I Watched “The Golden Globes”

Just to get it out of the way: No, I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet. I’m GOING to, I swear. Actually, I haven’t seen most of the movies OR TV shows that were nominated for a Golden Globe. But that doesn’t matter, because . . .

 . . . I just love to watch the celebrities. The squirm-inducing red carpet interviews, the hair do’s and don’ts, the dresses, the tuxes, even the boring speeches. I can easily bring myself to tears imagining my own acceptance speech. Seriously. I can’t cry at a funeral, but lying on my sofa in front of the TV, imagining myself in a sparkly gown and fantastic updo, I can bawl off and on for hours.

Anyway, I watched “The Golden Globes” in real time, which meant enduring over 7,000 commercials for He’s Just Not That Into You and at least 5,000 L’Oreal commercials, just to bring you my exclusive “Golden Globes: Hot or Not?” post.

Hot or Not? (in no particular order):

Salma Hayek: Probably the hottest of the lady celebrities (resists urge to make innappropriate Golden Globes joke). Ladies, you want a boob job? Take this picture to your plastic surgeon. Accept nothing less.

Old Benjamin Button: Not hot. Young Benjamin Button: STILL not hot. How do you like that, Brad? I don’t think you’re hot. Maybe if you hadn’t left your wife for Pointy McElbowsons, I’d be a little more tolerant. (Go, Team Jen!)

Mickey Rourke: Uhhh. Man, he used to be so hot, right? Talking about what did or didn’t happen to his face is old news. To pull off his outfit of non-conventional tuxedo with sparkly scarf and chunky highlights, I’ll have to go with hot.

(When did Pierce Brosnan start talking like James Mason. Also? Not that hot.)

Gerard Butler: HAWT! Altho I prefer him in leather underpants spitting out THISH! ISH! SHPARTA!

Shirley Maclaine: I’m going to bestow a title of Honorary Hotness on ol’ Shirl, but seriously. Who told her to wear Zac Efron‘s hair?

Jon Hamm: Hot—but only as Don Draper. And it sucks he didn’t win. Still, he was up against Hugh Laurie (hot, but only as House), so unless there was a tie and the two of them ended up making out, I s’pose it’s all for the best.

Catherine Keener! So hot! Oh, I love her. Catherine Keener is the brunette version of Laura Linney, whom I also love. And who is also hot.

Johnny Depp: Hot! He’s hot! He’s the hottest hottie who ever hotted (Please, Johnny Depp fans! Don’t hurt me!)

Robert Downey Jr. Usually hot, but not tonight. Wearing sunglasses inside is only cool if you’re doing a lot of coke OR if you’re Mickey Rourke, who probably did do a fair amount of coke before this show. And speaking of coke . . .

Colin Farrell: HOT. Except when he does that fake-gum-chewing thing. Not hot? Making jokes to explain why he’s sniffling: “I’ve got a cold. It’s not the other thing it used to be.” Colin! Kate Winslet’s children are watching!

Tina Fey: (faints from the hotness)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: I can never decide if he’s baked or just wants to kill me. I also can’t decide if he’s hot or not.

Tracy Morgan: Funny is always  hot.

Paul Giamatti: Wait for it . . . yes . . . he’s HOT! I know! What kind of crazy world do we live in?

Sandra Bullock: Kind of hot, but what’s she done recently? She makes one of my most-hated faux pas by pronouncing “Barcelona” the Spanish way—Barthelona. Leave that for Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, Sandy.

Sting: Hot. Sting’s beard: Not hot. Nice jacket, tho.

Renee Zelwegger: Between the old lady hair and see-through top (which reveals . . . a flesh-colored corset?): not hot.

David Duchovny: Some residual hotness from his Mulder days.

Don Cheadle: Another hot baldie! But stop complaining about not being in a Coen brothers film, Cheads. Haven’t you been in, like, every other movie?

Steven Spielberg: Still hot, and extra points for how cute he was when he was younger.


Did you watch “The Golden Globes”? Who were your favorites? Did I miss anyone? And what about me? Hot or not?

