I Watched “Stud Hunters”

Stud hunters, c‘mon, drop your pants
Stud hunters, here’s your big chance


I know Stud Hunters sounds like a reality show where teams of TV fame-whores vie to find the stud of their dreams and then shoot him in the head BUT! it’s actually a porno movie from those sex-ay folks at online adult toy store Eden Fantasys. Thanks, y’all!

I chose to review this particular film because it was described as being tasteful — porn-lite, if you will. If you won’t, then just imagine a naked Lifetime movie. But with a better-looking Tori Spelling. AND in the spirit of tastefulness, I’ve gone to great pains to avoid non-ladylike terminology, while still resisting “pee-pee” and “ta-ta’s”.

OK! My original plan was to screen this 83-minute opus for my movie club, Flix for Chix. Six chix were signed up, but one by one they dropped out. Suspicious! It reminded me of an old Dr. Seuss rhyme from my childhood:

Six chix like flix
Six chix fun mix
No chix get kix
No chix watch dix

So it was down to two brave chix: me and the hostess of the evening. When I arrived at her house, bearing enough snax for the original six chix, I found her 29-year-old son planted on the sofa.

Now, I am a huge fan of this guy, so I was delighted to see him. A third person! Maybe this movie night won’t be a blow-out after all. But . . .

Not gonna lie. Watching porn with your friend and her son is a bit weird.

Nevertheless, we were committed, the three of us, to watching this porno-lite so you don’t have to.

In order to protect everyone’s anonymity (including mine), all participants are referred to here by their “porn name.” Thus, I am Dixie Division (lame), my friend is Sue Fair (not bad), and her son is . . . wait for it . . .

No, really, WAIT FOR IT . . .

. . . Friar Longwood.

While I continue laughing my butt off, here’s a brief synopsis of Stud Hunters.

Director Carla Divine and her star, Giselle Lorgnette, search for the perfect stud for their upcoming erotic movie. Like Stud Hunters itself, THEIR movie will be made by women for women, full of soft glowy light and tasteful lovemaking scenes. A bunch of weirdos show up to audition, and things get HI-LARIOUSLY out of hand when stud applicants wander off to have tasteful glowy sex with various women. At the end, however, Carla gets her “revenge,” which involves having sex with ALL of the stud applicants.

Are you with me?

Here we go.

Scene 1. Carla and Giselle are on their way to the casting call for their erotic movie. Carla is on the phone with the forever-mysterious Stu. We know his name is Stu because she shouts it into the phone 100 times. We decide to take a drink every time someone says “STU!” but none of us drink and the “Stu” scene ends abruptly.

Friar: I watched The Changeling last night. Angelina Jolie was fantastic. This? Is a bit of a step down in terms of acting.

Carla and Giselle arrive at their audition site, which consists of a chair, a bare mattress, and a vaguely disturbing reporter whom Friar likens to a creepy Mexican George Carlin. The obligatory sexy yet innocent assistant, dressed in a schoolgirl skirt and glasses, rolls her eyes along with the three of us when Carla asks if THIS is her audition room.

Nine minutes in, we’ve finally got male frontal and backal (?) nudity, as the wannabe studs begin their auditions.

Marcus Oralious (geddit, geddit?) is promising. A seemingly homeless man announces he’s “here for da [insert crude name for lower lady part].” Johnny Taco recites a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire. Rod promises the director, “I can last and last and last.”

Friar: Not a lot of man-scaping going on, apparently.

At this point, Sue’s boyfriend comes downstairs, only to get an eyeful of bushy male frontal.

“What’re you guys watching?”

We ask him his porn name, and he’s surprisingly quick to answer: Blitz Laythrop! (Bwah! What is it with this family?) His phone rings, and he returns upstairs to answer it. “THIS IS BLITZ” the three of us scream after him.

The auditions continue, and next up is the break-out star of the movie: Grego!

Friar: I bet this guy’s agent asked him, “Hey, Greg, what do you want your actor name to be?” “Uh, I dunno. How ’bout Grego.”

