I Have Insomnia

And sleep comes
With a knife, fork, and a spoon


For many people, insomnia can mean one or more nights without sleep, tossing and turning, staring at an unforgiving clock; in short, a seemingly endless night followed by a crabby-ass day. For me, it means waking up at 3 AM and not falling back asleep until 3:30. Seriously, I consider missing half an hour of sleep to be full-blown insomnia. Believe me when I tells ya: I needs my sleep, I loves my sleep, I gots to have my sleep.

I’m lucky: I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Sleep is my forte. I excel at sleep! I challenge you to a sleeping duel! On those rare occasions when I do have trouble, I take melatonin, of which my doctor wholeheartedly approves—of course, she dispenses Vicodin from gumball machines in her waiting room, so take THAT with grain of salt.

Sleep is good, no, sleep is the BEST. I don’t understand these people who brag about how little sleep they subsist on. “I only need about 5 hours!” The hell? I may only need 5, too, but I’ll take 10, because sleep RULES. It’s nature’s way of making your body shut up, if not your mind.

Given my love of sleep, you can see why missing one precious half-hour is disturbing.

Why Couldn’t I Sleep?
  • Remember that Simpsons episode in which the family visits the Itchy and Scratchy theme park and they find the attraction called “Searing Gas Pain Land“? Well, that outta be enough information for you. Perhaps too much.
  • You know that thing cats do where they act like they see someone or something that isn’t there? Well, Gus kept doing that: sitting straight up, ears cocked, eyes bugging out, staring down the hallway. It was freaking me out. If there were an actual burglar or serial killer, he’d be under the bed. But what if it’s a ghost? Or a wolf? Or a giant millipede?
  • Dave has big feet. Make of that what you will. Sometimes he lies on his back with his feet sticking straight up. This creates a sort of tent at the foot of the bed in which my feet are surrounded by nothing but air. I can’t sleep that way. My feet need to feel the blanket. A good, hard poke will sometimes alleviate this situation, but on this night, Dave was immovable.

Anyway, after a half hour of hell, I did fall back asleep. Oh, and there was no giant millipede. Gus just likes to freak me out.

If You Have Insomnia

You probably already know the obvious remedies. Here are some tips you may not have heard of:

What are your tips for insomnia? How many hours do you need? Could you beat me in a sleeping duel?


Sssssh! They’re still sleeping at humor blogs.

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52 Responses to “I Have Insomnia”

  1. 1 jennypenny

    Well, to begin with, I need 10 hours just like you. It infuriates me when people brag about how little sleep they need or how they “never get sick.” TG would be one of these. Bores me. I don’t get sick often but when I do I am going to baby myself. Deal with it.

    Insomnia … like you, I am an intermittent sufferer. And yes, if you are having a tough time getting to sleep or getting BACK to sleep, every little thing is magnified. TG does not make a tent with his size-thirteens but if he’s on his back he SNORES loud enough to activate tree frogs in the next county. I am constantly shaking the bed or pushing on him to get him to roll back over.

    I’m pretty sure I could beat you in a sleeping duel, JD, as long as I could be in my own bed with my own pillow in a room chilled to simulate a meatlocker, my comforter, a full tummy, and rain falling outside.

    jennypenny’s last blog post..How Do You Spell Subway? Q-U-I-Z-N-O-S

  2. 2 Shieldmaiden96

    I am a champion of sleep; I am usually out in less than four minutes and I love fluffy pillows and yummy fluffy comforters.

    What sucks is that twice a week, I am on ambulance duty. Which means that from 6pm-6am two nights in a row I sleep with a pager on, and if it goes off in the middle of the night I get up, put my shoes on, drive downtown, and get in an ambulance and go deal with someone’s crisis. Its hard to sleep deeply when its absolutely silent in the house and you know that ear-shattering beeping can go off any second.

    And that isn’t my job; its volunteer. So I have to be at work at 8am regardless of whether I had calls the night before or not.

    So I covet sleep. Not being able to sleep stresses me out completely. If I have the late night worry session I get up and write it all out in my journal. I write down everything I’m thinking about. Then I lay down and tell myself, I’m giving my body permission to rest, even if I don’t fall asleep. But I always do.

