I Got a Kitten

You know that I’d do anything for you


(OK, technically “we” got a kitten, but titling a post “We Got a Kitten” kinda ruins the whole “I Do Things” worldview.)

ANYway, last Saturday, Dave and I went to a local animal shelter and promptly fell in love with 74 cats and kittens. However, our goal was to find just one kitten to adopt so that 5-year-old Gus could have a little sister.

We found her! A medium-hair calico named Mary Jane, born 3-28-2008.

The mean shelter lady told us very casually we should “just take two kittens” instead of one, because Gus, at 5, was considered too old to intereract with a kitten. Now, I can see their point of view, but isn’t it better to take just one kitten than NONE kittens, which is what we probably would’ve walked out with if the manager hadn’t said it was OK?

We immediately changed her name to Prudence and brought her home before the mean shelter lady could stop us. Because she had a cold and is still on amoxycillin, we have to keep her separate from Gus for about 4-5 days. If you have cats, you know how they hate being confronted with a closed door. Now imagine that behind that closed door is a kitten.

Gus is not happy.

And yesterday Prudence realized that there is a world outside the office door. She managed to get out, and she and Gus came face to face for the first time. She hissed; he looked completely mind-boggled. Off to a good start.

We can’t wait for Saturday, when we formally introduce Prudence and Gus and give Prudence the run of the house. Our life as we know it will be over.

As you may recall, we lost Gus’s older sister, Simone, last August. Read the tribute to Simone and watch the Love Cats video here.

Things Prudence Needs to Learn
  • Not to walk on my keyboard. rrrrrrrrrrrrrr777777777777777 is generally not considered good English.
  • Get used to those bright flashing lights. All our other cats developed a tolerance for the camera’s flash.
  • Wash her butt. When we first got Gus, Dave proclaimed his butt to be “as shiny as a brand-new dime.” Prudence, not so much.
  • Wash her nose. Everything Prudence eats is conveniently plastered on her nose.
  • In general, just wash. She’s a stinky little girl.
More! Blurry pix of Prudence


Watch Live Videos of Prudence NOW!

Prudence Drinks Coffee—no, that’s not a giant novelty coffee mug. She really is that small.

Prudence Tries to Eat My Lucky Charms—but I don’t let no one eat my Lucky Charms. (Turn up your speakers to hear the tiniest peeps.)

Prudence Climbs onto My Gargantuan Lap—it’s a strange and mountainous land, but Prudence is fearless.

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52 Responses to “I Got a Kitten”

  1. 1 Len

    What a cutie! Know what you mean about the closed doors, though. We’ve got two cats (Sunshine and Mike) and there is never a closed door around here. We can’t even close the door when we go to the bathroom or Sunshine throws a fit. She does not like closed doors. (Mike mainly justs sits and looks at her like she’s crazy or something.)

    Len’s last blog post..Hillary promises to support Obama

  2. 2 babs (beetle)

    Now you really didn’t need to get a kitten so I didn’t have to ;O) I would have every kitten in the world if I could!

    Such a sweet kitty. Every time I see one I want another one. I am so tempted to let Sukie have kittens, and keep putting off her op, in the hopes that she will escape, somehow, and come back a woman cat.

    babs (beetle)’s last blog post..Train ride to danger

  3. 3 Regan

    Oh my gosh!How could Gus NOT like her? She’s adorable! Can you send Prudence and Gus to me and I’ll send you my cats? We can swap for a week. =)

  4. 4 Carole

    THANK YOU for doing this so I don’t have to!!! I will most gladly enjoy your new kitten vicariously though you. I have two cats that I love but are enough trouble. This is a wonderful and valuable service you provide! :-)

    Carole’s last blog post..In the Immortal Words of Susan and Bob…

  5. 5 Natural

    How cute is she? Adorable! I had a cat with similar colors named Pepper. In the future, I may adopt two. Off to check out your YouTubes.

    Who changes the poop, so I don’t have to?

    Natural’s last blog post..What My Clothes Reveal About Me

  6. 6 Lori

    Amen, sistah! No one gets near my Lucky Charms!

    Or my candy. Or my chocolate. Or my Mountain Dew. Or….maybe I’m just selfish!

