I find it hard to tell you ‘cuz I find it hard to take


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Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man.

Now I’ve done it. I’ve turned a corner of shame and I can’t go back. Ever.

You guys! Since 2002, I’ve enjoyed American Idol without shame. I didn’t care who knew. I even confessed to crying when David Cook won last year, for crying out loud.

But things have gone too far. I have sunk to such depths of shame, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able—or want—to drag myself out.

In the beginning, I hated Adam Lambert, just like everyone else. Yuck! He was too over the top, too theatrical, too eyeliner-y, too TOO. I much preferred the more dignified Gokey, the Timberlake-esque Giraud, the Kelly-ish Iraheta.

But then I heard that Lambert sang Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.” This is one of my favorite songs. I had also heard that Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation—an event on par with God knocking on my door and telling me he loved my colonoscopy post.

Unfortunately, the show had run long and my tape cut off. I ran to the Internet, where there were still a few illegal videos of Adam’s performance. They cut the song almost in half, but it was still awesome. Really, really awesome.

Did you see it? Is it just me? What is happening? I’m 48, for crying out loud. And, no, I don’t think he’s cute, nor do I have a crush on him. But the song! And his rendition! And the glowy blue lights that seemed to shine from his maybe magical crotch! And the standing O! (And then my lying-down O—I’m sorry, was that too much?) And he was wearing a man scarf! And the way his lip curled when he sang “nervous” or how he stood up and his voice swelled to beautiful new heights on “Look right through me, Look right THROOOOOO MEEEEE . . . “

Maybe you can see how I was pushed to the most shameful act of my life.

I downloaded an American Idol song. Ugh, I KNOW! Never in all my AI-watching life have I done this. Partly because Dave gets a receipt of all iTunes purchases and he would mock me endlessly and partly because . . . I don’t even know. Because I’m too cool? Well, if that were ever true, it’s all over now.

And then, oh MAN, I downloaded the freaking video! Had I known I could find a decent-quality version online, I wouldn’t have bothered, but you never know when these uploads are going to be snatched away. (Edited to add: HA! I was right. The video has been taken down.)

That was about a week ago, and what have I done in that week? I’ve listened to the song and watched the video. Over and over and over. I’m listening as I write this. And I’ve stopped about six times to watch the video.

Damn you, Adam Lambert!

So . . . have you lost all respect for me? Would someone else like to confess to a shameful American Idol-related secret? Do any of you even watch AI? If you watched the video, are you an Adam Lambert convert?

And most important:

What will Adam sing tonight?

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59 Responses to “I Find It Kinda Funny, I Find It Kinda Sad”

  1. 1 Natural

    what’s that thing on his head? and he is wearing more make-up than i do.

    uh i haven’t watched AI this season and i’ll still respect you in the morning.

    Natural’s last blog post..My Two Left Feet

  2. 2 Mary @ Holy Mackerel

    I missed it, and not only that, now I can’t see it online because the audio on my laptop isn’t working, and now I’m really really sad and am going to drown myself in a vat of vodka and xanax.

    Mary @ Holy Mackerel’s last blog post..Slut’s In Trouble

  3. 3 Tricia

    I haven’t been watching AI this season but I may have to start – I watched the video at the link you posted and OMG that was fuckin fantastic!

    I think I may download it now too – off to itunes I go – what a fabulous rendition, I love this kid’s voice.

    Tricia’s last blog post..Pay it Forward – Giveaway!

  4. 4 MouthyGirl

    wow that video was awesome! Great post!

    MouthyGirl’s last blog post..Wendy’s Weekly Take: The Latest Obama (non) Controversy

  5. 5 Marie

    Well, JD, you could admit to worse things. Like eating Easter candy for breakfast. lol

    I have to admit I have a huge cultural literacy gap in my life, because I have never seen American Idol.

    But I do know if one of my sons looked like that I would cry for a year.

    Marie’s last blog post..A Little Change

  6. 6 Carole

    I was like you. I had no interest in that guy. Not my style, not my cup of tea. But he’s got some strange power. He made me go online and watch him on YouTube too. I had to watch him sing “Satisfaction” a few more times.