    Shieldmaiden96′s last blog post..Inappropriate Laughter, The Best Medicine

  3. 3 Gizmo

    Hmm if I sleep more than 6.5 hours I can’t get to sleep the next night. BUT on the rare occasion I cannot sleep for no particular reason, I pop a pill called “Midnite” which you can get at most drug stores. Stuff works like a charm and dissolves in your mouth. No need to get up.

  4. 4 dcr

    I can solve all three of your sleeping problems!

    1) Beano.

    2) Chalk (for the ghost), silver (for the wolf) and a jar (to catch the giant millipede and release it outside).

    3) Socks.

    dcr’s last blog post..Photo Phriday: Phlower

  5. 5 Alice

    10 hours of sleep = good.

    But I do what you do and wake up at 3 am for no reason. My solution is to play mind numbing repetitive games on the computer until I get hit by tiredness again. It works for me, but I could see where it might stimulate other people.

    And yeah – the cat perking up freaks me out too. Seriously..what did they just hear?

    Alice’s last blog post..Visiting – Peace Corps Style (Part 1)

  6. 6 babs (beetle)

    Hmmm… It could be said that 10 hour sleeps make it inevitable that a sleepless night will follow soon. For me 6 is ok, 7 is nice, 8 is ok, any more than that and I feel awful when I get up.

    A sleepless night for me is laying in bed still waiting to fall asleep at 5am, and having to get up at 8am!

    It doesn’t much matter for me though as I don’t work – my time is, more or less, my own, to sleep when I want to ;O)

    babs (beetle)’s last blog post..What treasure hunt?

  7. 7 JD

    jennypenny: We sound a lot alike: babying ourselves when sick, cold room, full tummy… And I love that TG’s snoring “activates tree frogs.” Hilarious!

    Shieldmaiden96: Mmmm, fluffy. I wish I could fall asleep that quickly; usually it takes me at least 20 minutes.

    And kudos to you, for volunteering for midnight ambulance duty! Wow. I bet it’s hard to sleep those nights, waiting for a possible call. And that’s great advice about just lying down and resting your body. That almost always works.

    Gizmo: I’ve never heard of “Midnight,” but I’ll check it out. I do love my melatonin, tho, and it’s completely natural. But I do like the idea of something that dissolves in your mouth.

    dcr: OK, the Beano is a good suggestion. I’ve heard it works wonders. But the chalk, silver, and jar may not be as effective if I’m too freaked out to get out of bed! And socks? No way. My feet would sweat right off. I appreciate the suggestions, tho!

    Alice: I’ve done the mind-numbing computer games when I’m really wide awake, and that does work. Usually, tho, I hate to get outta bed.

    I try distracting my cat when he does that, but he won’t stop looking…at nothing!

  8. 8 Lori

    My god it works – I just wiggled my toes and fell asleep on my keyboard!! You’ll have to excuse the slobber…..

  9. 9 Simon

    Poor Dave being proded in the middle of the night :(

  10. 10 Jay

    I feel your pain. I have insomnia too. I need between eight and ten hours sleep, but rarely get it. It takes me an hour to wake up in the morning, less than a minute to fall asleep at night, but I wake suddenly for no reason, then I start to get hot, that’s it. Can’t sleep.

    If I wake any time after six am, no matter what time I went to bed, I can’t sleep. Sometimes I start to worry about stuff and it wakes me up so much I can’t sleep. Sometimes I’m sleeping peacefully and the DOG wakes me up because she needs a pee, and once I’ve got upright and let her out, I can’t sleep. I hate that!

    I’m gonna try wiggling my toes. It might just work!

    Jay’s last blog post..Kids Today

  11. 11 Jeff

    When I was reading this I was thinking… “She’s not gonna get much of a pity party from the people who have real insomnia.” I thought that because it seems like I read an inordinate number of bloggers who can’t sleep for several days sometimes. I can’t even imagine.

    But I’m like you – I can fall asleep in a few minutes and I cherish every second of it. In fact, I wrote about 3 things that make me sleepy today. And double in fact, I challenge you right back!

