclcitis sounds serious indeed. But I wonder what the side effects of being a loud-mouthed, swaggering bully might be?

    Trade Show Guru: I’m sorry you got a crappy disease. So far, Jeff’s disease wins hands-down. Are you going to start praying to see if it will cure you? “Can’t touch this!”

    pet snakes: Yikes! Snakes! OK. Are you the kind that eats moths and bats? If so, welcome. Now, don’t you even dance if there’s a snake charmer around?

  25. 25 Grog

    Nice….I’m hearing Ricky Martin as I write this. Unfortunately, I have 2 left feet. :)

    Grog’s last blog post..Global Population Growth

  26. 26 unfinished rambler

    Disco Duck Syndrome. It’s bad, I tell you, bad. That’s what I’ve got and had for a while. Once a while I get Funky too.

    unfinished rambler’s last blog post..Unholy Rollin’

  27. 27 Kathy

    You are suffering from Kathyosis.

    Cause: overconsumption of burgers How does that site know I actually have this disease? Freaky!

    Symptoms: leaning at 45 degrees, face blurring when photographed, chest hair growth, hovering Uh-oh. Hovering is the worst of them all.

    Cure: wake up and realise it was all just a dream Then why do I have burger grease dripping down my chin?

    I’m scared of that site. I’m not going back.

    Rubberband Man? Did you just throw that in there to see if anyone actually read the list?

    Kathy’s last blog post..Kathy Gets Lost Again, Sorta

  28. 28 MomZombie

    JD: I’ve been wondering what’s been wrong with me lately.

    I’m suffering from MomZombie Disorder
    cause: stress (well, duh!)
    symptoms: squeaky voice (thought it was rats), vague pyromania (do you have a match?), bushy eyebrows (schedule wax job, stat.) and sniffing (too much smoke exposure)
    Cure: Fresh air (schedule flight to Alaska)

    MomZombie’s last blog post..I’m wondering

  29. 29 Mike

    Nice, I reccomend grabbing a pint and dancing to “Home For A Rest” from Spirit of the West. Wicked tune!

    Mike’s last blog post..Teenage Alcohol Treatment

  30. 30 pet snakes

    @JD – Bats might make the menu, but not bugs. Even snakes have standards.

  31. 31 Lola

    It’s just as I feared. You are suffering from
    Lola’s Disorder.

    Cause: poor hygiene (no wonder I have no friends!)

    Symptoms: shoulder pain, chills, mildly grey skin (I have always had shoulder pain since my bone spur. I always look a bit pale, I thought that was just my Irish heritage, but I didn’t think I looked grey!)

    Cure: exercise (exercise cures poor hygiene? doesn’t it make you sweat/smell?)

    Since my disorder was so depressing, (I stink!) I thought I would look up my partner, Anastasia’s. Here it is:

    Bad luck! You are suffering from
    Anastasia’s Syndrome.

    Cause: early mornings (HELL YES! You do not want to be around her early mornings. OMG! Better to sleep til afternoon to avoid. Lol!)

    Symptoms: ankle swelling, extra legs, excessive electric shocks, mild spontaneous combustion (Just what is “mild” spontaneous combustion? Isn’t any sort of spontaneous combustion bad?)

    Cure: eat more celery (Oh I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not unless it’s smothered in French Onion Dip. And even then, only for the Super Bowl or holidays.)

    Lola’s last blog post..Computer Advice Needed

  32. 32 Ted | Flowers

    Finally, a way for me to eat more cupcakes! :D

    Ted | Flowers’s last blog post..Sending flowers online

  33. 33 ettarose

    Oh my, who wouldn’t have euphoria from sex? Easy cure too so I can do the horizontal bop and then have a glass of water. Cool!

    Good lord! You are suffering from
    Ettarose’s Lurgy.
    Cause: sexually transmitted

    Symptoms: scaly skin, mild euphoria, rosy cheeks, slightly hairy legs

    Cure: drink lots of water

  34. 34 JD

    unfinished rambler: Oooh, “Funky” with a capital “F” is definitely something to take seriously. As for Disco Duck Syndrome, did you find yourself shaking your tailfeather a lot?

    Grog: 2 left feet are perfect for dancing! You just keep spinning around and around in the same direction forever.

    Kathy: Rubberband Man is AWESOME! Just play it and see if you can sit still. Poor Kathy. That site is indeed able to look into your very soul. It sees the burgers you eat and the harm they do (HOVERING!) Still, I would ignore it. Cheeseburgers were created by angels. There’s no way they would hurt us.