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52 Responses to “I Watched “The Golden Globes””

  1. 1 Canucklehead

    You had me at Tina Fey …. mmmmmmmm.
    Strange enough, I actually watched a bit to so you can add this to the things you did NOT have to do for me, right below drugs and bacon ….

    Canucklehead’s last blog post..Oh Mickey!

  2. 2 April

    I didn’t watch it but I agree with your assessment of the hotness vs. notness.

    And you… definitely HOT.

  3. 3 Puglette

    Thanks for watching this for me! I reserve my award show viewing hours for the big O…Oscars! I do however, LOVE the recaps. I look for the best and worst articles and laugh over the faux pas. I will sometimes buy the People magazine fashion issues and wonder why so and so wore that outfit. And really, if you have that much money and can afford a stylist, can you not afford a mirror too?

    hey, can you call the pharmacy for me and tell them that they are a bunch of dumb a**es? appreciate it!

    Puglette’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Honey!

  4. 4 Tiggy

    “Funny is always hot.”


    Tiggy’s last blog post..Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Space Suits

  5. 5 The Incredible Woody

    Go Team Jen! Brad and his whole “oh, nothing happened between us until Jen and I were split” interview. Uh, yeah, better work on the acting in those lines again!

    The Incredible Woody’s last blog post..Can you say Bitch?

  6. 6 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Have you seen David Duchovny in Californication (SHO)? He’s still hot. Definitely. Not that I am allowed to stay up and watch that show…

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Water: The Funnest Toy of ALL!

  7. 7 absepa

    JD, I think I love you. “Pointy McElbowsons” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Man, I can’t stand that woman. I used to think Brad was hot, but once you’ve basically proven yourself as an adulterer (especially one who cheated on someone as awesome as Jen), I have no use for you. Go, Team Jen!

    I have TOTALLY imagined myself on the red carpet…dress, hair, and everything, in great detail. It’s so much fun.

    absepa’s last blog post..Walkin’ After Midnight

  8. 8 Babs - beetle

    Oh I’m so out of touch. I don’t really do Movies, or TV any more so I’m way behind the times and still think Richard Burton and Steve McQueen are the hotties Hahahaha! Noooo, don’t laugh at me – well alright you can :)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Yes, it’s an award but……

  9. 9 Preston

    I didn’t watch them at all. You’re right about Salma and Colin-I’d do either on or both togther…but dead wrong about Brad. (Boy there are things I could do to him with just a banana peel and a slip n slide) And as far as Jonathan Rhys Myers is considered, I’m on the fence too. He could be hot but I think he’s got that disinterested “I’m too good to be here enjoying this” look on his face.

    Preston’s last blog post..A Word from a Guest

  10. 10 Stephanie Barr

    Thank you for watching them for me. I’ve completely lost interest in people who are of interest because they’re pretty. And I never watch “nominated” movies except by accident. (“Damn, that won an Oscar? But I liked it!”)

    Salma Hayek is like today’s Sophia Loren to me and thank you for reminding me that she’s actually OLDER than me and looks like that. I’d need actual scaffolding in my clothes to hold mine up like that and they’d still be covered in stretch marks.

    I don’t recognize half the people on your list but I have to add:

    1) Johnny Depp is always hot. If you can play Edwards Scissorhands and still have to beat women off with a stick, that hotness goes all the way to the core.

    2) I have reminscent lust for Pierce Brosnan since he was my big crush when I was in high school. Gotta love Remington Steel.

    3) Brad Pitt has had bad skin for some time and that completely turns me off.

    and 4) Duh, you’re hot. Brains, humor and curls you’ll wear a ziploc bag on your head to keep = hyper-hottiness.

  11. 11 feefifoto

    Just checking in to say thanks for doing things like this so I don’t have to. You make my days so much easier. I can’t stand that Berthalona thing either. My mother does it and I’m not sure if I want to strangle myself or her.

    BTW: my offer and hope for a, partly because I’ve been brain freezing guest post was serious recently, and partly because that would be simply awesome and make me as special as the first kind on the block who got a Wii.

    feefifoto’s last blog post..What, Again? Do I Look Gullible?

  12. 12 feefifoto

    Sorry. I meant to say: my offer and hope for a guest post still stands, partly because I’ve been brain freezing recently and partly because that would be simply awesome and make me as special as the first kid on the block who got a Wii.

