I Had a Bunionectomy



I am officially bunionless!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well, and to those who didn’t? HA! It went just fine anyway.

I wonder why all this bunion talk has made me so hungry for Funyuns?

ANYway, I’m done. And since I’m currently at this moment NOT swallowing handfuls of Vicodin, I thought I’d answer some of your questions.

How long did the surgery take?

Only about an hour. I was completely out until the last few minutes, when I woke up to see the doctor sewing up my toe. Cool!

Does it hurt?

Yes. Consider: they sliced into my foot, broke some bone, jammed my big toe back into place, hammered in some screws, and stitched me back up. But the pain is not unbearable. Did I mention handfuls of Vicodin? Yes? Good.

Can you take a shower?

No, not yet—


Wait a minute! I can take a bath! I just dangle my bandaged foot over the side. However, I don’t recommend taking a bath alone, with an injured foot, while on Vicodin. Gus wasn’t really much help when I drowned for a couple of minutes.

Can you walk?

Yup! I’ve been limping around in that fashionably strappy sandal pictured above. I’m not s’posed to walk any more than I need to, so I keep everything in a big pile on the sofa next to me: laptop, magazines, water, peanut butter sandwiches, Vicodin, and one of these.

Can we see the incision?

Not yet, I’m afraid. My foot is wrapped up pretty securely with gauze and an Ace bandage. I can take off the  bandage to wriggle my foot around. See!


Well, can you take OFF the gauze so we can see the incision?

Believe me, it’s tempting. My toes look pretty nicely bruised, so I can just imagine how awesome the rest of my foot must look. I’ll have to wait until my doctor’s appointment next week, tho. Don’t worry. I’ll bring my camera.

Have the cats stepped on it yet?

No, but Dave has. Gus and Pru’s job is to sleep on it every night. I’m sure they think they’re protecting it, but that 20-plus pound weight is probably not expediting the healing process.

Can you work? More importantly, can you blog?

It’s been hard to do anything more challenging than watch TV and drool, what with all the Vicodin. But after 3 days, the pain is a lot more manageable, so I’m more or less back to normal. Unless someone steps on my foot, DAVE.

When will you be able to Zumba?

Possibly not for another 3 months. I know! It sucks. But I plan to keep active with Pilates, weights, and break dancing. Yes, now I finally have the time and the motivation to learn how to spin around on my head.



Any other questions for Bunion-Free JD? Let me know, I’m not going anywhere.


Coming up next: I’ll take you inside the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the bunionectomy surgical preparation in “I Am Running Out of Veins so you don’t have to.”

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67 Responses to “I Had a Bunionectomy”

  1. 1 Maureen

    Ow, Ow, Ow!!!! Just LOOKING at that makes me nauseous….

    But thank the Gods for Vicoden. Keep that foot up, out of hubby’s way, stock up on trashy novels, liquids of your choice and get a bell to keep Dave at your beck and call.

    So glad to hear everything went well, albeit scary….

    Maureen’s last blog post..Losing It

  2. 2 flit

    yuck, yuck & ouch!

    Glad you’re back among us!

  3. 3 Jeff

    Let me get this straight… While you’re recovering you stand up and pee on your couch?

    Got it.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Won’t Get Fooled Again

  4. 4 Kathy

    Is it only me who thinks “bunionectomy” is a made up name? It can’t be real, right? Did you make that up?

    Glad you survived and showed us pictures, although you know us all too well. We really would rather see all the gross ones.

    Um, you’re not really using that female urination assistance device, are you? It looks like it’d be easier to risk injuring the toe getting to the bathroom instead. So many questions…. sorry. But you have so many interesting things happening to you.

    Oh, one more thing. When you get mobile again, the first order of business is to stomp on Dave’s foot. A foot for a foot, you know?

    Kathy’s last blog post..My Funk is Genetic

  5. 5 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I have found, when you have an ouchie, if you just groom that spot real good, it heals up better. Can your tongue reach your toe?

