I Hate That Lady

The way she powders her nose
Her vanity shows and it shows


‘Tis the season not to hate people
Tra la la

She’s so selfish! So jerkass-ish! So STOOPID! There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express how much I hate her.

!!!!! (see?)

Anyway, this lady. You may know her. She’s kind of attractive, nice hair. Likes to buy expensive dresses, tho her taste is questionable. Her taste in men, however, is spot-on, ‘cuz her guy is really cute.

He wants to go on a vacation.

Aw! How nice is that? There will be dining, boating, all kinds of fun activities they can both enjoy!


There will be no vacation. No dining. No boating. No fun activities.


Well, see for yourself.

If you were too lazy to watch the video that would’ve taken 30 seconds of your precious time, I’ll spell it out for you:

The idiotic woman has spent all of the couple’s hard-earned reward points on a dress. Yes, you read that correctly. A single dress. No, the dress isn’t made of edible gold or diamond-filled Hershey Kisses, or even credit cards. It’s a dress. And it’s kind of fug, really.

Are you beginning to understand why I hate this lady? It’s not even that she selfishly spent all that money on a stupid dress but that she’s not the least bit worried about the guy’s reaction! She’s SO SURE he’s going to think she’s adorable for being such a cute little spend-bunny.


What’s his response to this mind-boggling fuckery?

A look and a smile that says, “Oh, honey. You’re such a mischevious little scamp! How can I get mad at you?”

I’ll tell you how, bub. She just spent the equivalent of a VACATION FOR TWO on a freaking DRESS!

If I ever do something this bone-headed, I hope Dave will punch me in the eye, because that? Is the appropriate response. Not a helpless grin.

I’m not the only one who hates this lady. From around the Internet, enraged viewers are voicing their opinions:

That bitch. He could have used those points to buy a flat screen. Sure, she’s hot, but it’s still grounds for choking a bitch.

This commercial has convinced me to have a clause for credit card points in my pre-nup.

Hey wench, we spent years accumulating that equity and you spent it all on an item of clothing you are only going to wear once behind my back? You ugly, Hilary Swank-looking thief of a wife.

I’d give her 10CC of rewards.

OK, that last one was gross.

So, men? Your partner comes home to announce that he/she has spent what must be thousands of dollars on a dress.

What do you do? (It can be illegal.)

Women? You have a choice between a fun vacation with your partner OR A SINGLE DRESS that you can plan on wearing in misery and poverty ALONE forever because your partner will kick you out to begin a new life, accumulating reward points to spend on hookers and blow.

What do you do?


Ugly dress came from here

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77 Responses to “I Hate That Lady”

  1. 1 Jenn Thorson

    You are talking to a gal who grew up on clothes from the thrift store– which in the 80s was not the applauded Alternative-Chic that Molly Ringwald implied it was. No, I do not buy the dress. :)

  2. 2 Kathy

    Thank you for hating her too! I always wondered about this stupid commercial. And, also, he was looking at her the whole time and he didn't even notice what she was wearing until the end? This commercial is idiotic on so many levels. But mostly that stupid woman. Stupid, inconsiderate, ugly-dress-wearing woman. I feel better now. Thank you.

  3. 3 Grace

    I don't wear dresses and my husband and I don't go on vacations – any other choices?

  4. 4 GoingLikeSixty

    I would flip the clicker until she left the room. I wouldn't have been listening anyway.

    Do you ever take valium so I don't have to?

  5. 5 Spot

    I would never spend reward points on a dress. How freakin selfish is that?? Although my husband would probably not punch me, just shake his head in sad defeat. Wait, he'd never suggest a romantic vacation for two either. That's just not how we roll. But I would definitely choose vacation over dress any day. Even if it was the most beautiful dress in the world and made me look ten years younger and 50 pounds slimmer, cause where the hell would I wear something like that too? The grocery store??


  6. 6 Tracy

    The only redeeming thing about this commercial is that she didn't use the points for shoes. Women powerless in the face of shoes is just such an annoying cliche.

