They’ve given you a number and taken away your name


Let’s blame this one on lack of sleep, shall we?

First off, I have an iPod Touch. Man, it’s awesome. I love it like a boyfriend, even tho that “Vibrate” function doesn’t work. Pity. What it DOES do is play music and . . . apps. It has apps. Things that do things that I don’t necessarily need but, they’re apps. APPS!

Before my iPod, I didn’t even know what “app” meant. I think I sort of thought it was short for “appetite.” I don’t know.

Like I said, lack of sleep.

I have an app that rolls a pair of dice, one that makes a buzzer noise, one that gives you a crystal ball answer, one that links to the Homeland Security Advisory System, and yes, a clinometer.

So this morning, when I blearily looked through my e-mail, I was not all THAT surprised to see that I had a message from . . . my iPod.

The fact that my iPod is now sentient wasn’t as disturbing as the message itself:

Secret agent man

Wow. Obviously I am a double agent with amnesia. I probably programmed my iPod to send me this message to alert me of danger. Next, I’ll get a message telling me where all my fake passports are. This is exciting. I’d better check my nooks and crannies for a microchip that will reveal my true identity.


Did I . . . ? Oh. Yeah, I remember now. In the car yesterday, I heard a song I wanted to download. I used my Note app to email me the title, so I wouldn’t forget. I didn’t even think it worked! But it did. My iPod reminded me to download the awesome “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers.

But why that song? There’s a reason. And it’s all on that microchip. I’ve just got to find it. Surely there’s an app for that?

What’s YOUR favorite app?


Secret agent man came from here.

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53 Responses to “I Might Be a Secret Agent”

  1. 1 moooooog35

    My phone came free with my service agreement.

    I’m lucky it actually makes phone calls. It has a rotary dial.

    So I’m thinking my favorite app is the ‘make a call’ app.

    I’m hoping to save enough money for the ‘receive a call’ app.

    I’m all about progress.
    .-= moooooog35´s last blog ..The Hulk Reads Notes to a Teacher – Episode 1 =-.

  2. 2 Pricilla

    I am an old goat. My phone is so old it doesn’t even take pictures.
    I am ready for my pity party now.
    .-= Pricilla´s last blog .. =-.

  3. 3 babs - beetle

    I haven’t gotten into all the apps yet. I love my ‘Picture Dial’ app. It shows me all of my contacts that have a photo assigned. I just have to touch the photo of the person I want to call and I wait for them to answer. I also have Bejeweled, but that is of no interest to you. Then again, neither is the Photo Dial!

    I really must spend some time searching the apps.
    .-= babs – beetle´s last blog ..TV Unit, and now more! =-.

  4. 4 Kelly

    I don’t have an iPhone, nor do I want an iPhone… mostly because I’m married to a Mac Evangelist and all that “Rah rah rah, Apple Apple, rah rah rah” stuff works my nerves. We don’t need no steenkin’ apps. Unless they’re on a Droid. :)

    I do love that song, though.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Jeweled Cross 2 =-.

  5. 5 Shieldmaiden1196

    I have a feeling I could quickly become an app whore. A friend showed me the games she has on her Touch and I couldn’t believe the graphics. I realize that as a society we are probably driving ourselves either crazy or to a premature demise filling every potential quiet moment with bling and sparkle and jingles but dammit, she has AIR HOCKEY! That you play with your FINGERS!

    .-= Shieldmaiden1196´s last blog ..Fecal Matters =-.

  6. 6 Barb - WillThink4Wine

    I puffy heart my iPhone, which has the iPod interated into it. Oddly, I never use the iPod! I am not-so-patiently waiting for the initial reviews on the iPad, because! But I never buy anything when it first comes out. I like knowing what the glitches are and sometimes, just sometimes, the price drops dramatically. Like my iPhone… My neighbor got his the day they first came out and he paid about $600 for his. I only paid $100. Guess which one is more gooder?

    My favorite app is the Flickr app and the Facebook app which I use every day!
    .-= Barb – WillThink4Wine´s last blog ..The sun rises =-.