    I haven’t paid actual money for his songs – yet – but I haven’t watched AI as faithfully as you, so I haven’t been exposed to his power as much as you have. It’s totally crazy!!! Now I’m thinking I’d better not watch tonite – I’ve seen the future and I’m not sure I want to fall as hard as you! :-D

    Carole’s last blog post..Thank You, Thank You…

  7. 7 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I have to admit that we look forward, every week, to seeing what Adam will do next! For the longest time I thought he was wearing a wig because his hair seemed so black and so stiff. Then when we saw his hair swept back, it seems like it really is his real hair.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..My Purrfect Post

  8. 8 Heather Happymaker

    Thanks for the giggles. Colonoscopy post? Blue light from his crotch? I have enjoyed this season as well, and Adam Lambert has been a big part of the amusement. You just never know what he’s going to do. I still think he’d be good in Vegas, perhaps singing while he tames lions.

    Heather Happymaker’s last blog post..Stranger Danger, Will Robinson!

  9. 9 GoingLikeSixty

    I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars.
    (Just to set the record straight on my straightness.)

    I always cringe when Adam starts a song in a high key because I know he is going to take it higher and crack 1. his glass balls or 2. my glass with bourbon.

    Um, we bought an iPod Nano for the car and the first song we downloaded was Adam.

    The guy is the Susan Boyle of America.

    GoingLikeSixty’s last blog post..Want to Buy a Collectible Car? Think Plain, Simple, Ugly and Odd

  10. 10 MoxieMamaKC

    Ha! This is so funny. I LOVE Adam this year! After last week’s performance I was almost to the point of Sanjaya’s Big Fan hysteria! It was just that awesome. I truly think he’s the most versatile singer this year…

    MoxieMamaKC’s last blog post..Adult Easter Egg Hunt Suggestions?

  11. 11 C.B.Jones

    I have no opinion of American Idol. Making fun of it would be like making fun of Star Search, which would be admitting that I used to watch shows that may have been corny(which is something I refuse to do.

    I’m only familiar with the cover that Michael Andrews/Gary Jules did for that song.

    C.B.Jones’s last blog post..Screw you Frosty, Spring is here!

  12. 12 Puglette

    I do not watch AI, i thank you for doing it so i don’t have to. i tried, but i get impatient with all the waiting and rehashing. plus the music is not my cup of tea. i am grateful to you for viewing the pop music for me.

    Puglette’s last blog post..Photo Hunt: Triangle

  13. 13 babs - beetle

    I have to admit to not watching American idol because, well, it’s American Idol and I obviously watch the British version (X Factor) because, well, it’s British, and because, well just because ;O)

    I am not too ashamed to admit that I have also downloaded songs from X Factor in the past, and probably will again.

    I watched the video and it was OK….No it was more than OK really. Just for the record, Simon Cowell has given one or two standing ovations in the UK recently. Is he mellowing do you think?

    You’re still cool to me JD

    babs – beetle’s last blog post..Going back in Time. Final part – Love is

  14. 14 Regan

    I don’t really watch American Idol anymore, so I wouldn’t know.

    I think he’s really cute :) Maybe because I like some guys with eyeliner, such as Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Jon Walker, and Brendon Urie. Note that all these boys are in Panic at the Disco, a totally awesome band you should check out sometime. I also love William Beckett, even though he doesn’t wear eyeliner.

    Also, on guys, it’s called guyliner. The eyeliner Ryan Ross wears is ryliner (I made that up myself!)

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  15. 15 absepa

    “Mad World” is a great song! I haven’t watched AI this season, but that sounds intriguing enough to check out. I fell hard for David Cook last year, but I was deeply disappointed in his album. Someone got it for me as a Christmas gift, and I had sold it on Amazon by the first week of January. It just wasn’t very good.

    As a die-hard Dancing with the Stars fan, I’m not really in a position to declare someone uncool for watching AI…you’re still cool to me!

    absepa’s last blog post..Why I Loved the 80s, Part 2: Prince

  16. 16 Angelika

    I did not see it. I only record it for Danny Gokey and FF through everything else.