    She should be married to that guy from the jewelry commercial that has to be Mr. Big Shot Show Off and bring their whole family to witness him giving her an expensive piece of jewelry. I don't know about you, but I just don't like my husband being in cahoots with my family. Oh sure, it sounds good but sooner or later they start comparing notes and reinforcing the idea that I have some not-so-excellent sides and before you know it they are all against me.

  7. 7 Tiggy

    I'd go for the dress. At least it wouldn't give me sunburn, massive insect bites and alcohol poisoning, like all my vacations do.

  8. 8 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Even my fanciest of fashions rarely cost over ten green papers! And I never even get to go on any fun vacations. Maybe I need to get a credit card. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  9. 9 dcr

    I blame the diamond industry. Just watch a jewelry commercial sometime. They train women to expect stuff. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a shiny stone is supposedly a sign of love.

    What's a couple grand on a dress when all celebrations should be punctuated with an expensive piece of jewelry?

    Anniversary? Diamond.

    Birthday? Diamond.

    Christmas? Diamond.

    Valentine's Day? Diamond.

    Expecting a baby? Diamond.

    Had a baby? Diamond.

    Baby's first poo-poo? Diamond.

    And, it goes on and on.

    Meanwhile, the house goes into foreclosure because the mortgage payment was spent on diamonds every three and a half weeks.

    Which explains the economy. Notice that none of the diamond companies have gone belly-up.

    And then the wife leaves the husband for another sucker willing to spend money on diamonds, and the prior husband ends up living in a van down by the river.

    Men need to learn two words: cubic zirconia.

    Either that or find women that aren't easily impressed by shiny things.

  10. 10 Your Daily Cute

    That is one of the fuggest dresses I've ever seen, and I've seen some fug dresses in my lifetime.

    I go for the vacation. Where the heck does one wear a dress like that anyway?

  11. 11 meleah rebeccah

    Yeah… Um… I would chose the VACATION any day over some fugly dress. That is RIDICULOUS! I am going to watch that video now.

    [And yes, punching her in the face WOULD HAVE been the appropriate response!]

  12. 12 Lauren

    I guess the family will be eating Macaroni & Cheese for the duration of 2010. They will likely spend New Year's eve drinking Champale and roasting Macaronis over an open fire. Happy New Year!

  13. 13 Lidian

    A dress made of gold and diamond filled Hershey's Kisses? ..Wonder if I can find one secondhand (like Jenn, this is where I do all my serious shopping). Not if it's melted though, that's no good!

    But the dress in the commercial? Nope, I would not even buy this dress secondhand.

  14. 14 Megscole64

    ROFL OMG You are cracking me up! I agree that the diamond industry has completely warped women's expectations. I think my hubby is super lucky (and I remind him of this a lot) that I do not demand expensive gifts, nor would I EVER waste my credit card points on a dress. ANY dress. I use our points for gift cards … often for Cabellas so hubby can buy bullets. =) Or to the movie theater. I love my credit card!

  15. 15 Carico

    Oh my gosh you had me laughing so hard and you are so right. Every time I see that commercial I think about how it doesn't make sense. A dress instead of a vacation. Thanks for saying what i was thinking!

  16. 16 puglette

    i agree! that woman is so selfish. and her husband is so sweet thinking of trips they can go on together. and what kind of foofy envent does she have planned where that dress will get worn? the nerve!

    and jd, i do have a little complaint. your new comment format is terribly difficult to read. the print on this portion where i type my comment is a very pale gray. the font is very small, it looks smaller than 6pt. and i have my text view on the largest setting! also, it is all blue still and the other comments are only a slightly darker gray. very tough on my feeble old eyes! i have my reading glasses on and my laptop on my chest just so i can read the comments. :o(
    ok, whining over.
    love you!

  17. 17 Wendi

    What do I know–I just wore a $20 Target dress on my cruise last week.

  18. 18 babs - beetle

    Ha ha ha! No help needed – ewwww gross! ;)

  19. 19 babs - beetle

    Oh I replied in the wrong place – sorry :)

  20. 20 cardiogirl

    Sweet! Sign me up. Of course I also need to be able to wear my low tops. Cause if I can't, that's a deal breaker.