  7. 7 Daisy the Curly Cat

    My favorite app is fried cheese sticks. But I like dessert, too.
    .-= Daisy the Curly Cat´s last blog ..You touched my heart… and my eyeball! =-.

  8. 8 Surfie

    I don’t have an iPod Touch. I therefore have no apps. Except for the appetite one. I’ve got that one in spades.
    .-= Surfie´s last blog ..Spring is in the Air! =-.

  9. 9 puglette

    i am very glad you do not have any secret devices implanted in your head. because when arnold removed his implant in total recall, through his nose (!) it really looked like it hurt.

    i do not have any apps. i am a cheap woman who only uses her phone for telephone calls. and the only “I” that i have is me!
    .-= puglette´s last blog ..Who’s This?? =-.

  10. 10 Ron

    Oh dear, please don’t laugh, but I don’t even have a cell phone.


    *I said, please don’t laugh*

    However, I’m very familar with “appetite.” Especially last night, when I went out to dinner and polished off a salad, a WHOLE 10 inch pizza, a coke, and then finished it off with a large fozen chocolate yogurt.

    Some app, right?

    LOVE the song “Secret Agent Man!”
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Shaving…..the rite of passage =-.

  11. 11 Ollie McKay's

    LOL ~ Love your post! I’m an older Diva Mama who just got an “iphone”??!!?? Aaaccckkkkk. . . . . . I’m still trying to figure out how to answer a call while I’m leaving a message fro someone else ~ seriously!! Have a great week!
    .-= Ollie McKay’s´s last blog .. =-.

  12. 12 Buggys

    Don’t have an iphone or touch or whatever it’s called. I have a phone, with a qwerty keyboard because i do love my texting. That’s all I do with my phone, call and text.

    I do LOVE the phrase “there’s an app for that”. I use it regularly and it makes me smile. And I have never been long without my appetite.

    I taught my Buggy girl that song. Way cute when a 6 year old sings it!
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..The Dream =-.

  13. 13 Tiggy

    I don’t have an iPad, I just have a Pad. My favourite app for that is something called a “pen”. Awesome!
    .-= Tiggy´s last blog ..Tiggy’s Thought for the Day – Masturbation =-.

  14. 14 ann

    I feel like I live in the dark ages, I don’t have apps or even an I pod. I’m actually lucky I have a cell phone :)
    .-= ann´s last blog ..My Dinosaur =-.

  15. 15 LJ

    Speaking of useless information ….. Did you know that today is the fictitious James Bond’s birthday. April 13, 1968. This is not something that I would know, but I have a co-worker that is a Bond aficionado – who also shares this birthday.
    .-= LJ´s last blog ..Weird Dream #198 =-.

  16. 16 meleah rebeccah

    I love my iPhone like a boyfriend too. My favorite APP is SHAZAM.

    Let’s say you’re driving down the road in your car and you hear a song on the radio that catches your ear, but you’re not quite sure who sings it or the title. Well all you have to do is grab your iPhone and start the Shazam application. It doesn’t matter if the song is by Britney Spears or Slayer, Shazam will give you not only the artists, but the title of the song, the artist as well as the album. When you have the application open simply hold the phone to the speakers (or anywhere in the vicinity) and tap the “tag now” button. Immediately you will see Shazam start “listening” to the song for about 5-7 seconds. When it’s finished it will send the information and return it to you with all of the info of the song. And then you have the option of buying the song/album from iTunes!!
    .-= meleah rebeccah´s last blog ..Doing Things Differently™ – My Week In Review [Part Ten] =-.

  17. 17 dcr

    You’ve just now discovered “Secret Agent Man”?

    Anyway, I guess I’m still living in the dark ages. I don’t have an iPod. I won one once, but never got it, so I guess maybe I didn’t really win one after all. Bottom line is that I don’t have an iPod. I’d like an iPad, as I don’t have one of those either.

    Maybe someday…

    Anyway, I still have a Walkman, or was it a Walkman-wannabe? Don’t know. I have two of them, though. I asked for a portable tape recorder one year for Christmas and ended up with a Walkman, which meant I had to start buying tapes because I didn’t have any before that. You can probably guess the first one I bought.