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: Thankful

  6. 6 Maureen

    Oh, Daisy, don’t give her any ideas… next thing you know, we’ll see a post, photos and all, entitled “I Lick My Foot So You Don’t Have To”!!!

    Maureen’s last blog post..I Gots Note-ified

  7. 7 Grace

    The last item on your list of things you have with you on the couch? Didn’t need to know about that one…Jeff’s comment was verrrry amusing

    Grace’s last blog post..I love the New York Times, especially on Thursday

  8. 8 Stephanie Barr

    Sorry it hurt, glad you’re better. Take care and stay as in touch as you can manage. Musing did a great job, but we missed you.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Ask the Eldest Sibling

  9. 9 absepa

    Fascinating–thanks for sharing all the gory details of your surgery! I’m not kidding. I’m one of those weirdos who wants to see the foot without the bandage.

    Here’s my question: how can you do things (like bathing, moving around, etc.) when you’re on Vicodin? My blessed Lortab makes me an insensate blob, certainly not fit for any activity requiring any amount of concentration or coordination.

    absepa’s last blog post..Dear Facebook, Please Stop Freaking Me Out

  10. 10 Regan

    Ohmy. That’s a lot of gauze. It made you foot like, ten times bigger. That’s a lot.

    It’s very nice your cats try to help you like that. Cause my cats would never do anything like that. All they do is eat and sleep. And try to steal my food. I’ll have to take a video of them sometime. It’s madness how Tooty tries to actually GRAB THE PLATE and bring it to her.

    Yay bunion free JD!!!! It’s so sad you are going to miss Zumba. Maybe you can just watch videos about zumba so you don’t feel left out.

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  11. 11 chat blanc

    I feel badly for you, although my sympathy is tainted slightly by my coveting your vicodin. so you have pins in your big toe now?? I guess that makes you a bionic woman of sorts, right? can’t wait to see what superhuman feats you can demonstrate when you’re healed! :D

    chat blanc’s last blog post..Bad Barbie Fashions

  12. 12 babs - beetle

    Ewww!!! I don’t want to see the scar. The other toes look bad enough!
    Dave stood on your foot?!!! Wicked Dave ;O) Ha ha! You use a plastic willy, but do you make patterns when doing it?

    babs – beetle’s last blog post..It really is one year today!

  13. 13 JD

    Maureen: I’m sorry! I told you there’d be pictures. I just can’t help myself. Ooh, a bell! I hadn’t thought of that. Great idea.

    flit: Sorry! It’s good to be back.

    Jeff: Basically. It sounds more gross than it is. (No, I’m kidding. I think having one of those things anywhere near my peeing apparatus would automatically cause me to freeze up.)

    Kathy: I swear, bunionectomy is real. And, no, I’m not using the Go, Girl (see above). But if I didn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom, I really could spend the entire day on the couch. I think a foot for a foot is more than fair.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Enh . . . enh . . . enh. Nope. Can’t reach. It’s just as well. Maybe if I smear it with tuna, Pru will clean it for me.

    Maureen: Dang it! If only I COULD reach my foot! What a great idea for a post! And just think of the pictures . . . !

    Grace: Yes, it was. Jeff knows me well enough to know I was kidding. I could never use one of those things.

    Stephanie Barr: YES! I forgot to thank Musing. I’ll do that in my next post. I was happy she could fill in. Thanks for making her feel welcome. I missed you guys, too!

    absepa: Well, my little weirdo, you WILL see the foot without the bandage, as soon as the bandage comes off. (Don’t worry, everyone else. I’ll just link to the picture.) I’ve been taking Vicodin for my back for a while, so it doesn’t have quite the incapacitating effect it used to have. It does make it hard to use my brain, tho.