One of the studs, Brian, acts out a scene with Giselle.

Giselle: “I don’t seem to have any money, delivery man.”
Brian: “Oh, that’s OK.”
Giselle: “Will you accept . . . a cup of coffee?”

Sue: Is she just flat-out reading the script?

Friar: No, it’s a scene-within-a-scene. Like Hamlet!

Brian strips down and snuggles with Giselle. Nothing gross or tacky. This is what women want! To be nuzzled by the naked delivery man in exchange for goods!

Friar: Still no sex! Oh, my god!

Sue: This is for women!

Friar: No, it’s awful! What’s the point?

Dixie: Needs more Stu!

Scene 2. We find Giselle in a weirdly lit room, reading Candide (of COURSE!). She’s sitting on a tiny sofa and, as you would imagine, there’s an upright bass in the corner. Brian comes in. They proceed to tastefully undress in this incredibly bright yet gauzy light that shows the sofa pattern on Giselle’s butt. Seriously, this is the kind of lighting used in alien movies when someone is floating up from their bed and out the window.

Brian tells Giselle, “I can tell by the way you read that script that you’d make a great mother.”

Dixie: Ha! This is baby-making sex!

Brian continues, “I’ve been thinking about settling down and having babies.”

Friar: This is DEFINITELY not for men!

They make out. Tastefully.

Friar: At least it’s not like a porn kiss where they’re all — AAAHHHGGG!!

Dixie: No, I don’t need to see that much tongue.

Sue: I don’t need to see this much MOUTH!

They finally get to it and proceed to have missionary sex for I KID YOU NOT half an hour. We fast-forward eighteen minutes, and they’re STILL doing it.

Sue crabs: They’re just gonna do missionary the whole time. They’re just going to keep pumping!

Dixie: Until they make a baby!

Friar: Bomp-chicka-babays.

Meanwhile, another sex scene is about to go down (HAR!): an encounter between the schoolgirl assistant and a stud. I think this is Marcus.

Sue and Friar argue about getting a new universal remote.

Marcus kisses the schoolgirl’s butt.

Friar: So if you wanted to watch porn with your husband, would you watch this?

Sue: No! I just want to watch f*cking.

Friar: Exactly!

We decide to take a much-needed pumpkin pie break, and Friar volunteers a little too enthusiastically to go get it.

(OK, I’m leaving this following sentence exactly as I typed it):

Now schoolgirl is getting gone down on.

Sue: I hate it when they look up at you while they’re doing it.

Friar and Sue argue about Thanksgiving.

Sue: Is that missionary couple STILL going at it? Could it be she hasn’t had an orgasm yet?

Dixie: That is NOT what women want: 60 minutes of dry labor and nothing to show for it.

Scene 3. Stud and female reporter. This is somewhat edgier than the other scenes. There are clothespins. There is light slapping. The guy is called a “dirty pig.” No talk of making babies between these two. Our stud seems to be having a bit of a problem.

Friar: Fluffer!

Finally, Giselle and Brian finish their missionary marathon and announce to the director that they are getting married and having babies.

“I’m quitting. I’ve found my stud.”

Friar, Sue, Dixie: STU!

Scene 4. Here comes the “director’s revenge.” It’s basically a fivesome, with Carla Divine at the center of a confusing jumble of limbs with Grego, Brian, Marcus, and Rod.

Slightly more hardcore non-babymaking sexual activities ensue with lots of toys including dildoes because apparently with four men there aren’t enough penises in the room.

Sue: Oh, yeah. Women love THAT. (Use your imagination here.)

Dixie: Wow, that looks gentle. Like he’s playing a banjo.

Friar: Whose foot is that?

Carla, doing some kind of naked Twister pose, moans, “Who’s that rubbing . . . [peeks down] . . . oh, it’s you!

Friar dies of laughter: That line made this whole movie totally worth it!

Sue: This is not really hot.

Friar: No, it’s not.

The end.

Oh, and Stu apparently winds up in jail.