    I hate my keyboard.

    feefifoto’s last blog post..What, Again? Do I Look Gullible?

  13. 13 Broadway Matron

    Thank you – for watching them, I used to love award shows but I don’t have the patience for all the commercials (bless comcast DVR). And I have never understood why anyone thought Brad Pitt was all that and a bag of chips – maybe I’m just tool. But I do think Angelina is beautiful, sorry, you may not like her as a person but you can’t fault her physical beauty. Ah, Mickey Rourke – it was never his physical looks, it was always his persona…

  14. 14 Broadway Matron

    oh, good grief – the comment about Brad Pitt? Should have read “maybe I’m just too old” sheesh….

    Broadway Matron’s last blog post..The thermostat wars

  15. 15 Regan

    I’m actually watching the Golden Globes right now. I recorded it on my DVR.

    The weird thing is I’ve never heard of half the shows the people who have been nominated are from…

  16. 16 JD

    Canucklehead: I’ll remember that next year. But I ALWAYS forget about the drugs and bacon. I keep doing those, even tho I don’t have to, over and over.

    April: Thank you! And I wasn’t even wearing a sparkling gown!

    Puglette: The Oscars are my favorite. This is just a warm-up. I love all the recaps, too—the fashion police, best and worst, etc. I’m putting that call through right away.

    Tiggy: You said it! Oh, wait, I did. Well, we agree, that’s all that counts.

    The Incredible Woody: YEAH! And now Brad is trying to backpedal after Angi’s comment about them falling in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. NOT WORKING!

    Daisy the Curly Cat: I would probably enjoy that show (and I allowed to stay up late), but David Duchovny is just . . . Mulder. I can’t imagine him as anyone else. But I should give it a try.

    absepa: Someday we’ll attend the Golden Globes together, and we’ll push ol’ Pointy down on her bony ass.

    Preston: I know I’m in the minority with Brad, but even before he dumped Jen, I was not a big fan. Objectively, yes, he is a good-looking man, but he doesn’t do it for me. Tho now that you mention a banana peel and Slip n Slide . . . But even more intriguing is a threesome with Colin and Salma (and me). I’m going to have to give that some more thought.

    Babs – beetle: I would never laugh! Steve McQueen is WAY hot, tho I was never a big Richard Burton fan. No, they don’t make ‘em like that any more. As for being “out of touch”: you probably have much healthier pastimes than reading about celebrity gossip.

    Stephanie Barr: You’re welcome. Here is where we differ. I make a point to watch Oscar-nominated films (as well as a lot of other films). I just get into all the hype. Always have.
    I’m glad I’m not alone in my Brad Pitt non-lust (see also absepa above). And what is Johnny Depp’s secret? The man does not age. AND finally: thank you for #4. I think the ziploc bag is my beauty secret.

    feefifoto: You’re welcome! UGH! My mom says “Plathido Domingo” and I want to scream. We’re Americans! We can’t do that! I’m definitely gonna take you up on your guest post offer—and thank you! I’m leaving for vacation this weekend, so I’ll sort it out when I get back.

    Broadway Matron: You’re not a tool! And you’re right about Mickey Rourke too. I think Angelina CAN look very attractive, especially when her hair is a bit shorter and lighter and her makeup is just so. But there’s something about her coloring . . . with long dark hair and the wrong makeup, she doesn’t look that great to me. And I’m not just saying that out of bitterness!

  17. 17 Natural

    um i was going to ask beg, bribe you for a guest post. i’m prepared to fight for you and offer cash money!!! who said that. you can be the rope and we’ll pull you until one of us gets the bigger half of you, preferably the half that writes, you know with the arms and brain, unless your feet are talented enough to type…then okay.

    anywho, thanks for watching this for me, i gave up award shows a long time ago. you don’t think tracy morgan is a little touched. he’s funny, but some of his marbles fell out. i know, who am i to talk, i don’t make as much money as he does so shut up valerie.

