I Saw Kobe Grimley First

Yesterday morning, I published a post comparing photos of Kobe Bryant and Ed Grimley. The timestamp on my blog is messed up, but the post went up around 8AM Central Time. I shared the link on Facebook (note time):


LATER THAT DAY, eagle-eye reader absepa sent me this:


Wow. USA Today‘s sports blog “Game On” posted something VERY similar to my Kobe-Grimley post here, a good two hours after my post went up.

Coincidence . . . or THIEVERY?

Eh, probably coincidence. But it could be thievery! And wouldn’t that be exciting? Either way, I saw it first. You guys will back me up, right?

I would greatly appreciate your support in publicizing this egregious . . . coincidence. PLEASE Digg, Stumble, Reddit this post. Send it to your local newspaper! Paper your neighborhood with flyers. Comment on the USA Today blog. I seek neither revenge nor remuneration, only recognition.



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30 Responses to “I Saw Kobe Grimley First”

  1. 1 shakespeare

    OMG! Too funny!

    They definitely (unintentionally) ripped you off! Wow! How dare they?!?

    shakespeare’s last blog post..A World of Spirits

  2. 2 absepa

    We got your back, JD! I will leave a comment on the USA Today blog. Nice Kobe Grimley, by the way.

    absepa’s last blog post..Appliance Death II: Fall of the Machines

  3. 3 goinglikesixty

    OH nooooo, you have turned in to one of those “first” people! Ack. Theivery? on the internet, Shirley! you jest.

    goinglikesixty’s last blog post..Do You Have a ‘Hooray For Me’ Wall?

  4. 4 Anne

    There are worse things than being ripped off by USA Today. You found it first and they employ an entire staff to look for these types of things :).

    Anne’s last blog post..Randomly Thinking on Tuesday

  5. 5 Stephanie

    JD, darling, exactly how much free time do you have?

    Stephanie’s last blog post..For Quadmama: The Unvaccinated and the Vaccinated

  6. 6 Michelle Gartner

    I think they should have credited you in some way… but what do I know.

    Michelle Gartner’s last blog post..How Babies Are Made 1968 Time Life Books

  7. 7 babs - beetle

    Well. I have no idea who either of them are but you did post it first. I say they stealded it in true daisy style ;O)

    babs – beetle’s last blog post..Sorry, I’ve got nothing to say.

  8. 8 Susan

    The next time I stay at a hotel I am going to completely ignore the complimentary copy of USA Today outside of my door. That’ll show those thieves.

    Susan’s last blog post..Summer Concerts

  9. 9 Grace

    oh that’s a hoot in hell – who the hell are kobe bryant and the grimley guy anyway?

    Grace’s last blog post..A conversation

  10. 10 Jeff

    Congratulations! That’s certainly something to be proud of. To date no one has found my stuff worthy of thievery – that I’m aware of.

    Jeff’s last blog post..My most successful post of all time… the one you probably haven’t read

  11. 11 dcr

    Don’t know whether you were robbed or if it was coincidence, but I’ve heard before of the MSM not taking bloggers seriously and copying from them without attribution. So, either would appear to be a possibility.

    dcr’s last blog post..The Twitter Collective

  12. 12 Pricilla

    I would bet Abby did it. Abby is to blame for all the evil in the world.

    It must be nice to be ahead of the curve or hair swirl whatever the case may be. Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow. I am going to do things…I hope you don’t consider it stealing. I consider it honoring she who went before and does it best….

    Pricilla’s last blog post..The Many Facets of Kevin the Goat

  13. 13 Natural

    good job on the hair. that’s exactly how kobe looked in high school.

    Natural’s last blog post..Why Wait, Buy Now!

  14. 14 Maureen

    Ha! Definitely a rip off… you’d better call your lawyer. Does Kobe wear his shorts pulled up high too? There could be something in this resemblance thang…

    Maureen’s last blog post..The Hummer

  15. 15 Puglette

    hmmph! the nerve of them! although i have always thought usa today was always a day late and a dollar short on their reporting. as we all know, your keen observation skills have been proven time and again.

    i’ve got a pretty good cranky attitude going these days…say the word and i will be trash talking on your behalf ;o)

    Puglette’s last blog post..Friday Fun

  16. 16 JD

    shakesepeare: I know! Unintentional? Or TOTALLY intentional? We may never know.

    absepa: Thanks! And I’m glad you like Kobe Grimley. Let’s see USA Today rip THAT off!

    goinglikesixty: When it comes to something as obscure as Kobe Grimley, yes, I feel somewhat protective. I mean, it’s not like I posted “I Found Out Adam Lambert Is Gay so you don’t have to” and then got mad when Rolling Stone copied me. And stop calling me “Shirley.”

    Anne: You’re right. Grr. But I thought of it first, and they employ an entire staff to rip me off!