  7. 7 jennypenny

    I am no cat person but that’s a cute kitty, JD. Gus and the mean shelter lady notwithstanding, she’s lucky she got to come home with you and Dave.

    jennypenny’s last blog post..Chicksmiths, LLC

  8. 8 Jeff

    Careful JD… you’re one cute kitten picture away from being labeled a “cat blog” written by a “crazy cat lady.” You’re also now I cat short of a herd (like Kathy has for example).

    I’ll give you another day to get things back to normal. ;-)

  9. 9 Shieldmaiden96

    What a sweetie! We have an orange and white calico named Seamus who, well, we have no kids, so he basically rules our lives. I think there are about twenty pictures of him on my cellphone.

    Shieldmaiden96′s last blog post..Thanks, Bo….

  10. 10 Gizmo

    She’s a cutie. Hopefully she’s not a drooler like our Vlad.

  11. 11 Kathy

    Prudence is adorable! I’m sure she and Gus will get along swimmingly very soon. What’s not to love about her? She’s multi-colored, has the cutest little meow and drinks COFFEE! I’m sure in no time they’ll be hanging out together, discussing what wee hour of the night is best to wake you up for play time.

    I love the Love Cats video. I’ve seen it before, but it was worth a second look.

    p.s. to Prudence: Clean your butt.

    Kathy’s last blog post..The Day I Ate Rubber Bands

  12. 12 ann of the shampoo bag

    What a darling kitty! Someday when she grows up, I hope she realizes how lucky she was to have been adopted by you. Sort of the same wish that I have regarding my daughter…..except she wasn’t adopted….

  13. 13 James -How to take better photos

    Cute photos. Teach the kitten now to love the camera.
    I have never seen a cat drool, dogs-yes, cat-not yet.

    James -How to take better photos’s last blog post..Bad Weather Equals Great Photos

  14. 14 JD

    Len: Thanks! Gus usually allows us to close the bathroom doors. Somehow he understands that he doesn’t have to be present for everything we do. We’ll see how Prudence handles closed doors after her quarantine is over.

    babs (beetle): I know! Me too! I would have loved to take 2 (or 50) kittens, but it wouldn’t be fair to Gus. “A woman cat”—HAR!

    Regan: Oh, I don’t think I could stand to be without either one of my babies, even tho I’m sure your cats are sweeties. I’ll keep you posted on Gus’s reaction.

    Carole: I’m so happy to be able to do this for you. I wish I could get as many kittens as I have readers and visitors.

    Natural: Um…regarding the poop: you’ll have to talk to Dave. There are some things I won’t do, believe it or not.

    Lori: No, you’re not being selfish. We need our sugar, and no one, NO ONE had better come between me and my sugar fix.

    jennypenny: Thanks, JP! Coming from a noncat person, that’s a compliment. We think she’s pretty lucky. She seems to think so too.

    Jeff: I was thinking of starting a 2d blog: The Crazy Cat Lady’s Crazy Cat Blog. What do you think?

    Shieldmaiden96: I love Seamus! Our cats rule our lives, too. I hope Gus can get used to sharing us again. He’s been “top cat” since last August.

    Gizmo: So far, no drooling, but she’s young yet. Also, Vlad? Awesome name.

    ann of the shampoo bag: Thank you! Oh, we’ll make sure she knows how lucky she is—probably much like you make sure your daughter knows how lucky she is!

    James: She’s off to a good start in terms of a long life of being photographed. Gus drools on me, but only when he’s kneading my neck.

  15. 15 cardiogirl

    Oh the cute! It must stop. I cannot take anymore. I saw her try coffee (and then double check that the stuff does *not* work for her) and then her climbing in your lap with her pure, sweet meow.

    I thought I loved Gus. I do. I still do. But Prudence is a charmer.

    Oh yeah, I loved this line:

    “…but isn’t it better to take just one kitten than NONE kittens, which is what we probably would’ve walked out with…”

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..I knew Lisa R. was a bitch, now I know exactly why

  16. 16 jt

    Cats are so much fun :). We have three, Angel, Spazz, and Schwartz.
    Angel and Spazz get along, Spazz and Schwartz get along, Angel and Schwartz hate each other’s guts. So we have this tenuous peace that holds until the other walks in. Makes for a hilarious cat life. Spazz is the one who had the kitties :)
    Oh wait, so now we have 5!

    jt’s last blog post..Still Manic Monday

  17. 17 JD

    Kathy: (you got trapped in Akismet’s clutches for some reason!)

