I Got a Shot

Shot through the butt
And you’re to blame
You give butts



I had to get a shot the other day, and I thought I’d share my experience with you. I know many of y’all are squeamish (I first typed “squeamous”!) about getting a shot, so let Dr. JD take you through it in a non-squeamous way.

First, remember that shot I got a few weeks ago for back pain? And how I felt so great and mermaid-y? Well, it lasted about a week. Oh, but what a week it was, my peeps. I enjoyed it to its fullest.

But then: tragedy.

It was like in the movie Flowers for Algernon where Cliff Robertson is mentally challenged but then they inject him with rat serum and he gets all smart but then the rat serum wears off and he gets, er, non-smart again. And it’s heartbreaking because there’s that one point in the transition from smart to non-smart at which he’s still smart enough to realize he’s not so smart anymore. You cry. But by the end, he’s too stupid (I’m sorry, I was trying so hard to avoid that word!) to know any better. The end.

But in my case, I am NOT stupid, and I know that those damn drugs wore off. I don’t need no stinkin’ rat to tell ME!

So, I went to see my doctor, whose last name is similar enough to “Vegas” that I accidentally called him “Dr. Vegas” ONE TIME, and now he will forever be Dr. Vegas. It’s the price he has to pay for having me as a patient.

It went down something like this:

Dr. Vegas comes in, and we talk about how I’m doing. At one point I voice my concerns about Vicodin. I swear to you, the following conversation is somewhat shortened but otherwise verbatim:

Me: I think I’m taking too much Vicodin.
Dr. Vegas: Well, you know Vicodin is very addictive and . . . (insert long, boring story about Vicodin here).
Me: Yes, I see.
Dr. Vegas: And so, in conclusion, here’s some more Vicodin.
Me: Thank you?

Having dispensed the drugs (oh, yes, there were more), it was time for the shot.

Dr. Vegas decided I should have two shots, three weeks apart, for maximum efficacy (fancy word for “to make more efficable”).

And I said, sure, why not. Shoot some stuff into my body, I don’t care. The nurse appeared to take me to the shot room.

So, here I go, again, on my own
Going down the only road I’ve . . .

Wait, how did Whitesnake get in here? Ignore that.

In a different room with scary equipment, I was told to lie down on my stomach. On a table, not the floor.

Gripping my koru necklace in terror (yes, I know, I’ve already HAD this exact shot already, but I have to make this story a little exciting), I felt the nurse pull up my shirt and yank down my pants. (“Ooh, there’s the excitement!” readers squeal.)

Um, excuse me. Last time the shot was administered to the lower-middle part of my back. Does my butt REALLY need to be hanging out? Apparently it does, because when Dr. Vegas walks in, I get all embarrassed and pull my pants up. Seconds later the evil nurse pulls them down again.

Will THIS be the worst part of the experience for JD????


Because then really all that happened was that he rubbed the area with some stuff, stuck the needle in, injected the stuff, and did some other mysterious stuff that did NOT in the LEAST involve my exposed butt. And then. Done!

So you see, my children, getting a shot is really nothing to be afraid of. Especially when they give you Vicodin.

If YOU need to get a shot:

  • Ignore that nurse and keep your butt covered. Unless you’re Kathy.
  • I recommend lunges and squats just in case. If your butt must be exposed, it should at least look good.
  • Ask for Dr. Vegas.

Stay tuned to find out!!!

DID the shot work? How long did it last? Will JD turn into a rat? When is she ever going to post a photo of her naked butt already? Did she take the Vicodin? (You’re stupider than Cliff Robertson if you have to ask THAT.)


Cat butt (modified) comes from here.

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47 Responses to “I Got a Shot”

  1. 1 Regan

    I hate getting shots. They’re painful and all the little kids getting shots too are annoying when they scream.

    Maybe evil nurse wanted your butt to be exposed because she wanted to go on a diet or something and she has some magical super power where she can see what you’re doing for exercise and stuff by looking at your butt.

    If you do turn into a rat, can we see pictures, please? :)

  2. 2 Grace

    Better your butt than your spine. What can go wrong with a butt shot? As a chronic back pain sufferer I hope they work for you. (The fern frond pic reminded me of fiddlehead ferns, tasty when picked young and pickled).
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..Sunday Serenade =-.

  3. 3 Kathy

    I think Dr. Vegas graduated from the Medical School of CYA.