  21. 21 Anne

    I have to go for the vacation. Although, if it was a really comfy pair of sweat pants… Nah, I couldn't lounge in something that cost that much money.

  22. 22 Stephanie B

    My husband has to force me to get stuff for me. Hell, I don't even own jewelry, as a general rule, over fifty bucks (I prefer silver) and the last fancy dress I bought for more than $50 he bought as a surprise to me (and I've worn now three times). His kilt, on the other hand, was >$300

    But I won't go broke if he kicks me out for greed. I'm the one with the job.

  23. 23 ann

    Well if I was ever brain dead enough to pay that much for a dress it certainly wouldn't be that one. I'm cheap though so I wouldn't ever buy a dress that expensive. I probably wouldn't even take the dam vacation I would end up doing something ridiculously responsible with it like using it for home repairs or something like that.

  24. 24 puglette

    okey dokey, i will make you my firefox friend. :o)
    the curse of old eyes!!

  25. 25 cardiogirl

    Alright. If I choose the dress and a life of poverty can I have a cat, too?

  26. 26 babs - beetle

    JD, I have to ask what 'I’d give her 10CC of rewards.' means. I am so out of the loop! I am always amazed by how many women actually do stuff like this, and then usually lie about it also.

  27. 27 Lin

    I hate that commercial. Who thinks of this crap anyway?? ONE dress? Really??? And if he is that stupid to go along with her decision, then they deserve each other. Now I hate HIM too.

  28. 28 CatLadyLarew

    I was thinking exactly the same thing… WTF? How much can you spend on a freakin' dress? Although I appreciate your hating her for me, I think this time I just have to hate her myself!

  29. 29 @verbalreport

    Thanks for hating that lady for me-she deserves it!

  30. 30 Jen

    A dress I don't understand on any level and certainly a vacation would be preferable but if it were either of my exes I would have taken the points and bought shoes and a vacation for myself before either of them got their hands on it and bought something stupid like a flat screen TV or golf clubs, which might explain why I am divorced, twice.

  31. 31 Surfie

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought it was incredibly selfish of her to spend all the points on a dress without even discussing it with her husband! I'd have MUCH rather had a vacation than one stupid dress.

  32. 32 Lola

    Anastasia would never buy a dress (or any outfit) over a vacation. Not a chance. We need a vacation too badly.

    I cashed out some Chase Rewards before Christmas and I had that commercial in the back of my mind as I contemplated my choices. I ended up conferring with Anastasia. We were in agreement anyway, but still. Lol!

  33. 33 carissajaded

    I know that lady, or like 5 of those ladies and they all suck ass! Those kind of bishes need to learn their lessons about what is important in life… and I'm convinced you do. I hate her too!

  34. 34 frominside_out

    Well, you already hate this lady, so I don't have to. Don't you think she looks like Julia Roberts? Did one of the 78 kazillion commenters before me mention this?
    If they already did, my bad.
    I do believe the schmuck deserves the stoopid lady. They're a perfect match, really. She blew through all their rewards points on a stupid dress and he's too stupid to care.

  35. 35 just me

    Am I missing something – wasn't it a commercial? The lady didn't really buy the dress with the reward points – it was a figment of someones marketing imagination, right? I agree it was a really stupid commercial but please, get a grip.

  36. 36 Busted Kate

    Hello! Just wanted to meander over and say howdy. Your blog is fantastic, and I'm paying to read your blog on Kindle :-)

  37. 37 Ron

    Ok…I haven’t viewed the commercial yet, but I promise I will after I comment.

    But I have to tell you….

    …this post was fucking HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!’

    I SO needed this after my horrible day at work. So, THANK YOU!

    Ok…so, now I’m going to view the commercial.



  38. 38 Grace

    Obviously you don't know my husband – power tools??? OMG – That is soooo funny! My husband thinks a light switch is a power tool – you know you flick it and the power goes on – this will keep me laughing for days!

  39. 39 ron

    Ok…I just came back from watching the commercial.

    Oy vey…the only thing I liked about it was the Frank SInatra song playing in the background.

    You're right….she's a bone-head.