    Anyway, the original Walkman or wannabe fell to pieces. Actually, just the cover. It still works–I think–but you wouldn’t want to carry it around with you because the tape would fall out. Not that I actually carried it around with me. Sometimes, I think I hooked it up to a pair of speakers and listened to music that way. I don’t know. That was a lifetime ago.

    Where was I? Oh, yeah, I don’t have an iPod. I have a Newton though, and that’s pretty cool. Can’t put music on it but I have a little sound effects app on it. Well, they didn’t call them apps back then. Or did they?
    .-= dcr´s last blog ..How Does Your Dog Measure Up? =-.

  18. 18 Dave

    I got an iPhone last June, and I love the iPod part of it.

    For my favourite app, though, it has to be either Tweetdeck (though I’m thinking of trying Tweetie out) or My Stuff (a database program). I’m not really into the games too much.

    I did a blog post about My Stuff actually. A great database.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..My Stuff – Wonderful iPhone Database App! =-.

  19. 19 JD

    moooooog35: Your phone sounds way fancier than mine. I still have to connect to “Sarah” to put a call through. And that app is painfully slow, let me tell ya.

    Pricilla: Aw! My phone isn’t that old, but it doesn’t do much besides accept strange booty calls from guys named “Bobert.” Anyway, I’ll still throw you a pity party if I can bring my iPod.

    babs – beetle: HA! Bejeweled is of no interest to me, you say??? Well, I downloaded the coolest game EVER and it’s called “Babo Crash.” It’s the same idea as Bejeweled, but way more awesome. That Photo Dial sounds cool, tho. If I ever made calls.

    Kelly: Ah, steenkin’ apps. They have those, too. My husband uses a Mac at work, but he has yet to convert to the cult.

    Shieldmaiden1196: I KNOW! You should also check out Babo Crash. The graphics and sound are amazing. My cat was stuck in the closet, but I had to finish my game before I could get up and let him out. Yay, APPS!

    Barb – WillThink4Wine: My guess is that your iPhone is gooder! Yeah, I think the iPad is going to be a “wait-and-see” kind of thing. I want one . . . just ‘cuz it’s new and shiny. They’ll have to come down in price, tho. (Yes, I like Flickr and FB too!)

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Mmmm. That is indeed a delicious app. I sometimes don’t have room for dessert if I have an app, but I try.

    Surfie: Well, be thankful. I once spent a horrifing week during which I had NO appetite. It was terrifying. Yes, I lost one pound, but at WHAT COST?

    puglette: That is the best “I” of all, in my opinion! I had kinda wanted an iPhone for a while, just for the cool extras, but now that the iPod Touch has many of the same features, I’m cool.

    Ron: You DON’T??? Well, I do have a cell phone, but it’s bare bones, and I only use it for emergencies, like when I need to order sushi on the go. I won’t laugh, I promise. My husband also doesn’t have a cell phone, and he seems pretty happy. Your app sounds awesome. Gotta get me one of those!

    Ollie McKay’s: Aw, thank you! You mean you can answer a call WHILE leaving a message??? This is all beyond me.

    Buggys: I’d love to hear your Buggy girl sing “Secret Agent Man”! I myself do not text. Well, I have, but it took me forever and I insisted on proper punctuation and capitalization. Not good qualities for a texter.

    Tiggy: Wow, you’re at a level I’m not even familiar with. But how can you have something that doesn’t have an “i” in front of it? How does it work? Without the “i”?

    ann: A lot of these apps (and games) are kind of a waste of time. But a fun waste of time. ‘Cuz, you know, I need a clinometer.

    LJ: Wait, James Bond is younger than I am? That sucks. Oh, and thanks for reminding me. My husband’s bday is coming up!

    meleah rebeccah: That sounds AWESOME! Wow. Thanks for the deets. I am on my way to the Appetite Store!

    dcr: I don’t know what they called them before “apps.” Nothing? I don’t even know what a Newton is. I still have my old Walkman, too, and a Discman, tho that’s not the appropriate name. My mom uses a Walkman to listen to Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow. And, no! I’m not just now discovering “Secret Agent Man.” But it had not yet found its way to my iPod, hence the reminder note.