    Regan: I’ve never seen a cat try to make off with an entire PLATE! Gus and Pru will swipe bites of food from my plate, but that’s about it. Yes, I will watch Zumba videos and listen to Zumba music. It’s better than nothing.

    chat blanc: Wow, I hadn’t thought of that. My toe will be bionic! Maybe I’ll be able to spin around on it and then leap into the air. Or kick people real hard. This is sounding better and better.

    babs – beetle: Don’t worry! I won’t post the scar; I’ll just link to it. I don’t want anyone avoiding my blog. “Plastic willy”!!!!! HAHAHAHA. I don’t think it’s the kind that makes patterns, tho.

  14. 14 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    So does this mean you won’t be doing that jig with me this St. Paddy’s Day?

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life’s last blog post..Thank You Mr. Liberal Unitarian English Teacher of My Tenth Grader

  15. 15 Susan

    I’m beginning to understand why Dave carries a whole medicine cabinet around with him.

  16. 16 HappyCampers

    You go girl! :) (HA!)

    I’m glad it went well & I pray for a fast recovery for you!!

  17. 17 Lola

    Nice stylin’ shoe. Wonder how much that set your insurance company back?

    I don’t know that’ I’d want a bionic toe. Think about it. It’d be faster than the rest of your body. You’re toe would probably take off running and the rest of your body couldn’t keep up and you’d fall flat on your arse and break something important.

    Next time Dave gets a bit too close to your foot remind him of the movie “Misery” and tell him you have a blogger friend with a sledge hammer.

  18. 18 Steve | Kindledude

    Glad it went well. And if you have any extra Vicodin left over…

  19. 19 Lin

    Oh, honey–I feel for you. I remember the pain, but it will be worth it in the end. I promise you.

    I did forget the part about the fear of someone stepping on my feet for MONTHS afterwards. I don’t think anyone ever did–it was just the fear of it. I love how your kitty is “helping” you recover. They just love when you have to sit for hours. They were totally digging my hysterectomy surgery a couple years back!!!

    You’ll be fine. You may not want to look when they unmask your foot–expect it to be bruised and not so lovely. But you’ll heal fast and your feet won’t hurt anymore. I had BOTH feet done at the same time–can you believe it?! So, if I can make it–so can you!

    Just imagine lovely sandals and bunion-free feet for the summer!! Don’t forget to sunscreen your scar!

    Lin’s last blog post..A New Chapter Begins

  20. 20 Musing

    Glad all went well, and it’s good to see you blogging again!

    P.S. thinking of Vicodin: http://tinyurl.com/c4afts

    Musing’s last blog post..Most of the decisions I’ve made

  21. 21 The Hawg!

    Glad the bunion removal was a success.

    Get well!

    The Hawg!’s last blog post..Entrecard top droppers for February

  22. 22 Marie

    I’m glad you came through safe and sound. What a relief to have it over.

    Marie’s last blog post..Out of Control

  23. 23 Puglette

    oh, goodness…what a fun filled post! i sympathize for the sore foot, very ouchie indeed. however, handfuls of vicodin do help. i am sorry gus was of no help while you drowned, at least it was only for a couple of minutes…i did get quite the giggle out of the image in my head. ;o) oh and the go, girl!! how did you ever find that!? and to think, i can have a go, girl outfit!! t-shirt, shorts, cap…woohoo!! but what do you pee in? the can? it looks like you’re peeing into a soda can! i would never! the descriptions on that website make it sound like you can just wander off to a quiet corner and wiggle around in your pants a bit! geesh, i would just hold it!!

    and my husband wants you to know that ollie can lick your foot so he doesn’t have to.
    take care!

    Puglette’s last blog post..Broken Comments?

  24. 24 Erik

    This is one of the few things you have done that I have a true aversion to ever doing myself. Thanks for doing it for me.

    Erik’s last blog post..The News and Ron Paul

  25. 25 JD

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life: Oh, don’t count me out yet! If you don’t mind supporting my entire weight, while I hop around on my good foot, I’m in!