    P.S. I can now view your Intense Debate commenting system – YAY!!!

  40. 40 Valerie

    61 comments. darn i'm so late. oh well. i would punch me in the nose. i'd take the vacation with my partner and i bet you, i wouldn't need any clothes.

    i would forbid her to take that dress off. she'd cook in it, shovel the snow in it, clean it in, sleep in it.

  41. 41 Valerie

    hey i wasn't finished. oh well, i guess i am now. have a nice day.

  42. 42 Shieldmaiden96

    She's an idiot. Fifty bucks. Jo-Ann Fabrics. You could MAKE that dress.

  43. 43 Grace

    I'm not crazy about your new comment format – I like reading the comments and your replies – this new format makes it more difficult and it takes longer and it means more mouse clicking – I already have a mild case of tendinitis in my wrist….I know this is all fancy and high tech but not very reader friendly – Just my opinion of course. I guess from now on I'll just stick to reading your post and skip the rest ::sigh::

  44. 44 Regan

    Well, that really is an ugly dress. Maybe she spent the rest of the points on some sort of drug/sedative so when she told her husband about the dress he would just shrug it off.

  45. 45 absepa

    The first time my husband saw this commercial, he actually got MAD…at ME. (As if I would ever consider doing something so utterly ridiculous.) When I said exactly that to him, his response was, "Well, you might. You love clothes!" I had to explain that there's a vast difference between rejoicing over a $20 dress from Kohl's and blowing a couple thou on one frock. So, I kind of hate that lady, too.

  46. 46 Samiya

    i am a girl who grew up buying clothes from asda ( UK version of Walmart) and i would never spend it on one fugly dress!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 Patty

    Yes! I now know what to do if I ever want to tell my poor husband I want a divorce…
    Now, can we talk about the incredibly descriptive add for Monistat that always seems to come on when I'm eating something with cottage or rocotta cheese?

  48. 48 Ron

    It's a commercial. The people you should be bitchin' at are the Madison Ave Ad companies that put together this drivel and the corporate suck-ups who agree that it's airworthy…

  49. 49 Margaret

    I didn't have to look at the video. I knew EXACTLY which commercial to which you referred. I have been agonizing for weeks over how she could have spent on an entire dress what should have been spent on a vacation. The dress just didn't look that expensive. I even questioned my husband about it asking how the hell she could spend a vacation on a dress? And he tried to throw in that maybe it was the necklace as well. Even so, her necklace? Also very plain. Not Harry Winston or anything. So thank you. THANK YOU for validating this 30 second piece of crap.

  50. 50 Barb-WillThink4Wine

    I don't currently have a partner, so I get to spend MY points any way I choose. I always spend them on my home. A new refrigerator, a TV, new flooring… I do not ever wear dresses anymore. Ever. If you ask me to be a bridesmaid, I especially don't wear those. Ever.

    PS.Have I ever mentioned that your page is blue with gray type? Very hard to read, I have to highlight it. I mostly use IE for blogging and Firefox for business. Maybe IE doesn't like your template?

  51. 51 jessica

    I've seen that commercial. I've always thought the same thing. How selfish can you be? He should have dumped her…for me.

  52. 52 injaynesworld

    Yet another reason why I'm (blissfully) single. I'm totally about the dress. Well, not that ugly piece of shit… I'm totally about the shoes, too… and the handbags… And never, ever having to get permission for anything.

  53. 53 anna

    I wouldn't be buying the dress either.. Mom still does the thrift store thing, luckily I don't have to any more.

  54. 54 Pricilla

    I would buy apples. And hay and grain.
    Not some dress.
    I don't wear dresses.
    Only pearls. And then only on special occasions.

  55. 55 Yum Yucky

    I'm too sensible. I would have stayed at home and paid off some bills. But I guess I can't redeem my points for that, huh?

  56. 56 Katherine

    I'm saying nothing…other than I'm wishing you a very, very happy New Year! You deserve all the best in 2010 – and I mean that. You're a good friend and I hope next year is full of good health, lots of laughter, prosperity, great blog topics, tons of love, blah blah blah for you. I count you among my blessings and I'm grateful you're my friend.