    Angelika’s last blog post..I don’t think I like this

  17. 17 Stephanie

    Lying down O? Oh you kid…….

    I love Adam as well. Thought at first he was a little too showy, but then again, like Paula said, so are Steven Tyler & Mick Jagger.

    Now… I’m not trying to ruin your day or anything but have you Googled him for pictures? Seen all the boy/boy kissing pics?

    Not like I care or anything….just saying.

    Stephanie’s last blog post..A few words on J. Herbin Fountain Pen Inks

  18. 18 JD

    Natural: Oh, you obviously didn’t see “Motown Week,” or you’d KNOW what that thing on his head is. Thanks for the respect, my friend.

    Mary @ Holy Mackerel: Wait! Can’t you borrow a laptop? go to the library or a trendy Internet cafe? Do you have any Xanax to sell?

    Tricia: Oh, good. I feel redeemed. At least ONE person out there “gets it.” It’s a good season, and not just ‘cuz of Adam. Gokey, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta, and *SWOON* Kris Allen are all worth watching.

    MouthyGirl: Missed you! Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Marie: His parents seem pretty cool (at least, as far as I can ascertain from his video clips). But it must’ve been rather jarring at first. Now, about that breakfast Easter candy . . .

    Carole: Yeah, I’ve gone back and watched performances I didn’t think much of the first time around, like “Black and White.” Oh! And what about “Ring of Fire”? Don’t worry. I’ll watch tonight and absorb all the awesomeness so you don’t have to.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: His hair is definitely dyed. I normally don’t like that black shoe polish look, but I think it suits him. Oh, how I do go on.

    Heather Happymaker: Yes, I can see him in Vegas. He’s got that bigger-than-life style and voice. While there are other contestants I enjoy, no one brings the “What NEXT?” fun like Adam. Thanks for stopping by!

    GoingLikeSixty: Oh, no one doubts your precious straightness! Especially if you’re drinking bourbon. Adam does have an alarmingly high range. But he nails those notes pretty well. ZOMG, you HAVE to tell me! Which Adam song did you download? All?

    MoxieMamaKC: Woo!!! Another Adam fan. Yeah, it’s amazing how much I didn’t like him in the beginning, and after last week . . . starts bawling like Sanjaya Girl

    C.B. Jones: That Gary Jules version is good, and if you like that, I bet you’d like Adam Lambert’s version. It has the same moody tone. Why don’t you download it today! You don’t have to admit to anyone you watch AI.

    Puglette: You’re very welcome, my dear Puglette. I am happy to do it. It’s not always my music either, but I’m hooked anyway. My husband insists they should write their own songs, but, as I tell him in my best Simon Cowell accent: “It’s a singing competish-on!”

    babs – beetle: Well, we’re even — I’ve never watched X Factor. And yes, I do think Cowell is mellowing, tho this is his first US standing ovation. (But everyone knows Brits are more talented!) Thanks for still thinking I’m cool.

    absepa: Thank you! My mom keeps trying to get me to watch DwTS, and I’ve tried, but for some reason I can’t get into it. I highly recommend checking out AI tonight to see what Adam does. (Of course, now he’ll probably suck!)

    Angelika: HA! I really liked Gokey at first, and still like his singing, but he comes across as kind of smug to me. I’m betting on a final 3 of Gokey, Lil, and Adam. WITH ADAM FOR THE WIN!

    Regan: I’m happy and ashamed to say that I’m familiar with the term “guyliner” AND with Panic at the Disco, tho I didn’t know any of the individual band members’ names. You are very clever for coming up with “ryliner.”

    Stephanie: Yes, yes, I kid. Like I said, I don’t have a crush on the guy—I am just strangely in his thrall. And YES I have seen the pictures. It doesn’t make any difference to me, either.

  19. 19 Stephanie

    You’ll always be cool to me, JD, if only because you watch AI so I don’t have to (though there’s so much more!). I have never watched the show but will try to remember to watch the video later.

    I also WILL get that recording to you, I promise, this week! I SWEAR!

