I Was Scarred for Life

Unless of course that famous horse
Is a sawed-off horse’s head!


Illustration courtesy of D at SeafoodPunch! (Thanks, D!)

WARNING! This post contains links to scenes of violence that may not be appropriate for all ages but were apparently perfectly fine for the young JD.

When I was a kid, my mom and dad took me to see The Godfather. OK, they didn’t take me so much as bring me along because they really wanted to see the movie, and in THOSE days, parents just hauled kids around with them or stayed at home. I know this to be true, because every time we see a baby out in public, my mom gives The Speech:

“When you and your brother were little, we couldn’t afford a babysitter and in THOSE days, we didn’t take you kids with us wherever we went—we just didn’t go out!”

I can’t blame my parents for wanting to get out and have a little fun. They worked hard and sacrificed a lot for my brother and me. Nor do I blame them for bringing me to an R-rated movie. I’m sure they thought, Oh, young JD won’t mind all the violence. She won’t notice the guns and blood and death.

Mom? Dad? I minded. I noticed. In fact, it scarred me for life. That night (and many nights to follow) I dreamed about guys busting through my door with machine guns. I worried that every time I got in the front seat of a car, I was this close to being garrotted. To this day, I automatically duck down at a tollbooth. And if I happen to be eating at a cute little Italian restaurant and a nervous-looking guy comes out of the bathroom? Bye.

But the scene that truly scarred me for life involved no guns, no weapons, no mush-mouthed Marlon Brando.

Do you know the scene I’m talking about? Oh, I think you must. I watched The Godfather recently, and as this scene was coming up, I felt so terrified I had to put a pillow on my head.

Go ahead. Watch the 90-second scene that ruined my life HERE!

If you didn’t have the balls to watch it, here’s what you missed (oh, yes, I am determined to scar as many people as possible):

We see an expensive house. Expensive bedroom. Slightly ominous music plays as we pan toward a guy sleeping under expensive-looking sheets. It’s a movie producer who, in the previous scene, refused to do a favor for the Godfather. He wakes up. Something’s not quite right. He rolls over and discovers blood . . . all over the blankets and himself. Is it his blood? He starts freaking out. The music speeds up as the blankets are pulled down to reveal . . .


But not just any horse. It’s the movie producer’s beloved prize-winning racehorse. The blankets are slick with blood. It’s a quiet, peaceful morning. The movie producer guy screams and screams. The horse’s head says nothing.

I screamed too. Later, tho. That night in bed, can you imagine what I went through? If I woke up and felt that something wasn’t quite right, would I dare to pull down the blankets and look? That lump at the foot of the bed—was that just my foot? What if I felt something with my toe . . . something . . . horse-head-shaped?

Well, that’s the story of how I was scarred for life. Sweet dreams, everybody!

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62 Responses to “I Was Scarred for Life”

  1. 1 Canucklehead

    I saw that too when I was way too young. Was I scarred for life? Neigh.

    Canucklehead’s last blog post..Nerd Fight!

  2. 2 Jenn Thorson

    I hear you. I often think back on the things I was allowed to watch that I probably shouldn’t have… The sheer amount of horror films I saw on TV and then worried monsters were going to get me…

    But that made us of tougher stuff, I guess.

    Also, it made us seek therapy. :)

    Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Rip Slaughter: Zombie for Hire

  3. 3 Jaffer

    Back in ’94 I watched a Hindi movie titled “Anjaam” Starring Madhuri Dixit and Shahrukh Khan.

    The trail of murders shown in the movie and with all the details still gives me the shivers.

    When Shrivini (Dixit) pays her brother-in-law a visit (with the intention to kill him) she finds him counting money.
    He says there’s nothing for her and tells her to go away.

    So she grabs his hand, and bites his wrist. And she bites harder deeper and deeper and it bleeds.
    But this time the man is already unconscious.

    Then the camera shows her pulling out the wrist muscle with her teeth which she pulls free – and she spits it to her right.

    I still hold my wrists when even I recall this scene. (shudder)

  4. 4 Tricia

    I was never allowed to watch anything like that as a kid and so was scarred in other ways instead! LOL But that scene still horrifies me!

    Speaking of scarring kids for life – I saw a dad and his approx 9 year old kid going into the movie I was also watching on Saturday – the extremely “R” rated Friday the 13th. And I didn’t hear any girly screams from his direction so I think the kid is probably already conditioned for this kind of gore – I think that is sad. :(

    Tricia’s last blog post..Throwing myself back out there…

  5. 5 Angi

    Hmm. Would you believe I’ve never seen The Godfather?