* * *

JD’s Porn-o-meter:

  • 30% bad
  • 30% hilarious
  • 30% boring

Wait, that’s only 90%. Well, I think the remaining 10% goes to “Strongly disagree.” Would I recommend this movie? YES! For a fun girls’ night where everyone is drunk and in another room watching He’s Just Not That Into You. Seriously, Stud Hunters, like Sex Casino (see below), resulted in more uncomfortable giggling than actual sexual feelings. But for women who like a little romance with their (MISSIONARY) sex, this might be for you. The studs are good-looking, the women seem to have real boobs, and there are a few “so-bad-it’s-bad” laughs.

But how reliable am I? I watched it with my friend and her son. That may have skewed my reaction a bit.

A huge thanks to Sue and Friar. This would not have been NEARLY as much fun without you.


  • BUY Stud Hunters here
  • WATCH a clip of (soccer) stud Hunter here (He’s three, sickos)
  • READ my review of sex-ay adult game Sex Casino here

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46 Responses to “I Watched “Stud Hunters””

  1. 1 Tracy


    That’s all I got.

    Why is that girl’s name Candida? Reminds me of yeast infections which is kind of a turn off.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..A Grown Up Hissy Fit =-.

  2. 2 Bingo

    I really enjoyed reading this, I think a porn movie that makes you laugh must be a bad porn movie but I want to watch it just for curiosity.
    .-= Bingo´s last blog ..November All Slots Tourney Winners =-.

  3. 3 Kathy

    I wish the world was filled with soft glowy light. Everyone looks so much better that way.

    “Friar: No, it’s a scene-within-a-scene. Like Hamlet!”

    Yep, it sounded just. like. Hamlet.

    I think the three of you are the first people on earth to have watched a porn-lite movie for its cinematic attributes. You deserve some kind of award. I can just imagine what that award would look like…..
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..How to Make Nipple Cupcakes =-.

  4. 4 Surfie

    I have never watched porn before. I get embarrassed and giggly just thinking about it. I can’t imagine watching it with my friend and HER SON! I’m so glad you do things for me so I don’t have to. Heh!
    .-= Surfie´s last blog ..My Nightstand is an Armchair =-.

  5. 5 Jeff

    Ok, number 1… a guy should NEVER watch porn with his mom. Period.

    Number 2… a guy should NEVER watch porn with him mom. Period.
    .-= Jeff´s last blog ..10 Questions with Rob (Diesel) Kroese =-.

  6. 6 Amy

    Wow…. Well, now I feel a little better about having watched Boogie Nights with my dad and sister. Thanks!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Down with freecreditreport.com =-.

  7. 7 Ron

    BRAVA, JD!!!

    This was freakin’ BRILLIANT!

    OMG…I was laughing so hard at the interjection of dialogue between the three of you…

    “Friar: Fluffer!”


    GREAT review! However, I think I’ll skip this film. I’m a typical guy…no romance, just cut to the nasty chase!

    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Toot-toot…hey…beep-beep! =-.

  8. 8 Stephanie Barr

    Tempting, but no.
    .-= Stephanie Barr´s last blog ..For Angela: Should I Try Love Again? =-.

  9. 9 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Um, did you know you can get a Stud Finder from Home Depot for under ten dollars?
    .-= Daisy the Curly Cat´s last blog ..Harley’s New Trick… =-.

  10. 10 Buggys

    i think Daisy had some good advice on the stud finder. I also think you might derive more sexual arousal from using it! Yep, you’re particular partners in cinematic crime might have skewed the reviews a bit.
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..Black Friday Burglary =-.

  11. 11 carissajaded

    So what your saying is that I need to make a quick run to my local sexytime shop and purchase this for my dvd collection, invite all my girlfriends over and have a perfect saturday night!
    .-= carissajaded´s last blog ..TMI Thursday: Email roast style. In which people hump weird shiz. =-.

  12. 12 dcr

    “Not gonna lie. Watching porn with your friend and her son is a bit weird.”

    THAT’s the part you thought was weird? I’m thinking a guy watching porn with his mother is weird.

