You all, everybody
You all, everybody


And you know, now that I think of it, it wasn’t even ME who gave away the ending. It was the barista.

Anyway. Rewind to two years ago, the season 3 finale of Lost. Remember? Desmond kept trying to save Charlie, but no matter what he did . . . “You’re gonna die, Charlie.” And die he did, drowning to death in a sealed-off room in the Looking Glass station after Patchy exploded a grenade. See ya in another life, brotha.

THAT was Wednesday. Flash-forward to Sunday at Starbuck’s, where I’m having a friendly chat with one of the baristas. We have discussed Lost before.

“Did you see the finale?” I asked.

“YES! Do you think Charlie’s really dead?”

“Seems like it. Tho you never know . . .”

I was interrupted by a gasp so loud and forceful it blew the froth off of my latte.

“Oh. My. God. I, like, haven’t watched that episode yet.”

We turned to the scary-looking young woman who had made this announcement. Her expression was one of outraged disbelief.

We stared at her, waiting for her to crack a smile or laugh and say how stupid was SHE for going to a public place before she’d watched the Lost finale, but no. She was genuinely and palpably pissed.

“I cannot believe you just gave away the ending.”

We were still in shock at her reaction. How could she seriously be so mad? The barista stood there with her mouth hanging open, and I felt uncomfortable enough (and, for a few seconds, guilty enough) to try to make amends.

“Well, now, he’s probably not dead. You know how it is on Lost. Dead people pop back up all the time. Maybe he’ll be back as a ghost or something . . .”

She was having none of it. She paid for her coffee and left in a huff. Of course as soon as the door shut, the barista and I erupted into wild if somewhat nervous laughter.

Later, tho, I was kind of mad. Because here’s the thing: If you’re a big enough fan of ANY TV show to care that much, you DO NOT GO OUT. Get it? You don’t leave your house. You don’t turn on your TV, computer, radio. You don’t answer the phone. If you have to look out a window, keep your eyes toward the ground in case one of those airplane banners happens to be flying by. You buy earplugs to avoid hearing your neighbors talking about it. You don’t talk to anyone, you don’t look at anything, you don’t listen to anything.

You especially don’t go prancing into a Starbuck’s FOUR WHOLE DAYS AFTER THE SEASON FINALE where there might be even the most remote chance of coming across two women yammering about Lost.



Watch Charlie die here! (Warning: it’s real sad)

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45 Responses to “I Gave Away the Ending to “Lost””

  1. 1 Angelika


    I had mistakenly thought that an episode of House this past season was a repeat. Everyone online was talking about Kutner being dead and I was like “It was a repeat this week!”

    Turns out that I hadn’t noticed the new episode of House on my DVR.

    Normally, I watch the episode after it’s been recording 30 minutes so I won’t catch up with the commercials.


    She was an idiot, that girl at Starbucks.

    Angelika’s last blog post..High Five Friday- 5/29/09

  2. 2 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Yep, if you want to keep a TV ending secret, you have to go into total isolation. Or else, plug your ears and go “lalalalalalala, I can’t hear you, lalalalalala.” Which usually leads to total social isolation anyway.

    You did not do anything Wrong.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: Books

  3. 3 C.B.Jones

    I once tried to give away the ending to Fastlane. It’s hard to do that with a show that had a cliff hanger season finale, and was later canned by the network because Fox assumed the ratings should have rivaled Idol.

    Stupid Fox execs…

    C.B.Jones’s last blog post..Do me a favor

  4. 4 Regan

    I was so sad when Charlie died.

    You can’t blame people for talking about it. I mean, seriously. A lot of people like Lost and will in fact be talking about it. Especially with an ending like that one.

    I sure hope Charlie comes back. :/

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  5. 5 Eileen

    I have friends that are on season 2 of ‘Lost’ and it’s getting pretty tiring. I cannot keep these secrets for THREE YEARS! I think there should be a one year grace period, than all bets are off when it comes to spoilers.

  6. 6 flit

    OMG I haven’t seen it yet….

    and now I know Charlie dies!!

    Of course, since I’ve never seen a single episode of Lost, I don’t have a clue who Charlie is anyway … unless he’s a tuna?