    I think Prudence has discovered she’s more of a milk drinker. She wasn’t expecting that coffee to be hot. Yeah, I’m a little worried about the two of them in cahoots. Simone was older and more laid back. Gus + Kitten Power could = Sleepless Nights.

    I’ll make sure Prudence gets your note, believe me.

    cardiogirl: It’s nonstop cute all up in here, I’ll tell ya. Yeah—I loved how she had to check to make sure she didn’t like the coffee. Now she winces whenever she sees me pick up the mug.

    Prudence is indeed a charmer.

    jt: Oh, I love your cats’ names. And I saw your two new additions. They are so cuuuuuuuute! They’re too young to anything but squirm adorably.

  18. 18 Alice

    I wouldn’t worry about the age difference – our cats are about 8 years apart and they’re fine. Have fun!

    Alice’s last blog post..GirlChild-san Catch Fly with Bare Hand

  19. 19 Sara

    Aww… adorable. And good for you for adopting! I’m so relieved I don’t have to get a kitten now. I don’t think the pooch would stand for it.

    Sara’s last blog post..Dishing the Dirt, On Simplicity Style

  20. 20 Jay

    Another vote of thanks – I love cats, but I’m allergic to them so I can’t keep them anymore. I’ll just enjoy yours at a safe distance!

    Jay’s last blog post..The car park ticket …

  21. 21 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Congratulations on the addition to your family! Prudence is adorable, and we especially love calico cats.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Fashion Friday: A Fancy Summer Dress!

  22. 22 Ana @ Chica & Pumuckl

    Aww, how cute. Little kittens are so adorable.

    Maybe one tip with the dirty nose:

    Pumuckl always had a dirty nose when he was still a kitty. He had the same strange behavior to eat with his nose instead his mouth :-) However we have cleaned his nose 3 to 4 times a day with a wet cotton bud. He hated it so much that now he has the cleanest cat nose on earth :-)

    Ana @ Chica & Pumuckl’s last blog post..The whole story about the toy in the shoe

  23. 23 JD

    Alice: Thanks for the reassurance. I’m sure they’ll be fine once they get used to each other. When I was a kid, our two cats HATED each other for LIFE. I’m always afraid that’s going to happen again. But I really believe these two will love each other.

    Sara: Thank you! I think she’s rather adorable myself. And I’m more than happy to get this kitten so you don’t have to.

    Jay: And YOU’RE welcome too! This was not a tough one to do, at all. I’m sorry you’re allergic. I’ll rub my face in her fur so you don’t have to. Once she takes a bath, that is.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Thank you! We loved our little Prudence immediately. The fact that she’s a calico makes her extra-special. Calicos are awesome!

    Ana @ Chica & Pumuckl: Ah! Excellent advice. I’m preparing a Q-tip right now!

  24. 24 Kelly

    My husband thanks you for your selfless kindness in getting a kitten so we don’t have to. (He dislikes cats.) Now if you would just get a dog so we don’t have to, all will be well in our household in the pet category. Thanking you in advance. :)

    Kelly’s last blog post..Collaged Words: Destiny

  25. 25 Canucklehead


    Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play
    Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
    The sun is up, the sky is blue
    It’s beautiful and so are you
    Dear Prudence won’t you come out to play

  26. 26 Maureen


    What a cutie! And I know what you mean about falling in love with all the kittens/cats. That would be me too.

    We have three cats.

    And Canucklehead, that is EXACTLY the Beatles tune that ran through my head as I read her name!

    But I have to wait till I get home tonight to watch the videos; darn work blocks them…. :(

  27. 27 sukie

    Livvie is 12 years older than me and she still loved me, and let me chase her around. I always caught her though ‘coz she has a bad leg. Age doesn’t matter.

    Purrs, Sukie X

    sukie’s last blog post..Comfy beds

  28. 28 Lisa Lisa

    Awww! She’s sooo cute! I just adopted two baby chicks and now we’re thinking about getting a few more. Hell, why not! I heard the people at the animal adoption centers can be A-Holes. I have a friend that had to go through 3 different adoption centers before they would allow her to have a dog. I guess it was due to her having a swimming pool??? Can’t they see that there is someone standing right in front of them that will love and care for them, but no they declined her. So now those dogs are sitting in a cage without an owner to love them. Just thought I would share.

