I Take Pix

Could you take my picture
‘Cause I won’t remember


How often have you said to yourself, If only pictures could talk. Never? Well, pretend you said it. What would pictures say about you? More importantly, what would pictures say about me?

For today and today only, I will open up my home to the roving eye of the camera for some candid snapshots into my life.

If these pictures could talk, what would they say?

gus_1.jpggus_21.jpggus_4.jpg Gus says: Rub my belly. Rub it!

gus_5.jpggus_6.jpggus_9.jpg Come ON! Rub my belly! You can’t resist!

gus_7.jpggus_8.jpg Now the chin. Scratch the chin. Ahhh, yes.



Frozen Diet Food says: Um, Don’t be fooled. Merely having diet food does not mean you’re on a diet. We’ve been sitting here, gathering freezer burn, for months. Notice there’s no picture of the OTHER side of the freezer—that’s where the pizzas, tater tots, and ice cream live. That side experiences a much heavier rotation. Eat us, fatso!




Overcrowded Bookshelf says: JD buys too many books. Yes, she reads them, but not fast enough. Look at this—it’s ridiculous! If some of these books aren’t read, removed, or given away, I SWEAR, I’m going down, and I’m taking that dinky TV with me.




Drawing of Key West says: JD and Dave honeymooned here and visited at least five more times. But because I don’t have a nude beach, they’re now shunning me. Please come back! I have those giant chocolate chip cookies you like! And sun and warm weather and . . . crazy unicycle guy!



shadowbox.jpgShadowbox Cats say: We don’t have much to say. JD likes cats, people give her cats, here we are, crammed onto this shadowbox. We can tell you which one is her favorite, but maybe you should guess. If you guess right, you’ll win a fabulous prize!



iPod says: This crappy picture hardly does me justice. And you can barely see David Strathairn, starring here in Speakeasy. Anyway, I’m currently carrying around 3,320 songs, a bunch of Top of the Pods podcasts, Teen Girl Squad cartoons, and that awesome Mitch Hedberg routine from Comedy Central.




Band-Aids say: I am, like, the 15th box of Band-Aids in less than a month. JD should be more careful.




Zumba Shirt says: JD seems to think she’s Zumbalicious. Why hasn’t she cut off my tag? Why have I sat on this dresser for days? Maybe she’s not as Zumbalicious as she thinks.



Snowglobe Collection says: We represent the many countries JD has visited, such as Key West, Las Vegas, and Panama City. Those are countries, right? Hey, what do we know, we’re just a bunch of dumb globes.




Handmade Quilt says: JD’s Mom made this because she’s talented, loving, and generous (JD’s Mom, not JD). Aren’t I pretty?






Laptop says: You should get out more. Between me, iPod, and Gus, you don’t have much of a life.



This post was inspired by Corinna at My Random Blog, who tagged me with the Look At This Stuff meme.


What would humor-blogs‘ pix say about them?

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26 Responses to “I Take Pix”

  1. 1 Regan

    Hehe. The snowglobes remind me of when we went to Mexico, and on the plane behind us were a bunch of spring breakers. When we landed, one of them said, “Wow. It’s like we’re in a whole other continent… It’s like we’re in a whole other country. Are there dragons here?”

    And Gus was very cute.

    Is your favorite kitty statue the tiger one?

  2. 2 Tim

    You use hundreds of band aids a month!
    Do you use them for something non standard, or are you a patchwork of scar tissue?

    Tim’s last blog post..Quit Your Job & Work Online From a Redneck Paradise?

  3. 3 Kathy

    Thanks for giving us the tour, and of course, starting things off with our favorite feline, Gus. I hope you met all his demands. I love your dual personality freezer. My fridge has a similar issue. There’s a veggie shelf and a pie shelf. It’s too bad the pie shelf is often empty of pie.

    I love all your unique kitties. Is the large one on the bottom your favorite? Get thyself to Key West again! Even if you have to be clothed. Wouldn’t you love to be there right about now? p.s. I think you’ve gone and offended your globes. I’d watch my back.

    Fun post!

    Kathy’s last blog post..That’s Knot What We Wanted

  4. 4 Carla @ WordPlay

    Gus has obviously mastered the curly paws thing. Cats just instinctively know that makes humans say “Aaah, isn’t he cute?” It’s all quite calculated but it’s amazing how natural they make it look.

    I have a very fat black cat who sighs, rolls on her back and does the curly paws thing as she’s going to sleep. She only does it because she knows she’s quite a pain in the ass when she’s awake, what with constant loud begging for food and all. Pretty darn sneaky if you ask me!