    Susan: HA! Indeed.

    HappyCampers: Thank you! It’s feeling better already. Even with Gus sitting on it.

    Lola: Well, when you put it that way, a bionic toe DOES sound like kind of a drawback. Shoot. I guess I’ll settle for a normal, non-bunionized toe. Dave saw Misery so he’ll definitely get that reference!

    Steve | Kindledude: “Extra Vicodin.” Now that’s a phrase I don’t find myself using very often! (Thanks!)

    Lin: Thank you for the good wishes and encouragement! I’ve barely even thought about having “pretty” feet, but I will, won’t I?! And two at the same time??? I can’t even imagine. Next time I feel like complaining, well, I just won’t. (But I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what my foot looks like under all that gauze!)

    The Hawg!: Thank you! I am!

    Marie: Yes, I agree. This has been hanging over my head for quite a while.

    Puglette: HAHAHA! I know, I would hold it, too. I think, as I said earlier, that my bladder muscles would just freeze up in protest. However, a “Go, Girl” T-shirt? AWESOME! (Oh, Ollie,thank you! I’m sure my foot would heal twice as fast if you could lick it for me!)

    Erik: You’re very welcome. I had to do it anyway, so I’m glad you were able to benefit as well.

    Musing: Thank you and thanks again for writing such a great guest post. I LOVE that House pic!!! Did you do that? Oh, my gaw, it’s hilarious. LOVE House, LOVE Vicodin . . . LOVE!

  26. 26 Musing

    You’re very welcome! and I can’t take credit for the House pic. I found it floating around the Internet and had to share. :)

    Musing’s last blog post..Most of the decisions I’ve made

  27. 27 Baron von Rochester

    I couldn’t read this post because I’m very squeamish and I was afraid I’d pass out or yark, but I wanted to say I hope you heal up soon.

    Baron von Rochester’s last blog post..In Which the Prospect of Pleasing Companionship Overrides Present Suffering

  28. 28 Tippy

    Ooh, ooh…wait until the first layer of skin dies off from all the swelling…it’s like peeling off a sunburn…equal parts gross and cool!

  29. 29 Karmin

    Good thing you do not have my dog. She steps on everyones feet all the time and that would not be good for you.

    Karmin’s last blog post..Hooray for Hairstyling Software

  30. 30 Jen

    You actually woke up at the end? Isn’t that NOT supposed to happen? I’m glad you are feeling better even if you are still enjoying the vicodin, truly proof that there is a god. Must post pictures of the breakdancing.

    Jen’s last blog post..Bitten by a bug

  31. 31 JD

    Musing: Thanks for sharing. I love it. I wish it were real!

    Baron von Rochester: Thank you! And I certainly understand your wanting to avoid yarking all over my pretty blog. Uh . . . you may want to avoid the next post for sure. But after that, I promise: cereal marshmallows and kitty cats!

    Tippy: OMG! I didn’t know that was going to happen! I can’t wait. I used to love peeling off my sunburned skin, but that’s seen as rather unhealthy these days. Oh, boy. The pictures I’m going to take!

    Karmin: No, it wouldn’t. It’s bad enough that my 15-lb cat lies on my foot. Of course, my husband probably weighs more than your dog, and he’s already stepped on it.

    Jen: No, I didn’t think I was supposed to be awake, but the anesthesiologist kindly put a pillow under my head so I could see the toe stitching more easily. I promise: if I can perfect even one breakdance move, it will be immortalized on YouTube.

  32. 32 Canucklehead

    (note to self: try vicodin)
    Well, with your left foot looking like that I can only hope that you are all right now! Get well soon.

    Canucklehead’s last blog post..The Curious Case of Canucklehead’s Facial Hair

  33. 33 Puglette

    make room on the sofa and pass the vicodin!! i spent saturday shopping for shoes and orthotics…my gosh, if my back didn’t ache before, it sure does now! and why oh why are supportive shoes so gosh darn ugly!! can you please pass the cheese with the vicodin, i am having some whine.
    Thank you!