    I did, however, just watch that scene, and I’m VERY glad I didn’t see that when I was little…but being that I love movies like that now, I’m totally renting it. ;-)

    Angi’s last blog post..I Are A Winner!

  6. 6 Babs - beetle

    Firstly, when I was a kid, scary movies were the Vincent Price horror movies like “The Pit and the Pendulum”. By today’s standards they would be classed as comedy :O)

    Second, I don’t remember my parents ever going to the movies (with seven kids that would be impossible). My first introduction to the movies was ‘Saturday morning pictures’ especially for kids (though you did get pedophiles in there at times!) and we saw Roy Rogers type movies.

    Needless to say I choose not to watch any movie that has a lot of violence in it now too. That seems to eliminate most movies ;)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..My life is grand!

  7. 7 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Sometimes I feel a lump under the sheets in bed. It usually turns out to be a sock that got stuck under the sheet when my Mommie was changing the sheets. I’m pretty sure I would know if it were a horse’s head. Since they are quite a bit bigger than a sock.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..License to Shrill

  8. 8 Stephanie Barr

    I think children inherently have different levels of scarability. Gore doesn’t affect me, but suspense drives me nuts. My daughter, who was scared by almost nothing, dragged me to movies I thought would be too scary when she was a small kid – nope, she was fine (Lost in Space, The Mummy). She loves scary and supernatural then and loves them more now. She’s a teenager and, I swear, watches stuff I could never tolerate. She made me watch Disturbia yesterday evening and, yeah, it bothered me.

    The only movie I ever took her to that scared her so much she wanted to leave (WHICH WE DID) was The Sixth Sense. She was also scared by Twister and Jaws.

    Odd thing is, she’s the most readily freaked out about weather and disease of all my kids.

    My parents never took me to stuff like that or, to the best of my knowledge, watched it, though I did see a great many action flicks.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..More Information on Black History Month

  9. 9 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    Damn. We watched those violent movies as kids. We didn’t wear seatbelts. We road with no helmets. We drank cough syrup with alcohol. I don’t get what all the fuss is about today.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life’s last blog post..From the H-Files (The Hippie Files)–My First Love

  10. 10 PG

    But just think if your folks hadn’t raised you just the way they did we wouldn’t be benefiting from all goodness that idothings is!


    And what a great movie The Godfather is. It’s been too long since I’ve seen it all the way through.

    PG’s last blog post..Itza Product Review! And a Bitza of a Giveaway!

  11. 11 Tiggy

    I’m with ya, JD!When I was a kid nothing in movies upset me – dead bodies, scary ghosts and psychotic robots waving chainsaws were no problem.

    “Watership Down” on the other hand…

    Tiggy’s last blog post..New Swear Words – Just For You!

  12. 12 absepa

    I do pretty well with violence in movies, but I had to cover my eyes when that scene came on, too (and this was just recently). It was just TOO disturbing.

    My mom didn’t really restrict anything I watched when I was a kid. She took me to see “Saturday Night Fever” more than once, but I didn’t realize that it had a rape scene until I watched it again as an adult. I guess she just assumed that I wouldn’t understand what was going on. It doesn’t seem to have scarred me for life, although it did give me an enduring affection for disco music.

    absepa’s last blog post..I Get the Best Ideas in the Shower

  13. 13 Natural

    uh, i’m too scared to click on the links, i was able to watch the mr. ed, video but now i fear dentures and talking animals.

    spoken like a true mom

    “When you and your brother were little, we couldn’t afford a babysitter and in THOSE days, we didn’t take you kids with us wherever we went—we just didn’t go out!”

    if you can’t throw in a little guilt with having kids, then what’s the point of having them.

    And if I happen to be eating at a cute little Italian restaurant and a nervous-looking guy comes out of the bathroom? Bye. TOO FUNNY. i’ll have to remember that the next time I’m in Pizza Hut. That’s high class for me.

    that’s for being scarred for life for me, so i don’t have to be, uh any more than i already am.

    Natural’s last blog post..Incognito

  14. 14 D at Seafoodpunch

    what perfect timing! I saw godfather for the first time in my LIFE last week. I knew there was something involved with the horse’s head since i’d heard the jokes, th spoofs and the occasional chatter about it..but i finally got to witness it myself. I wasn’t scared…just sad for the poor horse…but horses are dumb to begin with…so i doubt it knew what was going on…i hope.

