I Went to the Ponderosa Sun Club

I wanna be a nudist
And live by the sea *


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I am not a nudist. But I’ve been on three nude beach adventures, twice at resorts in Jamaica and once at Haulover Beach in Miami. For me to be nude in public there must be

a beach or pool
total strangers
no clothed people
no bowling

But this summer we decided to try out something a little closer to home.

The Ponderosa Sun Club (sort of not safe for work) in Roselawn, Indiana, sounds innocuous enough until you find out they’re famous for their “Nudes-a-Poppin” (definitely not safe for work) pageants.

But when the nudes aren’t a-poppin’, the club is a family-friendly resort for naturalists of all kinds. As I said, my husband and I don’t consider ourselves naturalists, but we do love a good nude swim. And I know it’s sort of cancer-y, but I love getting an all-over tan. It may be an optical illusion, but I’m pretty sure my stomach looks flatter when it’s tan.

We pulled into Ponderosa’s driveway past the sign that, instead of reading “Abandon Clothes, All Ye Who Enter Here,” simply had the club’s name and the silhouette of a presumably naked couple against a sun. We checked in at the front desk, paid our $35 day visit fee, and looked at the brochure.

“Bare in mind, you are not at a show, you are here to be a nudist.” I hoped “Bare” was on purpose (a bad pun is always more acceptable than a spelling error), but you never know. We also learned that you can get kicked out for gawking (good thing I brought my mirror sunglasses!) or driving around in your car.

As we drove around, gawking, we passed some naked tennis players (Guys? Naked except for a baggy T-shirt? Not a good look), a naked woman fishing, a naked volleyball game. All naked, all tan. Dave asked plaintively, “Are we always going to be the whitest?” “Well, they’ve been doing this for a while.” “Yeah, but doesn’t anyone just . . . start?” He was quickly distracted by a naked couple tooling past in a golf cart.

The Ponderosa is on 88 acres of really pretty woods, with campers, cottages, tennis courts, and other recreational buildings surrounding the large pool area. The pool looked great, but the water was freezing. A very large woman noted, “It’ll feel better after I’ve stood around and sweated.” Um, yeah, maybe.
On the Ponderosa’s Web site, they repeat that “NO clothing is permitted in the swimming pool area” and “Clothing is NOT optional” about 100 times. This turned out to be a big lie. Not only were a few of the pool loungers fully or partially clothed, there were several burly college-age guys—clothed!—removing the platforms and other stuff from the previous weekend’s Nudes-a-Poppin show. VERY uncomfortable. At one point, I was sitting on the edge of the pool, and from behind me I heard a male voice: “The water can’t be too cold if you’re sittin’ there.” I turned around, and . . . Fully Clothed Guy! Arrrgggh.But this was just a taste of the horrifying discomfort to come.While the overall experience was fun, relaxing, and people were friendly and respectful, I do have to warn any prospective guests about the snack bar.

At the end of the pool area sits a trailer, and inside that trailer is the snack bar. Now, most of you have in your minds an image of the typical pool-beach-resort type snack bar: you walk up to a window after perusing a menu board (hot dogs, chips, ice cream bars, etc.), and tell the nice man behind the window what you want. Well, get that image out of your minds.

We walked into the stuffy trailer only to find ourselves in someone’s home. Like, a normal trailer home with a living area and a kitchen. In the kitchen, a woman was busily preparing something for a customer, and at the other end, two CLOTHED men were sitting at a table.

We were naked.

It was dead quiet.

There was no menu.

We shifted around uneasily, shooting each other looks that said, “This is sooo uncomfortable, but we’ll be laughing about it for the rest of our lives.” The guy in front of us was getting a meatball sandwich and it took FORever. When it was our turn, we asked what was available. Lots of stuff, it turns out, but we opted for hot dogs, figuring they’d be fast. They weren’t. The nice woman took one hot dog and put it in the microwave (Put them both in together! I screamed in my mind). Meanwhile the guys at the table behind us said nothing. My butt never felt so big. The microwave ticked away. We looked at the ceiling, at our feet, at the door in desperation . . . we were never getting out of there.

After what seemed like several days, we got our hot dogs and ran. I vowed never to return. To the snack bar, that is. A tan stomach is too much of a temptation.

If you want to visit the “PSC” (as we nudists call it):
  • Bring your own chair and a towel. And for God’s sake, bring your own food. There’s a Subway not far from the club.
  • Men, erections are not tolerated.
  • Ladies, go ahead and bring a sarong, cover-up, or a pair of shorts into the pool area. THEY CAN’T MAKE YOU BE NAKED!

* Today’s lyrics are courtesy of, erm, Regurgitator!

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76 Responses to “I Went to the Ponderosa Sun Club”

  1. 1 Kathy

    Oh my god. I’m crying. This post was hilarious! No way in hell you’d find me anywhere near nude people, myself included. I can barely stand the sight of myself coming out of the shower. Why does the mirror have to be RIGHT there?!?!?

  2. 2 JD

    Kathy: are you crying in horror? ;-D

    People who know us – especially Dave – are always shocked to hear about this little activity of ours. We’re not like that!

    For me, going to a Caribbean island and lounging on a romantic nude beach is one thing. This whole Ponderosa Sun Club was another.

    And, I KNOW! Those mirrors! Why do they think we want to look there?! Urgggh.

  3. 3 Kathy

    All I can say is you have some guts, the both of you. There is no amount of money in the world that would get me naked in public. Now, my husband, on the other hand…. He thinks clothing is so annoying. I’m lucky he bothers wearing shorts around the house.

  4. 4 Lewis D

    Kathy, JD, other readers:

    Sorry your first experience to a landed club was less than
    desirable. Please know that PSC is not AANR affiliated.
    AANR is the Association for Nude Recreation and lists
    many clubs on their web site http://www.aanr.com that
    you might want to check out. I highly recommend going
    to an AANR club for a better first time experience. Also,
    please know that there is a strong group of family
    oriented nude volleyball players that travel to clubs
    during the summer. Check out the schedule at:


  5. 5 JD

    Lewis D: Thanks so much for the information. I didn’t know anything about AANR, and it’s interesting that PSC isn’t associated with that organization. Our experience at PSC really wasn’t that bad; it was just that whole snack bar experience, which can easily be avoided. The people there were really nice, and the atmosphere was laid-back and relaxing. Thanks again for stopping by!

    JD’s last blog post..I Cook Things so you don’t have to

  6. 6 Valerie Mackey

    Ok everyone take a deep breath.