    Puglette’s last blog post..Awards and Certificates!

  34. 34 Grog

    Congrats! You did it!
    I does sound extremely painful.
    Hey at least you have Dave to keep you company.

    Grog’s last blog post..Emergency Room Malpractice On The Rise

  35. 35 NaTuRaL

    break dancing! that’s it. that’s what i forgot to add to my workout and probably is the reason why i can’t lose the extra few pounds in my feet.

    wishing you well and if anyone asks what happened to your foot, tell them you hurt it breaking a ton of bricks in karate class. throw ‘em a wahhh wahhh (you have to use your hands for that sound) just to make them back up so they don’t step on your toe.

    vicodin sounds like a friend i could use right now. eat tons of cookies and everything will be fine. if not, at least you’ll be full. :)

    NaTuRaL’s last blog post..Answer: A River Runs Through It

  36. 36 JD

    Canucklehead: Yes, by all means, try Vicodin! I am definitely all right, thank YOU.

    Puglette: Here you go (passes Vicodin atop a slab of Gouda). I’m sorry your shopping trip ended in a sore back and ugly shoes. Can Ollie help in some way?

    Grog: WOO! Yay! But I’m afraid Dave is not the best company when one is ill or infirm. He doesn’t have a lot of patience, you see.

    NaTuRaL: You’re always so full of good advice. Cookies, Vicodin, karate chops . . . and especially the “wahhh wahhh” with hand movements. All most helpful. (And do try break dancing!)

  37. 37 ettarose

    Ahh, Vicodin, sweet! I love surgery of any kind so I am dying to see pics! I have had three major surguries of the female persuasion and boy do I have stories! Like the time my hoohah turned black and I thought it was rotting. Too funny.

    ettarose’s last blog post..I got Nuthin…..But Updates

  38. 38 JD

    ettarose: OHMYGOD! A black hoohah? Did you blog about this? I, um, don’t want to see pictures, please. But I’d love to hear about your surgical espcapades. Pictures coming soon!

  39. 39 cardiogirl

    (Blank stare, open mouth)

    (Shakes head to remove image)

    Sorry got side tracked by ettarose’s black, potentially rotting hoohah.

    I notice you no longer have red toenail polish. Did you have to remove the polish for the surgery. Because it now looks like you have clear polish. And your left big toe looks pretty darn straight.

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..Uncle Pappy is such a jerk!

  40. 40 JD

    cardiogirl: Bing, bing, bing! 10 points to cardiogirl! Yes, I did have to remove my beautiful nail polish, tho what you see now is just my nail’s natural glow. And my toe IS straighter. In fact, despite the bruising, it looks pretty damn awesome.

  41. 41 Go-Girl

    Hi JD!

    We at Go-Girl wish you a speedy recovery! If you’re a concert-goer or enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, you may want to give Go-Girl a try once you’re up and about. If you do, let us know what you think. Thanks for the shout-out!

  42. 42 JD

    Go-Girl: Hey, everybody, it’s Go-Girl! Thanks for stopping by. You know, I’d be happy to do a product review . . .

  43. 43 khristine

    Me too had bunionectomy….it is really ouch! And long days just sitting in couch.

  44. 44 Inez

    I am soooo nervous about my upcoming surgery. I have a very bad bunion–it is causing a painful hammertoe next to it. My whole foot is very much out of align; bottom line – surgery is the only way to fix it.

    Please send me anything that will help me–words of wisdom whatever. I enjoyed reading all these comments and the info with pictures. Thanks a lot.