    MomZombie: Well, there you go! I’m glad you were able to get such an easy diagnosis. The sniffing and pyromania do seem related. And squeaky voices are cute! At least in cartoons . . .

    Mike: I am checking that out right now. Thanks for the recommendation! (And the pint—cheers!)

    pet snakes: Well, I’m happy to hear that. And even happier that snakes eat bats. PLEASE get to Jamaica before my vacation next year and eat all the bats. Thank you my friendly snake.

    Lola: HA! I had to laugh at “mild spontaneous combustion.” Maybe that’s when just your arm or leg goes off in a puff. Does Anastasia like celery with peanut butter? As for your symptoms, it didn’t say you actually stink, did it? Maybe the exercise clears out all the side effects of poor hygiene. For shoulder pain, I recommend having a cat of about 15 lbs. sleep on your shoulder. You don’t feel anything after an hour or so.

    ettarose: You’re a winner in the game of deadly diseases! I wouldn’t mind this one at all. Scaly skin can easily be fixed with lots of lotion—which goes well with the cause of your disease. Have fun!

    Ted | Flowers: If there’s a way to eat more cupcakes in this lifetime, by god I will find it!

  35. 35 Baron von Rochester

    I’ll never have your frightening syndrome, as I gave up dancing long ago. However, I do have: David Rochester’s Syndrome

    Cause: poor hygiene

    Symptoms: sneezing, extreme inability to turn neck, sweating, vague feverishness

    Cure: don’t do it again

    The really alarming thing is that except for the neck-turning part, that’s a handful of symptoms I do have on a regular basis. And here I always thought I was a model of hygiene.

    Baron von Rochester’s last blog post..Random Items in No Particular Order

  36. 36 fragileheart

    Yeah, see I went and got a 2nd opinion and it appears the dry rot par is wrong but everything else is pretty accurate. Whew.

    fragileheart’s last blog post..These days

  37. 37 Jenn Thorson

    If there’s hair and warts ‘n stuff, suddenly “Can’t Touch This” sounds so… appropriate. :)

    Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..The Miss Piggy Sow Landslide of ’78

  38. 38 Christa

    You would have to cut both my legs off to stop me from tap dancing.

    Gotta dance. GOTTA dance!!!

  39. 39 JD

    Baron von Rochester: Well, at some point, we ALL think we’re models of hygiene, only to be proven wrong. In your case, better now than never, right? And be thankful you can turn your neck. That comes in handy when you’re scrubbing your back.

    fragileheart: Oh, I am relieved. Dry rot not only sounds bothersome, it sounds . . . embarrassing. Second opinions, everyone! They really do mean something!

    Jenn Thorson: HA! Yeah. I don’t think I wanna touch any of you guys (not that I really did before.

    Christa: You tap dance? I’m so jealous! Gotta dance! (/Gene Kelly)

  40. 40 Preston

    My disaease is caused by “cursde Japanese Video” and involves lots of bowel movements. But the worst thing about it is the cure! Excersise! OMG are you trying to kill me? What is that all about? Of course, dancing is excersise so maybe I should just get my booty shaking to “The Safety Dance” or the Go-Go’s “Vacation”. Yup, I was a 20 something bar hopping, dancing fiend during the 80′s. Unfortunately, it’s no longer the 80′s. (I just feel like I’m 80 instead). Keep on dancing, girl!

    Preston’s last blog post..Measure For Measure Trailer

  41. 41 unfinished rambler

    Tailfeather? Yes. Too much. ;)

    unfinished rambler’s last blog post..I was country when country wasn’t cool

  42. 42 Franklin Pest Control

    Nice post, i didn’t know you could get something like that from dancing, thats kinda scary. Dont worry though, i’ll keep on dancing, no matter all the weird things that could happen to me. Thanks for the heads up though, that is crazy.

  43. 43 Marietta

    Well we would love to see your some steps of move. So why dont you record it in your camera and share with us as well.

    Comeon … getout from the bathing tub at least.

    Marietta’s last blog post..Monthly Internet Specials changed

  44. 44 JD

    Preston: Lots of bowel movements? What a drag. The word “exercise” itself sucks. That’s why I recommend that everybody just dance, even 80-year-olds, so I’m afraid you have no excuse. “You can dance if you want to . . .”

    unfinished rambler: Oh, never too much tailfeather.