    And speaking of CYA, I can understand that whole keep your pants down until the last possible second thing. When I go for my shots, I am poised to drop them, but not until the nurse is 100% ready. No sense traumatizing everyone in the room.

    p.s. I love how Regan’s not so much annoyed with getting shots as she is with screaming children getting shots.

  4. 4 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I hate getting shots, too. Do you ever have to get annual Rooster shots? They poke real bad. Usually, if the poke is too hard, you can just turn your head and bite real hard.
    .-= Daisy the Curly Cat´s last blog ..Sunday Comics with Daisy! =-.

  5. 5 Kelly

    You really cheered me up today. I deal with chronic pain that doesn’t respond to pain meds (I tried). So I’m living vicariously through your Vicodin and shots. Go, JD. Get that pain down as low as it will go! I’ll be tuning in for the next episode to find out…
    …and thanks again for making me laugh.

  6. 6 Kathryn

    I thought you were gonna type the word “screamous” instead of “squeamous”….that’s okay. I know where you were going.

    I hope the shot does the trick for you again, JD. I also think
    you should have had the opportunity to walk past Nurse Rachet and yank down HER pants like the boys do in 5th grade gym class.

    I’ll be you wud’ve made Dr. Vegas laugh and laugh!

    Then, he would have been so overcome with the giggles that he would have given you double the Vike prescription without even realizing it…..and the “DoubleJD” would be born….hence forever known as making someone laugh hard enough that they forget everything they’ve done in the last 30 minutes, so they are destined to repeat it….over and over again.

    Oh, wait. That would mean you’d get the shot…over and over again!
    .-= Kathryn´s last blog ..Boo? =-.

  7. 7 Lola

    Sorry to hear that your relief was short lived. My back pain has been horrible for the last 2 weeks. I went to the doc on Thursday hoping to get more Norco to add to my depleting stash. (I only use it when I really can’t take the pain and since I only have a few left, it’s got to be really bad.) Well since I was also complaining of possible H1N1 symptoms, possible colitis flare-up and an open wound that wouldn’t heal, those ailments trumped the back pain and she completely ignored that complaint.

    Hoping that you get longer relief with this shot. How come your shots are so quick and in the same office visit. My shots (when I had them) were a big production. Special appointment at a surgery center, sedation and I wasn’t allowed to drive.
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..How do you find joy and happiness? =-.

  8. 8 Pop and Ice

    I’ve had the same conversation with my daughter’s doctor about Vicodin. So then he prescribed Butal. I go to look it up. Sooo……changing from a narcotic pain reliever to a barbituate is a step in the right direction? I have my doubts.

    I hope your shots are better at relieving your pain so that you don’t have to take so much Vicodin.
    .-= Pop and Ice´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Ah, Sunlight! =-.

  9. 9 absepa

    Sorry you had to endure the trauma of being unnecessarily pantsed. Hopefully the second shot will last longer than the first…then it will at least be worth it, right?

    I was inspired by your first post to go seek a cortisone shot for my shoulder pain. Alas, my doc said that cortisone doesn’t help this type of injury. You know you’re in pain when you actually get bummed out that you can’t have a shot. :)
    .-= absepa´s last blog ..This is your eviction notice… =-.

  10. 10 Lin

    Oh, I don’t think I’d like the world to see my butt all hangin’ out there like that! Even if it was some old nurse and Dr. Vegas! I’ve had my doctor see my who-hah when I had hernia surgery last year, but I was OUT cold and didn’t give a hoot. I think I would die a thousand deaths to have some doctor see my fat dimpled butt while I was totally conscience. Ugh. The HORROR!

    Oh, I hope you feel better now.
    .-= Lin´s last blog ..We’ll do anything to get out of work =-.

  11. 11 Anne

    I hope the shot works! Vicodin is no fun when you have to take too much of it. I was taking it last week for cortisone flair, we should have had a Vicodin party.

  12. 12 babs - beetle

    You would think that when you reach my age that showing your backside wouldn’t matter much. I can assure you, it’s worse! Somehow showing a young, shapely bum is not as traumatic as pulling down your knickers and exposing an overly large OLD bum! Get all your shots in now while it’s still worth looking at ;)
    I may tell the story of when I had to expose mine one day.
    .-= babs – beetle´s last blog ..A little bit of heaven on a spoon =-.