    From what I gathered from the story. They wanted to go to PSC. So you have to allow yourself to at least have the ability to understand this was an open minded couple. PSC is not something you just “do” or try. It is a naturalists way of life. They are not pushing it on you. Its not about SEX and that is why alot of those rules are in place. Please understand all others who read the story. This snack bar incident comes from the couples own inability to be a free spirited naturalist/nudist. Believe it or not people who may or may not have been there cleaning up after nudes a poppin’or contractors working on jobs, obviously we want these people dressed for at least safety issues, Have seen naked people before. maturity levels do very amoung the general public but if you are secure with yourself then you would not even notice if people are looking at your so called big butt or not. so what if they were..get over it . Its a butt. People who live there and those who vacation there or reularly visit there would never be so rude. I think alot of it is in their heads because they are not comfortable enough with their bodies. Thats ok. I comend you for being open minded and wanting to try something you have wondered about doing. It is what it is. Naked people. Very nice naked people by the way and they are the most loving and non judge mental people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    If you not comfortable with being nude then your not a nudist and embarrassment is something that will naturally “getcha at the snack bar”. If your confindent, happy and secure with your life choices from politics, religion to nudity? well then youll never meet a greater bunch of people to know and hang out with…no pun intended . Thanks Scarlett for running a classy establishment and Nudes a poppin’ the greatest live nude contest in the midwest!!



  7. 7 JD

    Valerie: Thanks for stopping by and chiming in.

    First, why isn’t PSC something you just “do” or try? Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and as you say later, you commend those who are “open-minded and wanting to try something.”

    Of course, PSC isn’t about SEX (your caps), nor did I imply that it was. Why you would even bring that up is beyond me.

    As you say, “If you [are] not comfortable with being nude then your [sic] not a nudist.” Right. See the first line in my post. I am not a nudist, so, yeah, I’m gonna feel a little uncomfortable in certain situations. Especially…

    …situations like having clothed workers on site when PSC makes such a big deal about everyone being nude—NO EXCEPTIONS. We wanted to know as much about PSC before we went, so we read all the information on the Web site. Nothing prepared me for clothed men working around the pool. Maybe that’s fine with the regulars, but PSC needs to realize that there are brand-new visitors coming, too, and they may feel uncomfortable in this situation. This is not a hang-up. It’s reality. Obviously the workers have to be clothed. Do the work when there aren’t people around.

    The “snackbar incident” was a nightmare, not the result of my husband and me not being “free spirited nudists.” There’s no way you’re spinning that any other way!

    I really take exception to your calling me rude for feeling sensitive about standing around naked in front of clothed men. Were they looking at my big butt? I don’t know, probably not. But if I’m self-conscious about that, how on earth am I being rude? I’m sure you’re right: “people who live there and those who vacation there or re[g]ularly visit there would never be so rude.” I was a first-time visitor—so I’m rude for feeling that way? What???

    “While the overall experience was fun, relaxing, and people were friendly and respectful. . .” That’s my quote, not yours. I think “classy” is stretching it, but I have nothing bad to say about the people at PSC.

    And finally, lighten up. You’re a nudist. I get it. Nudists are free-spirited, loving, kind, nonjudgmental. Yippie for them. I happen to be those things, too, and so do a lot of “textiles.” The day I can’t make a joke about my big butt in a stiflingly quiet trailer while clothed men sit behind me, well, that’s a sad day for nudists everywhere.

    JD’s last blog post..I Give Out FABulous Prizes so you don’t have to

  8. 8 Bill and Amy

    JD, we were members and had a summer place at PSC for many years. When we first visited we were young “nubies” and scared at first as you were, it was a “dare” to my husband and I. Two years before and I would have never! But, the dare made me realize it is not dirty and nobody was “staring at me” all the time. Sure, we are adults and look – you do at the store or the beach don’t you? It was freedom that I never experienced and loved it – on my terms.

    We were younger than most folks there but quickly became very comfortable. We met some wonderful folks who made our stay much more enjoyable and decided to return – ultimately becoming members and buying our summer place. We still visit our friends there but sold our place due to time restrictions, we simply could not be there enough to warrant keeping it. We do not consider ourselves nudists but were nude intermittently around the grounds and always around the pool, and the pool is the one area you must be nude. The rule stating you must be entirely is to keep those “gawkers” away. Most members will not tolerate an abuse of the pool rule and the day you were there was an exception, the crew removing the platforms must consider their own safety, usually that work is done during the week so others are not offended as you were.

    As far as Nudes a Poppin, well, it is something we tolerated. The show brings in the funds necessary for the family who owns the place to keep it operating while maintaining low cost to its members. Any other Club has fees that are far more expensive than at PSC – a simple search on the Internet will validate this.

    Regarding the AANR, yes, they ban PSC from membership because of the shows but let me tell you their criteria for admittance must be very weak. My husband and I visited the Sun Aura just down the street and took the tour. The tour guide proceeded to tell us of all the “swinging exploits” that the guests partake in at Sun Aura and what you can get involved in – that they roam at night and peek in on couples. He was very graphic – use your imagination and think the worst. This was backed up by the young lady at the front desk.

    Sun Aura is an AANR member club.

    As we were leaving a couple from Ohio came in with a daughter maybe 14 years of age seeking a three or four day camping pass – my husband and I were in horror. They proceeded to tell the young lady at the counter they read about and “heard” about the other place down the road (PSC) from the AANR Association and how it was a sex club! We wanted to warn the couple and their daughter but did not. I’m sure they ran from that place in the middle of the night. Sun Aura is also a very dirty unkempt place, including the pool area.

    Well, after 10 years at PSC I can certainly validate it is not a sex club, and that it is quite the family place. What goes on beyond folks closed doors is no different then in your neighborhood at home. People are fun and respectful, think of several hundred members acting as babysitters all the time for the dozens and dozens of children playing on any given weekend at PSC. At times they are probably safer there than their own backyards. Our time there was, well as I describe our time there to our friends and family all I can say is think of one big block party nearly every weekend – or the most tranquil getaway if you’d like – it’s your choice.

    I have no faith in what the AANR says based on my visit to the Sun Aura.


  9. 9 Jessie Whitebutt

    Hello JD,
    I’m surprised that you thought everyone was tan. I was probably one of those volleyball players that you saw as you were coming into the camp. I’m not a great volleyball player, but having me on the team is always an advantage because I blind the other team with the sun’s glare of my white body. Also, among the ‘tan’ volleyball players was probably my white-butted boyfriend, who has only been out to ponderosa once. For some, like him, nudism comes naturally, (he had his clothes off almost BEFORE we got in the gate) but for others, like you, I’m sure it’s much more frightening. I’ve been a member since before I was born, so I have no idea what a ‘first time is like’.

    Every nudist camp has its creepers, but the members at ponderosa are VERY protective of each other. There was an incident a while back were an old handicap guy snuck in an underwater camera and was snapping pictures of kids in the deep-end [cameras are strictly prohibited]. A few of the members (mostly the dad’s) noticed this strange old man floating around in the deep-end. It wasn’t until he was told to leave the pool area until one of the dad’s saw the camera. A relatively new member, Chuck, earned respect that day as he chased around this crippled old man. Chuck cut up his arm and hand dragging the old man over the pool-fence to get the camera and breaking it open with his bare hands. At first we thought this dad had gone crazy, beating up a cripple old man, but a few minutes later the old man is speeding out of the camp in his truck, followed by a small trail of members who were determined to destroy any pictures he might have taken. He was caught, banned from the camp, and any photographs that he took were destroyed.