    Dave: Thanks for chiming in. I’ll have to check out “My Stuff,” as I do have a lot of stuff that needs keeping track of. And I swore I was NEVER gonna be one of those people who waste beautiful sunny days playing computer games, but . . . well, I am.

  20. 20 Jaffer

    You had me at clinometer, JD – because I know how to use one ;-)
    And what you linked to were part of my course notes last year – it was deja-vu !

    “Ack ! YOU !?? Not Again !!!”

    And a secret agent like you can definitely use one – it has a tiny telescope with cross hairs so you can aim right over the top of some one’s head at a distance – and figure out his height. :-)
    .-= Jaffer´s last blog is re-launching ! =-.

  21. 21 babs - beetle

    Just downloaded Babo Crash. I will let you know what I think of it later :)
    .-= babs – beetle´s last blog ..TV Unit, and now more! =-.

  22. 22 absepa

    No apps for me, alas. I have a smartphone (but it’s not the “i” kind), and an iPod (which is several generations old, and not a Touch); the iPod and I have a tempestuous love/hate relationship. So, I kind of want an iPhone for all of the cool apps and stuff, but I am really not a fan of iTunes. It’s going to be a difficult decision when the time comes to get a new phone.

    Maybe you can download that app that scans price bar codes, and scan yourself to look for the secret microchip. :)
    .-= absepa´s last blog ..My name is absepa, and I am a STATS sufferer =-.

  23. 23 Stephanie Barr

    The last thing I need is to be sucked into the world of apps. I have my ereader and my laptop with my most times. If I had yet another time waster with me, I wouldn’t know which to use when I’m waiting at stop lights. I’m kidding! (Mostly!)

    I have one of those geezer phones with a QWERTY keyboard and a camera but *gasp* no touchscreen.

    I always wanted to trick people into *thinking* I was a secret agent without actually being one. Did you do that for me, too?
    .-= Stephanie Barr´s last blog ..May Have to Mix Things Up =-.

  24. 24 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    I SO need to put some REAL apps on my iPhone. I have stupid useless ones like Kindle, and TweetDeck, and Pandora, and Yahoo News, when I should really concentrating on the stuff that makes life worth living.

    Like the one that farts.
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..Goat Thing of the Day: Coconut and GoGo =-.

  25. 25 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    And why does your thingie say that my last blog is Coconut???? I have another one since then! I have another one – GAHHH!!!!!!
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..Goat Thing of the Day: Coconut and GoGo =-.

  26. 26 Kathleen Kaufman

    My iPhone has new and interesting ways to torture students. For example, I can record their voices, so when they’re whining at me, I hit record and then play it back for them, and ask:

    “Okay, so if someone sounded like this to you, what would you do? Help them or tell them to stop whining?”

    Or, I can videotape them sleeping at their desks and then text it to their parents. That’s always a crowd pleaser – I don’t even have to stop my lecture.

    Also, I can play pocketgod, which while somewhat diabolical – is a harmless stress releasing catharsis…well, harmless to anyone except the unfortunate visitors.

    I might also mention, that there are toddler games. My toddler knows how to open my iPhone, and turn on his toddler flashcards. He’s a genius.

    Ahhh iPhone….
    .-= Kathleen Kaufman´s last blog ..3 Things I Didn’t Appreciate Until I Was Thirty =-.

  27. 27 Sheila Sultani

    I don’t live in the app world yet, but it doesn’t stop me from blogging about it when I saw an app called i-poo –

    Strange, very very strange.
    .-= Sheila Sultani´s last blog ..It’s A Crazy World After All, It’s A Crazy, Crazy World =-.

  28. 28 JD

    Jaffer: Clearly I should’ve actually read that description, as I had no idea what a clinometer does! How funny. But then, how many clinometer sites are there? And yes, this will come in very handy for my spy duties.

    babs – beetle: OK, I already know you have gotten farther than I have. Glad you like it!

    absepa: Ohhhh, good idea! ‘Cuz I still haven’t found the chip yet. If my life is like the X-Files, it’s in the back of my neck. Anyway, what is there to hate about an iPod? This upsets me. I think if you had a Touch, you would love it. Also, check out for downloading music. Cheaper and BETTER than iTunes.