  13. 13 Straight Guy

    But why the butt? I guess it’s well padded (speaking about human kind, not yours or mine specifically), but I get shots in my arm and can’t imagine why the butt muscle would be better than a leg muscle or arm muscle? Did they say why this one required you to drop trou?

  14. 14 Noelle

    speaking of mis-reading things, I was sort of skimming down this post and saw you were talking about your butt, and where you said “here comes the excitement!” I read “here comes the excrement!” I’m glad I took a moment to slow down and re-read, and I’m going to go fill my vicodin prescription now…
    .-= Noelle´s last blog ..Hanging with Mr. Chad =-.

  15. 15 Puglette

    ok, first off…i am sorry your rat serum wore off. but the series of shots has a better chance of working. i hope you get some longer lasting relief.

    but…why do you get vicodin at the blink of an eye?!? my doctor never gives me any and i have serious diagnosed arthritis! and hubby only gets tramadol. nothing good. fine, i will just go into my corner and pout. my doctor probably won’t sign me up for medical marijuana either…what a dork.

    i need dr. vegas! stat!
    ps. come by and see ollie in his halloween costume.
    .-= Puglette´s last blog ..Happy Halloween! =-.

  16. 16 dcr

    The last time I had a shot, I think it was like two weeks, maybe one, before the injection site stopped hurting. So, you know, I don’t believe them when they say it won’t hurt. Oh, it’ll hurt. It’ll hurt going in. It’ll hurt coming out. It’ll hurt for the next several days.

    Never trust anyone who says “This won’t hurt a bit.”

    I remember one particular needle, long ago, that was about six inches long. I swear. It was going in my foot. I asked how much of it was going into my foot. The doctor said the whole thing. I swear it should have come out the other side.

    But, at least it kept me out of gym class for a while. Could have been a while longer if I had been willing to let the doctor write the note for longer than it needed to be, but, no, I decided to be honest. Why? I ask, why? It’s not like gym class is doing me any particular good right now. I don’t even remember that gym class, so what life lessons did I learn there? Instead, I could have had some extra time not participating in things I didn’t particularly care to participate in and don’t even remember these many years later. I could have spent more time doing whatever it was I was doing during that period where I couldn’t participate because of the doctor’s note. But, I don’t remember that either. So, what was the point of gym class? I don’t know. I think it was so that some politicians could pat themselves on the back, thinking they’re doing something good for us. So much for that. Crooked politicians.
    .-= dcr´s last blog ..November Sweeps =-.

  17. 17 Stephanie Barr

    I haven’t had a shot in my butt since I was too young to remember, though I’m generally pretty tough about needles, since I give blood frequently.

    However, your story reminded me of my epidural when I was in labor with Roxanna, except, unfortunately, it was very exciting and desperately short on vicodin, though they provided some later.

    Unfortunately, the kind of headache you get from an epidural if you don’t have 20 minutes to lay on your side (which I didn’t because Roxy made her appearance about five minutes after the needle was finally successfully inserted) vicodin won’t touch. Also, it was not enough time for the actual anesthetic to kick in until after she was born.

    I sincerely hope your shot is more effective and less psychologically scarring. I have to go off, now, and curl up in the fetal position, reminding myself that I will never be pregnant again.
    .-= Stephanie Barr´s last blog ..For The Mother: Apollo Computers =-.

  18. 18 Florida Girl In Sydney

    Seriously that vicodin is not good– maybe you should try ibuprofen?? Are you doing physical therapy?? All these questions and I don’t even know what’s wrong with your back….
    I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.
    .-= Florida Girl In Sydney´s last blog ..Oh Yes I Did! =-.

  19. 19 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    I’ll know if you’re taking that Vicodin just by the way you will start your next blog posts off with “My Bonnie lies over the ocean….” or “How Dry I am…” or something slurry.
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..Goat Thing of the Day: Haiti =-.

  20. 20 David

    There’s some sitcom with a doctor who has every patient drop his or her pants no matter what is being done to them, but I forget where I saw that. Evidently art is imitating life once again.
    .-= David´s last blog ..And That Was My Day =-.

  21. 21 JD

    Regan: I think your theory about the evil nurse is dead-on. Maybe next time I go in, I’ll just tell her my secret and save her the trouble. Screaming children can be SO annoying. And yes, if I turn into a rat, I’ll make sure Dave gets some photos.