    Stephanie’s last blog post..Call for Questions

  20. 20 flit

    I will continue to allow you to watch AI so that I don’t have to…and will take your word for this Lambert fellow too :)

  21. 21 Tasses

    Longtime lurker via Google Feed Reader here…

    I’ve long loved the Gary Jules version of that song (so much better than that 80′s Tears For Fears crap – even though they wrote it, they didn’t get to the meat of it with their 80′s pop slop). I’ve grown to love Adam over my initial pick of Danny. I’m seeing an Adam vs. Allison finale. What say you?

    Thanks for steering me to the video, missed last week as my hubby was in the hospital!

    Tasses’s last blog post..Cooking Without Books – Weekly Geeks

  22. 22 Stephanie Barr

    (Psst, JD, I posted that snippet your requested.)

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..For JD: Snippet of What a Feelin’!

  23. 23 ann of thejunkdrawerblogfamily

    Than you JD for sharing this song. Hearing that song and seeing Simon’s Standing O is a definite pop culture moment even tho I stopped watching AI when Regan stopped being interested. Yeah, ryliner…

  24. 24 JD

    Stephanie: Thank you, Steph! I’ll be interested in your opinion as a singer (and I’m looking forward to hearing YOU sing!)

    flit: Sounds like a perfect arrangement!

    Tasses: I like the Gary Jules version too, tho, after listening again to the TfF version, I have a nostalgic fondness for it, too. And I was a Danny fan in the beginning, too. Now I’m rooting for Adam. I’d love to see Adam and Allison in the final—I think it’s a definite possibility. Hope your husband’s OK!

    Stephanie Barr: Thanks! I’m on my way . . .

    annofthejunkdrawerblogfamily: Yes, I think even non-AI fans should witness this once-in-a-lifetime event. Simon gets on his feet! Good luck with the ryliner.

  25. 25 Sunshine

    I’m with you – I started as a Goky fan… LOVE Allison… but
    The only reason I don’t have one of his songs yet is because I ran out of iTunes credit and have been too lazy to do anything about it… (but my favorite so far was Play that Funky Music… simply because he WENT THERE and didn’t piss me off…)

    I think the only way he would have any more of my attention is if there were bacon involved… haha

  26. 26 TheSnackHound

    Okay, I am a big dork too. I watch AI. I pretend that it is because I used to be a director and stage manager and reminisce about giving the thumbs up and down to people. But it may be sicker than that.

    Last night, when Adam Lambert was performing, I thought to myself, “Hmm….he can hit those high notes. I wonder if he would ever try doing a Freddie Mercury song…” That would be either the most awesome since awesome came to awesome town or it would be the kiss of death.

    Truth be told, Adam Lambert is/was a “theater kid,” so I am not suprised by what I see. I was one of those more cerebral “theater kids” that sat in the director’s chair of course, and couldn’t act because I would be sitting there when they talked about a character’s motive and would be making up a 30 page biography. I would know if they wet the bed as a kid and what their favorite ice cream flavor was. Anyway…to get back on track…you can tell by watching him and his phrasing that he is of the old school of having thought of motive behind every single line pretty much.

    Anyway, I am going to quit while I am ahead. I admit being bummed when Alexis Grace was voted off. Jolene was a poor song choice for her, but I was waiting to hear her do some all out smokin’ blues :)

    TheSnackHound’s last blog post..LOLFridge

  27. 27 Jen

    I haven’t watched AI this year. I meant to but it falls at the same time as Biggest Loser and I just found out last night House. House will always win even if it is a repeat.

    If we are going to confess however I will ‘fess up to being completely hooked on Housewives of NY. I can’t get enough of that show and now I am buying magazines, and use that term lightly (rags) that have stories about the housewives. The current issue of People has a story about the Countess (pg 67) and how she is no longer going to be a countess because her husband left her for a younger woman. And while I don’t wish divorce on anyone I find it hilarious that the Countess was the younger woman he left his third wife for….

    I could go on and on about this show all day. I must find myself a forum on it.

    I will also now have to see the video with magical blue crotch.