  29. 29 H.

    OOoooooooooohhh how I’d love to have a cat. But I’m horrifically allergic! ACHOO!

    H.’s last blog post..On Camping & Innertubes – Part 1

  30. 30 JD

    Kelly: Well, I’m more than happy to do this for you and your husband, but I think I’ll have to draw the line at a dog, unfortunately. How about if I get a fish?

    Canucklehead: What a lovely tribute. And, um, you wrote it, right? Why, I can almost hear the tune in my head. Actually, we did get the name Prudence from a song, but not this one. Has anyone ever heard of the Mighty Mighty’s song “Law”? Well, Dave has, and that’s where Prudence came from. Obscure much?

    Maureen: It’s hard not to sing that song to her constantly. She’ll grow up with a hatred of the Beatles!

    And, yeah. The only problem with walking into a shelter full of sweet, adorable cats is that you want to walk out with all of them.

    sukie: Aw. I’m so glad you and Sukie are buddies. No, I agree: age shouldn’t matter when two animal friends get along. Be nice to Livvie—let her catch you ever once in a while!

    Lisa Lisa: What a sad story. While I can see that they have to have rules and guidelines, they also have to realize that not every situation is going to be exactly what they dictate. A good home and loving parents: that’s what these poor babies need.

    Remember when you could just go out and pick up a cat off the street?

    H.: Boo to allergies! Well, I’ll take good care of her and love her and pet her and feed her and snuggle her so you don’t have to. I may sneeze now and then, but it’s manageable.

  31. 31 Ernie

    I think everyone knows by now that cats are very poor at spelling and grammar: “i can has cheezburger” would be the perfect example.

    Ernie’s last blog post..Rundown to This Blog – It Will Change the Universe Forever

  32. 32 Tim

    Cute, for sure. I am glad you got a kitten so we don’t have to. I’d send the link for this post for my wife, but then I’d have to get one too! Two dogs, 3 miniature horses and a pot bellied pig are quite enough for me.
    you shouldn’t let your kitten drink coffee. You will stunt her growth.

    Tim’s last blog post..Where to Find Stainless Steel For HHO Hydrogen Generators & Fuel Cells

  33. 33 Kelly

    Fish? Well, if you want. The only ones in the household who are interested in getting fish are the cats. Fortunately, without opposable thumbs, they’re going to find it difficult to get out of the house to wander down to the petshop. :)

    Kelly’s last blog post..Let’s Take a Break

  34. 34 Tiggy

    I’m not really into cats but that is a cute one!

    I thought about getting a cat. Only so I could follow it around with a camera waiting in vain for it to do something stupid for I Can Has Cheezburger.

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Tiggy’s Beauty Secrets

  35. 35 Susan

    I’m so happy to hear she was rescued from a shelter. Very frustrating to hear that they almost enforced a 2 kitten minimum on you, though. During “kitten season” (spring/early summer) shelters should be happy for any all good homes they can find for kittens!

    How did you choose her name?

    Susan’s last blog post..Dog Day at the Park

  36. 36 sukie

    Completely off subject, well maybe not completely. I really think you should use your Entrecard icon (cat) for your blog header. I love it.

    sukie’s last blog post..Photo Hunter: Bad Hair Day

  37. 37 JD

    Ernie: I love those damn LolCats, regardless of their spelling abilities. At least they manage to use a vowel every now and then.

    Tim: I am more than happy to have gotten this kitten so you don’t have. Sounds like you’ve done more than enough with regards to the animal kingdom. I don’t think Prudence will be sampling coffee anymore. She acts very suspicious now of anything in a mug.

    Kelly: Well, you cats are pretty determined. They just might surprise you!

    Tiggy: I submitted THE MOST awesome picture of Gus to Cheezeburger. My real goal, however, is getting a cat on Cute Overload. Then I can die happy.

    Susan: Ha! That’s funny that you said “kitten season.” That’s what we started calling it when, years ago, we were looking for a kitten in winter and were told none were available until spring. Like they grow on trees!