    Grace: Oh, but it WAS a spine shot! That’s why I objected to having to be de-pantsed. Thank you for your good wishes. I’ve never had fiddlehead ferns; I wonder if they can make a necklace out of them.

    Kathy: Yeah! I’d almost rather just wear a damn gown already. It seems more dignified than having my street clothes yanked around. (Regan cracks me up; that is no secret. I can just imagine her look of impatience and annoyance as the children scream around her.)

    Daisy the Curly Cat: I wish I’d thought of biting that nurse! Luckily my shot didn’t hurt too much. I’ve never had a Rooster shot—at least, I don’t think so. It doesn’t sound like something I would ever need.

    Kelly: Hi, and welcome! I’m so sorry about your chronic pain. Vicodin is a double-edged sword: it does help, but I wish I’d never gotten started on it. The shots probably aren’t much better for me, but I’m willing to try. And . . . so far, so good. Best wishes to you.

    Lola: Thanks, Lola, and I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering with so many problems—especially horrible back pain. At least you’re able to dole out the Norco. That’s a good sign. But still. It sounds like you’ve got it pretty rough. I don’t know why my shot situation went down the way it did. My mom had what sounded like the same thing and had to have someone drive her. But I felt fine and only had a little soreness.

    Pop and Ice: Yeeeeah . . . I don’t know. Doesn’t really sound right, does it? I think most doctors just do what is easiest: keep throwing the pills at us. And those of us who become addicted just keep catching them. Thank you for your good wishes. I’m REALLY hoping to scale back (off?!) on the Vikes.

    absepa: It will DEFINITELY be worth it if this shot lasts even a month. I’m really sorry you couldn’t get a shot for your shoulder pain. I guess this type of shot works only on spinal stuff. But it still seems like there should be SOMETHING for shoulder pain. That’s a legitimate pain! I agree: I was dancing for joy when I learned I could have another shot so close to the first.

    Lin: HA! It was pretty horrifying. As I said above, it would’ve been almost better to be in a gown. Something about just lying there with your regular clothes pulled up and down. Ew. And thank you.

    Anne: Hey! Vicodin Party! That sounds like fun. But who would drive? I guess we could have a virtual party. I hope your issue has resolved itself, and thanks for the good wishes. I am very optimistic.

    babs – beetle: AH HAHAHAHA! Oh, Babs. I DO hope you’ll share that story—perhaps with a tasteful doodle? My bum isn’t all that young, but I like to think it’s not too scary looking. But still! Look at your own butt, nurse!

    Straight Guy: HEY! Welcome! Actually the shot was to my spine—that’s why I was so indignant about having to have my butt hanging out in the first place. But yeah: many shots go to the well-padded (extremely, in my case) butt. If you dig around my site, you might find the post that tells about my getting a needle to the throat, complete with video!

    Noelle: OK, I LOL’d at that. Awesome. I feel like going back and changing that part now. I’m always misreading things with hilarious results, but that was a winner. I do hope that when the excrement begins to flow, my readers will feel somewhat excited.

    Puglette: Calling Dr. Vegas! It’s a mystery to me how some doctors are so free with the Vicodin (same goes for my GP and my orthopedist) and others aren’t. And you clearly need something. Maybe you can come and visit me, and we’ll go see Dr. Vargas together. I bet he’ll give you something. But you have to show him your butt.

    dcr: WOW! Again: a blog post disguised as a comment. You bring up some important issues here, mainly the abolishment of gym class. I think I would’ve gone through a giant needle through the foot to get out of mine. And I don’t think I would’ve been as honest as you.

    Stephanie Barr: Oh, no. That sounds awful! Why must such a beautiful experience be marred by horrifying (avoidable?) pain? I’m so sorry. But at least you got a beautiful baby out of the ordeal. Thank you for the good wishes. I feel lucky to have no side effects from the shot, other than a little soreness.

    Florida Girl In Sydney: You’re an excellent doctor! Those are all the questions I get at the beginning of a consult. Ibuprofen doesn’t touch this (unless I take 50). And, yes, I do PT regularly. I do a lot of stuff. I have scoliosis, which is untreatable at my age (except for surgery), so it’s not going away any time soon. Would you be my doctor? It sounds like you could get me off the Vicodin!

    Margaret (Nanny Goats): Uh oh. I can see already that I will be giving myself away.