    Carla @ WordPlay’s last blog post..Free Web Graphics: Fun Badges and Seals for Your Blog

  5. 5 JD

    Regan: HA! That’s hilarious. “Are there dragons here.” I’ve got to steal that somehow.

    And, no—good try, but the tiger, tho much loved, isn’t my favorite.

    Gus appreciates your compliments very much.

    Tim: I’ll have to go with “patchwork of scar tissue,” which is a very interesting image. Maybe the box of Band-Aids could’ve been more forthcoming. I am very, very clumsy. Put a knife in my hand, and BLAM! Blood everywhere. And you must know how hard it is to keep a Band-Aid on a finger. So: hundreds in a month.

    Kathy: Oh, boy. I thought the globes had changed position. Why are they all in a line, pointed right at me? Yikes. No, it’s not the big, bottom cat, tho I do love that one. Rest assured that Gus’s belly has been rubbed thoroughly.


    Carla: YES! The curly paws! Not every cat can do that, so your very fat black cat (name, please?) must be very special. I love it. I can forgive anything once the curly paws come out.

    JD’s last blog post..I Take Pix so you don’t have to

  6. 6 Shieldmaiden96

    I have an orange and white moggy named Seamus whose belly shows pink when he turns over for his belly rub. Usually I just rub my face against him and kiss it. And he puts his paws on my head as if to say, back off, freak.

    My husband sleeps with him tucked under his arm like a perfectly caught spiral pass.

    We also have far too many books. Himself just sighs contentedly when I mention this.

    Shieldmaiden96′s last blog post..Four Things

  7. 7 Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Girl

    Oh darn, I thought for sure your favorite cat was the stripy one with the long tail. You just seem like the type of girl that would always be ready to pounce!

    Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Girl’s last blog post..Disney Claymation Story About A Mom and Her Son

  8. 8 JD

    Shieldmaiden: Awww, you’re a freak! I love to kiss Gus’s belly, too, and his expression is a mixture of disbelief and laziness.

    I love that phrase: “tucked under his arm like a perfectly caught spiral pass.” That is awesome.

    Cindy: HA! I do love a good tigerish pounce all right. Duly noted!

    JD’s last blog post..I Take Pix so you don’t have to

  9. 9 Corrina

    I love this post! Aren’t photos fun? I love your cat. I want to scratch him.

    Thanks for playing! :-)

    Corrina’s last blog post..Day Off From Life

  10. 10 JD

    Corrina! Thanks so much for meme-ing me. I started out doing the 5 things as you did in your post, but it all got out of hand. Gus would love for you to scratch him: on the belly and behind the ears, please.

    JD’s last blog post..I Take Pix so you don’t have to

  11. 11 Amy

    I thought your fav was the tiger with the huge tail, too.

    Our big male cat, Clovis, runs in our walking path, then flops on his back – “You can’t resist the power of the tummy! Rub the tummy!”

    Too much fun.

  12. 12 Regan

    My cats hate their tummy rubbed. I tried it once, they tried to bite me… They seem to like their chin rubbed, though.

  13. 13 JD

    Amy: Oh, I already love Clovis. That’s hilarious. Cats know their secret weapons, all right.

    (do you like Sam Rockwell, by any chance?)

    Regan: My brother’s cat Rudy can only be petted on the top half of his body. Get near his tail, and he starts hissing. And our beloved Simone never got into the tummy rubbing thing either.

    Cats are weird!

    JD’s last blog post..I Take Pix so you don’t have to

  14. 14 Sarah

    I have two guesses on the favorite cat. It’s either A) the tall on sitting in the lower left hand corner of the lower box or B) the fat round pinkish one amlost directly above it.

    if i guess right do i get Gus? just kidding. how did you get him to pose so well? my cats must just be camera shy…


  15. 15 JD

    Sarah: I’m sorry, but neither the tall black cat nor the roundy pinkish one above it are my absolute favorites. Good guesses, tho!

    Gus is a ham. Whenever a camera is produced, he goes into Cute Mode. Actually, he’s always in Cute Mode. But then I would say that.

    JD’s last blog post..I Have a Crush on a Cartoon so you don’t have to

  16. 16 Carla @ WordPlay

    Hi, JD.

    The name of my curly pawed cat is Sim, which is short for Simby, Simba, Simby-Sim-Sim and a variety of other names I call her, depending on my mood. Her brothers are Chad (an elegant black cat with a white puff of fur on his throat) and Joseph (a Lilac Balinese, which is fancy-talk for a medium-haired Siamese with purple-gray-tinged “points”).

    You can see a pic of Joseph at the very bottom of this page:
    http://wordplayblog.com/image-chef/. Due to his new habit of peeing in one of our spare bedrooms instead of in the cat box, his nickname is now Joseph P.