    I’d say something about the plot, but apparently there wasn’t one.
    .-= dcr´s last blog ..Vintage Radio =-.

  13. 13 JD

    Tracy: That’s good enough for me. I’ll take a “Bwahahahaha” any day. And YES! Why “Candida”? That’s exactly what I was thinking. And sticking “Royalle” after it doesn’t help.

    Bingo: Yeah, there are definitely two kinds of porn movies, and this was NOT the “turn-on” kind. But it was definitely entertaining.

    Kathy: I think we definitely deserve an award. But, yeah, I’m trying to keep it clean here, so we’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination.

    Surfie: Hee! “Embarrassed and giggly.” Yes, me too. We were all very giggly and a little traumatized afterward. But it was good fun.

    Jeff: HA! Obviously this mother and son pair are great friends, not just mother and son. But yeah. I’m imagining my brother watching porn with my mom, and . . . MY BRAIN! IT’S MELTING!

    Amy: Yeah, “Boogie Nights” is amateur stuff compared to this! Except for that one scene. But seriously that is a great movie. Depressing as hell, but great.

    Ron: Oh, my gosh, thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I don’t blame you for wanting to skip this one. I’d like to think my review made you feel like “you were there.” But without the embarrassment and trauma.

    Stephanie Barr: I understand. It’s not for everyone.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Hmmm. I wondered if your Mommeh would let you read this post. I appreciate the advice about the Stud Finder. I bet Home Depot doesn’t have glowy lighting, tho.

    Buggys: HA! Good one! Yeah, this movie definitely could’ve used a stud finder. I’m not sure how the review would’ve turned out if I’d watched it alone or with Dave. The evening was a hoot, tho, I’ll tell you that.

    carissajaded: Yup! I guarantee you’ll be laughing up a storm. And be sure to invite along any of your friends’ sons for the full experience.

    dcr: It was all weird. But honestly, these two have such a cool relationship (not like THAT!) that it wasn’t as weird as it might’ve been with another mom and son. No, definitely no plot. It really wasn’t Hamlet, after all.

  14. 14 babs - beetle

    I’m glad you did that for me. I only ever saw one porn movie (many years ago) and it was NOT for me. Had the reverse effect ;)
    .-= babs – beetle´s last blog ..No, it’s definitely not a handbag! =-.

  15. 15 Pricilla

    I thank you for these instructions on how to find a stud. I don’t need them though.

    I have my stud, Luke, right across the yard from me and he is my dreamboat and studmuffin. I don’t have to hunt for him

    He knows just what to do for me. We even danced the lambada this year.

    Top that. Not bad for an old goat, huh?
    .-= Pricilla´s last blog ..Emily and Jeffrey’s New Farm =-.

  16. 16 Lola

    Thank you so much for watching this for me. You didn’t mention it, but was there the usual bone (no pun intended) that they throw to men by having 1 quasi lesbian scene? I swear every porno has one of those scenes and the women never look like they are into it and they always have fake acrylic nails that look, well, let’s just say…dangerous.

    So do they have lesbian porn lite?

    I do know of an adult store on in Chicago, on Broadway a block or so north of Foster (can’t remember the name of it for the life of me) that produces their own movies. They sell them online too. I don’t know if they would be considered porn lite, but they do use real people, not bad actors. And no, I don’t know from personal experience…I heard about it from a friend. Honest.

    Extra blog pally points if you can find out the name of that store. I’ve been wracking my brain for months trying to remember it.
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

  17. 17 jen

    I have the award that Kathy is talking about. It’s red and glitters and it can stick on your front door with it’s built in suction cup. I have pictures a few posts down.

    What did they do with the clothes pins? Really, I don’t know.

    I can’t think of anything less erotic than baby making, especially in the same position for EIGHTEEN MINUTES! The only time baby making sex is hot is when you think babies won’t be made.
    .-= jen´s last blog ..I Hate Spam =-.

  18. 18 absepa

    Oh, man. I can’t imagine watching that kind of movie with your mom. How mortifying. Funny post, though!
    .-= absepa´s last blog ..The unbearable cuteness of noms =-.

