I Eat Expensive Ice Cream

If you eat your ice cream really fast
It starts to make your head hurt


In this time of economic hardship, we are trying to cut back on some of our luxuries, such as US Magazine and cat food. NO! I’m kidding. I can’t live without US Magazine. The cats, however, can live on table scraps and dust bunnies.

Recently Dave challenged me on my purchase of Haagen Dazsxzsszzzzs ice cream.

“If you must buy ice cream, can’t you buy the cheap kind?”

Oh, Dave. You so crazy. He doesn’t understand. I don’t buy HD because it’s expensive but because only HD makes the flavor I love: Caramel Cone.

(Yes, Ben & Jerry’s makes a similar kind but it’s not as good.)

Caramel Cone, like all the HD ice creams, conveniently comes in its own bowl, by which I mean a pint container. I try not to eat the whole pint, but I usually do. On those occasions when I think I’m going to be able to resist, I’m literally putting away the ice cream with my head in the freezer, taking one last bite . . . no, just one more . . . one more (slams freezer door on neck mid-bite).

Altho I love my Caramel Cone, I still weep alone in my closet every night for Baskin Robbins’ retired “S’mores.” A light chocolate ice cream stuffed with chunks of graham cracker and swirled with a marshmallow ribbon. You guys! it was SO GOOD!

But there is a dark side to ice cream.

Do you have Village Creamery where you live? Man, they have some weird-ass flavors. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce:

  • avocado-macapunoavocado ice cream with coconut
  • quesovanilla ice cream with Kraft cheese pieces
  • maízvanilla ice cream with sweet corn
  • donut ‘n cream—”a rich creamy ice cream with famous donut pieces”

Avocado? Cheese? Corn? Famous donuts? This isn’t ice cream, this is anarchy!

So . . . what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? What’s the weirdest ice cream you ever ate? And, no, I will not share my Caramel Cone with you.

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76 Responses to “I Eat Expensive Ice Cream”

  1. 1 Puglette

    i love tillamook brand carmel butter pecan…yummmmm
    i would probably like caramel cone too. and i love coffee ice cream.

    i just don’t eat the weird flavors. nope…won’t do it.

    i think the weirdest ice cream flavor i have eaten would be spumoni. i am not sure what that is, but i think it’s liquified fruit cake. yuck!

    ok, now i need ice cream for breakfast.

    Puglette’s last blog post..Pugs + Haiku = Pugku!

  2. 2 Regan

    Mmm… ice cream. I love cookie dough and cookies and cream. I also loved Graham Cracker! It was so good!!

    I’ve never really come across weird flavors myself, but I’ve StumbleUpon’d some weird flavors they have in China and stuff. Like ketchup, octopus, and squid. It’s really disturbing.

    I love ice cream. I was just at Wegmans and was considering getting the vanilla bean so I could spiff it up with lots of toppings.

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  3. 3 flit

    Hagen Daz coffee ice cream is my most favouritist ice cream in the world….

    trying to think of weird ones but nothing I eat or do is weird… honest :)

  4. 4 April

    The one with the donuts sounds kinda good, actually. The rest of those are weird though. :)

    I love ice cream. All different kinds but my absolute favorite is about as simple as it gets: vanilla bean. So good.

  5. 5 Jay

    My favourite at the moment is not very expensive because the expensive brands all seem to have egg in them, and I can’t eat ice cream with egg in it. :( I am on a Cadbury’s Flake ice cream bender. I think we got through four tubs last week.

    Then there’s Sainsbury’s English Toffee and vanilla – and I have to tell you that Morrison’s Triple Chocolate is to die for.

    Mmmm… ice cream … mmmmm!

  6. 6 Elizabeth

    Ok… so I had an ice cream craving last night. There is also convienently a Marble Slab across the street from my apartment. So… I ran over, sans bra (but adding a hoodie… because I’m classy) and picked up a waffle cone bowl of goodness for my roommate and myself. My choice? Cheesecake ice cream with cookie dough and gummy bears. I don’t actually like gummy bears in ice cream, but I wanted some damn gummy bears and they won’t just give them to you…

    I digress…

    But cheap ice cream is for chumps. If you are going to indulge… go all the way.

    I also eat my Bluebell Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream by the pint… with my head in the freezer.

    http://www.butterflyliz32.wordpress.com (Apparently, Hell is on the Fourth Floor)

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Dear Younger, Dumber Me:

  7. 7 Brit!

    My favorites are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cake Batter ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

    I haven’t had ice cream in any “weird” flavors, but I have had ALL KINDS of gelato… which is similar. I had an apple gelato once. (Not apple-flavored, but actually made with real bits of apple and apple jiuce). I’m not so sure apple is a good flavor for an ice cream.

    I’d be interested to try the avacado one though. I’ve seen it on a smoothie menu before, but I didn’t try it then. Who knows. It’s could be good!