    Yes, even if I have to pay you. (You'd probably have better friends if you weren't so cheap.) xx

  57. 57 Katherine

    Ok. Not content to say "nothing"…but the only thing I'd spend that many points on (besides the obvious vacation)??

    A great babysitter and the most honkinest bottle of xanax you've ever seen.

    Because the babysitter wouldn't stick around forever. xx

  58. 58 Paul

    Thanks for all your hard work! keep it up in 2010, loving your blog!

  59. 59 Grace

    I shouldn't have said anything – I apologize. I regretted it as soon as I wrote it. It is so NOT my place to comment on such things. You are very gracious.

  60. 60 Unfinished Rambler

    I tried to login but it wouldn't let me…but whatevers ;) I'll live.

    And that's what I'd do if my wife spent thousands of dollars, I'd live. I mean, if we need to live out of a box for a while, that's cool, or better yet, crash with my parents (my dad just got a new flatscreen TV with new DVD player and surround-sound system which we don't have, so that's cool). It's not like I haven't spent thousands of dollars on the aforementioned hookers and blow, especially the blow. Oh, I could tell you stories, but I'll save them for my blog for another time.

  61. 61 Katie

    Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – I just got caught up on yours, and you, dear reader, are hilarious. I can't wait to read more.

    And for the record, I'd take the vacation. Although – my husband would probably like it if I bought the dress, he's always telling me to buy expensive clothes…but I just can't see the point. :-)

  62. 62 Buggys

    As always this post is totally on point and any intelligent person agrees with you on this! A dress? What? I like a great dress or shoes as much as the next person but come on. And in this ridiculous economy? What gets me is this m.a.n. is so taken by imagining the bimbo in the dress that he is fine with it. Idiots I say!

  63. 63 JennyMac

    I love dresses AND vacations. I think I would pick the one that my Hub could get in on though…

  64. 64 JD

    Jenn Thorson: No, I do not either. Molly Ringwald misled a generation of poor girls. I shop on ebay! 3 bucks for a real cute sundress. Who can get mad at that?

    Kathy: You’re welcome. The guy is an idiot, unless the woman parades around in fancy, ugly dresses all the time. Either way: FAIL!

    Grace: In my previous comment (before I deactivated my new comment system), I suggested power tools and got laughed off my own blog. So . . . hookers and blow?

    GoingLikeSixty: I take Valium but I prefer Klonopin. E-mail me and I’ll send you my address.

    Spot: I like that your husband would just shake his head in “sad defeat.” That’s the response of many husbands, I would think. Not an idiotic smile.

    Tracy: I get nervous when my husband starts talking to my mom. No good can come of it. And they are certainly not going to end up deciding to buy me diamonds.

    Tiggy: I think you’re going on the wrong sort of vacations.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Hmm. I don’t think so, Daisy. Just enjoy your strollering and the great views from your window. You don’t need a vacation!

    dcr: Your rage is misguidedly directed at diamonds. And some of us women prefer cubic zirconia. Well, we prefer it to living in a van by the river.

    Your Daily Cute: FUG! I agree. On my vacations I don’t wear ANYthing!

    meleah rebeccah: Thank you. I seldom advocate violence against women, but this is one exception.

    Lauren: Mmmm! Macaronis over an open fire. Now that sounds good. Happy NY to you!

    Lidian: I wouldn’t buy that dress on ebay for 3 bucks! So there!

    Megscole64: Your hubby buys bullets? You fascinate me. Please tell me more.

    Carico: You’re welcome. It’s just what I do.

    puglette: Well, as you can see, I’ve switched back, but I’m not sure it solves the problem completely.

    Wendi: $20? Who are you, Donald Trump?

    babs – beetle: Obviously the comments are all screwed up now. Perhaps it’s for the best.

    cardiogirl: Low tops are always part of the deal.

    Anne: No, I’d feel to guilty to enjoy wearing something that cost so much. I feel nervous wearing my nice, new gloves that cost more than the usual 99-cent ones I get.