  45. 45 JD

    Inez: Don’t be nervous! Your surgery sounds a bit more involved than mine, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. The best advice I can give is to stay on top of the pain meds. When you get home from the surgery, maybe it doesn’t hurt that much? TAKE THE PAIN MEDS! You want to “stay ahead” of the pain; otherwise, the pain meds don’t work as well. Also, be as careful OR MORE as your doctor says regarding staying off your foot. I’m sure the surgery will go fine, but you have to do your part and keep off of it as much as possible (or whatever your doctor tells you to do). Having said all that, my pain was never that bad. I only needed pills for the first couple of days. I woke up from the surgery feeling pretty clear-headed and just went home and read and enjoyed my pain meds. My mom was with me, which helped a lot, because that first day, you’re not s’posed to get up at all except to go to the bathroom. Your situation may be different, but it helps to have someone there, at least that first day. You’d be surprised how hard it can be to stay off your foot!

    Good luck, and please come back and let me know how it went!

  46. 46 Susan

    Thanks so much for all your encouraging words. I myself am having a bunionectomy on my left foot as well July 27th. I AM SO SCARED. Although I have wanted one forever. Having one plate and 2 screws. I am practicing walking on crutches and I feel so imbalanced. My doctor is prescribing percicets. I hope that’s as good ad vicodin. Was it really worth it? How long were you really off your feet?

  47. 47 JD

    Susan: Don’t be scared! Yes, it was definitely worth it. If your bunion is bad enough to require surgery, it’s a no-brainer. It’s only going to get worse and cause more problems later in life. You’ll be so relieved when it’s over. I didn’t even have to walk on crutches, but everyone’s surgery is different. And I’ve never taken Percocet, so I don’t know how that compares with Vicodin, but I’m sure your doctor has you covered. Good luck, and please let me know how it goes!

  48. 48 Susan

    Well I had my bunionectomy July 27th. The 3rd day was the worst. I can’t believe how straight my big toe is. I was really surprised how long my incision is. It is almost 4 inches long. I’m hoping it heals nicely so I don’t have an ugly scar. It has been 2 weeks tomorrow and I am having a tough time just trying to sit around. When did you really get up an moving around without paying for it later on that night? Sometimes the pain wakes me up and I have to take a pain pill. I quess I am trying to rush things. Just curious to see how long you were really down. Thanks Susan

  49. 49 JD

    Susan: Hey! Thanks for the update. I’m glad it’s all done and you have a nice, straight toe. My scar is long, too. I didn’t know what to expect scar-wise, but it’s faded a LOT. My doctor told me to use Mederma to help fade the scar and be sure to use sunscreen outside. I didn’t do either, but it’s still faded. My surgery may have been less involved than yours, because I could get up and walk right away — but just to the bathroom for the first few days. Then I could walk around the house and stuff, but no long distances. Honestly I was NOT doing anything other than minimal walking for about 3 months. I was anxious to start working out, as for the first 2 months I couldn’t do anything involving my foot. Then I could do the recumbent bike. After 3 months, I could do ANYthing. And it hurt. My doctor assured me it was completely healed, and it would be hard to mess it up, but that it would hurt. I was unprepared for how long it has hurt, but it gets better every day. Be patient. And don’t push yourself. You don’t want to mess it up. Take care!

  50. 50 Dolores

    I need to have the Chevron bunionectomy with a permanent screw. I am scared and not ready for it. I also have the hammer toe. This is all on my right foot. Last June I fractured the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal due to the deformity and osteoporosis. This June (2009) the 2nd metartasil fractured again so now the doc wants to do surgery. I also have Morton’s neuroma in both feet from last year’s fracture and wearing the cam-walker and making me lopsided.

    I need lots of encouragement to get this done. I live alone and everyone works so I would be alone which is quite scary in itself. Help!