  12. 12 Shieldmaiden96

    Oh, and regarding the cats– I think mine sees spectral beings. I used to think it was moths or something, but he’ll be laying beside me, licking his junk like he usually is, and he stops and jerks his head up and stares at the ceiling for a minute or so. Then he’ll go back to his hygiene, only to stop and look up again. I look with him and there is nothing to see. His other favorite pasttime is to stare transfixed at doorways into the dark with his eyes so wide the whites are showing. I think he’s dicking with me.

    Shieldmaiden96′s last blog post..Inappropriate Laughter, The Best Medicine

  13. 13 JD

    babs (beetle): I know a lot of people who truly do fare better on 6 or fewer hours of sleep. I’m lucky that I work at home and don’t have to set an alarm. That waking up at 5, knowing you have to BE up 2 or 3 hours later is the WORST! My body sleeps as much or as little as it needs to, which is usually 8-9 hours.

    Jay: Oh, now I feel bad, because I’m joking about missing a half-hour of sleep, and you have serious sleep problems! I hope the toe wiggling works!

    Lori: A HA! So it does work. I’ll have to try it. Here I go, taking off my socks, and (head hits keyboard)

    Simon: Aw! Dave appreciates your support!

    Jeff: Sleep challenge! I’m not sure what the rules, are, but the challenge involves a LOT of sleeping. I’m not as good at falling right to sleep, but I can really rack up the hours once I’m out. I truly feel bad for people with legitimate insomnia. It’s gotta be the worst.

  14. 14 Cathouse Teri

    You are funny! Have I visited here before? If I did and never came to visit again, I apologize.

    I’m afraid I’m one of those people who only needs 5-6 hours of sleep. And I WANT even less. I hate wasting my time on sleep! But I hafta. So I do it. Under duress. Someone makes me. I think his name is “my body.” Maybe he’s a her. I dunno. But he/she’s mean.

    I shan’t be challenging you.

    As you were, soldierette.

    Good luck in the forthcoming duels.

    Cathouse Teri’s last blog post..Penis Alert

  15. 15 Regan

    I love that episode of The Simpsons!

    It IS weird when cats do that!

  16. 16 Swubird


    Nice article. It was particularly interesting to me, because I’ve been sleep deprived for over 35 years. So I like to hear from fellow insomniacs, and I also like to hear about curative suggestions.

    As to my personal remedies, you should not eat after 7:00 PM. You shouldn’t spend late nights on the computer blogging, or anything else. I hear that the bright screen lights have an affect on the sleep center of the brain. And, of course, no drinking liquids, water, alcohol, caffeine, or otherwise.

    In addition to the normal (whatever that is) insomnia, I also have sleep Apnea, so I am an especially cranky individual. Just imagine that you are an insomniac, and on top of that you have to wear a noisy SCUBA mask strapped to your face with high pressure air blowing up your nose. That’s me.

    As to your questions:

    1. I need all the sleep I can get. But I don’t know what too much is since I’ve never had too much. To me, three hours is like hibernation.

    2. The only way I’d win a sleep contest with you would be if the winner was the person who got the least amount of sleep.

    Great, thought provoking post.

    Sleep tight.

    Swubird’s last blog post..ENCOUNTER WITH EVIL

  17. 17 JD

    Shieldmaiden96: YES! Cats are totally dicking with us. What other possible explanation could there be? Actual ghosts? Hmmm…

    Cathouse Teri: Thank you and welcome! No, I don’t think I’ve “seen” you here before. Now, you and I are very different. I just love to sleep and consider it time well spent. But I think it’s probably healthier to need it and love it a little less than I do. I hope you’re able to resolve your issues with your body.

    Regan: Me too! I always say “possibl-ie” instead of “possibly.”

    Swubird: Thanks! And I feel bad AGAIN for making fun of what is a very serious issue for lots of people. I’ve heard that about bright lights affecting the sleep center—very interesting.

    I’ve always wondered what sort of apparatus sleep apnea sufferers had to wear. It sounds awful! My heart goes out to you. I can barely sleep if I have a hangnail, much less a SCUBA mask.

    Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

  18. 18 Meg

    I fantasize about John Cusack, Jeff Tweedy, and other guys from Chicago whose names begin with a J.

    Meg’s last blog post..Couch Surfing, Chicago Style

  19. 19 PolymerClayTutor

    You’re on!! (For the sleeping duel challenge that is!) I’ll go to sleep right now… But since you’re in Alberta and I’m in BC, even if you also go to sleep right now, you’ll have to wake an hour earlier for work…So I WIN!!…. Yeah me!!… You hardly stood a chance, JD!

    PolymerClayTutor’s last blog post..A Super Handy Polymer Clay Tool – The Food Processor

  20. 20 DineometerDeb

    Yes, sleep is the best, isn’t it. I would meet your challenge and, dare I say, probably win. But occasionally if I do have insomnia, I try laying with my head over the bed for a while so the blood rushes to it (I think I read that in a yoga book), or threatening myself with chores I don’t want to do.

    DineometerDeb’s last blog post..Mongolian Cuisine

  21. 21 Dave

    You are too funny!

    Having gone through enough Mattress Sales Seminars in my life, I too have a few tips for getting more deep, restorative sleep.

    -Skip that last cigarette before bed. Nicotine is a stimulant and can keep you awake, however smoking in bed is not. *wink*

    -Stop worrying! Trying to solve life’s problems right before bed
    (such as wolves, ghosts and millipedes) will keep you awake. Set a time during the day as “worry time”.

    -develop a bedtime routine and stick to it- a hot bath, curling up with a good book, curling your toes, or if you’re into that kind of thing-thinking about JD’s husband’s big feet- and it’s implications.

    Dave’s last blog post..Mystery of Stonhenge Solved

  22. 22 Kelly

    Oh, sleep! I love sleep!

    I used to suffer horribly from insomnia. It was so bad that some nights I wouldn’t get any sleep at all… other nights I’d be lucky to sleep for two hours spaced out in 15 minute intervals. Turns out I was depressed.

    Now, though? I fall asleep in a few minutes and can usually sleep all the way through to morning. 8.5 to 9 hours is perfect, but I’m usually only allowed 7.5 during the week because I just have to get up too early to get to work. Bah. One thing that does interfere with my sleep is the the snoring of my husband. I’m thinking of buying him his own bed to put in another room of the house. It’s that bad.

    I like naps, too. 45 minutes in the afternoon is perfect. My employer doesn’t like it though.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Collaged Words: Faith

  23. 23 ann of the shampoo bag

    I would win the sleeping duel. I can sleep for 10 hours, get up, have a snack, and feel ready for a nap. In fact, someday I plan to spend a whole weekend doing just that. Having periods of wakefulness for nourishment between long bouts of sleep.
    Of course, I am very high maintenance at bedtime. Long pants, mid-calf socks, long sleeves, two blankets, complete darkness, 68 degrees with ceiling fan on low.
    On the rare occasions that I wake up during the night ( usually do to my husband’s twitching and breathing, that darn breathing!), I do math problems in my head. Usually figuring out my paycheck. It’s a challenge for me, all that double digit multiplication….Gets me right back into the game, and without getting up!
    My husband has the opposite problem. He wishes that he could sleep for more than 6 hours in a row. He hears everything! I think that he can hear the traffic light change from 2 miles away!
    Our cats are banned from the bedroom. All that purring, stretching, and chasing imaginary creatures would disturb us too much.
    Nitey, nite!

  24. 24 cardiogirl

    I used to sleep well. I used to be in your category of sleeping sensei and I would have gladly challenged you to a duel. But no more.