    I think maybe you should try it for us… so we don’t have to ;-)

  8. 8 Lola

    First of all I have to say that Cookie Dough ice cream is just wrong. I don’t see the appeal at all. If I want cookie in my ice cream make it cookies and cream. By the way, did you know there is this boxed theatre candy that is called Cookie Dough? My kids love it. I got a 3 pack and snuck it in for them at the Bulls game. They made me try 2 of the 3 flavors. I was expecting something like a malted milk ball because of the way it looked. Nope. It has to be one of the most vile candies I’ve had and I’m a chocolate lover and a candy lover.

    Okkk, back to the topic. My favorite used to be Haagen Daz Key Lime & Cream, but I haven’t been able to find it for years. Either it was a Wisconsin thing or they don’t make it anymore. I’ve seen their Orange & Cream and it’s good, but you just can’t beat Key Lime & Cream. It was just so tasty and refreshing. Since I can’t have my absolute favorite, my next favorite is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Cherry Ice cream with chunks of cherries and chocolate…heaven!

    Lola’s last blog post..Today’s post is dedicated to my Mother

  9. 9 Kevin

    I’m relearning new flavors, as all of my favorite flavors seem to have been specific to the region I moved from. This has turned out to be the single most unnerving thing about moving across the country. I’ll always remember you, Mackinac Island Fudge.

    Kevin’s last blog post..7 Ways to Reduce Stress!

  10. 10 Angi

    WOW – Kevin above me likes Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream!! My grandmother lives in Michigan and I’ve been there a lot and that is, hands down, THE. BEST. ice cream I have ever had. Ever.

    As for my current favorite ice cream, it’s gotta be Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. Half vanilla ice cream, half chocolate, with brownie chunks and cookie dough chunks. Best of both worlds…

    After that, Chunky Monkey, also Ben & Jerry’s. Banana ice cream with HUGE chunks of chocolate and walnuts. Yum.

    Angi’s last blog post..Who’s Paying for the Trees?

  11. 11 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Daisy’s mom here:
    When I was a kid, I had Baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream once. What was I thinking? You had to move all the little pieces of gum to one side of your mouth to chew while you are trying to swallow the ice cream without swallowing the gum. I think it just looked pretty: pink with colorful little confetti gum pieces.

    Now I love pistachio ice cream of any kind. Or I like the Black Forest Cake mixture at Cold Stone: it’s chocolate ice cream, cherry pie filling, and chunks of chocolate cake. Yum!

  12. 12 Kathy

    It begins and ends with Turkey Hill chocolate chip cookie dough, made in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This will probably gross Lola out, but I like to nuke it in the microwave for 15 seconds so that the ice cream part gets all melty like a milk shake. The cookie dough blobs are tastier when they’re not frozen solid.

    Now, that queso flavor? Cheese in ice cream? The person who invented that is sick and needs to see a doctor.

    Kathy’s last blog post..The Day After: I Said What?

  13. 13 Maureen

    Whew! I’m back, and glad to see no blood descriptions in this post. So I was relieved that nausea wouldn’t be returning…

    … until I read “avocado and coconut”.

    Thanks for all the assistance in meeting my weight loss goals.

    Maureen’s last blog post..Losing It

  14. 14 Joe

    No question, Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is the best.
    You think those flavors are gross? Head over to a Chinese grocery, and get ready to barf. Red bean ice cream?
    I have never had it and have no desire to. They have other equally puke worthy flavors.

    Joe’s last blog post..Humor Bloggers Are Artists

  15. 15 Shawn

    Edy’s American Idol-themed “Take the Cake” ice cream is so freakin good that I will literally eat the whole half gallon in a single sitting. Well, also I’m a complete pig.

  16. 16 Jen

    We have a neighborhood ice cream store that makes it’s own ice cream. Occasionally they do something really wild for us midwesterners who never do anything weird. One of their flavors they came up with was chocolate and cayenne pepper. It was sweet and cold but it burned your palette. It was good in that after one bite you wanted/needed to have more but it had a strange odor to it.

    Jen’s last blog post..Live Aid

  17. 17 Lin

    Okay, I’ll admit –I don’t like ice cream. (Didn’t I admit I don’t like bacon here, too?) Yep. You can all have my share. I’ll eat it, but I don’t enjoy it like some folks do. Isn’t that weird?!

    Lin’s last blog post..Three Kitty Cats Gruff

  18. 18 Grace

    You are so right about Haagen Daz , the best (and the original company was in the Bronx – Yea!). because I am lactose intolerant I never developed a taste for dairy products but I do like Haagen Daz’ sherbets – I go for anything with fruit.

    Grace’s last blog post..Filthadelphia – a proposal to make this the official city name

  19. 19 C.B.Jones

    Donuts in ice cream I can understand, but cheese? Seriously?