    Stephanie Barr: Yes, apparently I DID do that for you, even tho I have no memory of it. My phone doesn’t even have a keyboard, and tho it takes pictures, I can only send them to another phone. Now an e-reader is something I wouldn’t mind having, in addition to my other gadgets.

    Margaret (Nanny Goats): Ah, yes. iFart? I freaking love Pandora. Maybe Comment Luv needs an app for GETTING THE RIGHT POST!

    Kathleen Kaufman: I never doubted that Mr. Adorablepants was a genius. After all, look at what an evil mastermind his mom is!

    Sheila Sultani: Well, now you simply MUST enter the app world, if only to try out iPoo for yourself!

  29. 29 Grampy

    I love the song. But not sure I want an ipod.

  30. 30 Lin

    I don’t have “apps” because the technology I use doesn’t have that–thank god, because I don’t need to add one more thing to figure out in my life. My son had tons of apps until he got his Ipod Touch heisted at school. Yeah, he didn’t listen to me when I told him NEVER to bring it to school. Tough lesson. He’s app-less now.
    .-= Lin´s last blog ..Cesspool-B-Gone =-.

  31. 31 Jen

    I heart my iPhone too. I’m lusting after an iPad, though I have no idea what I would use it for. My favorite apps are the iPeriod which tracks the days of the month for me. I can enter in things like my mood, bloating and food cravings. I don’t know why I need it but it’s good to know those things. I have also been playing Cowabunga. The game is simple, just get cows across the river by having them jump on a raft. They moo every time they jump. I’m going to have to find the fart app that Margaret mentioned.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Kate Gosselin Has Another Book =-.

  32. 32 Patricia (The other one...)

    Whu…huh…you’re an Asian man?

    Oh, wait, that was covered in ‘I am a woman of color…’

    Kathleen…remind me not to take your class. That’s just cruel. The I-Phone should be used only for purposes of good, not for evil…you’ll be in Gitmo when the students start their revolution, mark my words…okay, let’s face it, I’d do the same thing to those snot-nosed little pantywaists…thinking they can come in here and steal my time….grumble grumble grumble…

    Another interesting fact: In the beginning, the James Bond character came from a series of short stories written for…Playboy! (And they’re good, and yes, I just read them for the articles. And yes, it looks like poor Hef is not long for this world…but my, oh my, how he has changed onanism forever.)

  33. 33 Patricia (The other one...)

    P.S. Whenever anyone mentions the I-Pad, I think of a very, very old sketch from Mad TV with the…well, you watch:

  34. 34 Corrina

    There isn’t enough space on the planet to list all of my apps (iPhone, btw) but I am kind of addicted to Doodle Jump and Words With Friends. That and both Need for Speed games- I crack OUT on those.

    The Boyfriend and I bought my mom an iPod Touch for Christmas and she loves it! It’s all the awesomeness of the iPhone without the ridiculous bill and having AT&T as your carrier. lol If you can’t have an iPhone (and you know I want you to have one because I think everyone should), it’s certainly the next awesome thing.

    As for your mystery song… I’m thinking maybe you were a little drunk? LOL- Kidding. You’d never drunk message yourself!
    .-= Corrina´s last blog ..I’ve Been Thinking… =-.

  35. 35 Regan

    My favorite app is More Cupcakes! or More Toast! There’s also More Pizza! but I don’t have that one.

    In More Cupcakes!, you choose from a variety of cupcake liners and then choose from a variety of delicious cupcake flavors, bake them, and then decorate them with delicious frostings and candies and jelly beans.
    In More Toast!, it’s pretty much the same thing but with toast. You can also make waffles and french toast and pancakes and other delicious things.
    More Pizza! is like the other two but with pizza.

    I enjoy decorating my own virtual cupcakes. Did I mention you can “eat” them at the end?

  36. 36 meleah rebeccah

    Oh good! You’re gunna LOVE that app! Lemme know how it works out for you! :)
    .-= meleah rebeccah´s last blog ..Just A Little Filler =-.