    Jen’s last blog post..The Tooth

  28. 28 Grace

    Whatever floats your boat babe – I don’t think I have ever watched more than 10 minutes of that show, ever. Read about this kid, just watched the video and yeah. great song. The last note – ouch – hurt my ears. And dear lord, with all these amateur singers – have they never had a voice lesson about breath control? Gasping for breath should not be a part of a song – even my husband who is tone deaf finds it annoying – a good singer knows how to take a breath without the audience hearing it.

    So I’m finding it kinda funny and kinda sad that this show is still on the air and that anyone thinks these kids are anywhere near professional, or hell, even talented in most cases.

  29. 29 mlm

    I, too, watch AI. I am about your age, and I have to admit that I’ve never heard that song. My husband insisted that, yes, I have heard that song. But alas, I haven’t. Tears for Fears wasn’t my cup of tea in high school. I was more of a rocker chick (AC/DC, Van Halen, etc) That said, I think Adam was trying to “rock the house” with “Born to be Wild” and while it was entertaining, it wasn’t my taste. Too “Broadway-ish”, if you get my meaning. I still haven’t developed a taste for him-he is much too shreik-y. Someone up there said he is trying to break his glass balls! Hah! I am a Gokehead and I like Allison and *swoon* Kris.
    Oh, and let me know if Mary comes through for you! hee!

  30. 30 Jude

    I’ve watched AI since the 2nd season and this year Adam was my pick from the start, I’m 56 and think the kid is incredible and I loved his version of Mad World and I could also watch the video over and over. I hope people remember this is a singing competition and not choose because of pity for Danny, even though he’s good or sexual preferences. I think Adam is assume and unique.

    Jude’s last blog post..I Was Hearing Voices/Losing My Sanity

  31. 31 Angelika

    Well, that performance last night of Endless Love seemed rather calculated to me. With him looking up to the heavens at the end? *hurl*

    Whatever, he’s still the only one I want to hear, LOL.

  32. 32 Carl

    What the hell is going on with his eyes? Are those eyeliners? Cher is weeping…

    Carl’s last blog post..Mom! Throw Away Your Rags, Towels, and Sham Wows. I Found Something So Much Better.

  33. 33 Lola

    “Mad World” has been one of my favorite songs since seeing “Donnie Darko”. I’m not an American Idol fan though, but I did watch the clip. Considering Simon’s reputation, his reaction was pretty amazing.

    Lola’s last blog post..People Watching At It’s Finest

  34. 34 JD

    Sunshine: Maybe next week the theme will be “Bacon,” and . . . no, that just won’t work, will it? I started out Pro-Gokey, as well, and while I think he has a great voice, he’s been striking me as kinda smug and smarmy. Smugmy. What did you think of “Born to Be Wild”?

    TheSnackHound: Your “theater person” insights are most interesting. He does seem to be pretty calculating, but in a good way. And you know he DID do “Bohemian Rhapsody” at his audition. And while it was not the most awesome since awesome came to awesome town, it definitely wasn’t the kiss of death.

    Jen: It’s sad that I know exactly what and whom you are talking about, even tho I don’t watch that show. (Tho I am hooked on the Housewives of Orange County . . . ughhhh.) I’d pick House over AI, too, if I have to, but I usually watch House on Hulu.

    Grace: Well, I agree about the gasping, but I actually think that is more for effect than a problem with breath control. I’m thinking in particular of the lead singers of Muse and Keane, both of them are “gaspers.” Not that that’s necessarily a good thing . . .

    mlm: Now, is that pronounced “Gokey-head” or like “cokehead”? I love Allison, and Kris is the CUTEST! I wasn’t thrilled with Adam’s performance last night, but Kris was amazing and chose the perfect song. (I’ll let you know—but I’m NOT sharing!)

    Jude: Well said! I do think a lot of Danny’s fan base is focused more on sympathy and/or cuz he’s a cutie. We’ll see. I think Danny will definitely go far.

    Angelika: There was another song he did—that Rascal Flatts song—that also seemed a little exploitative. At least that friend who was holding up the picture of his poor dead wife doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore.

    Carl: Cher is weeping, indeed, because next week is CHER WEEK and Adam is going to sing “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.” Oh, MAN!