    The point is that anywhere there are naked people, there are also creepers. But I feel very safe in a camp that has members willing to cut up their arms to protect each other. Sometimes it’s hard for new members to become part of the crowd, since many members at ponderosa have been there since they were kids, but after this incident Chuck was dubbed a hero invited to all sorts of BBQ’s and parties.

  10. 10 JD

    Amy: Hello, and welcome! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with PSC and the Sun Aura, which I had not heard of. I guess people really need to check these places out before they go and make sure they know what they’re getting into.

    Altho I made fun of some aspects of PSC, I want to emphasize again that the people were very friendly and respectful, the pool was great (just a bit cool the day we were there), and there was no hint of impropriety. Yes, the clothed workers bothered me, and I still feel some other arrangement should have been made, but it’s a difficult situation.

    Thanks again for writing!

  11. 11 JD

    Jessie Whitebutt: How I have dreamed of being able to type that name some day (!)

    Wow, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your story. I kind of want to kill that gross old man, but then when I imagine him being chased out of the resort by a crowd of angry nudists, I start to laugh a little.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, both general and specific. It’s important for people to know that places like PSC are vigilant and careful about this sort of scummy behavior. Yeah, unfortunately, it does happen, but it says a lot about PSC and its members that it probably doesn’t happen very often.

    If we ever make a return visit, I’ll be sure to look for the pale people!

  12. 12 ROCK

    JD: I can assure you that many of the stories you have heard about PSC are all to true. I am a former member whose life has taken me in a different direction which has kept me away for many years. There is not a week that goes by I don’t miss the wonderful relationships I had built. I became a member when I was around 8 years old visiting with my parents. I was very young and for the most part life was very simple. I am deep into my 40′s now and still have not met a better group of people whose only goal is to be free and happy. When members and visitors pass thru that gate it is like entering a whole new world. We didn’t care what time it was nor did we care about television or cell phones. I had so much fun I frequently forgot to eat during the day. It is run by some wonderful people and FAMILY is not a strong enough word for the camp PSC. I could go on and on for hours, however, I will leave with the notion that you would be hard pressed to find a more suitable summer home. If you can get passed the Nudist part you are home free.

  13. 13 Lewis D

    Lewis, I see no mention of JD having a “less than desirable” In your haste to put a plug in for AANR you’ve
    (A) stepped in something.
    (B) Caused more confusion regarding nudity.
    (C) left out the referance to the AANR membership fee.
    (D) The only thing you did throughly was to show AANR as forgetful and judgemental.
    Societies the world over have their good and bad…Point being Valley View of Wisconsin….Has enough bad history & behaviors ask Jim. He lives alongside the pools edge. White Tail Park of Va….A male….Gonna swim?, Then your going to meet the owner and his friend. You may have to attend a prayer meeting as well…How about Pine-Tree Associates of Md ? I paid for a full day, then as I’m still at the counter they wanted to kick me out because I was alone…
    AANR Membership plus fees for visiting Park XXXXXXXXX
    Daily Ground Fees
    Regular Price

    $40/day (family or single)
    $140/week when camping
    INF, FCN/FQN, AANR, TNS members (plus mbrship fees)
    $36/day (family or single)
    $126/week when camping
    Young Adult 18-25
    (living with parent)
    INF, FCN/FQN, AANR, TNS members

    _ROOMS AND CAMPSITES do not include ground fees !
    Maximum of one family per room/site. Extra persons are $5/night.
    (no water or electricity)
    (2 services – water & 30 amp electricity)
    (3 services – water, 30 amp electricity & septic)
    Superior King Room (private bathroom)
    Queen Rooms (shared bathroom)
    Some of our members’ trailers are available for short-term rental through the ……..office.

    Not bad prices but their alot more than what we pay !

    Heres the yearly GROUND FEES ALONEYearly Ground Fees

    Membership (family or single)
    INF, FCN/FQN, AANR, TNS members
    Again ths is for camp XXXXXXX’s fee’s oes not include AANR FEE’S

    JD I’m thrilled to hear of your visit, I hope you’ll return….
    I’ll have pizza !!

  14. 14 Daniel

    I read everyones comments, and want to say. My wife (now-ex) went to the Sun Aura during it’s privious ownership (Naked city) back in the 80′s. I has changed hands twice since then. It has though, not changed from being an adult resort. I do believe that it is still, over 18, to get in. This is the first that, I’ve heard of it being an AANR affiliated resort. SEX in the open public IS the norm at the Sun Aura. I hope people do their reseach first. I do know for a fact that Pondrosa has before, and will now be judged still, because of Sun Aura’s, being just down the road.
    The “Nudes A Poppin” show was first concieved, and made up of “members” putting on a show to attract new members. It therefore brought in new revenue, or money in the form of memberships.
    Like anything that grows, with publicity, it has evolved to being the best new, nude entertainment show of the midwest. Young, up and coming, persons in their prespective fields show off, for prizes and exposure, for their field. From their awards brings more respect, money and rewards for their profession. God bless them. It has in the past, and hopefully the future, drawn verious celebrities as M.C.’s. I have seen, and met a lot of people, in the show from various entertainment fields. Thank-You Rich.
    The show is not what makes up the Ponderosa as a whole. Like I said it; was concieved as something to generate revenue, to keep the members dues down. Make it, so the everyday man can enjoy.
    Ponderosa’s members come from all walks of life. Be it white collar, driving in, in a Jag. To Joe-Schmoe, blue collar, driving in a toyota with a flat. Take your clothes off, and we are all the same.
    Ponderosa is a family orientated, and owned resort campgound. Up until “Tommy” (the owners husband) died it was nude all the time, everywhere, no matter what. He went around and made sure. We still love you Tom and miss you. It has since become of a more relaxed place for those, that want to be nude, or semi, if that time of month comes.
    You obviously deceided to try, this new thing, in your life, and just made the mistake to come when outside contractors, and workers were cleaning up, after the last show. You posted this and made it sound as if this the norm for the Ponderosa. Big butt, small butt, big bust, small bust, tan, white, black, oriental, etc. etc. etc. these were YOUR hang ups. Grown men behind, you clothed gawking.
    My Ex, and I felt the same way when we first went to a nudist camp. We were clothed, and everyone around us was nude. We felt out of place, and we had to be nude.
    Judge not, the Ponderosa, on you first expieriences, and your hang ups. Please do not judge your first experience, and post it to the world, in this public forum.
    As far as your “Snack Bar” exprience. The trailer at the north side of the pool is not a personel mobile home, with someone staying there, as their house. It does have a Kitchen, living room area, bedrooms and a bathroom. It is not furnished, and you can not rent it for the week-end. It was put there for being a VIP trailer for nudes a poppin celebrities to get ready for their stage appearance. It is not open as a snack bar during the shows, nor can you go in there during the shows.
    If you, or anyone, that decides to listen to your negative review, wants to come, then bring your own food. Norma, the snack bar lady, (a founding member with her husband, now deceased) will not take offense, I’m sure. As for me I am partial to her tuna salad sandwiches, with chips.
    If I could add a note. Come for Nudes a Poppin, and enjoy the show. Wait, until the end of July or August and come back. The pool is warm enough to swim. The show is over. Members have the camp back. Enjoy a week-end, sun, dance, activities, and get back to nature as God has intended us to do.