  19. 19 Richard @ The Bewildered Brit

    “Friar: Fluffer!”

    Classic stuff!

    Though I’m seriously disturbed about the mother watching dodgy porn with her son. I watched Name of the Rose with my parents and that was bad enough!
    .-= Richard @ The Bewildered Brit´s last blog ..The Tree in the Clock Tower Roof. A secret history of Greensberg, Indiana =-.

  20. 20 natural

    i’m sorry, you’re just going to make me late for work. i’ll come back and read this. i know it’s 5:27 in the morning, but i’m all glassy eyed now.
    .-= natural´s last blog ..Hiatus =-.

  21. 21 JD

    babs – beetle: Yeah, I know what you mean about “reverse effect.” And this one was supposed to be “for women”! Oh, and you’re welcome.

    Pricilla: Ooh, the lambada! Now that’s something they should’ve included in Stud Hunters. Might’ve spiced things up a bit.

    Lola: I may have been misleading in my review, but there was actually NO quasi-lesbian scene, which, now that you mention it: YES! There’s always one of those in pornos. But maybe since this was by (straight) women for (straight) women, they figured that wouldn’t fly. I don’t know. I think I know that adult store. Is it Early to Bed? If not, that really is an excellent store. And I KNOW from firsthand experience! (Um, Lola, I expect YOU to find out and blog about lesbian porn lite!)

    jen: HA! I know what YOU’RE talking about, missy! And I DON’T think that’s what the suction cup is for, but that photo is hilarious. Clothespins on the nipples. You know: S&M-ish, s’posed to be hawt. I think the baby-making scene was even longer than 18 minutes. Ugh.

    absepa: Clearly “Friar” and “Sue” have a great relationship. And I was thrilled to have him there. He practically wrote my post for me. But . . . yeah. A little weird.

    Richard @ The Bewildered Brit: Dodgy porn, indeed. And fairly low-budget. I don’t think they even HAD a fluffer. But, yeah. It’s hard to imagine watching porn with your mom. Especially the son-mom combo. But somehow these two made it work.

    natural: It’s a long one, I know. No hurry. You don’t want to rush a porno post.

  22. 22 moooooog35

    My reviews of porn usually go like this:

    1) Fast forwarded through credits to first sex scene
    2) Not a lesbian scene. Kept fast forwarding.
    3) OOOH! Lesbos!
    4) Lesbo scene is hot..these girlskl ar smookng hott..hardto typ w one handd..good scene
    5) Woke up at 6 am after watching a total of 3 minutes of movie and used two tissues.
    6) Note to self: buy more tissues and stock in Kleenex company

    One thumb up. The other thumb is on my busy hand.
    .-= moooooog35´s last blog ..Fatty McFatShit and Physics 101 =-.

  23. 23 Heather Kephart

    Ahahaaaaaaa! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Hilarious! I’m so glad you suffered through Friar Longwood or whatever his name was so we wouldn’t have to. I can just picture your eyes widening and thinking, “How on earth am I going to translate that to my blog post?” lol
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Daily Journaling for Children =-.

  24. 24 Tiggy

    The best porn never has a script.
    .-= Tiggy´s last blog ..Good Advice with Betty Lemons =-.

  25. 25 Anne

    I just can’t get past the mother/son watching porn together. I am pretty open with my kids but I expect to always have that line drawn. I’m glad you enjoyed it even though it wasn’t the turn on that you were hoping for (although you really weren’t with the right crowd for that).

  26. 26 Lola

    Yes! That’s the place. Go to their website early2bed dot com, page all the way down and there is something about recycling your old sex toys. Umm, yeah, I don’t even want to know…
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

  27. 27 natural

    OMG, this was too freaking funny! JD you are a riot, I tell ya. Can you move to NJ and be my bff?

    only you can write a “tasteful” review of uh, po, por, uh ya know.

    oh it wasn’t the length of this post that was going to make me late either this morning, but thank you.

    .-= natural´s last blog ..Hiatus =-.