    Now I use Lunesta and I’m afraid that’s starting to not be able to deal with the anxiety in my head. That sucks. But I used to be a good sleeper. And it’s nice to hear that you are mostly a good sleeper except for the occasional visit to Itchy and Scratchy’s playground :)

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..When it comes to killing flies, I’m old-school, hands-on

  25. 25 Tim

    I can sleep at the drop of a hat. My brief stint in the military forced my subconscious mind to realize that sleep is a luxury, and it will take all it can get!
    I can sleep standing, and I proved it during basic training when everyone else marched away and left me by myself. I woke up to being screamed at.
    I can sleep in any vehicle I have been in; car, truck, airplane, train, you name it. I haven’t tried sleeping on a bicycle, could be dangerous. But I have slept in a gondola, on the way down from a mountaintop. I have slept in hospital waiting room chairs, while getting my hair cut (that was embarrassing), in an MRI machine, and quite a few other interesting locales.
    One of my cousins is the same way, but worse. He can sleep during conversations. If you aren’t interesting enough, he just nods off.
    Sleeping in a bed? Child’s play. I am usually out in about 5 seconds.
    Once a month, I can’t fall sleep. This is a sure sign that I am wasting my time and I might as well quit trying immediately. Nothing will make me sleep if I am not ready, short of drugs. My mom told me not to use drugs, so I just go do something else until I feel ready to sleep.

    Tim’s last blog post..Ideal For Girls Or Anyone Who Wants A Chuckle

  26. 26 JD

    Meg: So “J” guys put you to sleep? When I fantasize (David Strathairn!), sleep is the last thing on my mind!

    PolymerClayTutor: HA! OK, I admit defeat, but only because I had an energy drink. But wait! I’m not in Alberta—I live in Chicago. Does that mean I actually did win?

    DineometerDeb: Oh, the chore-threatening would be terrifying enough to force my body into submission. I’ve never heard of the blood-to-head method, but I’d give it a try.

    Dave: Hey, I’m sure Dave would be flattered at the thought of millions of I Do Things readers thinking about his big feet to help them fall asleep.

    I love the idea of setting aside time for “worry time.” Sometimes it seems like as soon as you turn off the light, your brain thinks it’s time to start worrying. Those millipedes probably can’t crawl into my bed, right?

    Now: have you really attended mattress sales seminars? Because that would put me to sleep for sure.

    Kelly: Have you ever made a “Sleep” collage (check out Kelly’s beautiful artwork, everyone!)

    I’m so happy you’re healthy and sleeping well again. A snoring husband is not good. I’m thankful Dave suffers only from big feet. (Actually, I’m the one that snores!)

    I love to nap, but I’m not very good at it. I either just lie there, feeling like I’m wasting time, or I sleep heavily for 4 hours and wake up feeling out of sorts.

    ann of the shampoo bag: Oh, I love the idea of a weekend sleeping marathon. If I didn’t enjoy eating so much, I might consider some sort of intravenous feeding setup.

    Twitching? Breathing? This is unacceptable nighttime behavior!

    Do your cats meow outside the door, tho? If we tried keeping Gus out of the bedroom, he’d howl the house down!

    cardiogirl: I’m sorry to hear you’ve got sleeping problems. I’ve never tried Lunesta or Ambien. Have you tried melatonin? Ask your doc. Maybe it’ll restore you to sleeping sensai status.

    Tim: Wow. I bow down to your sleeping expertise. I can sleep great in a bed but NOWHERE else. Standing up? In a gondola? You, sir, are a true master. I’d love to hear more about the haircut.

  27. 27 Kathy

    I don’t get enough of it. While I can function decently on 6 hrs a night, it’ll catch up with me eventually, and nobody like that. Not my husband, not my cats, and certainly not the people I run over in the street.

    My problem is that I fall asleep very early (9PM) and awaken somewhere around 3AM, when I start praying to the sleep gods that I can catch another hour or two before I have to give up and call it quits. I’m so tired by the end of the day, I go to bed early and the cycle repeats itself, except on the weekends when I can catch up with a good nap. I loves me a good nap!

    Kathy’s last blog post..The Tiniest Woolly Mammoth

  28. 28 The Chick

    I get very little sleep, but I don’t brag about it. It makes me ever so sad actually as I loves to sleep just like you. Sleeping in is my ultimate indulgence……

    The Chick’s last blog post..Girliness is Just a Tank of Gas Away……..