  15. 15 Broadway Matron

    Scarred for life? 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1954). Every time I took a shower I would stay as far from the center drain as possible fearing some giant tentacle would come up through it and grab me…

    And let’s not talk about vampire movies in color – eeek!

    Broadway Matron’s last blog post..Spacey Monday

  16. 16 JD

    Canucklehead: How long did it take you to come up with that one? Well, regardless, I’m glad you weren’t scarred.

    Jenn Thorson: By the time I was in my early teens, I was pretty much desensitized. But of course, by that time I had seen or read any and every horror movie or book I could get my hands on.

    Jaffer: I wish I didn’t have to rely on YouTube, but it doesn’t seem to be available on Netflix. Man, I wanna see that wrist-biting scene! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Tricia: When I first read this, I thought you meant that the girly screams were coming from the FATHER! It is sad that a young kid like that would be so used to violence—unless she was frozen with fear and terror, like I was!

    Angi: YES! Rent it. And get Godfather II while you’re at it. But skip the third one.

    Babs – beetle: “though you did get pedophiles in there at time”: Wow! That’s scarier than any horse’s head. You’re right: Vincent Price is small potatoes these days, tho I do remember a movie with him killing a guy by force-feeding him to death. That creeped me out a bit.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Well, it sounds like you’ve got it all figured out. I’m glad you won’t be scared in bed. As long as you’re QUITE sure it’s only a sock, that is . . .

    Stephanie Barr: Interesting. The Sixth Sense was definitely creepy. Did you tell her the twist or did she not even want to know? Jaws is one of my favorite movies of all time, and my screaming during that movie was much more joyous than my Godfather screaming.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life: Why can’t you get that cough syrup anymore? Sometimes when my coughing was keeping everyone awake, my mom just skipped the middle man and gave me a shot of whiskey. And look how I turned out!

    PG: It is a great movie. I can watch it over and over, as long as I keep a pillow on my head during the horse scene. I’ll relay to my mom your congratulations on her child-rearing talents!

    Tiggy: Brrrrr. Talking animals will eat me. Talking animals will eat me.

    absepa: HA! I have to admit, I had an intense but short-lived affection for disco after watching Saturday Night Live, too. Hmmm. I wonder if any of that’s on YouTube . . .

    Natural: I think Mr. Ed is scarier than any of the other links. I hated that show. I’m glad I could be scarred for life so you don’t have to. Just watch out for nervous-looking guys coming out of the bathroom the next time you’re at Pizza Hut.

    D at Seafoodpunch: I’m sure if I’d seen that scene for the first time as an adult, it wouldn’t have horrified me as much. As a matter of fact, I can’t bear to watch ANY kind of scene where an animal is mistreated, but the overriding nostalgic horror takes over any sympathy I might’ve had for the poor horse. Maybe they drugged it before cutting off his head?

    Broadway Matron: Yikes! I wasn’t scared of the movie 20,000 Leagues but of the VIEW MASTER slide! Just the picture of that giant squid scared me. Thanks for reminding me . . .

  17. 17 Stephanie Barr

    I didn’t KNOW the twist when I took her to it (it was her request and she’d been so intrepid before…I had no idea it was scary at ALL). I had to go back later with a friend to see how it ended.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..More Information on Black History Month

  18. 18 ann of thejunkdrawerblogfamily

    I remember watching “Dark Shadows” ( a vampire soap opera from the 60′s) as a child. I used to peek at the tv when my teen-aged older sister watched it after school. To this day, I still cover my neck with the bedsheets at night. I am in my mid-40s now! Once a scaredy cat, always a scaredy cat. No offense, Daisy….

  19. 19 Regan

    Oh, not much scares me. Not after I found creepypasta.com. Oh, sorry about the nightmares if you actually go there….

    Wow….. that…… I shouldn’t of watched that while I was eating…
    At least the blood looked like tomato sauce!

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  20. 20 Steve | Trade Show Guru

    hey JD,
    I remember the first movie I got to go to on my own (with a friend)… Star Wars.
    And I remember the second movie I got to got to on my own… The Shining.
    Movie number two was a mistake. I think that was one of the creepiest, scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Just thinking about it now makes me start sweating… I’d better go have a Red Stripe.
    ~ Steve, the that’s-the-last-Red-Stripe-reference-I-swear trade show guru

    Steve | Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..Do Trade Show Giveaway Pens Work?