  15. 15 Pammy

    hi I go to PSC all the time and am a longstanding member..

    sorry you had a bad experance at psc.

    i am a nudist. and love the lifestyle. I know many ppl there that i call my friends and more important my family..

    the lady at the snack bar is one of the sweetiest women you would ever want to meet. and everyweek she makes homemade goodies for the snack bar. she does take her time but if you have happened to get one of her tuna salad ,checken salad, egg salad you would be over whillmed by the amount of filling you get..

    Now your right we are not a part of aarp. family owned and ran with members helping out as much as they can because they love it there. So most of us come there on the weekends so that is when we all can help eighter take down or put up or clean up around the pool after show . show is only one time a year and does help keep our membership fees lower. the reason that they post must be nude is because this world is full of bad ppl and would do bad things to our kids with haveing vistors nude and not driving around helps out alot and yes we all watch all the kids around. we want to protect them .
    hope you come back for another visit sometime. maybe a few weeks before or after the show.. which is always the third weekend of july..


  16. 16 JD


    Wow, OK. First, welcome, nudists! Thanks for stopping by. Where are y’all coming from? I’m very happy to have people chime in on my Ponderosa Sun Club post and present different sides to the story.

    Rock: You sound like a really nice person. I’m glad you’ve had such a positive experience with PSC. It’s hard to imagine being so happy you don’t care about TV, but I’m not doubting you. The nudist part didn’t bother me as much as the clothed people. Thanks for writing.

    RunninBare: You posted under “Lewis D,” but I’m assuming you’re responding to him? Regardless, welcome, and thanks for posting all the information about PSC and AANR. And I’ll take you up on that pizza!

    Daniel: Thanks for stopping by to share your opinions. I appreciate the insight into the Nudes a Poppin show and your thoughts on PSC. But let me clarify: I didn’t make a “mistake” by coming on a day that clothed workers were on site. I came thinking that the pool area would be all nude, as promised on PSC’s Web site. And since I clearly stated that the workers were removing platforms from the Nudes-a-Poppin show, I don’t see how that makes it sound like it’s the norm. I realized that wasn’t the case. Still, it wasn’t my “mistake.” Also, I don’t have hang-ups about being nude (I’ve been to Haulover and several nude resorts in Jamaica). My hang-up is being nude around people who are clothed. Period.

    Absolutely no offense was meant to Norma, who was lovely. I have to say, tho, that your assertion that the snack bar doubles as a dressing room for the Nudes-a-Poppin’ “celebrities” does not make the snack bar any more appealing. Now that I know the situation, I would definitely bring my own food.

    I’ll post to the world whatever I like, given that this is my blog and a forum for my thoughts, opinions, and experiences. It is absolutely my right to form and present an opinion about anything I like, just as it is your right to dislike my opinion and say so.

    Pammy: Hello, and welcome! As I said above, I would hate to offend Norma, the very lovely snack bar lady. My problem was with the discomfort of standing around naked while clothed men sat in the trailer with us.

    I appreciate your taking the time to write and express your point of view. Peace to you!

  17. 17 J.K.

    JD, I believe overall you enjoyed yourself. I hope you’ll decide to return someday….When you can catch us with our pants DOWN….PROPERLY !
    The PSC, is simply a family owned AND run Family Nudist Resort.What they say goes. It doesn’t have corprate support or money. We like the abit-rustic feel. Valley View in Wisc….has a system where the members have to work off demerits/HRS to minimize part of their annual fee or they pay some incredibly higher price….The family running the PSC work hard and do a real fine job. Alot of the local community is there because of the money coming into the area for a show day. Many a fine son or daugther has been born and raised there….Many leave in or around their mid teens and thats fine……Yes…1 day a year ADULT’S ONLY and we can leave for another place if we don’t like it. Many of your neighborhoods are more dangerous than that..each weeknight ! I and my wife have been there some years now and find it better than some country club for golfers….or Disney World…..better than $9.00 for a movie I might not like

    Lewis, Where is the AANR club with 88 acres ? A Massive pool ? acres of running paths/fields? Does it have hundreds of great close-nit neighbors ? Do you ever pitch in and help around a camp ?

    Hell even the police and fire Dept’s visit us !!

  18. 18 C

    First impressions are sometimes hard to make impressive. Unfortunately the timing was a little off for your first visit. If you were there a week later maybe you would have felt a little more comfortable. The show really takes some time to clean up after. all the (clothed workers) are actually members of the camp. They all take a week out of their life and torture themselves in weather of all types cold and rainy to blistering heat, to help set up then work all types of odd jobs during the show. then tearing down and cleaning up. and all that time is donated to the place they all love and enjoy. I Hope that maybe one day you can come back and give the good folks at PSC another try at a first impression. They are definitely some of the greatest people i will ever consider part of my family.
    That is one place that the whole world can take some lessons from, maybe it would be a happier place everyone could enjoy. and i don’t mean the world should be nude. lol
    Looking forward to reading the article about the better experience.
    lol C

  19. 19 Sky Dog

    I was JD’s companion on that day at Ponderosa. We had a great time! We sat in the sun, we had lunch, we chatted with a few kind people. Not much of anything happened that would interest people in general. As many of you have pointed out, naturist activities are quite enjoyable but rather mundane. It’s just people living the way they want to live, and in the nude. JD and I are relatively new to nude outings, but we had visited nude beaches several times before we went to Ponderosa. So to say that she was uncomfortable about nudity, being a newcomer, wouldn’t be quite accurate. Whether she felt uncomfortable or not in the snack area, and whether she should have or not, seems to be a point of debate. Keep in mind that JD writes a humor blog, and she’s very talented. Please browse the many posts on the I Do Things site, and you’ll get a taste for her sense of humor. In among a few nude-topic posts, you’ll find things like, I have a goiter so you don’t have to. She writes on topics of interest and looks for the humor in them. Her post on the Ponderosa was written in that style. The story of the pleasant though mundane lunch in the sunshine was improved by a trip to the snack bar. Her audience, which would be comprised of [comprised of, or composed of?] almost entirely non-nudists, might enjoy a funny and embarrassing anecdote about a nude woman waiting for a hot dog. Now, some time after the initial story, her readers have been joined by a group of naturists, whom she really welcomes. After all, we too enjoy nude recreation. The naturist readers, rightly, are passionate about naturism and defend it as just another way of living. But what’s funny about that? Nothing really. There’s plenty of information out there about the naturist lifestyle, and it has been helpful that some of you have steered us to these websites. But JD writes a humor blog. So the tale of the hot dog and the clothed workers, it seems to me, was just JD pumping up the “ewww” factor for her clothed readers, as exhibited by Kathy who’s a good friend, loyal reader, and who by all accounts mostly leaves her clothes on. Now, as I’m discovering, naturists stay aware of attitudes about naturism, because people in general tend not to accept it. But rest assured, JD accepts it. I know that she intended no offense to anyone at Ponderosa, least of all to the woman who made our lunch. We didn’t go home talking about how crazy those people were. We went home with good memories, including those strange couple of moments we shared in the snack bar.