  29. 29 Elle

    Sleep… YESSSS! Must have my ZZZZ’s with body pillow, dark, quiet and vold. Unlike the two male people I live with, who seem to be able to slumber in the ESPN studios. And I seem to wake about 4 AM on stressful nights. I usually waste an hour or so and then wander back for another hour or so miserable light tossing before the alarm. Ugh. What is with that? I have some melatonin, I will have to try it on a more regular basis.

    Elle’s last blog post..Ah, the Delicate and Subtle Joys of Summer

  30. 30 Elle

    Uh, that would be cold. I’d have vold, if it would help with the sleeping.

    Elle’s last blog post..Ah, the Delicate and Subtle Joys of Summer

  31. 31 JD

    Kathy: Oh, nothing beats a good nap. And I’m sure all those innocent (yet annoying) pedestrians out there are pulling for you to catch up on your sleep over the weekend.

    The Chick: I wish sleep could be more than an indulgence for you. I am sending you sleep vibes that will allow you to sleep for 10 hours a night: ((((((((((SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP)))))))))))))))))))

    Elle: Ooh, I want a body pillow! And yes, it must be vold! Very vold! I swear by melatonin. I don’t take it every night, but when I do: sweet, blessed sleeeeep.

  32. 32 Maureen

    Ughhh… I used to get such great night’s sleep. Now I am constantly waking up throughout the night. And since I get hubby up at 4:30, then I get up 1 hour later, I am seriously sleep deprived. Which is why it’s not surprising that I fall asleep sitting at my computer…

    But I do love my waterbed; the old fashioned, no baffled type. It’s like sleeping in a hammock. Too bad hubby is a terrible snorer and leg jerker… now you know why I can’t sleep.

  33. 33 JT

    As someone who has been a hardcore insomniac for years, I feel for you I really do. No, not really, lol. Drugs are good, wine is better. A nice cuppa merlot, makes the night spin nicely, and close down quickly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last through the night, so that 3 am wake up and pee, and try not to fall in the toilet, really screws with my head. If there’s a cure, I’d love to hear it.

    JT’s last blog post..Sunday Breathalyzer

  34. 34 Canucklehead

    Wow – late to the party once again. It’s Monday morning so you know sleep is exactly what I’m thinking about … I think the secret is simply to ……………….

  35. 35 Lisa Lisa

    I’ve always had trouble sleeping and wish that I could sleep for 8 or 10 hours. I’m one of those people that only sleep for about 5 – 6 hours. I don’t brag though. I don’t know why anyone would brag – it’s torture. If I can’t sleep I’ll pop a valium, but then feel kidda groggy in the morning. I once slept for about 10 hours and I felt REALLY weird the next day and could not snap out of it. I think my brain and body were in shock from how much sleep I got. I like the info that I read on the Melatonin, I just might talk to my Dr. about it. Hey, What the hell! What’s one more prescription drug added to my list??? Thanks for the info.

  36. 36 JD

    Maureen: Wow, I didn’t know people still slept in waterbeds! I always, ALWAYS wanted one, but now I don’t know how it would work with my back, which needs a very firm mattress. Oh, but to sleep in a hammock…that does sound heavenly. Except for the leg jerker.

    JT: I thought you were going to say, “Unfortunately, it doesn’t last through the night, so at 3 AM I get up and drink another glass.” We have some good wine; maybe I should try that tonight. Again, I highly recommend melatonin.

    Canucklehead: You are the party, so consider it officially started. Hopefully you can stay awake long enough to reveal the elusive secret to sleep. Does it have something to do with beer? with bacon?

    Lisa Lisa: The good news is: melatonin isn’t even a prescription! Or is that bad news? Either way, you can get it at your local drugstore. But it’s probably good to check with your doctor first. I hope it helps. I do sometimes feel weird after too much sleep. The solution? A nap.

  37. 37 Corrina

    Oooo I looooove sleep too! I could sleep for DAYS, if I didn’t have a pesky job that gets in the way. I’ve never heard of wiggling your toes to fall asleep… I’m gonna go read that article now.