  21. 21 Singular Girl

    I am too much of a wuss for scary or psychological thrillers. No doubt that it’s due to my overactive imagination.

    It took me years to take a shower without the shower curtain open (to ensure that I could see anyone sneaking up on me with a knife) after watching Psycho.

    Unfortunately that experience overlapped with the time period I couldn’t take a bath after watching Nightmare on Elm Street. Let me tell you bathing was difficult when you can’t shower or bathe without being scared of inevitable death!

  22. 22 flit

    I saw Jaws in a bomb shelter… that’s where we used to watch movies every weekend on the armed forces station we lived on.

    and where they held my babysitters’ course too

  23. 23 Jen

    My parents dragged my brother and me to see The Sting. I didn’t want to see and they let me go upstairs to the other theater ALL ALONE I might add and watched American Graffiti. I loved the movie but didn’t get a whole lot of it since I was only 6 or so.

    My parents went to great lengths to scare the crap out of me and my brother helped as much as he could. My parents went to France one year while they pawned us off on friends for ten days. They brought me back a Marie Antoinette doll and a guillotine because they go together I guess. I was afraid of the doll and guillotine so I hid it in my closet. My brother dug it out, cut the head off the doll, set it up in the guillotine and poured catchup all over the neck and then placed it on my desk. I hate them all..

    Jen’s last blog post..I Love This Job

  24. 24 chat blanc

    I’m not one to judge cuz I was actually frightened by the the song “Stairway to Heaven” and traumatized by death of a deer in Bambi. Yeah, I’m pathetic! ;)

    chat blanc’s last blog post..Righting a wrong

  25. 25 HappyCampers

    When I was 10 years old, I read the alien abduction “true story” book called Communion. To this day, I am TERRIFIED of being abducted by aliens! It’s amazing what scares the crap out of us as kids & sticks with us!

    HappyCampers’s last blog post..New Carnival of Homeschooling Is Up!

  26. 26 Tim

    Animal heads – yuck! It is also why I don’t like Montana’s restaurants – creepy talking stuffed animal heads.
    The first movie that really scarred me was Return of the Living Dead. It also inexplicably made we want to see more horrible zombie movies, till eventually I wouldn’t go any where dark for years by myself :) Fortunately that fear has finally worn off – I watched Resident Evil: Extinction last week, and didn’t even lose sleep or anything.

    Tim’s last blog post..Re-imagine This You Meatheads!

  27. 27 Florida Girl In Sydney

    Omigod, what the hell?
    My parents were the exact opposite– when I was little they would not let me watch “That’s Incredible”– remember that show? Seems a little over the top. But then again, now I don’t let my 4 and 5 year olds watch the stuff most of the other boys their age are watching.

    Personally I also hate movies/tv with violence and basically never watch it– except for Dexter- I love that show– blood splatters and all.

    Florida Girl In Sydney’s last blog post..Mrs. Dick (part doo)

  28. 28 Puglette

    oh dear, i am sorry you had this traumatic episode! I have never watched the godfather, but i did read the book. not quite as gory as the film.

    i can think of many occasions when my parents scarred me for life, most were outdoors. and too horrifying to recount here…i may have to make my own blog post about them!

    oh, and ollie says thanks for the love!

    Puglette’s last blog post..Sleepy Sunday

  29. 29 Musing

    I feel for you! The movie that scarred me for life was some horror film on tv I saw as a kid. I can’t remember the name of it, but there was a guy in a ring of fire in a barn or something and he, like, was this demon thing or turned into a demon thing or was attacked by a demon thing. I can’t remember, now. I just remember being TRAUMATIZED, while my dad sat in his easy chair reading the newspaper.

    Musing’s last blog post..And the winner is!

  30. 30 tinsenpup

    My parents chose to horribly scar my sister and I with Jaws on video. I was standing in knee deep water at the beach only yesterday (30 odd years later) and suffered a moment of shark paranoia.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post..Blogfodder Memorial Library

  31. 31 Kathy

    I can’t remember a single movie that scarred me for life. Although Jodie Foster’s night goggles scene at the end of Silence of the Lambs had me goin’ pretty good.

    A little trivia for your fans from the IMDB.com entry for The Godfather:

    “During rehearsals, a false horse’s head was used for the bedroom scene. For the actual shot, a real horse’s head was used. The head was acquired from a dog-food factory.”