    Franklin Pest Control: You’re welcome. Dancing is more dangerous than I’d thought, too, but I’ll never stop.

    Marietta: HA! Out from the tub?! Your request is very, VERY tempting, my dear!

  45. 45 Tracy

    Cause: the wrong type of snow

    Symptoms: occasional hair growth, being able to fire webs from wrists, occasional confusion, fingernail lengthening

    Cure: trepanning

    I would kindly request that JD gets trappaned so I don’t have to.

    We do a lot of dancing to the Pet Shop Boys here. My kids are obsessed with the “Go West” video. I don’t care to think what that could mean.

    Tracy’s last blog post..Oh, did you want me to read that?

  46. 46 olivia

    Do the D.A.N.C.E
    1234, fight!
    Stick to the B.E.A.T
    Get ready to ignite
    You were such a P.Y.T
    Catching all the lights
    Just easy as A.B.C
    That’s how we make it right

    Do the Dance (Do the Dance)
    The way you move is a mystery
    Do the Dance
    You’re always there for music and me (x2)

    Under the spotlights
    Neither black nor white
    It doesn’t matter
    Do the Dance (do the dance)

    As strong as you might
    Working day and night
    Whatever happens
    Do the DANCE (do the dance)

    (Justice – cross album)

  47. 47 Corrina

    Ok, I have shaken my groove thing to more than one song from your (super awesome) dance list!

    This is embarrassing to me, but when I hear “Womanizer” by Ms. Spears I must get up and seize. lol – I LOVE that song! And Timbaland’s “The Way I Are” always makes my butt shake, as does “Dare” and “Feel Good Inc” by Gorillaz.

  48. 48 Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

    If I do not know any of the songs listed here, does that mean I can retire and move to the golf course community??? ;-)

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”’s last blog post..Chocolates, Roses, Yadda Yadda

  49. 49 Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

    Ohhh wait! …Let’s Groove: Earth Wind and Fire

    Guess I will be going to work tomorrow

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”’s last blog post..Chocolates, Roses, Yadda Yadda

  50. 50 dcr

    If you’re a not-so-good dancer, you might want to make sure your roommate isn’t secretly recording you and putting the videos up on YouTube. ;-) Especially if you sing along and really get into it…

    dcr’s last blog post..What Speedcat Has Been Begging For!

  51. 51 Jaffer

    I just noticed that box to type in me name in LOL. Apparently, I have a case of


    Cause: the wrong type of snow

    Symptoms: itching, mild sore throat, dementia

    Cure: eat more bees

    Wrong type of snow ? What an excuse for dementia ! LOL.

    Jaffer’s last blog post..“On Air”

  52. 52 JD

    Tracy: I don’t make this suggestion lightly, but maybe you should have your kids’ heads treppaned to cure that Pet Shop Boy fixation. On a lighter, what IS the “wrong kind of snow”?

    olivia: Wow! Lyrics and everything! I just listened to the snippet of that song on iTunes, and it’s a download! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Corrina: WOO! I am taking note of all your butt-shaking suggestions. I have nothing against ANYone who can get my groove thang moving—not even my Cheetoh-loving friend, Britney.

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”: Not so fast . . . YES! Who doesn’t love “Let’s Groove”? I’m sorry you have to go to work after all, but at least you can do so with a good funky tune running thru ya head.

    dcr: Uh-huh . . . so what keywords should we be using to find this video of . . . someone dancing on YouTube?

    Jaffer: There’s that “wrong type of snow” again. Just where are you people buying your drugs? Not on the street I hope.

  53. 53 Jaffer

    Oh ! Now that you mention it, just this evening when I was waiting for the bus home, a punk approaches me and asks me I I want free weed !

    Perhaps, the number of times I blew my nose into a tissue was his signal ?

    Jaffer’s last blog post..Purple Saturday: Doors

  54. 54 JD

    Jaffer: YES! Those bus-stop punks watch people carefully, and if you blow your nose more than 3 times, they swoop in. I hope you said no.

  55. 55 Helen

    Treatment for sleepwalking isn’t usually necessary. If you notice your child or anyone else in your household sleepwalking, gently lead him or her back to bed. It’s not dangerous to the sleepwalker to wake him or her, but it can be disruptive. The person may be confused and disoriented if awakened. Men, in particular, might attack the awakener.


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