    Corrina’s last blog post..My Kidneys Hate Me

  38. 38 Regretful Morning

    I have it to. I envy people who can lay down and fall right asleep. This is the 3rd day I havent needed sleeping pills though. New routine is 1 hour workout, 45 min cardio, and 10 laps in the pool.

    Still takes me about an hour to fall asleep after all of that. I feel your pain.

    Regretful Morning’s last blog post..Win a Case of Resurrect!

  39. 39 H.

    I’m a marathon napper. I’d lose a duel over regular night sleeping, but marathon napping? I can go for 6 hours at a time. I’m the Zorro of naps.

    H.’s last blog post..Ducks at Work

  40. 40 JD

    Corrina: Pesky jobs! I agree: they get in the way of far too many enjoyable pastimes. Let me know if toe wiggling works for you.

    Regretful Morning: Wow. I would think you’d sleep like a baby with all that physical activity. Are you working out too close to bedtime? That can keep you awake. What kind of sleeping pills do you take? I want some!

    H. The Zorro of Naps! I love it. Really? A 6-hour nap? I think that qualifies you as a daytime sleeper. Regardless, congratulations!

  41. 41 sarah

    oh man, youre very lucky to not have suffered more than a 1/2 hour tops of this!! maybe you should keep the bragging to a minimum on this one. ;)

    sarah’s last blog post..Late inventor of Pringles can buried in Pringles can

  42. 42 JD

    sarah: Yeah…perhaps you’re right. Some people might not understand the horror of missing a half-hour of sleep. ;-)

  43. 43 Tiggy

    I’m a bad sleeper so I just gave up and tried not sleeping at all. The first 48 hours were fine, but after that the hallucinations and screaming became tiring.

    I just don’t know how airline pilots manage it.

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Tiggy’s Beauty Secrets

  44. 44 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I am very, very glad to learn that the googly staring cat-eyes trick really works.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

  45. 45 JD

    Tiggy: You’re back! YAY! And, yes: hallucinations can be sooo tiring.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: DAISY! You have to tell us why you cats do that googly-eye thing. PLEASE! You’re driving us crazy!

  46. 46 Corrina

    The wiggling was surprisingly relaxing! Although Suki thought it meant “attack my feet”. I swear she thinks she’s a cat.

    Corrina’s last blog post..My Next Fix

  47. 47 JD

    Corrina: I’ll definitely try the wiggling the next time I’m awake for longer than 5 minutes. Tho, with a kitten in the house, now, that could be dangerous.

  48. 48 Jamie

    I’m not sure any of those remedies would really work for me. I’ve had insomnia for as long as I can remember. Trouble falling asleep? Check! Trouble staying asleep? Check! On the rare days when I DO happen upon 8 or 10 hours of blessed slumber, when I do awaken to greet the new day, I feel as though I’m drugged and really unable to function. I’m not sure why however. And the cat, thankfully, none of ours sleep with us, they all prefer the children’s beds. My husband snores like there is no tomorrow. There are many nights where that awakens me. Usually he can be moved. Others, he’ll actually wake enough to argue with me about the fact that he was not snoring. UGH!

    Jamie’s last blog post..My Eldest Son and My Sister

  49. 49 JD

    Jamie: “Usually he can be moved.” That’s hilarious. I’m sorry you’re a bad sleeper. I’m sure the snoring doesn’t help. My husband has begun to inform me that I snore, which is ridiculous.

  50. 50 Insomnia Remedies

    I hate you!

    Just kidding. It’s just that for 15+ years missing only a half hour ofr sleep each night would have been a trip to paradise. For a decade and a half I awoke at 2AM (almost on the dot) and couldn’t go back to sleep. When I was younger I used to make fun of ‘wussies’ who whined about missing sleep. What’s the big deal? Then I became a charter member of the Chronic Insomnia club and suddenly it really became a big deal. Enjoy your sleep while you can and I hope it’s always that way for you.

  51. 51 JD

    Insomnia Remedies: Oh, no! Oh, phew. I know. And I don’t mean to brag. I’m very lucky. I hope you can figure out a way out of the Chronic Insomnia club. I have actually had a few nights where I’ve lost way more than a half hour of sleep, and it is the WORST!

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