    Thanks for watching Lost so I don’t have to.

    flit’s last blog post..Home Again … for a bit

  7. 7 Kathy

    Dumbass indeed. I’ve been known to greet co-workers the morning after Lost, not with a Hello and how are you, but “please don’t talk about Lost because I haven’t seen it yet.” It’s really their own fault if people don’t walk around with cotton balls in their ears if they haven’t seen a must-see show for four days afterwards. Did we call her a dumbass enough? I don’t think so. Dumbass!

    Oh, how I miss Charlie!

    Kathy’s last blog post..In Case of Donut Emergency

  8. 8 Kathy

    Oh, boy. I just watched the video you posted a link to. Not Penny’s Boat. Pass me a tissue….again….

    Kathy’s last blog post..In Case of Donut Emergency

  9. 9 Stephanie Barr

    What’s Lost?

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..For Quadmama: Employment Prospects

  10. 10 absepa

    I’ve never seen Lost, so you could give away endings all day along around me. A lot of my friends are really into it, but I can’t commit to another murky, twisty, edge-of-your-seat show. The X-Files broke my heart by turning crappy in the last two seasons, and I can’t bear to go through that again.

    absepa’s last blog post..An Apology, a Funny, a Shameless Plea, and an Award

  11. 11 Anne

    If it was 4 days after the finale, she must have been hiding in a cardboard box until her trip to Starbucks. That is the only way that you are the ones who gave away the ending. It was talked about everywhere. I agree with Kathy. She was a dumbass and I miss Charlie.

    Anne’s last blog post..The Year I Was Born — ?

  12. 12 dcr

    Good thing you didn’t tell her Darth Vader was Luke’s father!

    I can’t help but find this funny and disturbing at the same time: “Watch Charlie die here! (Warning: it’s real sad)”

    I upset some people in junior high (or was it high school?) when I revealed that Piggy (was that his name?) died in Lord of the Flies. I read a couple chapters ahead.

    Spoilers don’t bother me. I even read The Empire Strikes Back before I saw it in the theater. Filmmakers seem to think that spoilers will ruin a movie; I only think that’s true if the movie sucks.

    Which is ironic because I’m writing a story right now (that I hope doesn’t suck!) where I already know the ending and am trying to keep it very much under wraps!

    dcr’s last blog post..Tweet Week: Fail

  13. 13 MomZombie

    I see you are a Lostie as well. I used to be so obsessed with that show I’d stay up way past my bedtime on all the message boards trying to deconstruct every episode. You know what? I’m glad this next season is the last. I’ve had it with this show. This year was the first that I watched the finale ONCE. That’s it. I may watch it once again between Christmas and New Year to refresh my memory. Maybe not.
    I liked Charlie, too. He was the last of the “real” characters on the show. You know, kinda average looking, kinda a failure. Locke is a robot or a zombie so he doesn’t count. The rest? What are the odds the entire modeling crew for the J. Crew catalog got marooned on a tropical island?

    MomZombie’s last blog post..Don’t be jealous

  14. 14 FreakSmack

    Anyone who get’s that mad about a television show might want to take a look at their pathetic life, put a gun to their head, and pull the trigger.
    That’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

    FreakSmack’s last blog post..Matthew Johnson was charged with Possession of Marijuana in Maricopa county

  15. 15 flit

    I know what’s Lost… the comment I left here HOURS ago!

    flit’s last blog post..Home Again … for a bit

  16. 16 Grace

    Don’t know dippy-doo about “Lost”. We record all our shows and watch them the next day or the day after that. I have fast forwarded through shows with tense situations so I could see how it ended and then watched it from the beginning. I am weird I know. I also read the end of books first, well not first, first, but I read the end once all the characters have been introduced and the plot is in full swing, yes, mysteries too. (I’m gonna duck and run now)

    Grace’s last blog post..Pissant petty annoyances on a beautiful day

  17. 17 shakespeare

    Okay, so I don’t agree with the last guy–but I’m also not a Lost fan… or an anything else fan. The only thing I hate is when people go to see a movie, tell me I should go see it too, and then tell me the whole G*& D*!$ plot so that I know everything that happens.

    My sister is the big offender–you know her, too, the one who asked “What’s Lost?” above.

