I Hulu

Look at me hypnotized and half alive, maybe it’s four or five
Some parts are sleeping, some parts are paralyzed
Just one more minute . . . just one more minute . . .


Last night, Dave made a chilling announcement.

At some point today, all our TVs will go dead as a result of outdated cable boxes. We’re s’posed to get new cable boxes (today), and I know Dave will install them the second he gets home from work. But until then . . .

Thank Gawd for Hulu!

Remember when you discovered all those Web sites that offered free streaming TV shows and movies? And you were so excited? ‘Cuz you could watch Cloverfield over and over plus endless episodes of The Simpsons?

And then, just as you were microwaving the popcorn and putting on your fuzzy slippers, your excitement disappeared, because you realized:

  1. The link was usually broken.
  2. The movie was in Japanese.
  3. The handheld camerwork was sloppy and unprofessional.
  4. You really are bothered by those flashing ads for porno sites after all.

Well, get ready, because the excitement is back in the form of Hulu! (And, no, this isn’t a pay-per-post. I just love saying and writing HULU as much as possible.)

It’s free! Easy! Pretty decent quality! Simply provide a user name, password, and, if you like, your household income, and you’re home free.

Hulu offers free streaming TV shows and movies. And while some may complain that Hulu’s selection is lacking, I personally love the weird variety of really good and really obscure. You can watch movies like 28 Days Later, Sideways, The Big Lebowski and . . . Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. You can catch episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights . . . The Munsters Today, which even I didn’t know existed.

Some TV shows offer only clips, so don’t get too excited, Greatest High School Football Rivalries fans.

Yes, yes, I know you can watch many of your favorite shows on the networks’ sites, but Hulu has everything in one tidy place with a very user-friendly interface. You can e-mail and embed videos, share videos with social/bookmarking sites, and create a queue for your favorites.

Hulu is far from perfect. Lost isn’t available, and they’ve only got the first two seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The video sometimes sputters a bit, and you do have to sit through a few very short commercials.

But it’s called HULU! So what else do you need to know?

If you want to Hulu:

That’s it!


They’re going ga-ga for Hulu at humor blogs.

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31 Responses to “I Hulu”

  1. 1 Canucklehead

    I have to start reading more carefully, I scrolled down expecting to see you in a grass skirt and coconut shells. Ah well, a Canucklehead can dream, can’t he. I don’t know if you’re down with the whole meme thing – but you’ve been tagged. Feel free to ignore, it’s the Canucklehead way. (trademark pending)

  2. 2 Kelly

    One of my coworkers introduced me to Hulu (HULU, HULU!! I love saying it, too.) a couple of weeks ago. It’s too late for me, I’m hooked. But please go help the rest of the world.

    Kelly’s last blog post..How Long Does a Painting Take?

  3. 3 Fashion Paramedic

    Great. Now I’m never leaving the house.

    Fashion Paramedic’s last blog post..Have You Ever Been Convicted of a ‘BUI’?

  4. 4 Sabrina

    I told a coworker who is sadly without cable or satellite (I remember when I coveted those with cable) and she is SUPER STOKED just in the name alone. HULU is an incredibly fun word, and maybe this way I can reclaim some TV watching as it seems since my better half became my better half, my favorite shows are no longer on mysteriously…. LOL.

    Sabrina’s last blog post..I Forgot

  5. 5 JD

    Canucklehead: “I Hula So You Don’t Have To” is number 548 on my list, but I can move it up, if you like. I had kind of hoped to actually learn HOW to hula before writing the post, but that kind of lack of preparation hasn’t stopped me in the past.

    Thanks for the meme. It’s surprisingly like the “7 Random Things About Me” that I did not to long ago, only 8!

    Kelly: Before I’m finished, this will be a nation of glazed-eyed, drooling, pale Fantasy Island addicts. HULU!

    Fashion Paramedi: Yeah, that’s kinda how I felt, too.

    Sabrina: “SUPER STOKED”! That’s what I like to hear. Tell your better half to keep his paws off your Hulu!

  6. 6 Regan

    Ahh, Hulu. I’ve been there a few times. HULU!!!!!!! HULU!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I also thought it would have something to do with a hula. Oh well. I would watch HULU but I’m watching Gilmore Girls.

  7. 7 Kathy

    Count me among those who thought I might click here and find you doing a hula dance. It wouldn’t surprise me, since you Zumba, which I’m certain is much harder.

    Thank you for writing about Hulu. I’ve heard of it, but only went poking around the site today. I got stuck on a show from 30 years ago: The Incredible Hulk. I used to love it during the first run. I was madly in love with David Banner. Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry! Good stuff.

    Kathy’s last blog post..What’s in the Real Junk Drawer?

  8. 8 JD

    Regan: Enjoy Gilmore Girls while you can. Soon it will be available only on HULU!

    Kathy: Incredible Hulk, eh? That’s definitely a step above The Munsters Today.

    Zumba, Hulu, Zombo, Hula—you say potato.

  9. 9 Carla @ WordPlay

    Thank you for introducing me to Hulu. I had no idea it existed.

    We have three TVs in our house but somehow they always seem to have sports programming on them. We actually have two TVs in the living room so multiple sporting events can be watched at once. It’s like a sports bar without the liquor. (Not my choice of decor, by the way. The house was set up this way when I arrived.) As a result, I’m always looking for ways to watch TV shows and movies on my computer.