  51. 51 JD

    Dolores! Don’t be scared! I don’t know anything about a “Chevron” bunionectomy, but I ended up with 2 permanent screws in my foot. You want to have a good working foot again, don’t you? I’m pretty sure this VERY simple procedure will help you attain normalcy. It does take time to heal, but don’t push it, and you’ll be fine. Make sure you GET and TAKE your pain meds and stay on top of the pain (ie, don’t wait until you’re in pain to take a pill). I was basically alone during my recovery (my husband works all day and swims in the evening), and I was fine. My mom had taken me to the clinic and wanted to hang around, but I told her to scram. Just make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach: phone, pills, snacks, water, remote, magazines, etc.

    When is your procedure? Please check back and let us know how it went. I know you’ll do fine!

  52. 52 Tammy

    Hi, i had chevron bunionectomy on left foot at the end of May 2009. Today, my foot is less swollen but is extremely painful when I walk without a shoe, basically going barefoot. Foot pain under my toes hurts and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Honestly, I have regret having the surgery!! How is yours now?

  53. 53 JD

    Tammy: Thanks for the update! My doc told me do NOT walk barefoot. I do now, sometimes, but I was pretty careful in the months after my Feb. surgery. Believe it or not, after over 6 months, my foot still hurts, BUT! It has definitely improved. The rate of improvement is miniscule, but it’s there. Don’t get discouraged. Just continue being careful and walking in shoes. If you’re concerned, tho, call your doc. I don’t know what the normal time is for the pain to completely disappear, but I figure as long as it keeps improving (albeit slowly), I’ll be OK. Keep in touch and good luck!

  54. 54 Susan

    Hi Jd it’s me again. It has been 8 weeks. YEEEEAAAA!!!!!!! Thank goodness! I would not take them back. I went to my Dr. this past week and she said if I could~ to find a tennis shoe that fits and start to walk around. I did but I swelled a lot at night. Did you experience this? I wanted to know if you had any type of therapy? My arch hurts also. Thought maybe it had to do with swelling. Maybe I am just rushing things along. Thanks again for having this website so I can ask these questions. Susan

  55. 55 JD

    Susan: HI! Thanks for checking back in. I’m sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Our bunion recoveries sound pretty different. I had to wear the “sandal” for about 3 weeks, I think, and then I had to wear a sneaker all the time for support. I had some swelling by that point, but not that much. Yeah, my arch hurt a little, but mostly it was my toes and just below them—the top of my foot. I bet the swelling was responsible for the arch pain. No, I didn’t have therapy, unless you count the doctor telling me to wiggle my big toe! Good luck and keep updating!

  56. 56 andrea72

    I am 10 days post op. I had a double-bunionectomy, way harder to deal with than a single. I had hardly any pain just discomfort and swelling which with all the bandages felt like the circulation was stopping the bloodflow to my feet but my doctor said it was fine. Even with my husband being home for the first 5 days was extremely difficult. He tried helping me to the bathroom but i was better off doing it myself. I sleep on an air matress in the living room. I'd roll off and roll myself in front of the couch turn backwards and use my arm muscle to slide onto couch backwards. I'd have th wheelchair close enough to sit up using my arm muscles again and slide into wheel chair and rolling myself to the bathroom.Make sure the the wheelchair WHEELS ARE ALWAYS LOCKED!! I get close as i can to the entrance of the bathroom take 2 steps on my HEELS and plop onto toilet,what a relief. Getting up was more challenging. To take a bath was somewhat difficult. I'd wheel myself to the bottom of the stairs and sit on the bottom step backwards. I'd pull myself up the stairs once again using my arms and pushing gently with my heels to go up 2 flights. Took me 10 minutes the 1st 3 times now i make it in half the time.Once on top of the stairs, I scoot myself on my bottom into the bathroom scooting backwards. I scoot close to the bathtub, and once again using my arms pulled myself up and over into the bathtub hanging my feet out. It helps to have a removable showerhead so you can give yourself your own . bath. Going down the stairs is way easier. Gotta tell you, I'm 38, out of shape, and weigh 190lbs. But i did it. My arm, stomach, and leg muscles feel stronger. At 5 days post-op i went to my appt. I was extremely nervous. This was my first surgery. I was sweating and wanted to faint. It felt good to have the bandages off. But when they took the tape off my stitches to clean the area I freaked. You might feel a little pulling on the stitches but NO pain. He rewrapped the foot and it's very tight again. My advice, the ELEVATE AND ICE!!!! I'm 10 days post op and I am still elevating and icing. I go back in 5 days which would be 2 weeks and 1 day to get my stitches removed.He said i can then purchase a good running shoe that he recommended but will still need bedrest for another week or two. I can wear the running shoe or the boot whichever feels more comfortable. I will continue wearing the boot because I don't think i feel comfortable enough right now to fit my foot in a shoe.Also for you women out there, try and schedule your sugery a couple of days after your menstral period…