    Lola: It’s a great song. Do you know the original? It’s not as good, I don’t think, as Gary Jules’ or Lambert’s version. But it’s worth a listen.

  35. 35 Lola

    Mad World (Gary Jules version) is the first song on all my Ipod playlists. I’m listening to it right now. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Tears For Fears version. Btw, hope you don’t mind, I borrowed your tagline for a post today.

    Lola’s last blog post..People Watching At It’s Finest

  36. 36 Musing

    Okay, just saw the video and gotta say that was kind of awesome. Are you going to get me watching Idol again??

    Musing’s last blog post..Your take

  37. 37 misstfied

    Is it safe for me to come in here and say I love the eyeliner/guyliner look, lol? I really do, I think guys look incredibly hot in some makeup. Granted, I usually go for the glam metal look (ie: Motley Crue, Cinderella, Warrant, yadda, yadda, yadda) but, all the same, guyliner somehow does it for me. Anyhoo, I’m not a big fan of AI myself but, yes, I have been watching it this year and yes, mostly because of Adam. Wow, that guy sure has some lungs on him, not to mention a great stage presence as well. I’m guessing he’ll take the whole thing but, even if not, he’ll still definitely have a solid career ahead of him.

    JD, back to you; you have an award waiting for you over at
    The Cluttered Bubble. Anytime you want to come by and collect it, please feel free to do so. However, if you’re overly busy or anything like that, just let me know…I can always claim the award so you don’t have to, lol.

    Take care and all the best to you!

    misstfied’s last blog post..Roll Out The Red Carpet

  38. 38 Preston

    I know how you feel. Did you ever see my “I’m in Love with the Free Credit Report dot Com Guy” post? Anyway, did I read your post right? Did you write, “his maybe magical crotch”? I almost fell off my seat laughing so hard. Don’t you know that all guys that age have maybe magical crotches? It’s when we start reaching the 30′s that our maybe magical crotches turn into mostly muggle crotches. (Yes, it’s a Harry Potter reference so sue me.) And I won’t tell you the last time anyone referred to my crotch as maybe magical or maybe anything for that matter. But as I near 50, I’ll settle for “maybe still in working order.” Sigh…

    Preston’s last blog post..I’ve Turned My Dog Into a Cream Cheese Whore

  39. 39 JD

    Lola: You may borrow “my” tagline any time you like!

    Musing: YES! Am I? I hope so. Just so we can squeal about Adam.

    misstfied: You are more than safe here in admitting ANYthing but especially confessions about guyliner. I think it really suits Adam, myself. Squee! Ooh! An award! I’m on my way . . .

    Preston: Well, now I am falling off MY seat from laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever read the word “crotch” so many times in one paragraph. CROTCH! Especially, “muggle crotches”–HA! No, I don’t remember that post, but I’m gonna go look it up now.

  40. 40 Christina

    I’ve loved him since day one…for all of the above reasons you mentioned. But I Didn’t get to hear that song yet… :( I guess I’ll have to either download it or fix my speakers up so I can actually hear it. Love your site, BTW!

    Christina’s last blog post..Free Food Events: April 2009

  41. 41 Jeff

    Good call JD… he was fantastic on that song. You should be proud that you’ve caused me to watch my first ever AI internet video clip. And it didn’t even hurt!

    Jeff’s last blog post..Uh… I can’t find a good song on my radio?

  42. 42 JD

    Christina: Yes, fix your speakers! You gotta hear it! (and thanks!)

    Jeff: I AM proud! Wow! And thank you for being secure enough in your masculinity to step forward and proclaim your love for Adam. You are brave. I applaud you. YOU ARE MY AMERICAN IDOL!

  43. 43 Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

    I have to agree with you JD, that Adam is in a league of his own! A little like David that way. He’s exciting to watch. You never quite know what he will do next!

    Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor’s last blog post..Polymer Clay Techniques | Is Conditioning Really that Important?