    My husband picked the name from an obscure song called “Law” by an obscure band called The Mighty Mighty. He just sort of blurted it out and it stuck. We named her months before we even met her!

    sukie: Thanks, Sukie! I’ve thought about that; in fact, the lovely Corrina at My Random Blog made some cool mockups of a header that included the Sleeping Cat. But I don’t know. I’d like to use it in some way…I love it too. It’s like the only thing I can draw!

  38. 38 Corrina

    OMG I love her!!! And I am so HAPPY that you adopter her from a shelter! *sniff*… So proud.

    I’m off to watch your videos now…

    Corrina’s last blog post..My Next Fix

  39. 39 JD

    Corrina: Yes, there’s no way we’d get a pet any other way than adoption. There are just soooo many poor, sweet animals out there who need homes. Enjoy the videos—there will be many more!

  40. 40 Tim

    Came back to check and what do you know! More cleaver comments. Now all you need around here is a subscribe to comments button so us busy readers don’t miss any of your replies!
    I like the idea of a Kitten header.

    Tim’s last blog post..Where to Find Stainless Steel For HHO Hydrogen Generators & Fuel Cells

  41. 41 JD

    Tim: Oh, the cleaverness never stops, thanks to all youse wonderful readers. But don’t I have a subscribe to comments link above? Under “Subscribe,” it says “RSS Feed – Comments.” Try that, it should work. Or maybe I’m not as cleaver as I thought.

  42. 42 Elle

    June Cleaver? Prudence Adorable, to be sure.

    Elle’s last blog post..Four Foods on Friday Goes To The Movies

  43. 43 JD

    Elle: Heh. The whole “cleaver” thing started as a simple misspelling. As for Prudence, adorable pretty much sums it up!

  44. 44 bsilvia

    Kisses for Prudence and hugs for Gus :)

    Take care!


    bsilvia’s last blog post..New Photoshop Brushes – Floral Shapes

  45. 45 PolymerClayTutor

    What a little sweetie! Congratulations!

    PolymerClayTutor’s last blog post..A Super Handy Polymer Clay Tool – The Food Processor

  46. 46 JD

    bsilvia: Hey, long time no see! Thanks for dropping by and bestowing kisses on my kitties. They appreciate it!

    PolymerClayTutor: Thank you! We love her.

  47. 47 Jamie

    We just got 2 new kittens from my mom. They were barn cats. Not anymore, now they are indoor cats. Our 2 year old cat Ringo just looks at them with disdain. They are cute little puffballs of fur, John and Paul. We had a George once, he now lives on a farm, we gave him away because we were moving. Anyway, they stink to high heaven as well. We are also trying valiantly to litter train them. UGH. I tried washing them in baby shampoo. That wasn’t strong enough. Last night, I broke down and bought some “cat and kitten” shampoo. I’m hoping it works. The poor things look like drowned chiauhaus (however that is spelled, the Taco Bell Dog) and I hate making them that way. Your Prudence is adorable, and I hope that Gus takes a liking to her.

    Jamie’s last blog post..My Eldest Son and My Sister

  48. 48 JD

    Jamie: Oh, how sweet. Little barn cats. That’s funny that the baby shampoo isn’t strong enough. Prudence has made great strides in the personal hygiene department, and she and Gus are play-fighting regularly now. Best of luck with your new babies!

  49. 49 Scratch Bags

    After reading this I am thinking of buying a cat now. Although I am not a pets person but after looking at Prudence’s pictures, I guess it would be difficult for me to resist the temptation of not having one for myself. Very Cute. Thank you:)

    Scratch Bags’s last blog post..Trapped amongst tickling gits

  50. 50 JD

    Scratch Bags: There are so many worthy kittens out there—you must get one! Visit your local shelter, and you’ll find yourself with an armful of kittens and cats. Take 7! They’re small and don’t eat much (OK, now I’m lying). Seriously, kittens are a joy. I’m glad you enjoyed my sweet little Prudence.

  51. 51 Johnny "Pull"

    “Dear Prudence” is one of my very favorite Beatles songs and I can’t stop thinking about it now that I’ve read your entry. I will have to go put it on now.

    Love the photos btw. Nice story.

  52. 52 JD

    Johnny “Pull”: Aw, thank you. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re enjoying “Dear Prudence.” I know I am.


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