    All are brats in one way or another but they’re much-loved anyway. :-)

    Carla @ WordPlay’s last blog post..Free Web Graphics: Fun Badges and Seals for Your Blog

  17. 17 JD

    Carla: Oh, I love the names of your cats. CHAD! That’s a great name! And Joseph…P?! Oh, my gosh. It’s obvious they are much-loved and they sound gorgeous. Well, I can tell Joseph P. is gorgeous from the photo—which? That Image Chef site looks so cool! I think I’ve already read that post of yours, and maybe bookmarked the site and forgot about it, but I’m going back. You can do some really cool stuff!

    Joseph P.!

    JD’s last blog post..I Have a Crush on a Cartoon so you don’t have to

  18. 18 Amy

    Hmmm… Sam Rockwell? Never heard of him… Of course, I’m kidding. I enjoy most of his work and Box of Moonlight is one of my and my husband’s favorite movies.

    BTW, Hi, I’m Amy and I came here via The Junk Drawer. I’m Kathy’s other niece. :) I enjoy your blog bunches… so you don’t have to. Thanks!

  19. 19 JD

    Amy: Wow! I’m so pleased to have you stopping by! Kathy is rather a favorite of mine, so any friend or family of hers is more than welcome.

    I love Box of Moonlight. And Sam Rockwell. Have you ever seen Welcome to Collinwood? It’s another kind of underrated movie, very funny and quirkey. Definitely one of my favorites.

    JD’s last blog post..I Have a Crush on a Cartoon so you don’t have to

  20. 20 Carla @ WordPlay

    I started calling Joseph “Joseph P.” a while back and joked that it was his rapper name. (He doesn’t look like a rapper but he can lay down a track with the best of them.)

    My boyfriend says I should stop calling him that now that he’s peeing inappropriately. He doesn’t want me reminding him to pee every time I call his name.

    And Chad got his name because my last name is Chadwick. His full name is actually Chadwick von Hiffenhoffer, which, believe it or not, is a family name. My cousin gave her (human) son that nickname. I found it irresistible, so I stole it.

    Wow, that’s probably way more information than you needed to know. ;-)

    Carla @ WordPlay’s last blog post..Free Web Graphics: Fun Badges and Seals for Your Blog

  21. 21 JD

    Carla: Oh, Joseph P. is totally a cat rapper. And I think as long as you don’t emphasize the “P” too much when you call him, you won’t be encouraging him to “do as you say.”

    I am dying over Chadwick von Hiffenhoffer. Please excuse me for laughing at your family name! And the “(human)” son! Oh, boy.

    Definitely not too much information!

    JD’s last blog post..I Have a Crush on a Cartoon so you don’t have to

  22. 22 elasticwaistbandlady

    Mitch Hedberg!!!!

    I love his line about going to visit Dr. Acula but all he did was suck blood out of his neck. Oh, and the one about how he had his hair highlighted….but only the most important strands. Ahhhh, how I miss Phil Hartman, Richard Jeni, and Mitch. :(

    elasticwaistbandlady’s last blog post..The Smiling Infidel Plays Art Critic With Neither An Art Degree Or A Tweed Blazer With Elbow Patches!

  23. 23 elasticwaistbandlady

    I used to have a Holly Hobby-themed bedroom and my quilt looked a lot like yours.

    Of course, now Holly Hobby has been updated to wear low-rise jeans and belly shirts and hang out with ruffians like the newly made-over Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake.

    What was so wrong with the bonnet and calico dress???!?

    elasticwaistbandlady’s last blog post..The Smiling Infidel Plays Art Critic With Neither An Art Degree Or A Tweed Blazer With Elbow Patches!

  24. 24 JD

    elasticwaistbandlady! Oh, I love Mitch. I’ve gotta check out some more of his routines. I’d never even heard of him, but iTunes was offering that Comedy Central special as a free download.

    I’m all for bringing back bonnets and calico dresses!

    JD’s last blog post..I Have a Crush on a Cartoon so you don’t have to

  25. 25 elasticwaistbandlady

    My husband bought me XM Radio for Christmas 2 years ago because I spend half my life in my truck and the monotony of FM radio was driving me insane. Anyway, I’m an XM geek now and I listen to the National Lampoon station that plays a lot of Mitch’s routines and then I’ll switch over to ultra-conservative talk radio on the America Right station because variety is the spice of life.

    elasticwaistbandlady’s last blog post..Come On In And Have A Seat!

  26. 26 JD

    EwBL: That must be quite a head trip, switching between Mitch Hedberg and ultra-conservative talk!

    JD’s last blog post..I Have a Crush on a Cartoon so you don’t have to


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