    Natural’s last blog post..The $64,000 Question

  18. 18 Trade Show Booths Guru

    hey JD,
    I only saw a little of the Golden Globes…
    Are you saying that Colin Farrell faked the gum chewing? I thought it was kind of low class. Why would a person fake that?
    And do you have something against Ricky Gervais? I loved him in the original British version of the Office, which he created and starred in…
    ~ Steve, aka the no-jokes-today trade show booths guru

    Trade Show Booths Guru’s last blog post..Trade Show Booths and Duct Tape

  19. 19 Jay

    “Johnny Depp: Hot! He’s hot! He’s the hottest hottie who ever hotted (Please, Johnny Depp fans! Don’t hurt me!)”

    Hahaha! Why would I hurt you? You said all the right things! LOL!

  20. 20 Christa at Giggle On

    I didn’t watch the globes. I don’t have cable. And no, I am not a communist.

    Brad Pitt. Not hot. NEVER been hot. GO TEAM JEN!

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers. TOTALLY HOT! hawt! Love the accent. Call me!

    Renee Zelwegger. Too thin. Eat a frickin’ bacon sandwich hon. JD can hook you up! She does things so you don’t have to. :-)

    Christa at Giggle On’s last blog post..9 Tips to Boost Your Mood

  21. 21 fragileheart

    OMG I totally had to skip the rest of the post and go directly to your comment box because I completely agree with you on the Brad thing. WTF is his deal? He looks like such a dick with the dark hair and the ‘tache. Sure Angelina is hot, but she makes him look like a dick. Not the sweet, boy-next-door I feel in love with that’s for sure!

    Go team Jen indeed! Ok, back to reading the rest of your post… hehehe :P

    fragileheart’s last blog post..The holiday

  22. 22 Mark Sullivan

    No mention of the Winslet? Hot with added tears to cool things down.

    Ricky Gervais? HOT like a sausage on a BBQ. He’d burn your fingers.

    Mark Sullivan’s last blog post..Why I like it when Kate Winslet cries

  23. 23 fragileheart

    Ok so my picks:

    Eva Longoria Parker
    Megan Fox
    Kate Winslet
    Chris Pine (who is he? Who cares, he’s hot!)

    And I agree with you about Gerard Butler, though I prefer him in P.S. I love you :P

    fragileheart’s last blog post..The holiday

  24. 24 Lola

    I watched the Golden Globes, well it was on, and I sort of payed attention. My partner and I typically don’t see a lot of movies, we wait until they come out on video. (Combination of finances and never being without kids.)
    Hot or Not? My take:
    Sigourney Weaver – No mention here. She’s going to be 60 and she looks better than ever! Hot Hot Hot.
    Salma Hayek: Agreed
    Brad Pitt: Not a fan, not unless he’s makin out with Colin Farrell or Johnny Depp.
    Angelina: Way HOT! Her playing “Gia” is etched on every lesbian’s brain.
    Mickey Rourke: His face looks like the joker. Come to think of it so does his wardrobe.
    Gerard Butler, Jon Hamm, Catherine Keener: I have no idea who they are.
    Shirley Maclaine: What happened? Did she stop having work done?
    Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell: See Brad Pitt.
    Robert Downey Jr.: Not a fan. I liked him in “Less Than Zero” in the 80′s, but then wasn’t that like the story of his life?
    Tina Fey: Funny is always HOT!
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Didn’t he play Elvis?
    Tracy Morgan: I don’t usually find him funny.
    Paul Giamatti, Don Cheadle: Excellent actors.
    Sandra Bullock: The girl next door look is always hot.
    Sting: Shave the beard. Maybe hot.
    Renee Zelwegger: Not a good look.
    David Duchovny: Not a fan.
    Steven Spielberg: Could his speech, though seemingly heartfelt, been more boring? I do love his movies though.Colin Farrell: See Brad Pitt.

    Lola’s last blog post..100th Post – By Special Request II…

  25. 25 cardiogirl

    Takes off glasses and rubs both eyes with the palms of her hands after looking at the pictures of Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey, Jr.

    Sting does need to lose the beard. Immediately.

    Shudders one last time as she thinks of Mickey on the red carpet.

    And I did not see the Golden Globes but I appreciate the recap.