  20. 20 Mama Needs A Cosmo

    Uh, am *I* the only one here who thinks that the flavor creators for Village Creamery get their ideas out of a bong? Seriously! Flavors like that can only be dreamed up by stoners ready to go on a grub run!

  21. 21 absepa

    I think I could totally get behind the donut ice cream. Donuts=wonderful, ice cream=super-wonderful, so the end result should be awesome. Cheese and corn in ice cream, however, is very wrong. And coconut is not a valid food product in my world.

    absepa’s last blog post..Another Note of Thanks…

  22. 22 Stephanie Barr

    OK, several parts to this.

    First, I used to work at Braum’s ice cream, which was (and is) the best ice cream I ever had. I dipped many a flavor I didn’t quite get at the time (that are considered perfectly normal now) and figured out how to use the fountain elements to their best. Like, there’s nothing like an orange sherbet soda with one dip of vanilla and one of orange sherbet to bring back that old time dreamsicle bar. Though I never want to make a milkshake with 1/3 cherry chocolate chip, 1/3 mint chocolate chip and 1/3 regulat chocolate chip (not for me; customer requested it). Favorite from Braum’s: French chocolate almond. Yum!

    I’ve had a number of excellent and new-ish flavors, but I tend to favor the inexpensive vs. the expensive (though there was one, white chocolate raspberry, that was some high-fallutin’ brand, but so damn good. I’m not sure if I’ve even had any Haagen Daas.

    Thirdly, I’ve known several local places that made unusual ice creams and sherbets like tamarind and rose petal. Usually not my thing, but my husband has liked many of them. He says the ice cream with sweet corn sounded appealing.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Ask the Sympathetic Ear

  23. 23 Duck

    Funny you should ask that!!! ;)

    Because last night I had two ice cream cones. I love any kind of peanut butter ice cream, but I have a new favorite. Stonyfield Farms Organic Crème Caramel.

    To be cheap though, sometimes it’s just as good to buy vanilla ice cream, and Smuckers Butterscotch topping. Or reese’s ice cream topping.

    Shoot. There goes a whole blog post ;)

  24. 24 Tippy

    My favourite is Tiger Tiger…black licorice and orange. Sounds weird…tastes grrrrrreat! Did you like my little shout out to Tony the Tiger?? Did ya? I thought it was pretty clever…

    My friend went to Japan and tried wasabi ice cream which I think would be a little gag inducing (sweet and hot…What the??!)

  25. 25 Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"

    My favorite is Turkey Hill’s chocolate marshmallow!

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”’s last blog post..6 Things I Learned in Week 9 of 2009

  26. 26 The Hawg!

    Stick to your guns, J.D.

    By the way, Ben & Jerry’s is crap I wouldn’t feed my dog. I’m convinced they do something obscene and unwholesome to it at the factory.

    As for my favorite ice cream, I still love to go to the local Baskin Robbins and pick up that wonderful daiquiri ice from time to time. I’ve loved that stuff since I was a kid.

    The Hawg!’s last blog post..Is another revolution on the horizon?

  27. 27 HappyCampers

    I grew up & live in Texas, so Blue Bell Ice Cream is the only kind I really, really like. Their Cookies N Cream is the best in the world! Second is their Rocky Road. True marshmallow pieces, not that creamy marsmallow ribbon stuff :)

    Those flavors sound RANK and nasty. Who eats ice cream like that?

    I did watch a show on Food Network about Indian ice cream (from India, not Native American) and they use spices in theirs, like saffron. I like mine chock full ‘o sugar flavor!

    HappyCampers’s last blog post..Sharing A Secret….

  28. 28 Musing

    Chocolate chip for the win!

    Musing’s last blog post..Memo for our NEXT beach holiday

  29. 29 Ilana

    Weirdly enough: Walgreen’s mint chocolate chip. Bright green, generic brand, cheap…we have so much in common.

    Ilana’s last blog post..Apologia

  30. 30 Natural

    Favorite? Cookies and Cream but I also love coffee ice cream too. I’m just waiting for someone to come out with a carrot cake flavored ice cream.

    Thank you for eating expensive ice cream for me, I’m too cheap. We have a Cold Stone Creamery here in NJ, the most expensive ice cream shop I’ve ever been to. I don’t go there unless I have a coupon or someone else is buying.

    Oh I must have wet walnuts on everything.

    Natural’s last blog post..Pet Peeve Friday

  31. 31 JD

    Puglette: I always hated spumoni as a youth. My brother and I dug out the chocolate part. I think that was pretty universal. Did you have ice cream for breakfast after all?

    Regan: Mmmm. Toppings are good. Octopus is not—sorry, China. I love vanilla ice cream with caramel topping and crushed Oreos. OR graham crackers. NOM!

    flit: HD Coffee seems to be pretty popular. I’m sure I’ve had it, and probably liked it, but nowadays I really love something with globs and chunks in it.

    April: Yeah, I thought the (famous) donut one sounded good, too. And a good vanilla bean is hard to beat.