    Kathy’s last blog post..The Day After: I Said What?

  32. 32 Regan

    Aunt Kathy – A false horse’s head? Something about that just sounds weird… maybe a FALSE horse’s head…. “HEY! It looks like a horse’s head, but not really. It is false that it is a horse’s head.”

    And then they used a REAL one? And they got it from a DOG FOOD factory??? Well, I guess horse head’s are a regular part of a dog’s diet then…

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  33. 33 MomZombie

    JD: I feel your disembodied-head pain. I share your scars. Did your parents know each other? Seriously. See this for details: http://is.gd/jXzP

    MomZombie’s last blog post..Terror in the checkout line

  34. 34 MomZombie

    Oops: What I meant to say was: Did OUR parents know each other? I certainly hope your parents knew each other. Time to get a cup of coffee.

  35. 35 Dog containment

    Boy that was really horrible one & your words and explanation made this scene more horrible. You really scared me … Now I am trying to delete those scenes from my brain but I know this will be there for whole life now.

  36. 36 JD

    Stephanie Barr: When I saw it in the theater, it was before all the hype about a twist had started, so I didn’t know there was a twist, either. Highly satisfying.

    ann of the junkdrawerblogfamily: DARK SHADOWS!!! That show also scarred me for life. My babysitter used to watch it (and let me watch it with her). I developed a lifelong fear of being buried alive.

    Regan: I went to creepypasta . . . and left rather quickly. CREEPY! Depending on which scene you looked at, the blood may actually have been tomato sauce!

    Steve | Trade Show Guru: HA! No, please keep the Red Stripe refs coming. Here’s something to encourage you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfGkhhm4vXw. Also? The Shining was very creepy. I hope you don’t have nightmares!

    Singular Girl: I’m trying to think if there are any horror movies that feature death-by-sponge-bath. Probably. Oh, well. Just use lots of perfume.

    flit: WOW! That’s cool! I can’t beat that. Did you feel a bit claustrophobic? At least you didn’t have to worry about any sharks getting you down there.

    chat blanc: HAHAHAHA! “Stairway to Heaven”? I can see the Bambi death (sad and traumatic), but a song? Well, wait a minute. I was freaked out by “Spirit in the Sky” and “Instant Karma,” so, OK. I can relate.

    HappyCampers: I’ve read that! After watching the movie with Christopher Walken, which is WEIRD-O, man. I can see how that would scare you as a kid.

    Tim: I’m glad you’ve made such progress in your zombie tolerance. It will be important when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs. Talking animal heads? Remind me to avoid Montana restaurants! CREE-PEE!

    Florida Girl In Sydney: I love Dexter, too. But I also love violence in movies, as long as it doesn’t involve animals. HA! That’s hilarious that you weren’t allowed to watch “That’s Incredible.”

    Puglette: The book is great. I remember reading THAT when I was probably too young. Will you blog about your horrific adventures? Don’t let Ollie read them!

    Musing: HA! I don’t mean to laugh. I wish I knew which movie that was. That reminds me of so many times I was freaked out by something on TV as my parents sat there, completely oblivious.

    tinsenpup: Oh, god. Those shark paranoia episodes still haunt me from time to time. I saw Jaws in high school and still managed to be traumatized.

    Kathy: Thanks for the horse head trivia. Also? BLEEEUUURRGGHH!!! They make dog food out of horses’ heads? I’m so glad I have cats. And I agree: night goggle scene in Silence of the Lambs made me squirm uncomfortably. GET OUTTA THERE, JODIE! I mean, CLARICE!

    Regan: I am still trying to digest this factoid.

    MomZombie: Thank you. I think my parents knew each other? Your link to me to a funny post about Terror in the Checkout Aisle. Was that the right link? I enjoyed it and was not even slightly scarred for life.

    Dog containment: I’m very sorry I scarred you for life. Now, can you shed some light on this whole “horse heads in dog food” situation?

  37. 37 Jeff

    I’ve never seen The Godfather. Probably because *my* parents didn’t drag me there too young – and when I was finally old enough I wasn’t interested anymore.

    HOWEVER… the one movie I DID see too young was The Exorcist. I still don’t want to see it a second time.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Definitely better than a Robocut

  38. 38 Wayne

    It’s amazing, as much fanfare as that movie gets, I never enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty boring actually.

    btw! I started a contest on my site where I’m giving 10k in EC credits to one person. Details are on my site if you’d like to enter.