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..I was a wild rebel cat even back then

  26. 26 JD

    Broadway Matron: Heh. I did kind of like “tool,” but, duly noted. I don’t think you’re too old (or a tool).

    Regan: You and me both. Well, I’ve heard of most of them (but “Cranford”?), but I don’t watch that many shows that are worthy of being nominated.

    Natural: HA! As if you have to beg me. No, sister, you get the WHOLE package (including the feet, which happen to be very talented, by the way). I’m very flattered. I would love to do a guest post. I’ll be away next week and let my brain simmer on ideas.

    Tracy Morgan is more than a little touched, I’d say, which is fine with me.

    Trade Show Booths Guru: Hi, Steve! I have no proof of Colin Farrell’s fake gum chewing—it just looked to me like a nervous tic. As for Ricky Gervais: HOT! Because he’s so damn funny. LOVE LOVE LOVE “The Office” (UK and US). Steve Carrell is funny, but no one can touch The Gervais. Do you have the DVDs? The outtakes are spit-on-the-screen hilarious.

    Jay: I was just afraid I wouldn’t get enough “hot’s” in there for your liking!

    Christa at Giggle On: YAY! TEAM JEN! Heh. I’d love to stuff some baked ziti down Renee’s gullet. Remember when she gained weight for Bridget Jones’ Diary? She looked adorable. Hmmmph. Did you watch “The Tudors”? JRM was pretty hot in that.

    fragileheart: Yes. YES YES YES. He’s so smug. I wish she’d dump him already. You know she’s going to.

    Mark Sullivan: I know, I know. I couldn’t get to everyone. I loved Kate’s teary hotness. She looked absolutely amazing. As for Ricky Gervais, see my comment above. Who else could make a Holocaust joke and get away with it?

    fragileheart: Ooh, Megan Fox! She was hot, wasn’t she? I also wanted to fit Zachary Quinto in there . . . he’s hot and very striking. Is P.S. I Love You a decent movie? I want to watch it for GB, but I’ve heard not-so-great things about the movie.

    Lola: Love your comments! (I won’t argue about Angi-Jo with you, either). I should’ve mentioned Sigourney Weaver. She does look amazing AND doesn’t look like she’s had work done. As for Shirley Maclaine: did you see her HAIR??? I looked everywhere for a picture but couldn’t find one. It was so odd. It truly did look like something you’d see on Zac Efron or a boy band boy. You should look into some of Catherine Keener’s movies. She’s gorgeous, smart, and talented. Sort of a movie version of Tina Fey.

    cardiogirl: I have to admit that after seeing many horrifying photos of Mickey Rourke, watching his speech—he kind of grew on me. Sting’s beard, however, should not be allowed to grow, period.

  27. 27 Lola

    Thanks! Here’s a link to a picture of Shirley Maclaine talking to, I think, Renee Zelweger.


    I would agree, very Zac Efron. What is it with that hair? My son is starting to grow his out again and keeps sweeping it to the side like that, but it looks really silly because he has thick Blago hair. lol!

    Lola’s last blog post..Hi My Name I Lola and I’m A Computer Addict

  28. 28 Jenn Thorson

    I didn’t imagine my beloved Johnny Depp would GO to the Golden Globes, as he’s said he really hates these awards thingies. I’m sorry I missed the chance to see him in some weird retro tux, like he usually wears.


    Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..The Name Game: Product Marketing (Curios)ities

  29. 29 MomZombie

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to watch this show for me. I avoid the Plastic Parade at all costs. I do, however, enjoy all the follow up snark that makes fun of ugly costumes, bad Botox jobs and so on.

    MomZombie’s last blog post..Why I’m clean and not so rich

  30. 30 Tom @ Wagefreedom.com

    JD, no doubt your commentary was better than the show itself, and if your review’s clarity was aided by some extra-curricular ear drop indulgence during commercials, well then I say that humankind is better off for it. Drop on. Now I feel less of the guilt I usually feel for my own self-indulgent yearly ritual of letting the Golden Lobes go by without my participation– I mean observation. Go team Jen!