  20. 20 Joe Shmoe of Idaho

    Scribing her new post, “Nudists Hijacked My Blog So You Don’t Have To”, she was pleasantly perplexed to find that after 9 months of blogging, something was born of her compositions – and naked as a newborn at that. Her audience was no longer merely loyal friends, co-bloggers, and on-site colleagues welcomely diverting themselves from checking which lame city hosts this year’s STC Conference. Victorious slogans of “If you build it, they will come” were countered with cautious ones of “The danger in writing something is that someone may read it.” But she didn’t have to resort to MySpace with its plentiful platitudes as trite as the accusation of triteness, so it was worth her $7 this month. The validation, vigor, even vehemence in the replies caused enough intrigue that it obscured her picture of several strangers typing impassioned responses while completely nude. She knew she deserved that laugh, though. Her blogging was sincere and exposing; her writing solid and humorous; she was, after all, awesome, cause she said so herself. So a writer was being read and a blog becoming the interactive exchange of perspectives that it set out to become. She found a place called PSC and now that place had somehow found her. She wrote about herself in first person and now someone was writing about her in third. A clear light through foggy serendipity showed that in this odd meeting, these people found each other, misunderstood each other, and enjoyed each other. She then knew there was only one thing to do about it: Drag Dave, a good piece of bacon, and her bright-white invidious arse back to visit PSC this summer!

  21. 21 JD

    J.K.: Yes! I definitely did enjoy myself (see Sky Dog’s comment). HA! Absolutely, I want to catch everyone with their pants down next time! I have no argument with your assertions that PSC is a safe, relaxing, fun place. And now you’re telling me firefighters visit there? I’m in!

    C: Thanks for stopping by! Yup, I think it really was just a matter of poor timing—nobody’s fault. I definitely didn’t realize that the clothed workers were just regular ol’ PSC members; had I known that, I probably would’ve felt much more comfortable. Thanks again for chiming in. I hope all you friendly nudists will stick around!

    Sky Dog: Aw. You said it all way better than I ever could have. I think after this comment my readers will be begging for a Sky Dog guest post. Thanks, honey bee. (And it’s “composed.”)

    Joe Schmoe of Idaho: *speechless*

    That is hilarious. Well done, sir, well done. I really wrestled with my conscious over whether to publish your comment or delete it, steal it, and claim it as my own writing. Thank you VERY much for such a well-written, humorous, and clever assessment. Comments such as yours keep this ol’ blogger going. Please stick around and continue to contribute your awesome scribblings.

    (I know you, don’t I?)

  22. 22 J.K. RunninBare

    Well J.D. I believe 2 of my many wonderful personalities stopped by yesterday….Truth be known (drumroll pls) J.K. AND….RunninBare are 1 and the same……We both/ bof? enjoyed your many writings/postings. BRAVO! BRAVO!
    Yes you are correct in that I was responding to another post. I have no issue with AANR or it’s people….Hell I went to and from a military installation with AANR4ME vehicle tags for years. Sorry to have come on your blog, locking horns with another poster….I reckon thats not why you work at this as you do. But ALAS!!! Today is another day….I must start with a confession of sorts….lol We/(I) don’t want any lawsuits!!lol ect..(What/want for a life without disclaimers)
    Although the camp is called “Ponderosa Sun Club” 1.They….WE/I don’t actually (even remotely) guarantee/promise sunshine….not the clear sky version anyway. But we can run/walk naked in the rain! 2. We do have a bowling lane…..kind of thing….in that we have/own a Patanque Court. A packed sand lane bowling thingy…(Please forgive my earlier lack of disclosure) Plus we have Horse Shoes minus horses….Shuffleboard….swings “AND A WHOLE LOT MORE”! We don’t have a beach so sand won’t be tooo much of a problem….We do however provide a sandbox for those that require/feel the need….There is usually/often a fantastic fireworks show on/about the 4th July..There really is something spectaular to view/see/hear. The fireworks are great too ! Call ahead to ask the office all your burning questions. For a Saturday visit ask if there is a dance that evening. If you and the infamous Sky Dog have favorite beach chairs I’d suggest bringing them along, Just in case.Bring Sky Dog TOO !
    We’ll have to make some secret hand signal…or that certain nod or look…..otherwise I won’t know who to get pizza for and my wife maywill get suspicious/pissed if I keep buying/ordering it for each strange/unknown/unmet/forgotten woman/lady/female I meet..
    So……ANYWAY….”Yo’all com Back now,here”?

    Great BLOG !

  23. 23 JD

    JK / Runninbare: A-HA! Full disclosure is always good; thanks for providing it. I’m so glad you’re sticking around to read some other posts. I’m not all nude!

    Thanks for more detail on PSC. Sky Dog and I will definitely be back. I’ll try to come up with a secret signal so you won’t go broke ordering pizzas!


  24. 24 C

    It is interesting how great people find each other. Through friends and family ect… but now i see through blogs as well. I have enjoyed the blog/conversations that i have read here and now enjoying the (So you dont have to) articles as well. i am now a reader of the site.
    Looking forward to reading new adventures. great site JD

  25. 25 JD

    C: I’m so glad you’re sticking around. It interesting how all this online stuff makes connecting with unlikely people so much easier. I’m very thankful for all the cool people I’ve met here.

    Welcome all nudists!

  26. 26 kool breeze


  27. 27 JD

    kool breeze: Thanks for stopping by to let us know! Wheeeeeee!

  28. 28 Unowho's Mom

    We have been members of PSC for 41 years, four generations on both sides. Raised my kids there, turned them loose in the Morning, and collected them at curfew, 9:00 P.M. No clothes to wash. With a couple of hundred familes of kids, everyone knew what our kids were doing … and ratted. With 88 acres we never had to worry about them crossing the roads. We had minature golf, tennis, volley ball, badmitten, horse shoes, playground, swimming pool, all the things the rich had, and for $25.00 a year. The kids had bikes, the parents golf carts. We have egg toss, golf cart races, dances, Halloween party, hay ride, haunted woods, etc. This was a paradise to raise my kids and grandchildren. And when my Mother became incontinent, no one embarrassed her …. ever.