    Jay: You live in the UK, right? Now that I know there exists a Cadbury Flake ICE CREAM, for crying out loud, I will soon be your neighbor. That is freaking awesome. When I lived in Ireland, I ate ice cream cones with a Flake stuck in them, but I’ve never heard of Flake ice cream.

    Elizabeth: HA! I’m glad you at least put on a hoodie. I like strawberry cheesecake ice cream as long as it has big hunks of cheesecake in there, not just cheesecakey flavor. LOVE the waffle bowl. I doubt I could live across from a Marble Slab. I wouldn’t even take the time for a hoodie.

    Brit!: I am now remembering how much I love all those cakey ice creams. Apple gelato sounds v. interesting (tho I am not so much a fan of fruit). And I think Haagen Dazs makes or used to make an apple pie ice cream. And you’re right: avocado might be good . . . or it might just taste like guacamole . . . which would be good!

    Lola: I’ve seen those boxes of Cookie Dough candy and have not been tempted, tho I have to admit I do like the cookie dough ice cream. There’s something about that gritty, sugary texture . . . And I love cookies and cream, too. Cherries Garcia is another popular flavor I’ve never tried. Again, I don’t like fruit. But I like some fruit flavors, and that Key Lime &amp Cream sounds pretty damn good.

    Kevin: Ohhhh. I’m sorry. Those Hudsonville flavors look really good. It’s hard leaving your favorite foods behind. But I know you’ll find new ones. May I suggest a nice vanilla with some corn?

    Angi: OK, now I have to go to England AND Michigan. I’ve had Half-Baked, and you’re right: best of both worlds. Not a fan of walnuts, but your description of “HUGE” chunks of chocolate has me quite intrigued.

    Daisy’s Mom: I’ve never tried bubblegum ice cream, but yeah, it would be hard to eat/chew. Was the actual flavor any good? I’ve never tried pistachio, and that Black Forest combo actually sounds pretty good—even with the cherries!

    Kathy: I like to melt my ice cream, too, but not too much. Just enough to soften it. And I agree: chunks of any kind taste better when they’re a little soft and chewy rather than rock-hard. What I object to about the cheese ice cream is that it’s Kraft singles. Why not a nice sharp Cheddar or smooth Gouda?

    Maureen: I thought you’d be happier with today’s post! No veins! No blood! No deformed toes! But . . . oh. Yeah. The avocado. That bothered you more than the Kraft singles ice cream? I have to say, that one’s got me feeling a bit queasy.

    Joe: Yes, Asian cultures have some pretty far-out flavors. My brother’s girlfriend, who is Thai, loves buffets because she can get a heaping bowl of vanilla ice cream and corn. I had a red bean cake once, and . . . surprise! It tasted just like BEANS!

    Shawn: I don’t think I knew about that!!! Are they still making it? Schwan’s makes a birthday cake ice cream with the most bilious blue ribbon of . . . blue stuff. That is addictive.

    Jen: I’m not a fan of the hot and the sweet. I’ve tried chocolates with various hot pepper flavors, and I just don’t get it. Also, I’m not down with anything that has a strange odor.

    Lin: That is weird! Altho I have to say, despite my undying love for Caramel Cone, I’m not a huge ice cream fan. In fact, it’s weird that I’m even eating it in the non-summer season. I guess I won’t be offering you any bacon ice cream.

    Grace: I’m sorry you can’t enjoy the non-sherbet deliciousness of ice cream. But at least you have an option and it’s one you enjoy. Are sorbets the same as sherbet? Can you eat sorbets?

    C.B. Jones: I hear you. Who thought that would be a good idea? And, again, Kraft singles? WHY?!

    Mama Needs A Cosmo: I had similar suspicions. Pretty soon we’ll see “White Castle hamburger bits in a creamy vanilla ice cream with flecks of pepperoni” or “Chocolate ice cream with nachos and a ribbon of cheese sauce.”

    absepa: Yay! Someone else who feels the same as I do about coconut. It should never have been categorized as a food in the first place. And we are also on the same page about donuts in ice cream. But only famous donuts.

    Stephanie Barr: I think your husband needs to eat the corn ice cream so we don’t have to and then report back. If he won’t do it . . . sigh . . . I will. That dreamsicle ice cream concoction sounds delicious even to this fruit hater. The triple chocolate chippie thingie? Not so much.

    Duck: I agree about the topping. I don’t care what I’m putting it on—it can be the cheapest vanilla, but as long as I have gallons of hot fudge or hot caramel in which to drown it, I’m happy. And I’m gonna look for that Stonyfield Creme Caramel, too.

    Tippy: I love your Tony the Tiger shout-out, as I am a huge Frosted Flakes fan (now there’s a great ice cream flavor idea!) but I can’t get on board with black licorice and orange. I’m not a fan of either, but I’ll take your word for it. I bet it looks cool. And wasabi? Uh . . . no. I like it with sushi, but it doesn’t belong with ice cream.