    Stephanie: Now that’s a good question. I was actually going to ask Ask Me Anything where I can find MORE free time. I figured the owner of two blogs who finds time to write a daily post for each could tell me where all this free time is hidden!

    Michelle Gartner: It’s a tricky business. Since I posted a comment on their blog, it would be nice if they at least acknowledged the similarity. Or paid me a hefty sum.

    babs – beetle: Maybe I should sic Daisy on them. She could give them a Hard Look, and they’d have to admit to their thievery. (If you care, Kobe Bryant is a basketball player, and Ed Grimley is a silly TV character from the 90s).

    Susan: YEAH! Oooh, they’re gonna regret this big-time.

    Grace: HA! See my response to babs – beetle (above). I guess this whole thing is funnier if you’ve at least heard of one of them.

    Jeff: I am proud! And I would never have found out if it hadn’t been for absepa. I bet someone is ripping you off RIGHT NOW. Go check!

    dcr: Yup. And the fact that no one bothered to respond to my comment to their blog makes me definitely feel like they’re not taking it seriously. Why should they? It’s just a blog. BOO!

    Pricilla: Oh, dear. Poor Abby! And, yes, I’m on my way! I can’t wait to see what things you’re going to do. I definitely do not consider it stealing but as you say, an homage.

    Natural: Thanks! It was easy. I hope Kobe doesn’t sue me for posting it. Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to know how he looked in high school.

    Maureen: Ooh, we have to check the shorts! I hadn’t thought of that. This thing is gaining steam. I was hoping Harley could act as my lawyer. I figured with his training as an International Spy Cat, he might be good at this lawyering thing.

    Puglette: Woo! Puglette’s cranky! Watch out! I will definitely take advantage of that. Hey, leave a cranky comment on USA Today’s blog. That’ll scare them.

  17. 17 Preston

    Those dirty thieves! We all know who the REAL talent is anyway! And I must say that is one excellent photo shop job you did there.

    Preston’s last blog post..The Movie Up is Uplifting for Everyone!

  18. 18 kathcom

    I’m sorry but that looks like a straight rip-off to me.Looks like they Googled you and grabbed it. I’d say to take it as a compliment but it’s a drag with no attribution.
    Dugg, Stumbled, etc.

    kathcom’s last blog post..Top 5 Things to Do When You Grow Up

  19. 19 Lola

    If you use a stat counter or Google Analytics (I think), I know for sure Stat Counter, you can see who comes to your blog. If you find he’s visited…busted!

    Lola’s last blog post..First Official Week of Summer Break – Help!

  20. 20 Florida Girl In Sydney

    That’s hilarious– they probably did steal your material– those jokers.
    Glad I could come over here for a laugh, things are way too serious over in my hood right now.

    Florida Girl In Sydney’s last blog post..Chapter Three

  21. 21 T-Home

    I have recommended your comment on USA today. Congrats!.
    As Pricilla pointed out, you please consider it honoring.

  22. 22 JD

    Preston: Why, thank you! I’m still waiting for a first-page, full-spread, four-color apology. From the print version, of course.

    kathcom: Yeah, it is a drag. Even if they didn’t steal it, it’d be nice if they, as the bigger (slightly) publication, at least mentioned it. Thanks for the Digg and Stumble. I appreciate it.

    Lola: I used to use Clicky and Stat Counter but let them both expire. This is good motivation to reinstate one of them.

    Florida Girl In Sydney: Uh oh. Sorry you’re not laughing much over in your part of the world. I’d better stop by and see what’s going on.

    T-Home: Thank you! I do appreciate it. Yes, I’ll consider it honoring, but at least Pricilla (and others) gave me some props!

  23. 23 Bingo

    I support you, I will add your post to reddit, digg, delicious, misterwong, faves, blinklist, diigo, google, spurl, etc and I will tell my coworkers that do it too!

    Bingo’s last blog post..First free bingo winners!

  24. 24 Jenny
  25. 25 Tracy

    Ugh, the only thing worse is if other sites pick it up and give US Today the attribution.

    They probably did have some sort of Google Alert on Kobe and saw your post.

    Tracy’s last blog post..The Museum Of Snack Foods

  26. 26 JD

    Bingo: Oh, my gosh, THANK YOU! And thanks to your coworkers! Are you also Jenny? I hope you’ll come back and continue to comment AND use “Jenny,” otherwise Akismet thinks you’re spammy. Thank you again!

    Tracy: It doesn’t look like a very popular blog. But then what do I know.

  27. 27 Zanypickle

    If it counts any – I saw it here first!

  28. 28 JD

    Zanypickle: It counts, all right. TIMES TEN!

  29. 29 kang topo

    Congratulations! That’s certainly something to be proud of. To date no one has found my stuff worthy of thievery – that I’m aware of.

  30. 30 JD

    kang topo: I guess I’m proud. Also mad. But mostly proud. And a little itchy. Who knows.


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