  28. 28 Your Daily Cute

    When I first started reading this, I had no idea what to expect… But as usual, HI-larious! I’m glad you watched that one so I don’t have to. Seems like there are slightly more exciting options out there. ;)
    .-= Your Daily Cute´s last blog ..James – Kitty I Rescued Yesterday =-.

  29. 29 JD

    moooooo35: You would’ve hated this movie then, as there were no lesbo scenes whatsoever. Only two tissues? If I were a guy and had to clean up down there, I think I’d use about half a box. Ew! But I’m not a guy.

    Heather Kephart: THANK YOU! I really appreciate everyone who took the time to read this post. I worked pretty hard on it (mostly to get it to fit on the Internet). Yeah, I was wondering how to do this review somewhat tastefully, but thanks to my co-viewers, I had plenty of blog fodder just from the audience participation.

    Tiggy: So true. And this was not the best porn. And yet it also didn’t seem to have a script. So . . . weird.

    Anne: Nope, not the right crowd for a turn-on response . . . definitely not. It’s hard to explain, but this mom-and-son are so cool together (NOT LIKE THAT!). They are really good buddies and it’s not QUITE as weird as some other mom-son combos I can think of (like my mom and brother—GOD NO!)

    Lola: Hmmm. I wonder if I’ve ever gotten a recycled sex toy there. I’d hope they’d warn you. Not sure I want someone else’s . . . well, I’m sure they CLEAN it and everything, but still.

    natural: Oh, thank you. It was a tough one. I would LOVE to be your BFF, but I was asked once before to move to NJ (work-related) and Dave refused, so . . . looks like we’ll just have to try to meet halfway. I’m glad you came back and stuck with it. It’s . . . uh, not for everyone.

    Your Daily Cute: Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it. As I said above, I really worked on this one. Yeah, as far as Stud Hunters goes, I would say: PASS and find something a little more exciting. (Tho I do have several requests from women in my Y class to borrow the DVD!)

  30. 30 CatLadyLarew

    And here I wasted my entire evening going to a friend’s house for dinner last night. Oh, well. We had hilarious at 85% last night, so I guess it was worth it.
    .-= CatLadyLarew´s last blog ..OMG! What Happened? Where Did She Go? =-.

  31. 31 flit

    Watching porn(light or otherwise) with mom & son combo is just weird. WAY too weird for me. Glad you did it so I dont hafta.
    .-= flit´s last blog ..I am STEAMED =-.

  32. 32 JD

    CatLadyLarew: Your evening sounds perfectly fun. Ours was salvaged by decent pumpkin pie and fun conversation.

    flit: That’s why I’m here! Tho I have to admit, I did rather enjoy it (the time spent with friends, not the porno, necessarily).

  33. 33 Crabby Blogging Lady

    Woman, you are in SERIOUS need of a hobby!! Try crocheting or something!
    .-= Crabby Blogging Lady´s last blog ..Prejean Christianity =-.

  34. 34 Crabby Blogging Lady

    P.S. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA about Daisy the Curly Cat’s comment!!! Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

    *wipes tears*
    .-= Crabby Blogging Lady´s last blog ..Prejean Christianity =-.

  35. 35 Clandestiny

    I admit I’m a brand spankin new reader but I know I’ll be back because you are just awesome! lol I was reading blogs that were listed on other blogs that I like looking for just the right ones to pass an award on to and I’d love to give it to you!! Drop by my blog anytime to pick it up :)
    .-= Clandestiny´s last blog ..Look at me, Mom! =-.

  36. 36 Jen

    This is a first time that I have read of someone who watched a porn movie with a friend and her son. Hmmm… would I be comfortable watching porn with my own son? I wonder but don’t think I would dare to try! Anyway, like your review. Completely different style from those reviews that I have read. :)
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Cheating Signs Must Be Followed By Evidence =-.

  37. 37 Jay

    “Slightly more hardcore non-babymaking sexual activities ensue with lots of toys including dildoes because apparently with four men there aren’t enough penises in the room.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! That’s hilarious. Worth reading just for that line. ROFL!!