    No one can expect people not to talk about a tv show for days and days. Even when the last Harry Potter came out, we fans gave people a week to share it amongst themselves before we started gabbing.

    shakespeare’s last blog post..A Lame Spin on Pride and Prejudice

  18. 18 dcr

    Good thing you didn’t tell her Darth Vader was Luke’s father!!!

    I swear I left a comment. I’m feeling deja vu.

    Anyway, I think I mentioned that I apparently ruined Lord of the Flies for classmates in junior high, or maybe it was high school. I read ahead, so I knew Piggy (was that his name?) was killed off.

    Then I think I mentioned that I read The Empire Strikes Back before I saw it in the theater.

    Filmmakers seem to think that spoilers ruin movies, but I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that. If the movie depends too much on spoilers not getting out, maybe it wasn’t that good of a movie? After all, we watch history-based films and we know how that turned out. I mean, could you imagine someone blasting you for ruining a WWII movie for them when you tell them the Nazis lost?

    The ironic thing is that I’m currently working on a story (which I hope will be good!!!) where I want to keep the ending tightly under wraps.

    dcr’s last blog post..Tweet Week: Maintaining Your Flock

  19. 19 dcr

    Okay. I know I left a comment this time. Your blog hates me. :-(

    dcr’s last blog post..Tweet Week: Maintaining Your Flock

  20. 20 Stephanie Barr

    Wow, harsh, Shakespeare, I haven’t given away a movie plot for years.

    That’s the danger of growing up with someone. You do something at one point in your life and you never get credit for stopping.

    Oh well. I’m off to send her the details of EVERY LITTLE THING that happened in Star Trek.


    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..For Patricia: Political Recipes

  21. 21 JD

    Angelika: KUTNER’S DEAD???

    No, I’m kidding. I will often spoil myself with other shows, but not Lost. If I had known in advance Charlie was really going to die, it would’ve spoiled the episode for me.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Thank you, Daisy. I feel better. And, yes, I do that “lalalalalal” thing. You just can’t be too careful.

    C.B. Jones: It figures. Well, you can say it here. What was the ending? And, while we’re at it, what was Fastlane?

    Regan: Well, if the detonation puts everything back on course, then he WILL be back. The downside? So will Ana Lucia, Ethan, and Nikki and Paulo.

    Eileen: Oh, man! THREE YEARS? Look, friends of Eileen, I waited for TWO YEARS to write this post, just to be safe. Get real!

    Kathy: Well, at least there was Ghost Charlie (as I predicted: see above), but, yeah, there were other characters who could’ve gone before him, like, oh, I don’t know . . . KATE, for example.

    (Here’s your tissue . . . SNIFF!)

    Stephanie Barr: Cor dear oh dear, as Gordon Ramsey says. Come on over to my house. I have the first two seasons. We’ll get started on those and get the rest on ebay. Bring snacks.

    absepa: Yes, the X-Files’ final season was indeed a heart-breaker. That show was my LIFE and then . . . Doggett? and that other one? No way. Mulder and Scully or NOTHING!

    Anne: She WAS a dumbass, wasn’t she? Grrrr. What really makes me mad is that I initially felt bad. Had I been more on my toes (ie, had I already drunk my latte) I would have given her a piece of my mind. I hope she self-righteously told everyone she knew that some jerk gave away the ending to Lost — and then everyone bitch slapped her for being such a dumbass.

    MomZombie: You make a good point about Charlie being one of the “ordinary ones.” At least among the “good” people (because . . . Ben). I do the message board thing too, and as sorry as I am this season is over, I do have a lot more free time.

    FreakSmack: Hmmm. Are you talking about me or the dumbass? Er. Which is which now? I am confused.

    Grace: No need to duck and run, although reading the end of a book is frowned upon in these parts. I ALWAYS check the ending of a reality show where someone got voted off/eliminated/etc. The show is much less tense that way. But a show like Lost must be savored, and all its surprises kept intact.

    shakespeare: I accidentally gave away the ending to Million Dollar Baby among a group of friends, and I still haven’t recovered. I’m trying to enjoy a book my husband just read (and loved), and every 5 seconds he pops his head in “Have you gotten to the part where …” “Wasn’t it funny when …” THAT is annoying.

    Stephanie Barr: I know. My older brother NEVER lets me forget how easy I had it as the younger child. Let it go.