    Stephanie B: Hey, I bet your husband can find cheap kilts on ebay! (Also, what is this “husband has to force me to get stuff for me” you speak of? It’s totally foreign to me.)

    ann: Oof! Home repairs? Now that’s sensible. Too sensible. I hate spending money on stuff around the house. I practically threw a tantrum when we needed a stupid new furnace.

    Lin: HAHAHA! I know. He starts out being the nice, cute guy who wants to do something fun and then ends up being as stupid as the woman. DUMBASSES!

    CatLadyLarew: There’s plenty of hate to go around on this one.

    Jen: HA. It sounds like you have your priorities in order.

    Surfie: Me too! Who wouldn’t? And how often is she going to get to wear that dress? Especially since they’re all poor now.

    Lola: I hear you about the vacation. We’re counting the days. And good for you. They need to make a commercial about a SMART couple who actually behave realistically.

    carissajaded: UGH! I hate those ladies! Let’s call them what they are: BITCHES! (We can say that here.)

    frominside_out: Yeah, she does look a bit like Julia Roberts (which makes me hate her more, stupid horseface).

    just me: Yes, it was a commercial. Hopefully no actual living human being would behave in this manner.

    Busted Kate: WOO-HOO! Thank you! That’s awesome. I think I’ve probably made about 3 bucks after six months on Kindle. Time to shop!

    Ron: Oh, thank YOU! You always brighten my day!

    ron: Yeah, how did Frank Sinatra’s estate OK this? Stupid boneheads.

    Valerie: HAHAHAHA! That’s what we need to see: the “after,” where she’s wearing the dress to clean the litterbox, etc. I would actually pay to see that.

    Shieldmaiden96: Boy, even that sounds expensive (and hard!) I’m tellin’ you guys: EBAY!

    Grace: Back to the old commenting system!

    Regan: Well, the guy in the commercial DOES just shrug it off, so obviously he’s been drugged. No one could behave that stupidly un-drugged.

    absepa: HA! What is it with these men? They’re just hard-wired to blame us. I always feel defensive explaining my clothing purchases to Dave. Even the 3-dollar dress from ebay.

    Samiya: No! No one would! UGH!

    Patty: Bleeeurggh! (throws up cheesecake)

    Ron: You’re right. I’m starting my letter right now.

    Margaret: I figured I wouldn’t be alone on this one. I’m not sure anyONE or anyTHING could validate this commercial.

    Barb-WillThink4Wine: Oh, you are lucky. So what DO you wear as a bridesmaid?

    jessica: But would you really want that asshat? I mean, he’s cute and all, but . . . STOOPID!

    injaynesworld: I envy you. I just had a fight with my husband about expensive cheese.

    anna: You can find some good stuff at thrift stores. Also on ebay.

    Pricilla: Your choices sound much more sensible to me. And I would love to see you in pearls.

    Yum Yucky: No, sadly. The points are apparently only for frivolous things. And ugly things.

    Katherine: Oh, aren’t you sweet! Right back atchya. Boy, I am cheap, aren’t I? I’ll work on that in 2010.

    So where do you buy your “honkinest” bottle of Xanax? Is it buydrugs.com? I’ve heard some good things about that site.

    Paul: You’re welcome!

    Unfinished Rambler: I look forward to these stories.

    Katie: Ooh! It’s that nice lady from Yes, I Want Cake. Thank YOU for stopping by. I love your blog!

    Buggys: I say, Idiots, too!

    JennyMac: Yeah, you’d think most women would go with that. But not this bimbo.

  65. 65 Pricilla
  66. 66 Bob Cannobbler

    I asked a friend of mine what I’m supposed to take away from that commercial, what’s the message? He said, the message is, as a guy you’re always whipped and you gotta suck it up.

  67. 67 Steph

    Yay! I’m now not the only one to hate her too! Actually, that link was the first time I saw that commercial, but OMG SELFISH LADY DIEEEEEE!

    He just wants to be with his wife, obviously. He wants to spend some romantic time alone with her, doing all sorts of awesome things (like boating–who doesn’t like boating?!) that’ll delight both of them. But nooooo. She has to be selfish and stupid and spend ALL those darned points on one stupid dress that won’t fit five years from now. It’s not a hideous dress, but it’s not as fun as a vacation, because how often is she going to wear that dress? I mean honestly.