    Guess I’ll give this movie a miss, then.

    When we first got Sky (satellite TV) we were struck by the sheer number of channels and had to check them all out. I remember there were two or three porn channels, which were very badly encrypted – you could make out (tee hee) what was going on, but it was very fuzzy and there was no sound. I remember thinking ‘Good grief … he’s just banging and banging and banging away and they’re getting nowhere. Looks like a whole lot of No Fun At All!’. So they haven’t changed much, then? :P

  38. 38 mrsblogalot

    Man what a night. Porn has never been so funny!!! Thanks JD!
    .-= mrsblogalot´s last blog ..Holy Kidnapping! =-.

  39. 39 JD

    Crabby Blogging Lady: But this IS my hobby. Also, I’ve never laughed my ass off while crocheting, so . . . I’ll pass, but thanks. (And ditto to your P.S. Daisy always knows just what to say.)

    Clandestiny: Hi! And welcome. I’m so glad you hung around DESPITE there being a porno post all up in your face on your first visit. And thanks for the award. I’m on my way!

    Jen: Thanks, Jen! I can’t imagine my brother and my mom watching this movie together, but my friends are a really cool mom-and-son team. I guess they’d have to be. Anyway, it was a bit weird but also hilarious

    Jay: HAW! No, I guess they haven’t changed much. I don’t know who enjoys watching such repetitious . . . activity. Perhaps we might’ve had a better experience if OUR reception had been scrambled.

    mrsblogalot: Aw, thanks. Porn CAN be funny. And it was definitely a night to remember.

  40. 40 Kathryn

    Okay…I realize I’ve been out of the loop a bit lately. I also realize I’m the 41st commenter and probably have nothing terribly unique to say. BUT.
    No offense to your friend…but doesn’t anyone find the idea of watching porn with their son to be slightly disturbing?? I mean, I consider myself to be pretty loosy-goosy…..(whatever the opposite is of uptight)….but still.

    Had I been sitting in a room reviewing a porno flick with another woman and her son, I cannot say I would be at the top of my game.

    That said, the movie sounds….so…unique, fresh & unpredictable!

    JD, thank you for doing this. I know it was a sacrifice. What would we do without you??
    .-= Kathryn´s last blog ..Waiting =-.

  41. 41 JD

    Kathryn: I don’t care if you’re the 1st, 41st, or 101st, LOCA, you always have something to say! Yes, part of the reason I knew this post was full of scary win was the mother-son combo. But y’all will just have to take my word for it. Somehow, it worked. We all acknowledged the awkwardness and went on with our bizness. And yes, it WAS fresh and unpredictable, wasn’t it? I’m so glad I captured that.

  42. 42 milkandcookies




    .-= milkandcookies´s last blog ..Polar Bear Poops Underwater =-.

  43. 43 Florida Girl In Sydney

    That is seriously hilarious! But why would anyone watch porn-lite?? If you’re gonna do porn, why not just go for it– like all the way if you will??
    My porn name is Sandra Suxalot, but don’t tell my husband.
    .-= Florida Girl In Sydney´s last blog ..Sculpture by the Sea 2009 =-.

  44. 44 JD

    milkandcookies: Spam? WTF are you on about? I’m spamming my own site? With a post . . . I wrote myself? Hey, I realize it’s no “Polar Bear Poops Underwater,” but it ain’t no spam neither.

    Florida Girl In Sydney: Thanks, FG! Well, I had a choice of adult products to review, and I didn’t want to venture into too-gross territory, so I thought this might be a good move to review for the blog — funny, bad, silly, and not too porno-y. But, yeah. In real life, gimme the hard stuff. And I DO mean “hard.” And I WILL tell your husband!

  45. 45 Christiane Feeldoe

    The lack of manscaping in Stud Hunters makes me happy that I am a lesbian. My girlfriend keeps it high and tight…thank god. I am interested in the Lesbian Lite porn. What does this consist of…a handshake??

  1. 1 New Study Reveals Boggers Get their Periods at the Same Time – Redhead Ranting


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