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”: Ohhh! I love chocolate marshmallow. Or, I should say, I love the marshmallow part, which I dig out, leaving only the chocolate part for my angry and disappointed husband.

    The Hawg!: Why the B&J hate? Seriously, is there something we don’t know? I never tried dacquiri ice cream, but there’s nothing like Baskin Robbins on a summer evening.

    Musing: YAY! A traditionalist! As long as the chips are huge, I’m with you, sister!

    Ilana: HA! That sounds just awful! But I’ve gotten Walgreen’s brand of Moosetracks, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that stuff. I have no prejudice against cheap ice cream. But anything bright green . . . ? I’d probably takea pass.

    Natural: I can’t believe there isn’t a carrot cake ice cream. That seems like a no-brainer. And, yeah: Cold Stone and Marble Slab are ridiculous. And all you’re really paying for is the whole dog-and-pony show. The ice cream isn’t anything special.

    HappyCampers: “True marshmallow pieces.” Oh. That makes me sad. I want true marshmallow pieces RIGHT NOW. And I agree: sugar is the only “spice” ice cream needs. And plenty of it!

  32. 32 babs - beetle

    Well I’ve never heard of Haagen Dazsxzssxxxzzzqqqqzzzzs ice cream but I do love ‘toffee flavour and Caramel flavour’ anything, so I imagine I would love it! Like Kathy, I always have to melt it a bit. I usually stir and stir it until it’s thick but runny. Sadly we rarely buy ice cream because we always forget we have it and end up throwing it out when it goes all gunky.

    babs – beetle’s last blog post..The effects are spreading

  33. 33 Puglette

    nope, no ice cream for breakfast. we didn’t have any in the fridge, just fudgsicles. they are yummy, but i didn’t want a sugary breakfast. we stopped and got a butter croissant at starbucks. today, egg mcmuffin. we are going to the akc dog show for charlie again today. i already need a nap!

    Puglette’s last blog post..Pugs + Haiku = Pugku!

  34. 34 Shelly

    Ice cream.
    Baskin Robbins makes the best chocolate/peanut butter. This is my absolute favorite.
    HD~ I would have to say chocolate chocolate chip
    Ben and Jerry’s~ Fish Food, although sometimes they put too much caramel and marshmallow and NOT enough chocolate so it’s soft.
    It’s almost 80 today and now I will HAVE to have some ice cream.

    Shelly’s last blog post..Dogs for the Cause

  35. 35 Regan

    Mmmm… have you ever had Half Baked from Ben and Jerry’s? I got that when I was at the supermarket with my mom. It’s really good. If you’ve never had it, it’s chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie and cookie dough. It’s really really really really good.

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  36. 36 Jenny

    Like you JD, I love caramel in my ice cream. Right now I’m all about Blue Bell Pecan Pralines ‘n Cream, but I love Haagen-Dazs Cinnamon Dulce de Leche and can easily eat a pint.

    I’ve never eaten a weird-flavored ice cream.

    Jenny’s last blog post..Otter Serenity

  37. 37 brooke

    I think the dougnuts n’ cream sounds good! yum!!

  38. 38 JD

    babs – beetle: I love caramel and toffee anything too. However, I am puzzled by this phrase: “we always forget we have [ice cream] and end up throwing it out.” How is this possible? How does one forget about ice cream????

    Puglette: Your weekend breakfasts sound like mine. Good luck, Charlie!

    Shelly: Oh! I forgot about Phish Food! I used to like that quite a bit, but I found the chocolate fishes to be distracting. I always want MORE marshmallow and caramel. And where do you live that it’s 80???

    Regan: YES! I love Half Baked. Love the combo of brownie chunks and cookie dough. Boy, I picked the wrong week to start dieting.

    Jenny: I’ve seen the cinnamon Dulce de Leche but have never tried it — only the plain DdL. Have you ever tried the Creme Brulee? Ohhhhh . . .

    brooke: I agree!

  39. 39 shelly wagar

    Only expensive ice cream is worth the calories

  40. 40 Blondi

    I just ran across your blog and wanted to add my faves…

    B&H Half Baked – I can eat the entire pint by myself AND not even have the decency to feel guilty about it.

    Cold Stone – they have a mud pie creation (I can’t remember the exact name… I sort of go into a trance when I’m in there) but it is made with coffee ice cream, chocolate cookies (oreo) peanut butter, almonds, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

    Breyers – plain ol vanilla bean.

    Enjoyed your post!

    Blondi’s last blog post..A Day of Rest…

  41. 41 Shieldmaiden96

    Ah, Haagen Dazs. Proof that something worthwhile (besides myself ) came out of New Jersey.
    I’m even happy with their plain chocolate, though its better snuggled up in the bowl with a scoop of their coffee.

    I once made a milkshake with HD coffee ice cream, a squirt of Hershey’s syrup, and Bailey’s. I had to show it my “O” face.