  22. 22 Puglette

    i must confess, i do not watch lost. i tried in the very beginning but i can’t get past the hair thing…you know, why doesn’t their hair get long and shaggy? why does matthew fox’s character still have that very short hair and no beard? was their flight supplied with an endless supply of personal hygiene products? is that one of the mysteries of the island? i can suspend reality for many shows, but that really bugged me. if you want me to believe these people were trapped on a mysterious, time altering island you need to address their hair.

    and on the subject of spoilers, i think if a popular drama has had their finale you are at risk of hearing the plot points. and your risk of hearing grows dramatically with every day that passes. if you don’t want to hear the end, stay home and avoid all media!

    and about people that never let it go…don’t tell your husband about a dream you had where you met ross perot (yes, it was durring that election) and you cried because he was leaving…in your dream. he still says “i’ll miss you ross!” just to annoy me.

    Puglette’s last blog post..More Changes

  23. 23 dcr

    Wow. Your blog just eats my comments. I guess that means I can say anything? La la la… Too bad I can’t think of anything. Oh well.

    This is, I believe, my fourth comment. I bet this one will make it in because it’s the least valuable comment I’ve typed up.

    dcr’s last blog post..The Office Ghost

  24. 24 dcr

    My comments get eaten so yours don’t have to?

    dcr’s last blog post..The Office Ghost

  25. 25 dcr

    I leave some comments,
    But they are hidden behind
    Some digital fence.

    dcr’s last blog post..The Office Ghost

  26. 26 Regan

    Ugh, I forgot about Nikki and Paulo. And Shannon. I never really liked her, either. But I think it’s all worth Charlie being back. ^^

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  27. 27 Maureen

    Never got into Lost.

    And you’re absolutely right. Anyone who IS that involved in a TV show should no better than to leave their house, turn on the TV or radio, pop open the newspaper or touch a magazine before they’ve cleared out their Tivo.

    Her own fault…

    I am GLAD you gave it away!!! Har!

    Maureen’s last blog post..Damn Those Horror Flicks

  28. 28 lifepundit

    I’m about to get sick of everybody but Hurley and Sayid. And maybe them, too.

    I thought the finale was about John Locke…. but you’re talking another season, right?

    I’ll keep watching but only because I’ve got so much invested in it. How many hours have I spent on this show?

    Now, “House” is a different story. They can’t make enough of those, though I was glad when Amber was gone and sorry when she came back. Oh, did I spoil that for somebody?

    That’s too funny that somebody would be angry that she overheard your conversation and found out the ending. Doesn’t she know it’s rude to eavesdrop?

    lifepundit’s last blog post..I’ll Bet You Would Talk to the Dog

  29. 29 flit

    Hmmm…. I have commented TWICE on this already and both of my comments got lost

    Hope this one works

    flit’s last blog post..Ack! Some days this nontraditional gig is for the birds….

  30. 30 Tracy

    I knew an Australian who’d get pissy at Americans on the forum spoiling television shows for her. Didn’t we know she wouldn’t be able to see them for months!?!?! And it was very unfair of us to talk about it on the internet and her have to choose between the show being spoiled and being able to participate.

    I haven’t seen Lost since Charlie died. Not because I was upset, I just kept forgetting and finally just deleted every show ever from my TIVO including the Novas I kept on there for looking-smart purposes.

    Tracy’s last blog post..Paying the Piper

  31. 31 JD

    Puglette: Aw, what a sad dream!! (HAHAHAHAHA!) Yes, you DO have to suspend disbelief regarding hair growth, weight loss, and stuff like that; if you can’t do that with Lost, you’re . . . lost. (I think, tho, that they did find stuff in the dead people’s luggage: makeup, battery-powered razors, tampons — I HOPE!)

    dcr: I’m sorry! Akismet was particularly vigilant today. I rescued them from behind the digital fence—but I only found three. Maybe one really did get eaten? (Love the haiku.) Oh, wait. That’s weird. Your comment came through in my email but not my blog. Here’s dcr’s FIRST COMMENT:

    Good thing you didn’t tell her Darth Vader was Luke’s father!

    I can’t help but find this funny and disturbing at the same time: “Watch Charlie die here! (Warning: it’s real sad)”

    I upset some people in junior high (or was it high school?) when I revealed that Piggy (was that his name?) died in Lord of the Flies. I read a couple chapters ahead.