  44. 44 Kuma

    So I’ve never been here, and after posting this I won’t be back, but here comes an opinion:
    I don’t watch AI anymore, but I don’t mind watching it, I guess.
    The Gary Jules version of that song is a song that I liked very much, I figured out how to play it on guitar and piano on my own, etc.
    When I saw the picture, I thought, “he looks terrible.”
    I didn’t like what he did with the song.

  45. 45 JD

    Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor: Yes. I watch AI just to see what he’ll do next. Can’t wait for disco week!

    Kuma: I’m sorry you won’t be back, but I appreciate your popping in to throw in your 2 cents. I like the Gary Jules version too, and I think I read that Jules quite approved of Adam’s rendition. BYE!

  46. 46 Maureen

    I said Adam was going to win the minute I saw him audition.

    True story.

    Hubby didn’t believe me. Until we watched a few of his performances (we can’t stand to watch the whole show… so I watched few online).

    I feel sorry for the other contestants. Forever they are going to be shaking their fists at the AI Gods above, wondering why oh why they had to be on the same season as him.

    Maureen’s last blog post..You Named Your Kid What?

  47. 47 JD

    Maureen: And I hated him at first sight! I missed his audition, but during Hollywood week I thought he was too affected and theatrical. But now . . . he does appear to be “The Chosen One.” No amount of dead wives will help Danny Gokey now.

  48. 48 Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"

    …. “shine from his maybe magical crotch”

    LMAOLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to watch this from the link in the post, but am now even more confused ;-)

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”’s last blog post..Hillary Clinton Salad Dressing & Wild Bill Ranch

  49. 49 Vera

    I completely missed out on this season but will be watching the remaining contestants. I hope the video’s still available so I can go see!

    Vera’s last blog post..Nikon Dreaming

  50. 50 JD

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”: I’m confused, too, but probably for different reasons. And PLEASE don’t tell me you’re laughing at Adam’s magical crotch!

    Vera: Go see! Go see! It’s totally worth it.

  51. 51 Becky

    I normally agree with what the judges say (especially Simon), but I just don’t get why they like Adam so much. I did like “Mad World,” but all of his other performances have just been unpleasant.

    Becky’s last blog post..Bad Punctuation Is So NOT Rad

  52. 52 JD

    Becky: I haven’t liked any performance as much as “Mad World,” but I have to admit: I am a convert. From hating him in the beginning to absolutely loving him now. I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m taking too much of whatever Paula’s taking.

  53. 53 Fabiolus

    I didn’t realize that people still watch American Idol.

    Fabiolus’s last blog post..Billy Bob & Joaquin Discuss Music

  54. 54 JD

    Fabiolus: Well, they do, apparently. You’re missing out, I’m telling you.

  55. 55 Lori G

    The only times I ever caught a glimpse of AI, was when my daughter and grandaughter were watching it. I didn’t care for it. I couldn’t stand to see Simon coming down so hard on those ‘kids’. It made me feel terrible…so, I didn’t watch it. (Besides..I’m 53 yrs. old and it’s just not really my ‘thing’)
    I don’t even remember where I caught a whiff of the hype surrounding Adam Lambert….but it got me curious. I went to youtube and watched one of his performances. Now I find myself dropping everything on Tuesday night, so that I don’t miss a single one of Adam’s performances. He takes every song that he does, and makes an almost classic and unforgettable piece of art out of it. It’s just like somebody else said in another post ‘he seems to have some sort of power’, and it is good.
    And to the gay-bashers out there, what is there to say about ‘you people’? You’re the same ones that would idolize a 16 yr. old girl on AI, that was pregnant, and already had 6 kids at home to support by herself. Hey…maybe they should come up with an American Idol for trailer trash show!! Yeah!!! “Trailer Trash Idol”.

  56. 56 JD

    Lori G: WOO! You tell ‘em. I love that I’m not the only . . . er, “mature” Adam convert out there. He really does make each performance unique and unforgettable. As for “Trailer Trash Idol”? I would totally watch it. (But we all know “Gay Idol” would be way better.)

  57. 57 jackie

    Love the song. Love the performance. Love Adam.

  58. 58 JD

    jackie: I can’t believe I’ve gone from “Ugh, I hate that guy” to “If Adam doesn’t win my life is over.”

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