    I’ve not eaten too many weird flavors, does green tea ice cream count? It was way better than I expected.

    I too remember the Baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream. I used to spit all the gum pieces into a napkin and then chew them once the ice cream was gone. Classy.

    Shieldmaiden96’s last blog post..Here we go again

  42. 42 foolery

    A retired ice cream I LOVED back in the ’80s was Dreyers Apple Pie ice cream. Yep, a whole apple pie crumbled right into every tub. Maybe.

    I make homemade ice cream every summer, and the weirdest flavor yet was cantaloupe. Loved it, and I don’t even like cantaloupe.


    I don’t usually like to pimp my own posts, but my brother guest-posted for me today, and it was about ice cream he calls AUTO-DOG. I can’t explain it in case anyone might be eating right now.

    foolery’s last blog post..Tweeting the Oscars with Foolery

  43. 43 Payday Loans

    Rasberry Cheese Cake ice cream flavor. Really good. Love the cheese cake chunks with the slight bitter rasberry sauce.

    I hope they never take it aways.

  44. 44 Sandy B

    Yes, I too cry for my favorite ice cream! But not because it’s retired; because we live in maritime Canada and there is no Baskin Robbins store here any longer!!!! I know!!! I know!!! We’re like in hillbilly country or something!!!

    But I still dream of the times when I’d make the 1.5 hr trip into the city to shop and ALWAYS stop by the ice cream to have Jamoca Almond Fudge. Ahhhhh, such bliss has not been experienced in some 4 years!

    Pray for revival of BR in Nova Scotia, people!!!

  45. 45 JD

    shelly wagar: Well, I guess it depends. There are some cheaper brands I like, but none of them make Caramel Cone. So they’re out.

    Blondi: That’s at least 3 votes for Half-Baked. I’m going to have to try that again. I know all about the Cold Stone Trance. There are just too many delicious choices. I’m making a note of your mud pie ingredients, tho. That sounds KILLER!

    Shieldmaiden96: Wow, the “O” face! That must’ve been pretty good stuff. I tried green tea ice cream at a hibachi-grill restaurant, and really liked it. At least you didn’t stick the gum to a chair.

    foolery: Mmm. I’m not a fruitie, but I might quite like canteloupe ice cream. And kudos to you: making your own ice cream. OK, I’m on my way to read about AUTO-DOG. I already ate, so I should be safe.

    Sandy B: OK, let us all pray real hard for BR to open in NS. Don’t they know you’re having DREAMS about them???

  46. 46 Singular Girl

    Oh how I’ve missed reading your blog. And now, after weeks of being internet-less I come upon your one blog that reminds me that I don’t have HD or Ben & Jerry’s any more… what one gives up to move across the world….

  47. 47 Grog

    Mayfields Cookies N Cream is the best!
    Especially with chocolate syrup.
    Im drooling right now.

    Grog’s last blog post..Stem Cell Funding Ban Lifted

  48. 48 Trade Show Guru

    hey JD,
    Until Red Stripe starts making ice cream, I’ll have to go with Baskin Robbins German Chocolate. I worked at BR as a teenager for two summers, so I’m a little partial to them, though they don’t make their scoops as big as some of the other places. I probably don’t need the extra calories anyway. ~ Steve, the ice-cream-lovin’ trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..Green Trade Show Displays

  49. 49 Stephanie

    Did you ever try HD Sticky Toffee Pudding – OMG so good!!! Oh and B&J Phish Food – Drool!!!

    I miss real ice cream since developing a very severe dairy intolerance… I think I miss ice cream the most, maybe even more than cheese and boy do I love cheese!!

    Purely Decadent I think is the brand that makes some really delicious coconut milk based ice creams. I especially like the Coconut and the Mango flavors. The Chocolate flavor is OK, but you have to like coconut with your chocolate to really love that one. The Vanilla flavor is the same way, you have to love the coconut with the vanilla. I am sure that there are other flavors out there but I haven’t seen them!! LOL They are really hard to find though – although Whole Foods carries them, now if I could just get Whole Foods to build a store in Wyoming life would be easier :) LOL

  50. 50 Franco

    I think I have simple taste, because all kind of Chocolate ice creams with a bit of mint are my favorites. To me the combination is not really important,.. as long as includes chocolate! And to me (fortunately) the calories don’t count at all. Simply…delicious!

    Franco’s last blog post..Battery disposal and recycling

  51. 51 chatblanc

    I cannot ever bring myself to defile what I love almost most in this world by eating ice cream with unacceptable ingredients like cheese and corn!!! I stick only to the wonderful tried and true lovelies like caramel creme, cherry garcia, mint chip…..OMG! now I soooooo want ice cream!

  52. 52 Stephanie Barr

    Dreyers periodically has a terrific Girl Scout thin mint cookie ice cream. Delish!