  57. 57 JD at I Do Things

    Wow, I hope you had strong arm muscles!

    I am now over a year post-op, and my toe still hurts. But it's getting better. I recently took some Pilates classes, and the instructor informed me I was favoring my “de-bunioned” foot. I hadn't even realized it. So I really have to think about walking evenly on both feet.

    Congrats on surviving a double bunionectomy — and thanks for sharing your story!

  58. 58 Andrea


    Check out before and after pictures…..

  59. 59 JD

    Andrea: Wow! Thanks for the link. You really had quite an ordeal, getting both feet done (plus corns). Hope you’re recovered and enjoying your new feet!

  60. 60 Mannie

    Hi, I am preparing for a double bunionectomy but am trying to figure out how long I will need to be off work. Working as a teacher means that I am usually on my feet most of the day. My plan is to hire a wheelchair – but for how long?

  61. 61 JD

    Mannie: Check out the link in the comment above yours (from Andrea). She had a double bunionectomy recently. I personally don’t know how long you’d need a wheelchair, but she may have some good information in that post. Good luck!

  62. 62 Teri

    Hi, I enjoyed your blog. I had my left bunion done on June 1, 2010. I have been walking around my house barefoot, is that a total no no? My doc said to wear an athletic shoe and rotate with the surgical shoe. The athletic shoe still hurts though it seems most of the swelling is down. I guess I thought he meant to go out in, I am paranoid and worry that I may have messed something up. My big toe hurts mostly and it is off and on. It sounds like you guys still have pain after 3 weeks so that is still normal I guess. My toe feels numb when I touch it but it feels pain so it is not totally numb. Percoset pretty much did the trick for me. And…it was so weird when the skin peeled. I had tried a large bandaid instead of the huge bandage and when I took it off, it took skin with it. My incision is pretty much healed. So…I guess my main question is…should I be wearing the sugical shoe all the time in the house and would not wearing it cause damage? I dont see my doc till the 28th but have been tempted to call him this week to check things out. I have 2 screws in my foot. Thanks!

  63. 63 JD

    Hi, Teri!

    I can only share my own experience. My doctor told me DEFINITELY to wear the shoe at ALL TIMES. Your foot needs that support. Also, I felt pain in my toe for months after the procedure. I’m not trying to scare you — it wasn’t bad pain, but it took quite a while for it to feel normal. Again, just my experience. A little pain or discomfort is, I think, OK, but you should see your doctor if you feel a lot of pain or your toe/foot is numb.

    Also, another piece of advice: Nearly a year after my procedure, I took a Pilates class, and the instructor told me I was favoring my de-bunioned foot. I realized I hadn’t been walking on it naturally, so I really had to think about it and consciously put equal weight on both feet when I walked. I wouldn’t worry about that yet; you’re still recovering. But six months from now, start thinking about how you’re walking.

    Good luck!

  64. 64 carissa

    Oye that looks so painful! Thank god I don’t have bunyons, though I do have a lot of corns. What’s the removal process like for them?
    .-= carissa´s last blog ..A letter to an old friend after 10 years-A little something for everyone =-.

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