  37. 37 Kathleen Kaufman

    Patricia – I know, I’m frequently accused of abusing my iPhone power. My 12th graders were particularly miffed when I started texting the counselor pictures of them goofing off.

    For the record, however, I do help students with my iPhone power. I have kids who text me at odd hours of the day and night with strange school questions like “It’s 2am and I just finished writing the term paper for your class but I ran out of ink! Can I email it to you?”

    Yes, yes you can.
    .-= Kathleen Kaufman´s last blog ..3 Things I Didn’t Appreciate Until I Was Thirty =-.

  38. 38 JD

    Grampy: It’s an awesome song, isn’t it? But come on. You KNOW you want to get an iPod.

    Lin: Aw, poor guy! But, he should’ve listened to his mom. I’m a’skeered to take my iPod with me wherever I go, even tho I cannot bear to be parted from it. No apps? Wow, that’s harsh.

    Jen: I know, I want an iPad too! Never mind what it does — I WANT ONE! Thank goodness I no longer need iPeriod, tho it sounds kind of cool. And I’ll definitely have to check out Cowabunga. I have Zombie Garden, and when you click on the zombies, they bleat, “braaaains.” I love it.

    Patricia (The other one . . .): It DOES sound like “Secret Asian Man,” doesn’t it? I have to say, if I’d had Kathleen as a teacher in junior high, I might not have flunked math. And I think I did know the James Bond/Playboy connection. Sounds familiar. Heh. I bet Hef never dreamed there’d be an app for THAT!

    Aaaand, oh, Mad TV. How I love thee. That was hilarious. “Please don’t ask us to explain how it works.” Awesome.

    Corrina: I was hoping you’d chime in! I have Doodle Jump and just installed Need for Speed . . . Undercover, I think? That looks very cool. My mom says she wants an iPod, but I’m not sure she’d use it. She still uses a Walkman. But if she had one . . . how could she NOT love it?

    Regan: OK, I’m sold. My finger has been hovering over My Cupcakes for some time now. Your description has convinced me. I must have More Cupcakes. And eat them!

    meleah rebeccah: I will, thanks!

    Kathleen Kaufman: Aw! You ARE a good teacher! Like I said above, where were you when I was flunking math?

  39. 39 v

    welcome to the iTouch club. isn’t it wonderful. like an iphone without the bill. i love it like a boyfriend too, but mine vibrates, thank you. okay well it doesn’t really.

    my favorite app? chess lite. i play everyday.

    then flickr, time, barnes and noble, love the FB app even though i have not been on FB lately. personal assistant keeps an eye on my paper (money). there’s just so much too love.

    i like the amazon and ebay app too. i had to get rid of them though because i was spending too much money. it was so easy though, just touch the screen, agree to sell my soul and in 13 easy payments and 1 hard payment, stuff was on its way to me!

    so you’re a secret agent? well not anymore, jack! you can’t blog about it.

  40. 40 v


  41. 41 Kathryn

    Honey, you are soooo brave. I would have been completely spooked and hidden my fake passport and forged birth certificate in an undisclosed location…just to play it safe.

    Wait. Did I say that out loud??

    It would have been even funnier if you’d wanted to download “Give it to me baby”…followed by “I like what you’re doing to me”….and capped off with “I’m so hot for you”.

    You’d have a restraining order in effect by now…
    .-= Kathryn´s last blog ..…and a Little Bit of That. =-.

  42. 42 dcr

    Code: Red
    Situation: Nominal
    Report to: Location Ochre

    This message will self-destruct in 3… 2… 1…

    .-= dcr´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday? =-.

  43. 43 Jay

    I don’t have any apps. I don’t have an iPhone, but I think you can probably get apps for mine – or maybe you can’t? Anyway, I like to keep things ‘no frills’ and partly the reason for that is so I stand some chance of being able to remember how to use the thing. LOL!
    .-= Jay´s last blog ..ABC Wednesday with the greyhounds – the letter ‘M’ =-.

  44. 44 Kathleen Kaufman

    JD – I was right there with you flunking math, I can add and subtract and that’s really about it. I’m useless. My kids make fun of me whenever math encroaches into my beautiful, beautiful literary world.
    .-= Kathleen Kaufman´s last blog ..3 Things I Didn’t Appreciate Until I Was Thirty =-.