    Tom @ Wagefreedom.com’s last blog post..Cool

  31. 31 Jamie | Rounds

    Have to agree… There’s just something about that Tina Fey… :O

  32. 32 chat blanc

    usually I love to point and laugh at the celebs, but some of them are looking so scary I’m almost afraid to!! yikers!

    chat blanc’s last blog post..Abso-freakin-lutely

  33. 33 JD

    Jenn Thorson: I don’t even remember if his tux was weird or retro. He looked good. He was presenting an award, so maybe he felt obligated.

    MomZombie: Yes, the follow-up stuff is fun—more fun, I think, if you’ve actually watched some of it. But I am happy to watch it so you don’t have to.

    Lola: I found that picture, too, but I don’t think it’s from this year’s GG. I did find this one, which comes kind of close. Oh, no! Not Blago hair! Poor guy!

    Tom & Wagefreedom.com: Golden Lobes = awesome! I’m trying to lay off the drops for a while, if only ‘cuz they’ll feel SOOOO good when I use them again. And yay! Another Team Jen member!

    Jamie | Rounds: Uh huh. She’s the total package.

    chat blanc: To me, the scary ones are those who’ve had work done. I don’t even know how they can leave the house looking like they do.

  34. 34 Musing

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hot in Tudor England as Henry the VIII.

    Johnny Depp, however, is hot in any time period…no matter what funky things he does with his hair.

    Musing’s last blog post..Highlighted Blog: The Communicatrix

  35. 35 Lin

    Thank you for watching so I didn’t have to. I’m not really up on things like this and honestly, didn’t know half the names you mentioned. (Loser, I know) Anyway–I do so agree with the Brad Pitt thing–I just don’t get it. He does NOTHING for me and I do NOT care what he or his goofy wife/gal/whatever are doing every single day of my life. Really.

    Sting–Oh man, I missed Sting?! Damn. I love him. But not the beard. We went to see him in concert on our 20th anniversary this year–and my poor husband agreed. It rocked!! But he had that stupid beard on then too. What’s the deal? Geesh, I wait 25 years to see The Police in concert and he can’t freakin’ shave!!!!! But I would still “do” him, even with the beard.

    Lin’s last blog post..Call of Duty

  36. 36 TiLT

    OK – that had to be one of the best Hot-Not lists yet…and I agreed with all but one…but I’m not sayin’ which :) I will say that I agree it is a strange world when Paul Giamatti is on the hot list (ok, one less to guess on)

    TiLT’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday with Words Within

  37. 37 Grandy

    It’s because of Don Cheadle that the other HOTTIE, Terrence Howard, got booted off the next Iron Man movie.

    Bummer…I was hoping to see him as some steal candy in the next round. ;)

    Grandy’s last blog post..When Did He Get So Smart??

  38. 38 coffee

    i didn’t think Mickey Rourke would ever show up in public again, then there he was, winning big at the Golden Globes

  39. 39 JD

    Musing: Oooh. You may want to be careful dissing Johnny Depp around here. I myself am neutral, but there are others . . . and they will defend Johnny to the DEATH! As for JRM, yes, I thought he made for a hot Henry. Probably much hotter than the real thing.

    Lin: No one who would admit to still wanting to “do” Sting—beard or not—is a loser. I’m sorry you missed him, as he did look rather dashing, despite the facial hair. And hooray! Another member of Team Jen. Or at least, of Anti-Team Brangelina.

    TiLT: Well, thanks for giving yourself away! I’m sure I’m in a fairly small minority on the Paul Giamatti thing. Maybe it’s his voice? His talent? I don’t know.

    Grandy: Ohhhh. I didn’t know that. I actually I think I would prefer Don Cheadle in that role. Terence Howard is definitely hot, but doesn’t he have kind of a girlie voice?

    coffee: And I say, Good for him.

  40. 40 The Hawg!

    What? The Golden Globes were on? Guess I really don’t pay attention to those things.

    Good swipe at Brad Pitttt, however. I’ve always referred to that bag he’s shacked up with as the StinkFish®. Feel free to use that one if you want.

    The Hawg!’s last blog post..Remembering The King

  41. 41 Tippy

    Johnny Depp is the Mayor of Hotterton! His hotness is the hotness to which all others strive (and fail) to achieve!

    He has been my absolute favourite since he got sucked into the bed and came back out as a geyser of blood in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’!