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Ah, Winning

  53. 53 The Hawg!

    Can’t explain the Ben & Jerry’s hate, J.D. There’s just something lurking in the background of that stuff that’s vaguely rank.

    Maybe they use something in that stuff that just plays hell with me and me along. I don’t know…

    The Hawg!’s last blog post..Why I like the heck out of paid posting

  54. 54 JD

    Singular Girl: Hi, Singular Girl!!! What you’re doing is so great. Should we send you a care package? Tho I doubt ice cream would make it too far.

    Grog: Mmmm. Chocolate syrup. I haven’t had that in a while. When I was a kid, I loved mixing the ice cream and syrup into a gooey soup.

    Trade Show Guru: Oh, there’s GOT to be Red Stripe beer somewhere. With all these other wacky flavors? Come on, I’m counting on you to either find or create Red Stripe ice cream.

    Stephanie: YES! I used to love Sticky Toffee Pudding until I read the ingredients. I won’t spoil it for you. I’m pretty sure I could not live without cheese, so I really feel for you, but I’m glad you at least found a good substitute for ice cream. And yes, Wyoming NEEDS a Whole Foods!

    Franco: Oh, you came to the wrong place to talk about how calories don’t count! Seriously, good for you. Enjoy your chocolate.

    chatblanc: I wonder how many people ran out to the store after reading this post and especially the delicious comments. I want some too!!!

    Stephanie Barr: Oh, now that sounds really good, and I’m not even a huge fan of mint (tho I do like GS Thin Mints). I’m gonna have to keep my eyes open for that. And think how pleased Dave will be that I’m not buying gourmet ice cream!

    The Hawg!: Well, you never know. There may be others who feel the same way about Ben &amp Jerry’s. Maybe you should form a support group?

    Payday Loans: That sounds good. I think I’ve had Strawberry Cheesecake, which I’d prefer over raspberry (seeds).

  55. 55 fragileheart

    Hahahahaha you obviously do *not* know a lot of Filipinos. Those are the local flavours in the Philipines and MAN are they delicious. (I’m pretty sure we got them from the Spanish though… a girl’s gotta be careful or they may invade us again).

    fragileheart’s last blog post..Resolutions: The 69 day check-in.

  56. 56 MomZombie

    Boy, I feel boring for saying this but I love a good bowl of Hagen Dasz vanilla ice cream. Just plain ol’ wonderful corn-less, cheese-less, chicken-liver-less vanilla. I also love Tofutti Cuties — which have no ice cream in them at all.

    MomZombie’s last blog post..Change of scenery on the way

  57. 57 Steve

    Well, I know this isn’t really in the “I Do Things” spirit, but—Vanilla.

    I call it “Funilla.”

    If I’m feeling naughty, I go for French Vanilla.

    Steve’s last blog post..What will become of libraries?

  58. 58 D at Seafoodpunch

    Here I am! a little late in the game….but whatever! first of all…there is no such thing as bad ice cream. unless it has raisins or fish in it…in japan they have some kind of fishy squid mix. But the flavor i tried…and hated was watermelon. It tasted like…well, a watermelon…which in turn tastes like nothing.

    D at Seafoodpunch’s last blog post..Dream of Sleeping

  59. 59 JD

    fragileheart: I won’t tell the Spaniards where you are. I didn’t realize most (all?) of those bizarre (to me) flavors are from the Philippines. So . . . Corn Ice Cream? You’ve had it?

    MomZombie: I’ve never tried Tofutti Cuties, but their name tempts me whenever I see them. What do they taste like? I can eat vanilla as long as it’s enrobed in chocolate sauce.

    Steve: You’re definitely not alone in your vanilla love (see above). Me? I gotta have chunks. Great big chocolately chunks of something. I hope you keep that French vanilla thing under control. You don’t want a bad reputation.

    D at Seafoodpunch: There’s no “late” or “early” here, as long as you show up SOME time. Ice cream with fish or raisins should be banned from the planet. What the hell were they thinking? I tried a watermelon slushie once that tasted like tomato paste. Maybe watermelon ought to rethink itself.

  60. 60 Marie

    I’m with you and Lin, J.D., I am not a huge ice cream fan. Wait the syntax is incorrect there. I am huge, but not a fan if ice cream. lol

    UNLESS I am on narcotic painkillers. How bizarre is that?

    My MS has ramped up the pain factor this past year and I decided that was not enough pain, so I broke my shoulder too. As soon as I was put on oxycontin, I started craving ice cream like a fiend.

    My hands down favorite is HD Chocolate Peanut Butter. Then HD Strawberry. With chocolate sprinkles. Yummy.

    By the way, did you know that Haagen Daz doesn’t mean anything? The man and his daughter who started the company together made up the name.

    Marie’s last blog post..Uncertainty, A Marie Sandwich & Where Do We Go From Here?