    David: Heh. Yeah, it’s painfully and embarrassingly true. I could see Dr. Vegas in a sitcom, actually. He kind of looks like a cartoon character.

  22. 22 Bingo

    I hate getting shots too, it`s painful and I hate showing my butt to the nurses and doctors, but I had to do it 3 months ago when I had a tailbone dislocation, I got about 3 shots and I hated it.
    .-= Bingo´s last blog ..Superstitions Chapter 3 – The triangle under the stairs =-.

  23. 23 Jenn Thorson

    In the same way that your doctor is Doctor Vegas, my dentist is Dr. Banzai. His name is Bonsteel, but he kinda looks like Buckaroo Banzai (if you’ve seen that cult film) and once a Banzai, always a Banzai.

    Hope you feel good… but not TOO good… with your injections for the next few weeks. And say Hi to Dr. Vegas for us.
    .-= Jenn Thorson´s last blog ..Lewis Carroll Tests Out Jabberwocky =-.

  24. 24 Pricilla

    My butt hangs out all the time. In fact my butt gets butted many times a day.

    My poor butted butt.

    The publicist keeps her butt covered. But it gets butt sometimes by Abby. Abby is mean.

    I think I have gotten into the publicist’s vicoprofen whichi is like your vidoden only with ibuprofen instead of aspirin.

    Then my butted butt won’t hurt so much.
    .-= Pricilla´s last blog ..Goatucations: Making Goat’s Milk Cheese – Chevre =-.

  25. 25 Tiggy

    Every time I go to the dentist my pants have to come down and I get a shot in it. Strange, it’s my teeth that hurt, but he has certificates on his wall so I guess he knows what he’s doing.
    .-= Tiggy´s last blog ..Meat Beat Gets Arty… with Meat! =-.

  26. 26 ann

    Eww shots, brings back painful memories of when I was getting injections in my head. Seems the treatment for alapecia aereata (bald spots) is injections in the area. I had 14 of them all in one day or it could have been more I lost count when I started getting light headed…lol Hey I got a lollipop though before they sent me on my way.
    .-= ann´s last blog ..That reminds me of… =-.

  27. 27 carissajaded

    I still have to squeeze someone’s hand whenever I get a shot. And I’m pretty sure I cried the last time.

    And DID you take the vicodin? If not I would be glad to take that off your hands if you’d like.
    .-= carissajaded´s last blog ..And then it was November =-.

  28. 28 Ron

    LOVED your reference to the movie Flowers for Algernon and you are SO right…I cried at the end…buckets. God, it rips your heart out, doesn’t it?

    I use to be a medical assistant who administered shots (yes, and in the butt) but I was always very considerate and respectful about lowering someone’s pants to do it, so that as minimal of “hinie” was exposed.
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Is that you behind those Foster Grants? =-.

  29. 29 Michael

    Its a shame to be showing your butt for a shot! Bummer! But I guess a shot in the butt is way better than a hurtful shot in the vein.
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..How To Change An Electrical Outlet Yourself ? =-.

  30. 30 JD

    Bingo: Oooh, OW! That sounds painful! Are you better today? Is your tailbone back in place? Yikes!

    Jenn Thorson: Dr. Vegas and Dr. Bonzai need to get together. I think they’d have a blast, and maybe decide to give us EACH more drugs. What, you say you don’t need more drugs? Well, I’ll take yours.

    Pricilla: Oh, dear. With all that butting going on, I’m suprised you all have any butts LEFT! Hmmm. I’ve never heard of vicoprofen. I wonder why I don’t get THAT instead? Hmmm.

    Tiggy: Yes, I would trust him entirely. In addition to the certificates, most dental problems DO originate in the butt, strangely enough. There’s vestigial teeth in there, or something. So lie back, pull down those pants, and forget about those hurty teeth.

    ann: Oh, MAN, that sounds painful! Were they effective? How old were you? I’m only asking because I think a lollipop is appropriate for children; but if you had these shots as an adult, you should’ve been given a new car or something. Well, I at least hope you got some Vicodin!

    carissajaded: Sorry, my friend. Despite playing on my sympathies with your tales of crying and holding my hand, this Vicodin stays HERE. I AM sorry, tho, that shots are so hard for you. Do YOU get a lollipop?