    Oh, Johnny…you Hottie McHotterson, continue doing the hot things you do in your hotter than hot ways!

    P.S. Your spell check appears to be American spelling…I’m Canadian and we add ‘u’s in all sorts of places you don’t (eg. favourite)!

  42. 42 Jen

    Thank you so much for watching the Golden Globes for me. I don’t know who must of the people are except for the old ones like Mickey Rourke, Speilberg, Brad Pitt (I’m so not on his team or his ho of a wife, I don’t care how cute he is or how much I’d like to do him if he hadn’t been with that skank already. Sorry there are too many diseases out there and I bet she has tried them all) Wow, where did that come from?

    The rest I’ll have to take your word for, oh, except for Paul Giamatti. He was so hot as John Adams and he had a hot wife of Laura Linney. Did you see the scene where they “did it”. It was like historical porno…but still hot.

    Jen’s last blog post..Wine Blogging

  43. 43 Play bingo online

    I agree Tippy, Johnny is super hot, I love all his movies. Colin Farrell and Sandra Bullock are hotties too. :)

  44. 44 JD

    The Hawg!: Thanks for the Stinkfish tip. That’s a good one.

    Tippy: Hi, my Canadian friend and “neighbour”! Thank you for sharing your love of the OTHER JD.

    Jen: You’re so welcome. And, whoa! Some bitterness toward Brad’s ho, eh? You know, I haven’t seen “John Adams” yet, but after your recommendation, I’m all over it!

    Play bingo online: Depp has chosen wisely and been in some great movies (and has been great in them!)

  45. 45 Maureen

    Aw crap! I missed Johnny?????

    Off to YouTube now….

    Maureen’s last blog post..A Glutton For Punishment

  46. 46 Florida Girl In Sydney

    Selma- Totally with ya on that– and the golden globes joke hahahahaha

    Brad Pitt- I’m on team Jen too. He’s a jerk.

    Mickey Rourke- Whoa!! What the hell did I miss? Was that photo him??? Holy hell, that’s bad stuff.

    Wow- I had to open a second browser so I could comment and look at your photo links at the same time–

    Gerard whoever– he is quite hot– who is that?

    RDJ- He usually is hot, what happened? I hope he’s not hitting the crack pipe again or whatever.

    Tina Fey- Totally, totally totally. Just saw “Baby Mama” on the plane from LA to Sydney, so funny.

    Jonathan Rys whoever- Who is that? Not cute.

    I’ll skip a few..
    Sandra Bullock- Hot. And I like the authentic Bartholona speak, even when it’s just oh so fake.

    Florida Girl In Sydney’s last blog post..A Love Letter

  47. 47 JD

    Maureen: He did look fine. Were you able to find him on YouTube? I guess any Depp video will do.

    Florida Girl In Sydney: WOO! Go, Team Jen. Who else is boycotting Benjamin Button? (tho I do love Cate Blanchett). Yes, Mickey Rourke has not aged well. But he won the GG AND is nominated for an Oscar. That’s gotta make him feel better. Please immediately acquaint yourself with all Gerard Butler movies. He is Scottish, and he is hot. That’s really all you need to know. Thanks for the Baby Mama recommendation. It’s in my queue now. And YOU can say “Barthelona.” No one else, tho.

  48. 48 spy sunglass

    “Wearing sunglasses inside is only cool if you’re doing a lot of coke”

    No Doubt!!

  49. 49 JD

    spy sunglasses: You sound like you would know!

  50. 50 fashion & accessories

    I think that Salma Hayek is one the hottest of the lady celebrities! David Duchovny was great in his X-files days, but today he is not as good. Thanks for the post.

    fashion & accessories’s last blog post..Stock market today

  51. 51 JD

    fashion & accessories: Thank YOU! I have to agree. Salma brings the hot. And Duchovney shall forever be Mulder to me.

  52. 52 Gia Lesbian

    I tend to agree with Lola on the Angelina Jolie thing. And Gia was a really hot movie. ALthough it was Elizabeth Mitchell that really stuck out in Gia for me

    Oh and I don’t think it was just us lesbians that appreciated the performance in Gia


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