    Wayne’s last blog post..The Entrecard 10,000 EC Credit Giveaway Contest

  39. 39 Jenny

    I hear you, JD. I was scarred for life several years earlier by the severed hand of John Mayhew/Bruce Dern on the staircase of Bette Davis’s rotting antebellum mansion in Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Just the thought of it still gives me the heebie jeebies. Our parents thought my sister and I were asleep in the backseat of the car … this was a drive-in, you see. Hot summer night, extra mosquitoes just for fun, and a haggy Bette Davis shoving a half-ton concrete urn onto the perfidious heads of Olivia DeHavilland and Joseph Cotten! And then there was Bruce Dern’s severed hand …


    Jenny’s last blog post..My Valentine … 2009

  40. 40 D at Seafoodpunch

    Oh My goodness. I dont know why, but the idea of waking up next to an overly eccentric horse’s head blurting out “GOOD MORNING!” just cracked me up…so i had to draw it. So… here’s an image dedicated to your post…It’s in my gallery (click tab) fourth one down from the left. Hope you like it.


    D at Seafoodpunch’s last blog post..Mauritania Likes It Fat

  41. 41 unfinishedrambler

    My parents were the exact opposite and didn’t even allow me to go to movies like that. I love my parents, but they thought that Close Encounters of the Third Kind was a movie about the occult. To this day, it is one of my favorite movies. I’ve seen The Godfather, but didn’t find the scene that horrific, maybe because there’s too many other horrific scenes in it. ;)

    unfinishedrambler’s last blog post..My first Valentine’s Day card from my first love

  42. 42 JD

    Jeff: Ah, yes. The Exorcist. I saw that when I was in my early teens, and emerged unscarred. But have you seen the “spiderwalk” scene that wasn’t in the original? Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbfnWc7vVco. No need to thank me!

    Wayne: The first time my husband watched it, he thought it was boring. But it’s on AMC all the freaking time, and he has gotten sucked in. I’ll be sure to check out your contest!

    Jenny: SPOILER! I haven’t seen that one! Just kidding. It’s in my Netflix queue, and now I’m REALLY looking forward to watching it. I’m sorry you got scarred, but it sounds awesome!

    D at Seafoodpunch: OH my god, I am LOL-ing right now. That is hilarious. May I PLEEEEEZE “borrow” it and put it where my current horsey picture is? I love it. People, please go check out D’s awesome drawings on her blog.

    unfinishedrambler: There’s horror a’plenty in The Godfather,, and Close Encounters is one of my favorites, too. Um . . . wasn’t it about the occult?

  43. 43 MomZombie

    JD: I tried to link to my post about a DEER HEAD. A dead deer head that scarred me for life. Good thing it wasn’t a live deer head. I wouldn’t even be able to perform simple tasks, like typing. Let’s try again. http://www.mom-zombie.com/?p=1152
    Somehow the link was deleted last time.

    MomZombie’s last blog post..Terror in the checkout line

  44. 44 Puglette

    hi, traumatic childhood events have been posted…along with some ollie love.

    Puglette’s last blog post..Childhood Memories

  45. 45 D at Seafoodpunch

    OMG I’m so happy you like it…and that you lol’d!! i am filled with fuzzy goodness….or it could be the awesome pasta i just inhaled…either way, of course you can put it up!!! I was hoping you would want to. Just link it back to my site.


    D at Seafoodpunch’s last blog post..Fat Ties the Room Together

  46. 46 Kathy

    MomZombie’s comment just reminded me of the time I left a doctor’s office, pulled out of the parking lot and had to wait for someone to drag a deer carcass out of the road. It was snowing and it had just been hit by a car (presumably). So that meant I didn’t just get to see fresh meat being moved, but a nice big swath of blood in the snow. But better in the snow than in your satin sheets, right?

    Um, can you write about bunnies and lollipops next time? Thanks.

    Kathy’s last blog post..The Day After: I Said What?

  47. 47 Grog

    Come on! The blood looks so fake in that scene.
    If anything the scariest part is when Michael Corleone stands up and puts four slugs into the mob boss and police chief.
    Suspenseful at least.

    Grog’s last blog post..Yes…A Nation Of Cowards!