    Kathryn: Sorry you’re out of place! Blame Akismet. ANYway, “screamous” is even more awesome than “squeamous,” and I will definitely find a way to work it in future posts. I KNOW Dr. Vegas would’ve laughed, but that was one nurse whose pants should stay ON, if you know what I mean. And the “DoubleJD” phenomenon could so easily backfire, as you seem to realize. Except, wait: does that mean I get Vicodin over and over?

    Ron: THANK YOU for getting my Flowers for Algernon reference. I cried too. It’s one of those movies I can’t bear to watch any more (tho the movie version IS actually called Charly, which (a) is more stupid and (b) didn’t fit into my confused rambling account of the plot quite as well. SO! I wish you’d been there to administer to my butt, even tho IT didn’t need a shot. I swear: that woman yanked my pants down about to my knees. REALLY!

    Michael: Oh, you THINK? If you’re interested, dig around for “I’m So Vein” post. You may think again! (Thanks for stopping by!)

  31. 31 jennyonthespot

    I wanna be a doctor just so I can…

    I am such a perv. Not really. I just want to seem like one. Like you. The stories are so much more exciting! *snort*
    .-= jennyonthespot´s last blog ..Favorite Things Friday =-.

  32. 32 Chris@TheSnackHound

    You wrote:

    “Wait, how did Whitesnake get in here?”

    Well, JD, I will explain it to you. Because you were temporarily not of sound mind due to the shot, or the slight anxiety over the anticipation of a shot, your mind was free associating. Somewhere in the recesses of your mind, was the story about you buying the Bumpits. It was not bad enough for your life to flash before you, only bad enough for you to regress into the near past.

    Naturally, who else has or had impossibly high volume hair. Why yes, it was David Coverdale. Perhaps he had naturally wavy crimped hair or perhaps he had very think hair, and he used a bumpit at every corner of his head to achieve his signature look.

    See…it is totally logical!
    .-= Chris@TheSnackHound´s last blog ..A Big Fat Sloppy Kiss =-.

  33. 33 Maureen

    Oh sure, give away the ending to Flowers for Algernon. Thanks. Thanks a lot. I haven’t seen that one yet…. geesh.

    J/K JD, I am probably one of the very few who has neither seen the movie nor read the book.

    Hope your shot takes (and doesn’t produce rat-like side effects).

    I had an H1N1 shot Friday before they ran out…. no way I am working in the ER or ICU (I take care of some of their computers) without it, since we had some SF deaths here in the spring.

    My arm is STILL sore.
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..The Scariest Part of Halloween =-.

  34. 34 Barb - WillThink4Wine

    I had so many shots and blood tests while I was in a fertility program I don’t even blink any more.

    Is your middle name House? Because he loves Vicadin, too.
    .-= Barb – WillThink4Wine´s last blog ..Cabinet Doors Hung. Check. =-.

  35. 35 ann

    nope, I was an adult, late 30′s. Yes they did work the hair grew back. I think I’ll be calling the doctor up though to tell him I demand my car and he can have his lollipop back….lol
    .-= ann´s last blog ..So what do you want? A cookie? =-.

  36. 36 Buggys

    I hate getting shots! Last one i got was a flu shot. Ok, not a big deal but it still hurt! Then my arm started bleeding…not just a little speck, blood was running clear down to my elbow! Feel sorry for me yet?
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

  37. 37 Jen

    I about wet my pants when you were talking about Flowers for Algernon and Cliff Robertson being not so smart anymore. I felt a little guilty too. Sorry you had to get a shot in the butt but you scored some Vicodin so you really don’t have anything to complain about. And, apparently you aren’t an addict either. I mean if I doctor tells you it’s okay to take more even if you think you might be taking too much, well, he’s the doctor and they would never prescribe something you shouldn’t have, right? Can you send me some?
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..There are no Stupid Questions…Really? =-.

  38. 38 Your Daily Cute

    What happens with Vegas, stays with Vegas…
    .-= Your Daily Cute´s last blog ..Two Cats Tuesday: BUSTED! =-.

  39. 39 cardiogirl

    Did Tawny Kitaen jumped out of a door jamb and try to snatch the Vicodin prescription out your hand?

    That would have been really frightening.

    And while we’re talking about her for a minute, time has not been kind to that woman.
    .-= cardiogirl´s last blog ..The rope and other horrors from elementary school =-.

  40. 40 JD

    jennyonthespot: Just so you can WHAT? Tell us, J-on-the-S? Oh, a perv, you say? Well, consider yourself a perv, young lady. And welcome to my pervy world.