    If a law was passed and the camp had to becomed clothed, I would nevfer have left. It was the safest place to raise happy children. My daughter was willing to be grounded all week in the city, just to be free on the weekends. It was her job to wash the dishes on weekends, and she packed them up every weekend and took them home, washed and repacked them during the week, not to cut in on our fun. After my husband died, others pitched in and helped do the things around the house that I couldn’t do. Everyone takes care of each other. You have not because you ask not.

    Aftrer major surgery I recouped there, on a screened porch. I had a colostomy bag, but swam in the pool. When our son lost his leg in a motorcycle accident he was helped into the pool to see if he could still swim. He could. It was our Garden of Eden.

    We have a lot of teachers who have the summer off, nurses, even a couple of Doctors. And every other trade known to man. A melting pot … and we are all equalized. It may not be for you, but the happiest days of my life were spent at camp.

  29. 29 JD

    Unowho’s Mom: Thanks so much for chiming in. Your story is one of many I’ve received extolling the virtues of family-friendly PSC. Please check back later this summer for our return visit!

  30. 30 Jessie Whitebutt's Nana

    Just had to add a funnier story. One week day when most of the men were at week, the pool was pretty well filled with Mom’s and kids. Being Moms, we are very concerned with burning tender areas, usually unexposed to sun, and all of us have bottles of sun tan lotion which we gladly ofter to visitor.

    Two first time young men arrived and talking loudly to each other, for our benefit, they joked about their stupid wives not knowing where they were. They had gone to a convention in Indianapolis, and told their wives they would be gone 4 days, when the convention was only three. They laughed and repeated the term “stupid wives” and how their stupid wives would never know. . A very bad move in front of a group of wives so stupid they all forgot to tell them about the sun on genitals.

    When they attempted to leave that evening they found that they couldn’t put on their underpants. They were lobster red in private areas, and in extreme pain. Of course all the stupid wives had sun burn lotion, too, but we forgot to offer them that, either. But we did remind them of their remark about their wives never knowing. Ah, even God said: “Your sins will find you out.” Best day I ever had at camp. LOL

  31. 31 JD

    Jesse Whitebutt’s Nana: Oh, that is a great story. I guess the “stupid wives” had the last laugh. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when those guys went home and had to explain their burnt meat.


  32. 32 G

    I thought the story was funny as hell, as I read it I could tell it was wrtten in good fun, and I laughed!!! Hats off to trying new things. I love the beaches and resorts in Jamaica too but this is the closest thing we got!!!

    My girlfriend and I have always gone north to Wisconsin to Sun Ray Hills but after hearing this story we HAVE TO check this out!!! We’ll be down this summer to check out Sun Aura and PSC.

    See ya then!!!

  33. 33 JD

    G: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun, both at PSC and writing the post. Hope you and your girlfriedn enjoy PSC. I don’t know anything about Sun Aura (other than what’s been written here), but I’m rather curious.

    Here’s to an all-over tan!

  34. 34 kouji

    this was hilarious. :D and yet horrifying at the same time, but in a compelling, i-wonder-if-i’ll-ever-work-up-the-nerve-to-do-that kind of way. :O

    kouji’s last blog post..haiku poem: help end hunger

  35. 35 JD

    kouji: Yes, hilarious and horrifying kind of sums it up for me, too. I certainly never thought I’d work up the nerve, so there you go!

  36. 36 Hugh Briss - Ventibate

    A woman became incontinent and continued to run around nude at a nudist camp? That might just be the funniest thing I’ve read this week. Thanks for the visual I’ll have trouble shaking for a week, I’m sure.

    Hugh Briss – Ventibate’s last blog post..Crazy Girlfriend

  37. 37 JD

    Hugh Briss – Ventibate: What? Wait, when did that happen? I missed that!

  38. 38 Real truth about PSA

    I had to write this after reading everyone’s messages. I was a former member and I will tell you what I know and have seen. The only place you are required to be naked is at the pool. Also there is alot of sex going on there. Members having sex parties. Drugs are there. I know of several members that were selling drugs in there. I have seen 15 yrs kids smoking pot . Alot of people so drunk and partying all night…. their kids are left alone to run around and get in trouble. There is no supervision by parents at all. Alot of the teenager were having sex…. one camp member was even passing condoms to these kids without the parents even knowing . If people say there’s no sex parties, orgies etc …they just were not invited to them. Trust me they are there. Several members were kicked out due to touching minors, or taking their pics. From what I have seen alot of the teenage kids are very screwed up. Camp members giving minors alcohol. Sad part is if you try to get the Roselawn police involed they just tell you ” well what did you expect taking your teenage daughter to a nudist camp”. I guess it’s ok during the day. If you get approached by a too friendly couple trying to make friends with you….. they are working the pool and looking for a couple to swap with for the day or night. Cabins are broken into by members (usually the drug users) The only way you can get a discount off membership is you have to work the show.

  39. 39 Real truth about PSA

    add on. … there may be a doctor or a teacher there but most are either bikers, strippers, people in the porno business. Alot of out of work people. (could never figure out how they could afford that place). Its middle to low class — don’t let the other person build it up like everyone there is a professional that makes 100,000 a year, it’s just not true.

  40. 40 Real truth about PSA

    My posting is not intended to offend any PSA member. I still have alot of friends down there. What I posted is what I saw happen. I think if you’re going to bring kids there may be other better choices. Alot of the members don’t always know what really goes on after they go to their cabins to go to bed.

  41. 41 Real truth about PSA

    My comments are not to offend any PSA member. I still have friends there. Yes there are wonderful people there. I just think there are better choices if you have kids. They even had a member that would bring his alligator (not talking about a small baby either — couple feet long) in his front pond to sunbath. I saw it myself. My god there are small childern and pets there.

  42. 42 JD

    Real truth about PSA: Thanks for stopping by to share your comments. I think it’s safe to say that we will not be going back. There’s ALLIGATORS there!

  43. 43 Art Johnson

    I first visited the PSC almost exactly 40 years ago. I went prepared to dive headfirst into the nudist experience and did so so over ten years. Only relocation prevents me from visiting on a regular basis.

    Your account of the snack bar brought memories of the old restraunt which has since blown down in a tornado. Sunday morning would produce a crowd of hungry people waiting patiently while the orders of ham and eggs or bacon and eggs were prepared one by one even if ordered by a couple or family group. Only a nudist group could exhibit such patience.

    Sounds like some things never change!

  44. 44 JD

    Art Johnson: Hey, Art! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. That’s hilarious about the old restaurant. I guess they figured it was a good enough system to keep around!

  45. 45 Art

    Wow…I don’t think that I would go back to that resort.
    You should give The Terra Cotta Inn located in Sunny Palm Springs. You’ll love it!

  46. 46 JD

    Art: Never heard of Terra Cotta Inn. We just may check it out, thanks!