    Hulu is the most professional site I’ve seen yet for watching free stuff. Yay! But I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we wouldn’t mind if you posted a video of you dancing the hula.

    Carla @ WordPlay’s last blog post..Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Blog

  10. 10 Tim

    I’m not even going to look. My crappy connection makes watching very much video a real chore. So since there’s no grass skirt, I’m outa here :)

    Tim’s last blog post..Fun With Hydrogen: HHO Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Generators

  11. 11 Jeff

    Hmmm, I just figured out the other day that you can get streaming online radio…. and now this! Next thing you know they’re going to invent a way to play DVD movies on your computer. I know, farfetched… but wouldn’t that be something?!

  12. 12 JD

    Carla @ WordPlay:I think my husband might be moving into your house as we speak.

    I like Hulu’s site, too. Some of the other sites I’ve seen are kind of . . . porny, or they just plain don’t work.

    I’m seriously going to have to look into this hula thing!

    Tim: If I post a video of me doing the hula, will you watch that?

    Jeff: Your wild conjectures about the future of DVDs is frightening me! You are crazy, man!

  13. 13 Tiggy

    Oh good! I already spend 95% of my waking moments fixed to a computer, now I never need leave my desk!

    Hurrah for Hulu!

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Tiggy Joins The No Cussing Club

  14. 14 Corrina

    I’m sorry… WHAT was the name of it again?? LOL!

    Corrina’s last blog post..Yes, Please.

  15. 15 JD

    Corrina: HULU!!!!!!

  16. 16 Kelly

    JD… how did you know I watch Fantasy Island??? And you’d do the hula so we don’t have to? You are SO thoughtful!

    Kelly’s last blog post..Nautilus Lightning

  17. 17 Natural

    Never heard of Hula, I’ll have to check them out. Hope you get your boxes taken care of so. I wish my TV would blow up, I wouldn’t care. NOw the internet is another story.

  18. 18 JD

    Kelly: Lucky guess, or the fact that EVERYone watches Fantasy Island at some point in their lives. And, yes, it’s official:


    Natural: I actually installed the cable boxes myself, which is quite an accomplishment. I’m surprised I didn’t blow up our TVs, but mabye that’ll happen later.

  19. 19 Elle

    Gotta love the hulu. Hulu barata nikto. All the Scrubs, one after another… totally a shame I have to mute at work to avoid detection. And I truly would hula with you, but I may dislocate something I’d want to use later…

    Elle’s last blog post..Speed Zoo, Or the Day We Missed Out on $10K

  20. 20 Tim

    I might struggle with waiting to download your hula video, but that’s it! Incredible Hulk reruns or no, I just don’t have the time or the patience.

  21. 21 JD

    Elle: Are you quoting The Lion King or The Beatles? Anyway, I agree. LOVE the Hulu. I think if you hula while also attempting to hulu, you’re in for trouble.

    Tim: I don’t blame you. It’s gotta be lightning fast—and WORK, damnit—for me to waste my time. And waste my time I do.

  22. 22 Canny Granny

    Once again my dreams are shattered! There I was, eager to see The Munsters Today, only to find that it’s US only!
    Curses, foiled again

    Canny Granny’s last blog post..A stitch in time saves Granny

  23. 23 Canucklehead

    holy shitballs – you really are SUPER hooked on this hulu thing. Your adoring public misses you … hello? Is this thing on?

  24. 24 JD

    Canny Granny: Wait, no! That sucks. I’m going to write a letter of protest. Hulu must be for everyone!

    Canucklehead: I know! It’s all those episodes of Mary Tyler Moore. Those shows have stood the test of time, comedy-wise. I’ll be back: bigger and better and nuder than ever!

  25. 25 Ernie

    Hey do they have any episodes of “B.J. and the Bear”. Back when I was a pre-teen I used to think that was a great show. I have no doubt that it would stand up to the test of time. So I just realized now; that, that…Canucklehead…memed you. The thing is I memed you too and after you just recently did another one. It must be nice to be wildly popular so that the rest of don’t have to be.

    Ernie’s last blog post..I’ve Got Meme On My Face

  26. 26 Canucklehead

    Nuder? Well, I guess take your time then. I can’t tell you how excited I am that I get to drop a card now on my visits. It’s pathetic really. Anyway, all the best …

  27. 27 JD

    Ernie: Hang on, I’ll check so you don’t have to . . . goes to hulu.com for 5 hours then returns Nope, sorry. But they have Battlestar Galactica—isn’t that where “frak” comes from?

    You’ve got meme on your face? I’ve got it all over me! Thanks! (I don’t seem to be getting my pings, but I’ll get right on it.)

    Canucklehead: Yes, nude always takes more time, as I’m sure you know. I love EntreCard! I will drop you like you’re hot whenever I get the chance.

  28. 28 jennypenny

    I gotta go over there and see if they’ve got 21Jumpstreet … Johnny Darling Depp fan that I am, if they do y’all will hear me hollering all the way from where I is to where you are …

    jennypenny’s last blog post..Sweet Allissa

  29. 29 JD

    jennypenny: I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. BUT! They do have The Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show! That’s almost as good . . . right?

  30. 30 In Plain Sight Episodes Online

    I like Hulu its fast and great, also the commercial type things they have great for advertisements.

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