  61. 61 Preston

    Blue Bunny Ice Cream makes a flavor called Bunny Tracks that is just to die for. From their website: “Our signature flavor that wins everybody over! This creamy vanilla ice cream comes loaded with your favorite goodies – chocolate-covered peanuts, peanut butter-filled chocolate bunnies, a thick chocolate fudge ribbon and a peanut butter caramel ribbon for a delicious ice cream treat!” It’s true! It’s all so decadently true! If marrying an ice cream flavor was legal, I’d be wearing a white wedding dress right now.

    And if you get a chance, come enter my SITS Spring Fling Disneymania contest.

    Preston’s last blog post..My SITS Spring Fling Contest – Disneymania!

  62. 62 Chris

    … and slurpies. Oh those wicked but deliciously unavoidable slurpies. I love them – but they give me brain freeze every single time. Like wonder-lucious ice cream. Mmmm.

    Chris’s last blog post..An interview with Merrill ‘Goose’ Guice

  63. 63 JD

    Marie: I did NOT know that about Haagen Dazs! Wow, interesting. And slightly annoying. Also interesting that your Oxycontin use increased your sugar craving. I may be experiencing something similar with Vicodin. I’ve always craved sugar, but it’s definitely worse AND I usually never eat ice cream in the winter. Hmmm.

    Preston: Oh, my goodness! I now pronounce you man and ice cream. That description would ALMOST have me sold but for the peanuts. I am not so much a fan of the nutted ice cream. I hope you two will be very happy together.

    Chris: I only desire a slurpie when I’m really thirsty and water just won’t do. Then they are worth a brain freeze or two.

  64. 64 kevnC

    hmm…ice cream…..
    no matter which ice cream i try, i always seem to fall back to mint chocolate chip..

    kevnC’s last blog post..Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E2220

  65. 65 JD

    kevnC: I hate to break it to you, but that is my least-favorite flavor. More for you!

  66. 66 Tom @ Prefabricated Structures

    Here’s one for you JD and it is really, really good: coconut ice cream with dried ginger shards. The coconut is creamy, then the ginger pieces provide sassy counterpoint without becoming downright confrontational, at least in my experience. Fun for the whole family…

    Tom @ Prefabricated Structures’s last blog post..Of Dynamic Towers and Prefab Structures

  67. 67 Sharazad

    Actually, the avocado might not be too bad. Avocado is kind of creamy and tasteless.

    But queso?

    Sharazad’s last blog post..What Women Want

  68. 68 JD

    Tom @ Prefabricated Structures: Wow, your description ALMOST has me convinced . . . but I am just not a coconut girl. And ginger reminds me of eating sushi. How’s about you eat it so I don’t have to?

    Sharazd: Yeah, I’m not on the queso train. If the avocado were really smooth, and there weren’t any chunks in it . . . maybe.

  69. 69 Baron von Rochester

    We have a local festival that promotes garlic ice cream. I haven’t tried it, nor do I intend to.

    Ben & Jerry’s Heath Bar Crunch all the way, baby.

    Baron von Rochester’s last blog post..In Which Thomas Tallis Accomplishes in Two Minutes What an Unskilled Apologist Cannot do in 80,000 Words

  70. 70 JD

    Baron von Rochester: Phew. You had me worried there for a second that the second sentence would be “I heartily partake of this garlic abomination every year!” And . . . Heath Bar Crunch? Why haven’t I seen this??? I would totally love this. *runs out to the store in the middle of a raging thunderstorm*

  71. 71 Yogurt Franchise Guy

    My favorite flavor has to be plain old vanilla. I know it’s cliche, especially with so many delicious flavors out there, but vanilla goes with anything, and don’t like to eat ice cream by itself.

  72. 72 JoeyfromSC

    I found your blog by accident on google lol

    I LOVED your description for how you eat the whole pint and the head in the freezer haha

    I thought I was the only one who microwaved their ice cream lol

    I saw on a food network show once that it actually does taste better room temperature!:)

    I saw a website once(wished I could remember it) that sold those gourmet odd ice cream flavors haha

    I love cherry garcia!

    I’m gonna bookmark your blog! fun stuff!

  73. 73 JD

    JoeyfromSC: No, there are many ice cream microwavers in the universe. How can you enjoy anything that is frozen-rock-hard? Thanks for stopping by!

  74. 74 Michael

    Avocado milkshakes are common in SE Asia and although it took a bit of arm twisting ‘they’ eventually got me to try one…
    So I’m sure the icecream would be good too.
    Haven’t heard of microwaving icecream, but I have heard of deep frying Mars Bars.
    (Can you eat that so I don’t have to?)

  75. 75 JD

    Michael: I will happily eat a deep-fried Mars Bar so you don’t have to. It sounds a lot better than avocado ice cream to me!

  76. 76 Karen

    When I was pregnant with my first child, my craving was for icecream, just couldn’t get enough of it, what ever the flavour, and I still love it now :o)))


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