  45. 45 JD

    v: I think when you reeeeally love something, it’s perfectly acceptable to say “too love.” And stop calling me Jack. I was snuggling in bed with my iTouch last night. We were exchanging sweet nothings. Or perhaps that was my Zombie Farm zombies asking for “braaaains.”

    Kathryn: HA! I know. There are way funnier song titles I could’ve sent myself. It happened again the other day, only that time I sent myself appointment details. I got the email and just stared at it, like, HOW DID IT KNOW?

    dcr: Damn. Where’s Location Ochre, again? I really need to find that microchip.

    Jay: I hear you. I’m still not 100% on using the MP3 player part of it, which is supposedly the main reason I got it. I’m always mystified when a song repeats or when my playlist doesn’t shuffle. “I oughtta look into that . . . ooh, wait! A shiny new app!”

    Kathleen Kaufman: Ah, we exist in the same world. Too bad ugly math has to mess it up from time to time. I don’t know how many times my husband has approached me, holding the checkbook, “Uh, honey . . . ?” What horrible addition or subtraction mistake have I made THIS time?

  46. 46 Kathy

    OK, I’m the most boring iTouch user on the planet. I have only BubbleWrap, Shredder and Bejeweled on my device. But after reading your comments, I have a new addition to the family.

    Cupcakes! It’s so cool. Thanks for the tip, Regan! JD, did you buy it? I know how much a fan you are of cuppacakes.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Windy Cake and Bacon Shoes! =-.

  47. 47 Anne

    While I have a Mac, I am not an Apple acolyte. I have a Droid and I do love the apps on it. I love Shazam, which can tell my what song is playing any time I want it to. I adore my GPS navigator since I would be lost without it. I recently downloaded an app called Strange News which is a lot of fun. It has all the alien abduction and conspiracy news stories in one place, downloaded to my phone. I am sure the government is using it to spy on me and track where I am going. Oh wait, maybe I have read too many of the stories there.

  48. 48 Bingo

    I’m not a technology lover, my phone is too old and I don’t have an Ipod so I don’t have any apps that I can enjoy :(.
    .-= Bingo´s last blog ..Bingo winner’s car stolen after Jackpot win =-.

  49. 49 Lauren

    Guffawing! You are so funny. You’re lucky your iPod touch talks to you. Mine sleeps all the time even after a refreshing battery infusion. Maybe it’s time to bring it to the Mac doctor or iDoc.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..My Lawn – The Axis of Evil. =-.

  50. 50 David

    I always heard the words to that song as “Secret Asian Man” and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it could be a secret. Clearly I’m just not up on the world of espionage.

    I kind of want a cool phone like yours; but then I’d have to switch cell phone providers, and I’m too lazy.
    .-= David´s last blog ..Just, You Know. Stuff. =-.

  51. 51 dcr

    @David: That’s what I heard for years too.
    .-= dcr´s last blog ..The Hodgepodge Rodger Dodger Massage Lodge =-.

  52. 52 JD

    Kathy: I have been resisting Cupcakes and its foodie friend apps for a while now, but after Regan’s description, I caved and got it, along with More Pizza and More Salad. It’s stupidly fun!

    Anne: Yes! meleah rebeccah (above) highly recommended Shazam. And now I must have Strange News. You know: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the aliens aren’t going to abduct you. Probably tonight.

    Bingo: Aw! Well, I bet you can make REAL cupcakes, and they will taste better than my app-cakes.

    Lauren: My iPod actually requires more batter rejuvenation than I would like. But maybe that’s why it talks to me. It’s delirious. So IS there an iDoc app? There must be!

    David: Oh, but it’s not a phone! It’s an iPod. As someone else said: All the fun parts of the phone without the annoying monthly fees — or dealing with carriers. I am FAR too lazy for that. (I always heard “Asian” too. It would be a more interesting song, I think, with that change.)

    dcr: A HA! Yup. Great minds . . .

  53. 53 U. S. gold coins

    A HA! Yup. Great minds . . .


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