    Spoilers don’t bother me. I even read The Empire Strikes Back before I saw it in the theater. Filmmakers seem to think that spoilers will ruin a movie; I only think that’s true if the movie sucks.

    Which is ironic because I’m writing a story right now (that I hope doesn’t suck!) where I already know the ending and am trying to keep it very much under wraps!

    dcr: I wouldn’t be surprised if this dumbass DIDN’T know about Empire Strikes Back or Lord of the Flies. I don’t like to be spoilered for books or movies—so don’t tell me the ending to your book!

    Regan: I never liked Shannon either, and thought Sayid was WAY too good for her. If Charlie comes back, we have to take Nikki and Paulo too. It’s only fair.

    Maureen: You know what? SO AM I! HA! I just wish now I’d had the presence of mind to call her a dumbass at the time instead of feeling guilty about it.

    lifepundit: Even sick of Desmond??? And Penneh? Yes, yes, I wouldn’t even dare write about this season’s finale yet. Maybe in two years. WHAT? AMBER’S BACK? Kidding. I loved that plotline. Especially when House was about to inject the insulin and she looked all scared. OMG! You’re right about the eavesdropping too! We really should’ve busted her ass.

    flit: So weird. Like dcr above, Akismet ate one of your comments but I got the email. Here it is:

    OMG I haven’t seen it yet….

    and now I know Charlie dies!!

    Of course, since I’ve never seen a single episode of Lost, I don’t have a clue who Charlie is anyway … unless he’s a tuna?

    Thanks for watching Lost so I don’t have to.

    flit:You’re very welcome. If anyone else out there wants me to watch Lost for them, I’m happy to. Charlie HAD to die, flit, to save everyone else—especially Claire and Aaron (tho fat lot of good it did Claire). It was his destiny, as foreseen by Desmond.

    Tracy: Ah, the all-important “look smart” shows. Yeah, you don’t want your whole Tivo schedule to be American Idol and Wife Swap. (I’m not implying that you watch those shows). That Australian is a dumbass. AVOID THE FORUMS, dumbass!

  32. 32 Daniela

    WTF! I come here thinking all is safe…i dont care so much about lost…and then i see that KUTNER is dead on LOSt…and that is the FIRST comment??!! sweet jeezus! learn to censor your comments JD! come ON!

    Daniela’s last blog post..Chastity Facemask

  33. 33 Lola

    I never watched Lost. I don’t know why, but it’s not really something I’m interested in.

    Lola’s last blog post..May Top Commenter Winners!

  34. 34 mlm

    Ah, Lost. Me and my husband’s fave. Although, Charlie may not be dead, because what is Desmond and Penneh’s babeh’s name? Charlie! (maybe they just named him after Charlie, but with this whole time-travel, who knows?) Oops, maybe I should save this kind of stuff for the forums! (USA today has a good one!) I’m “lost” until February! Gah!

  35. 35 babs - beetle

    I’ve never watched it, though Mo did :)

    babs – beetle’s last blog post..Double trouble?

  36. 36 kathcom

    I TiVo everything and don’t always get to watch it right away. So this has happened to me a lot. Then I have to hold off reading Entertainment Weekly and looking at any TV oriented emails.

    If I hear somebody about to give away a spoiler, I just go “LALALALALA!” with my fingers in my ears until they stop.

    Or…I do what I just did when I saw your title. I come rushing right over thinking ohmigod, I’m going to find out the ending of LOST! It’s like shaking a gift before Christmas. Don’t blame anyone else for ruining the surprise. That woman could’ve plugged her ears.

    And, um, by the way, Rosebud was a sled!

    kathcom’s last blog post..Bulletproof Pocket Square: Product of the Week

  37. 37 Trade Show Guru

    Darn it JD,
    I clicked through to find out how the series ends, not season 3!?
    Did the bomb go off? Do they change time? What the heck is going on…
    I am so confused by Lost, but my wife happily explains things to me… over and over again…
    Anyway, it will be a long summer and fall…
    Can’t wait for the final season, and to get the big answer. :)
    Steve, the Lost-lovin’ but easily confused trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..The Dirty Little Secret to Designing Great Trade Show Exhibits

  38. 38 Trade Show Guru

    Hey JD,
    You run a tight ship (blog). Looks like my comment got eaten (at least moderated) like some of the people above. And I didn’t even mention “Red Stripe”. :) ~ Steve, the moderated trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..The Dirty Little Secret to Designing Great Trade Show Exhibits

  39. 39 Musingwoman

    It must’ve been an amazing stroke of luck that when I finally watched the Sixth Sense *years* after it had come out I still had no idea how it ended!