  47. 47 David

    My wife and I have enjoyed PSC for several years. It is relaxing to know that our child can swim without any dangers. We have eaten at the snack trailer and the food is good.
    Just to feel the warmth of the sun on our bodies is priceless. We have never felt like sex is in the air, which it isn’t.
    I have gone to Sun Aura fifteen years ago with my wife at the time and have been approached at the Saturday night dance to have sex, even a threesome. The place is not up to Ponderosa standards

  48. 48 foolery

    Still trying to get my mind around a nude hay ride, *shudder.*

  49. 49 JD

    foolery: Yeah, I’m not so much interested in sitting naked on a pile of hay. You’d be pulling hay out of your . . . well, you get the picture, obviously.

  50. 50 JC

    I have some great pics from the Miss Nude America Pageant at Ponderosa if anyone is interested.

  51. 51 Christa

    I went to a nudie beach once while at Sandals resort in Jamaica and I tell you what…the people who were nekkid should not have been. I saw things…things flabby and chunky and wrinkly that I never want to see again.

    Why is it the people you want to see nekkid never are?

    Good for you for trying the commando lifestyle JD. You got more ballz than me. I like to keep all my girlie bits under wraps in public. I wouldn’t wish my nude body on anyone.
    .-= Christa´s last blog ..Team Giggle On™ E-Races the Blues =-.

  52. 52 JD

    Christa: I know what you mean about the nude beach selection. But every now and then you do get a “good one.” Then it’s like: GAWK!

  53. 53 Jim

    I love to sunbathe and swim nude, but I don’t live near any nude beaches. I don’t live that far from PSC, but I am not sure whether I would like it. I’m not into walking around a camp or eating lunch nude. The closest I might come is strolling along a beach nude.

    It feels great to have the sun warming your whole body and to not have a cold, wet suit against your skin when you get out of the water, but I don’t know about the social nudity thing. The times when I have been nude have been private with my wife or skinnydipping with some friends in college.

    The last time I was able to pursue some nude sunbathing was on our cruiseship veranda, and I couldn’t spend enough time out there. It was private, although I saw a reflection of our neighbors enjoying clothes-free sunning, too. I told them that we didn’t mind if they wanted to pursue all-over tans and that we would be doing the same. However, they wouldn’t come out later on if we were out on our balcony and seemed to be mad at us for being out there.

  54. 54 Lisa

    My husband and I love nudist holidays, the only trouble is we are only in are early thirties, and most of the people at these places tend to be retired.
    If I could find a club that targets the younger nudist that would be great.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Get Laid Tonight Guaranteed Results =-.

  55. 55 JD

    Lisa: Yeah, most of the places I know of seem to cater more to the retired crowd–which is actually fine with me, as I am closer to that age group than the 20-somethings! Have you ever gone to Haulover Beach in Miami?

  56. 56 Speedoman

    In the USA you either have to be naked or wear pants to your knees when swimming. That’s if you are a male of course. Why Americans just can’t accept speedo style swimsuits? The only country in the world where wearing speedos is considered ‘gay’. There, I feel better now after posting it and tomorrow I take my family to PSC for the first time!

  57. 57 JD

    Speedoman: Thanks so much for stopping by! I just saw a guy at our local Y pool in a Speedo, and I have to say . . . I did not think “gay.” I just thought “hot.” So there are exceptions. Hope you had fun at PSC!

  58. 58 GL

    @ Speedoman I don’t mind speedo’s I just can’t see how they would be comfortable. They can’t be.
    .-= GL´s last blog ..Passioncom Review =-.

  59. 59 Speedoman

    @GL So swimming with shorts to your ankles, pockets full of water, da jewels cooking in the heat with no ventilation, all seem like a comfortable beach attire to you? And in the bedroom, when male takes off his shorts and is white from waist to the end of his shorts’ line, is that sexy? All around the world people wear speedos or shorties, only in US this custom is highly rejected. Anyway, off topic I guess… The topic here is ‘nude’.

  60. 60 JD

    No, no, nothing is off topic. I’m enjoying this — keep going!

  61. 61 Wes

    Yes I have been to the nude beach in S. Florida, I think it actually falls in Broward County, not Dade (but close). Clothing optional is the buzzword, I wore speedos cause I think a tanline is hot :)

  62. 62 Steve and Angela


  63. 63 Rick

    I tried me first nudist experience last tear at Sun Aura Resort, next to Ponderosa. You can read about it here: http://sunauraresort.zzl.org
    Summary, I had a scared feeling the whole time, but I plan to go back when more people are there to over come the fear.

  64. 64 mike PSC member

    As a member, I want to clear up a few things. I didn’t read every post so I don’t know if it has already been clear. The manditory nudity is only in the pool for members. Guests (males esspecially) must be nude. This is so that the preditors cannot hide. Women get a little slack for mother nature. The clothed guys working, have had mishaps and issues with splinters before. A shirt while working with wood (no pun intended) is a must. The food trailer is not the norm. We have a member that grills pool side every year. The food is fresh and made to order. Please come on back and have some fun.

  65. 65 connie

    I worked with Tom at the railroad and made multiple visits to the camp after he disclosed that he and his parents owned it. that was 41 years ago. Dawn and Scarlett were little tykes and stole my heart. My take on the “nudist experience” is that it doesn’t work in this country. Too many hangups and too many perverts. If you’re young and good looking, you may have uncomfortable come-ons from newbees. Stalkers and gawkers will be asked to leave. The camera rule is enforced. Someone wanted to photograph me back then, but I didn’t give permission. I was also approached to enter a “miss nude america” contest to be held there, but I declined because I’m not an exhibitionist, just believe in the right to walk around nude in a place where that won’t offend anyone. I’m glad to hear that the place is alive and well, but sorry to hear of Tommy’s passing.

  66. 66 Arizona Bill

    sun aura as it is now called started out as Zorro sun club by one of the nicest couples you would ever want to meet alois knapp and his wife [i can't remember her name] but my wife and I went there in the early 60′s and it was great as a family place we used to take our girls there all the time, when mr. knaopp sold the resort to Dick Dross he was the one who started all the sex and things a lot of their member went across the road and started up the ponderosa I believe the police are still looking for Dick Dross I was at the ponderosa with a friend of ours probably 5 years ago it was fine then we did belong to a group here in az for a few years but left because we didn’t have the time I do enjoy being nude as well as my wife we haven’t had to buy bathing suits for a long while until we joined a local health club .

  67. 67 kristin

    Sun Aura is not part of AANR! It also is not a filthy place and no sex in public not sure what you people are talking about. It is the best place on earth, you couldnt pay me to go to Ponderosa.

  68. 68 Lone Nudist

    I ran across this blog today and I needed to share my personal first time experience at PSC. It was both very strange and very wonderful.

    I am a closet nudist. I live in a very secluded location and so I will often work out in the garden in the nude, take nude hikes, and on many days, since I just work from home, I will often work nude (wouldn’t those on the other end of the phone be surprised). I say I am a closet nudist because most of my nude activities are solo. On rare occasions, when our family finds ourselves alone at a hot pot or sand dunes, my wife and children will join me for a quick swim or playing on the dunes in the nude, but other than that, my nudist activities are solo and have not been socially oriented. No one other than my family knows of my nudist activities. I don’t live anywhere near a nudist beach or resort so I have not had opportunity to be socially nude.