    Stupid selfish woman who looks a lot like some actress I can’t remember the name of. Die, selfish woman.

  68. 68 Muskrat

    I saw that commercial and had a very similar reaction. She’s a skank.
    .-= Muskrat´s last blog ..2009: a muskrat odyssey =-.

  69. 69 TheWordWire

    I cannot get to the fast forward button fast enough when I’m subjected to this commercial.
    .-= TheWordWire´s last blog ..Hoppin’ Skippin’ and Jumpin’ Into the New Year =-.

  70. 70 dcr

    Now that you’ve gotten rid of the new comment system, can I safely tell you how much I hated it? Call me old-fashioned, but I hate all these third-party commenting systems that seem to be popping up. They just seem to make it harder for me, as a reader, to actually comment.
    .-= dcr´s last blog ..Milestone Goals and Digressions =-.

  71. 71 JD

    Pricilla: Beautiful! I love it!

    Bob Cannobbler: Yup. That’s the message! Unless you want to go a step deeper and realize that that guy is an idiot and you CAN stand up for your gender and not take this kind of crap anymore.

    Steph: Wow, you’ve said it all. I am really uncovering some resentment here, with this post. Let it out, sistah!

    Muskrat: At last, men and women around the globe can agree on one thing.

    TheWordWire: I guess it could be worse. It could be longer than 30 seconds. Or they could make a series of it, like those Folger’s commercials with that couple who flirted with each other. AAAAHHHH!

    dcr: Yes, please tell me. I’ll feel better. I only tried it because I thought I could reply individually to each comment without having MY reply be included in the comment count. But that didn’t happen. And there were other issues. So, yeah. I like this better too.

  72. 72 Jen

    Wow! I thought the same thing when I saw this commercial! He looked at her like “Aww, aren’t you cute?” And I was thinking Holy hell I would’ve shoved her down the stairs. “Are you f**king kidding me?! You spent HOW MUCH on that crappy dress??”

    That is about the most ill-advised commercial I think I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing they were trying to appeal to wealthy people because only they would have a conversation like that. Maybe the husband’s next comment was “Oh honey no problem! Luckily we still have millions of dollars at hand to go anywhere in the world we want!”

  73. 73 Jen

    P.S. To me she looks and sounds a lot like Julia Roberts.

  74. 74 Maureen

    Okay, I have never seen this commercial, thank god.

    The absolute LAST thing I would get would be a dress. I don’t do dresses. The last one I wore I was forced to by daughter to wear at her grad last spring.

    But then again, I never use all those points we collect either. I probably have a trillion and don’t know it. Just THINK of all the dresses I wouldn’t buy!
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Marathon (Wo)Man =-.

  75. 75 Corrina

    It never occurred to me to be pissed off about that commercial. I think you’re WAAYYYY too easily irritated.

    Did you also notice that in the next commercial, he went ahead and took her on vacation ANYWAY (because they are on a chair lift in the snow)? And she accuses him of being a big, fat liar for saying that he’s talking to an actual person? Then she snatches the phone out of his hand so that she can be snarky- only to feel like an asshole when someone actually IS on the other end??!! You know why she did that???!!! Because she’s a BITCH!!!!

    Ok. You win.
    .-= Corrina´s last blog ..First and Last Sunsets =-.

  76. 76 JD

    Jen: I agree on every point, including the Julia Roberts resemblance. Yeah, it must be for rich people. Who else acts like this? Everybody here is like, OK they gonna go live in a van down by the river now, right? Stoopid.

    Maureen: HA! Come to think of it, we probably have a million dollars of points stashed away that I don’t even know about. Hey . . . wait a minute. Didn’t Dave just buy a new car?

    Corrina: HAHAHA! I like how you came to your own conclusion. I didn’t even know about the second commercial until Dave screamed, “IT’S THAT COUPLE AGAIN!” I had no idea what he was talking about until I ran into the living room.

    BITCH! (her, not you, of COURSE!)

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