    Musingwoman’s last blog post..What are you afraid of?

  40. 40 dcr

    OMG! Kutner is dead on LOST!?!?!? I didn’t even know he was on LOST!

    dcr’s last blog post..Retro Week: 12 Stacking Men

  41. 41 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    You are so completely in the right on this one. Having said that, I have not seen the finale either. However, having said that, I haven’t seen one episode of the entire show and planned to start from season 1 on DVD, but don’t worry, I will have forgotten your spoiler by the time I see it because I currently have no idea who you’re even talking about.

    Margaret (Nanny Goats)’s last blog post..Crime and Punishment: The Middle School Years

  42. 42 JD

    Daniela: CRAP! I thought everyone knew that the fake Kutner was not actually the dead Kutner OR the hallucination of House’s subconscious that traveled in a coffin only to be taken over by the spirit of the evil anti-Jacob guy who is addicted to Vicodin. I’m sorry!

    Lola: Well, now, that’s just fine. I shudder to think I almost never started watching it, ‘cuz it the series started while I was on vacation and I didn’t set my tape. (I won’t watch a show if I’ve missed even one episode.) But I caught up with online eppies and have been addicted ever since.

    mlm: I always thought Babeh Charlie was just a sentimental name given in honor of Dead Charlie. But that idea of it actually BEING Charlie has come up in the forums, so who knows? Also, February? When’s that? Five years from now?

    babs – beetle: Mo is wise. Wait, did you say “did”? She DID watch Lost? Why isn’t she watching it now? MO!

    kathcom: ACK! A sled? What the . . . ? LALALALALA! Damn, too late. ANYway, yes. That woman could’ve plugged her ears for sure. I’m getting madder and madder that I didn’t karate chop her head.

    Trade Show Guru: Oh, you’re lucky to have such a smart and happy wife. I was hoping the finale wouldn’t end with a bang (literally), but consider: the screen went white, not black. When else did the screen go white after an explosion? YES! After Desmond turned the key. So I bet it worked and they did change time rather than blow up to smithereens (that wouldn’t make for a very good season 6, would it?)

    (I rescued your comment! Don’t know why Akismet is being so ferocious.)

    MusingWoman: That’s astonishing! We saw it in the theater even before all the hype about the ending started, so I didn’t even KNOW there was a twist. So that was awesome. Because I never, EVER see it coming.

    dcr: THAT’S the real twist, eh? That guy you thought was Locke? Totally Kutner. I didn’t want to give it away, but . . .

    Margaret (Nanny Goats): HA! That’s the attitude. I’m going to watch the entire season, too, once the final season has ended. There will be tons of stuff I will have forgotten, too.

  43. 43 Sarah

    Yeah, and even if you are so lame that you DIDN’T stay in your house to watch television, you can watch it on Hulu two days later! Four days is NO excuse!

  44. 44 Jay

    Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I was that woman some time ago, and I lost a friend over it.

    Well … she posted a spoiler on my own site, after I’d warned everyone how pissed I’d be if they posted anything about The Libertine before I’d had a chance to watch it, anywhere but in the forum provided for the purpose. And she did. And then when I blew my top (Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I did … ) she got all huffy and defensive and said I was mad, and refused to apologise in any way, shape or form. And I …


    I see a pattern emerging.


    *Sneaks quietly out on tiptoe*

  45. 45 JD

    Sarah: Well, now, to be totally fair, I’m not sure Hulu was around then BUT the shows WERE streamed on the network’s site, so NO EXCUSES!

    Jay: Hey, get back here! Your situation is completely different. You made it very clear that you didn’t want to be spoiled, and that person defied you. You were quite right to blow your top. If ANYone should be sneaking out right now, it’s HER! (Tho I’m sorry you lost a friend.)


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