    While on a business trip last year I found myself stranded on Labor Day away from home with nothing to do. I went to the web to see if there was a nudist beach or anything somewhere in the region to give that a try and I found the PSC site. I decided it was time I found out what it was like to go to a nudist resort.

    I arrived early in the morning. I was instructed at the gate to park near the pool and to just leave my clothes in my car. I did this and found that I was the only one at the pool. The day was actually quite cool with lots of clouds and a cool breeze. I could see people starting to zip around on their golf carts, but they were all dressed, many with coats and sweaters. Finally someone stopped and asked if I was a guest and told me that once a year they have golf cart races down at the field and that it would probably be awhile before anyone comes to the pool. I was told I was welcome to join them down at the field, and I was told that due to the cold day it was okay if I wanted to put something on.

    But I figured I did not pay to come into a nudist resort just to wear clothes, I needed to give this a shot, and due to the fact that I often hike in cool weather I just decided I would remain in the nude. I got down to the field where they were beginning to have their family fun in running their carts around an obstacle course.

    But who would have figured that this first time visitor to a nudist resort would be the only one nude!

    There were lots of people and lots of age ranges, but understandably due to the colder weather they chose not to be nude that day. On occasion, as the sun would peek out of the clouds for a few minutes, one or two people would disrobe, but as soon as the sun went away, the clothes were back on, all but mine.

    At first it seems a little strange, but I told myself that these people did not care at all if I was nude, and that was a very refreshing feeling. After the golf cart races everyone made their way up to the pool to hand out the awards, but still I remained the only nude person in the pool area. I stayed for most of the day, and walked around the property of the resort. I’m not a big social person in the first place so I kind of remained to myself, but I had some conversations with some of the people there and they were very friendly.

    So while it would have been really nice to actually have the other people at the resort be nude as well, I found the whole experience of being able to be nude myself around others, with no one to care in the least, was very uplifting and I found the place very enjoyable.

    I don’t know if I will have opportunity to go back there again, but I will surely visit again if I do, and hopefully it will be a day when others can be in the nude too. I left that place feeling these people were really lucky to have such a wonderful place where they could just relax and be free to be nude and enjoy life that way.

  69. 69 tim

    I went there about 20 years ago and had a wonderful time.I bought 2 pizzas one night and gave the extra one to some people standing around chatting. They came over and chatted the next day and thanked me. Its the only place i didnt feel so out of it as a single male nudist. Since i am a workaholic and work 60-70 hours a week driving trucks and farming i havnt had the time to go ‘anywhere’ or felt like it. But would love to go back there again. However i have become particially [sic] disabled and cant get around good. and have also gained about 200 pounds due to my work and not being able to exercise much. Hope they still let single guys in, if i can tear myself away from work. lol

  70. 70 pocketninja

    Normally I do not post comments but couldn’t help myself. I read every one. First, let me address those who would never be publically nude. That is perfectly fine and its actually a very good thing you know your limitations and discomforts; however I do find it unacceptable to say it is gross or ‘eewww’ for those who choose to be nude. I find it annoying and repulsive when someone chews with their mouth open and makes smacking noises but it is who they are and how they are built so no comment needs to be posted about one particular person or group and where it occurred. Some people are inhibited and some are not, it is what it is, and no one is right or wrong. Second, my hubby and I went to PSC last year for the first time. He was disrobed before he got the car in park. I on the other hand was nervously looking around, nnot because I was afraid to be naked but because outside of those gates its illegal to be nude in public and I was trying to wrap my brain around the fact that didn’t apply there. We made our way to the pool on a nice sunny day and members where littered around and in the pool, all nude. Ages ranged from early twenties to well educated ;-) everyone was so pleasant. We had a married man talk to us for awhile, explaining the property, events and the history of PSC. The members dug that pool, the largest private pool in the state. Wow. We lounged and swam and then walked the grounds. We couldn’t wait to become members, and we are. We also went to the Nudes-A-Poppin show. Fun, fun, fun and no tolerance of any kind for any unacceptable behavior anywhere. There is such a tight knit community there without judgment. I am blinding white. I don’t tan, I crisp and peel. I use SPF 5000. I am petite in stature and my hubby is a sizable man. But to tell you the truth I can’t remember what others looked like, you don’t notice. And this is the only place when talking with men that their focus was always to my face and not southward. We plan on staying members until we can no longer move of our own free will. We are going down next week to clean up our lot and get ready for the long awaited season! And FYI, we are in our early thirties and have met several young couples down there. There is no reason why one should not feel beautiful or handsome in their skin. Be confident in all that is you. I did not feel that way for many years and it was a long hard road to accept and believe the valid truth in that statement. I just wish I had realized it much sooner! Hope to see you there this season!

  71. 71 Lucy

    I love Sun Aura,it is not dirty. Sun Aura does not hide the fact that it is “lifestyle Friendly”. It has a good mix of all kinds of people,not just swingers. It is clothing optional and I like that choice as well,sometimes you feel like a nut ,sometimes you don’t. I like the fact that there are no children there,it’s a personal preference. You have to be 21 to get in and show id to that fact. It is not a member of the AANR. There are several members at Sun Aura that came from Ponderosa for their own reasons. Ponderosa does have a lot of what a previous poster said,swap parties,drugs… and a lot of people are white washing that. I prefer Sun Aura. It is beautiful,calm,clean and fun.

  72. 72 Pumpkin

    My question is how anybody could go to a place that holds an annual event called “Nudes-a-Poppin” and expect it to be entirely wholesome? I mean, come on .. “Nudes-a-Plenty” perhaps .. “Nudefest” sure .. but “Nudes-a-Poppin’”? And how could a place holding an event called “Nudes-a-Poppin” also list a discretionary warning about accidental erections?

    The whole thing seems slightly less than on the up and up to me (if you’ll excuse the expression.) Meet you at the snack bar.

  73. 73 Sarah

    I’ve been going to naturist resorts for the past thirty years now and I love the lifestyle. The younger generation does’nt know what its missing.

    Long live the naked skin.

  74. 74 William Coolee

    I was a regular at Sun Aura back in good old days when it was Naked City and DickDrost was running it. To hell with the polite chatter at Ponderosa I went to naket City for hot open sex. You should have seen all the husbands who used to sneak away from their frigid wives at Ponderoa and join the fun with us. Cheers Willie the bull.

  75. 75 Rob

    I really think nudism is natural, but on the other hand when Im swimming at my local beach and theres like six or seven nudist couples in there 70s lying naked on the sand I kind think it a bit unatural.

    My eyes can only take so much before they revolve around in my head and refuse to return to normal unless the beach has been cleansed of the horrors that await the unsuspecting swimmer.

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