    Chris@TheSnackHound: Oh, my GOD! Your powers of logic astound and terrify me! YES! That’s it! Anxiety + Bumpits = David Coverdale. So simple. How did I miss it? Now I need to go watch some 80s videos.

    Maureen: Ouch! I hope your arm feels better by now. Are you SURE they didn’t inject rat serum? Do you feel . . . a bit smarter today, perhaps? Definitely read the book Flowers for Algernon (The movie is actually called Charly, which is stupid. Worthwhile, even tho I ruined the ending for you. Actually, I think I ruined the whole freaking MOVIE!

    Barb – WillThink4Wine: I identify very closely with House. I’d really love to walk with a cane and grow some stubble. MAN, I seriously LOVE that guy. Calming down, I’m sorry you had to have so many shots. They are no fun.

    ann: Yeah! You go, sistah! Those lollipops are meant for KIDS not grown-ups. I’m glad the shots worked. May you never need a Bumpits.

    Buggys: YES! Oh, my god, I DO feel sorry for you! There shouldn’t be blood! NEVER! Ugh. I think I feel a little faint. Excuse me . . .

    Jen: Uh oh. Is wetting your pants considered a good thing here? Anyway, thanks for putting my mind at ease. You’re right, of course. Doctors know best. I will take my Vicodin and shut up. I’m scared of the law, or I’d mail you some; instead, why not give Dr. Vegas a call? I’m sure he’d be happy to oblige!

    Your Daily Cute: HA! Indeed. Unless his patient is a blogger. And then . . .

    cardiogirl: Oh, man, you spelled that right and EVERYthing! You are my hero! Tawny’s got her own drugs, I think. And, no. For as beautiful as she was (and she could’ve done WAY better than David Coverdale back then GROSS!), she hasn’t aged well. Unlike us. We’re rockin’ it, loca.

  41. 41 Heather Kephart

    OMFG I just created a Lolcat for today’s blog post. I swear I didn’t see this post first. What are the odds of that??? Great minds think alike.

    Anyway, I’m so sorry you are having pain. :( But at least he rubbed your butt before sticking it with a sharp object, eh? You crack me up.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..This morning at the Tommyknocker compound… =-.

  42. 42 flit

    Nursie must have really just had a thing for your butt. Best watch out for that one!

    I loved Flowers for Algernon … must have read it 100 times. That, Walden Two and Thornbirds were the big 3 for me… the only books I read more than once.
    .-= flit´s last blog ..I am STEAMED =-.

  43. 43 Staci at Just Bloggled

    Were you at least wearing clean, cute underwear? I used to have this Christmas pair with Rudolph on them that I wore year round. My mom used to joke that I’d get in an accident one day in them. (Her mom always preached the don’t wear dirty or holey underwear thing.) Then came my senior year of high school. I had a reaction to an antibiotic and had to go to the ER, where I was told they had to cut off my clothes. (Thank God I don’t remember.) Guess what underwear I was wearing? Rudolph. Guess what time of year it was? Not Christmas. It was spring. Since then I’ve vowed no more themed underwear.
    .-= Staci at Just Bloggled´s last blog ..A Question for Parents =-.

  44. 44 JD

    Heather Kephart: The lolcat just seemed appropriately reproachful. I’ll go check out yours. I have to say: Dr. Vegas’s hand never came NEAR my butt. Which further validates my indignation over the whole thing.

    flit: Ohhhh! Thornbirds! Did you ever see the miniseries? It was really good. Yeah, I don’t know about that nurse. She was DETERMINED.

    Staci at Just Bloggled: HA! So it really does happen? Wow, that’s pretty dramatic: having your clothes CUT OFF. Maybe next time I go in I should be all thuggish and say, Bitch if you want these clothes off you gonna have to CUT THEM OFF! Or not. Anyway, thankfully I was wearing cute, clean, non-holey pink undergarments. Not too sexy, not too staid. Just right for Dr. Vegas.

  45. 45 Doug

    It’s pretty hard to keep control when there is anevil nurse in charge. Hard to figure what’s going on with her. I hope that you can get past the point of needing those shots.
    .-= Doug´s last blog ..Back Pain News and Info updated Sun Nov 15 2009 6:42 pm CST =-.

  46. 46 Deb

    A shot in the butt? When did they go back in time and give shots in the butt? Ah — this to embellish the story!?

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