  48. 48 D at Seafoodpunch

    Is it just me or is there something wrong with that picture? Let me know if you need a format other than a jpeg…but i’m not sure why it didnt post right. =( (sad, sad day for punch)

    D at Seafoodpunch’s last blog post..Fat Ties the Room Together

  49. 49 absepa

    Re: being scared by a song–”Hotel California” scared the bejeebus out of me. I think I was around six or seven when it came out. We listened to the radio all the time, so I heard it a lot, and that “stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast” part really messed me up. I asked my grandmother once why they couldn’t kill the beast, but she had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently she didn’t listen to song lyrics as closely as I did.

    absepa’s last blog post..I Get the Best Ideas in the Shower

  50. 50 Jen

    Yeah I hear that. When I was a little kid, my brother dragged me with him to a friend’s house to watch “IT”. I have an entirely rational fear of clowns and for months I would not use the bathroom by myself because I thought a balloon filled with blood could easily come out of the sink drain. Good thing I was young enough that it wasn’t logistically impossible to make my brother stand in the bathroom with me….

  51. 51 JD

    Puglette: YAY! Thank you! On my way . . .

    D at Seafoodpunch: It’s often hard to tell the difference between fuzzy goodness and pasta—especially if the pasta was fuzzy too. Thanks again. I love it! (And it’s working in IE now, too.)

    MomZombie: OK! Got it. Tho I enjoyed the other post, too!

    Kathy: Poor deer. Poor Kathy. With bunion surgery coming up, I’m afraid I don’t see any bunnies in my near future.

    Grog: The restaurant scene is pretty cool—and very tense. The blood looked pretty real to me as a kid, but, yeah, I guess it does look fairly lame today. But still. A HORSE’S HEAD!

    absepa: Oh, poor absepa! That is kind of a creepy line. I can’t really blame your grandmother for not knowing what it means, because . . . does ANYone know what that line means? I understand what the song is supposed to be about, but what is the beast, and why do they stab it but can’t kill it? ANYONE?

    Jen: Heh. You’ve just reminded me of a long-forgotten sink fear I had, but it’s still cloudy. I think I was afraid of blood coming up thru the sink drain. Cool. Yeah, IT wasn’t a very scary movie except for that damn clown. The book was scary, too.

  52. 52 Steve | Kindledude

    JD, ouch. That would be a bit much for a kid.

    Steve | Kindledude’s last blog post..New Kindle Feb. 9th?

  53. 53 JD

    Steve | Kindledude: Yeah, that’s what I thought! Tho my mom, after reading the post, denied it vehemently. Of course, she WOULD!

  54. 54 Patterns

    It’s that scene is really terrifying, I understand you, when I was a little girl I saw a scary movie, the cast name was Jenny and a horrible voice call her every time, my name is Jenny too, so every night when I went bed I heard in my head that voice calling my name.

    Patterns’s last blog post..Recipes: Creamy Cajun Rice

  55. 55 Corrina

    Oooo! I LOVED the Godfather movies! Except the third one; no thanks. That guy’s screaming in that scene was pretty gnarly too. lol I’ve never had nightmares about it though. I think as long as I stay away from gang activity, I’m ok. :-)

    Corrina’s last blog post..I’m Cold!

  56. 56 JD

    Patterns: Brrrr. No horror movies ever feature a character named “JD,” to my knowledge, so I’m good for now.

    Corrina: The guy screaming really undid me. As a kid, I don’t think I had much familiarity with grown men screaming. And I agree: Godfather 3 is to be avoided.

  57. 57 anon

    fuckin aye….. movies are movies…. your parents should have explained that its not real in any context. whats real is what we experience in REAL life. scenes, images, and scripted lines are not in that category. that should be the life lessons. when i was young E.T. was scary. but again its a movie. not life… things become scary when we cannot talk about it.

  58. 58 JD

    anon: I’m sure they did explain, but it’s rather hard to be rational when you’re 10, you silly goose!

  59. 59 brooke

    i though it was his dog at first.

  60. 60 Tracy

    With a title like Scarred for Life I had to read this post. My parents were not too bad. I only remember being dragged along on a trip to see “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

    Tracy’s last blog post..Valentines Day Special Karmin Titanium Only $75.00!

  61. 61 JD

    Tracy: I hope “Coal Miner’s Daughter” didn’t scar you for life. I don’t remember any bloody horse head in that one.

  62. 62 Jim

    You’re definitely on it about the movies. I try to stay away from the flicks that will cause unpleasant memories. It brings me down and i don’t want that in my life!
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..Top Ten Movie Rentals =-.


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