I Done Did My Jury Duty (PART II)

Sometimes justice you will find
Is just dumb not color-blind

Please read Part I here. Or not.

Oh, man! I can’t believe it! I’m in a courtroom! Coughing!

We were led here by a bailiff who looks and sounds exactly like Maya Rudolph. That’s an omen of some sort. There are 18 of us, a good mix of age, race, and gender. Let’s see . . . yup, I’m the prettiest. Good! Or is it? Do they want the pretty ones? We’re sitting on benches off to the side of the jury stand. At the two tables sit two men each. Three are in suits except for a youngish guy, who is dressed casually. He must be the criminal, right?

At first we sit there, silent and terrified. Then one woman opens a book, and with audible sighs of relief, we’re all flipping through our reading material. THIS is The Quiet Room, except for one of the lawyers, who keeps going, “Hmm, hmm, hmm” in a descending scale. And the occasional Hacking Death Cough from that sweaty woman at the end.

We sit. And sit some more. Dang. I wish I’d eaten my donuts. I’m a bit congested, but I feel pretty certain that the greasy donut smell is beginning to penetrate the courtroom. So far, no one seems bothered by my coughing—still, I can’t help but fantasize that one of the lawyers will ask me if I have a cold and, upon receiving affirmation, promptly bark out, “DISMISSED!”

Finally the judge walks in and gets things started. Of the 18, 12 are (randomly, I assume) called to go sit in the official jury chairs. I’m one of them. Double dang! Will I ever get to eat my donuts? The judge explains that this case involves a workers compensation policy that the defendant claims never to have purchased. The insurance company is suing for $17,500. Now that I’m sitting across from the criminal . . . er, defendant, I can see that he looks exactly like my friend Andy. The plaintiff, on the other hand, is a boring old insurance guy. Guess what? I’ve already made up my mind!

But I’ve watched courtroom dramas, and I know jurors aren’t supposed to just leap up and say, “Your honor, I find for the defendant” so I stay put. The lawyers ask us a bunch of general questions about insurance, workers comp, our own employment situations. I’m torn. If I get picked, it could be kind of interesting. If I don’t get picked, I get to eat my donuts BUT I have to go back downstairs and wait to see if another judge needs more jurors.

Pretty quickly, 6 of us are chosen. I’m in! But 6? What kind of crazy courtroom is this? Oh, well. This jury of my peers is an interesting bunch: We have a Red Buttons lookalike who turns out to be a gymnastics instructor with steel rods in his legs, a 3d-grade teacher who looks like EVERY young, pretty 3d-grade teacher (and forces me to reevaluate who really is the prettiest of the group), a hot yet old construction worker (I’m guessing; he had that rugged, tan look), a woman with shellacked hair and a truly amazing Beadazzled denim ensemble, and a former firefighter who comes across as That Guy Who’s on Every Jury.

The trial begins. I listen carefully and try to be objective. But the defendant looks like Andy! How can I not vote for him? Andy’s lawyer is clearly superior to the plaintiff’s lawyer, who has a bad haircut and an ugly suit.

I only cough about 15 times.

After an hour, it’s finally time for lunch. Sandwiches and drinks are ordered for us to eat in our cute little jury room, and now I know how the O.J. jury felt. We’re told not to discuss the case until we’re ready to deliberate, so of course we all begin discussing the case.

“It’s clear that he never received the policy.”

“I thought he was very credible on the stand.”

“The plaintiff has no proof they ever sent the policy.”

“I can’t believe this even came to trial!”

“The insurance company has nothing.”

“The defendant looks exactly like my friend Andy.”

Phew. We’re all on the same page, even tho we have more testimony to get through. The others complain good-naturedly about our lunch, which makes me realize I’m wolfing down my turkey sandwich and chips at an unseemly rate. Someone wonders why we didn’t get any dessert, and I can feel the grease spots of my donut bag starting to seep through my purse. I have one and 3/4 donuts. Should I share? Should I just cavalierly eat my donut in front of everyone? I take a peek at the bag, and decide it just looks too disgusting to whip out. I can imagine Red Buttons saying, “What is that? Have you been dragging that greasy bag around all DAY?”

We’d been quiet and attentive and respectful before lunch, but now that we’d had a chance to talk and make fun of the plaintiff’s lawyer, we got a bit unruly. Red Buttons held out his notepad to me: “WHO CARES?” and “They’re trying to beat a dead horse!” Construction Guy, to my left, muttered, “The judge is pissed.” I can’t believe no one yelled, “Order in the court,” what with all the smirking, nudging, and eye-rolling that was going on. At one point I actually gave the thumbs-up sign to Andy.

By 3:00, even the court reporter way across the room could smell my donuts.

Finally, it’s time to deliberate. We’re told to review the materials, appoint a foreperson (Red Buttons, obviously), and mark our decision on the form provided. Five seconds later, Red Buttons pokes his head out to see if we’re supposed to wait or file back into the courtroom. Maya Rudolph comes in and whispers, “You’re done already? Wait here a few minutes!” Oops! We didn’t even try to make it look like we were deliberating.

The judge reads our verdict, and we smile triumphantly at Andy, who looks shyly pleased. The boring insurance guy is nowhere to be seen. I feel incredible! Justice has been served! By me! And it only took a few hours of my precious, precious time. My cough has disappeared, and I am on top of the world. The other jurors feel the same exhilaration. We don’t even know each others’ names, but we shared an incredible experience.

Maya Rudolph hands me the icing on the cake: $17.20, my earnings for the day. Don’t laugh! That’ll buy a lot of donuts.

(Note: Jury duty is a privilege. I make light of it here, but I do believe it’s an important service, and everyone, sick or not, should take their part. As for the case itself, trust me, based on the testimony, witnesses, and evidence, it truly was open-and-shut.)

(Another note: YES! I finally ate my donuts. Tho crumpled and relieved of most of their grease, they were delicious. They tasted like sweet, cinnamony justice.)

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49 Responses to “I Done Did My Jury Duty (PART II)”

  1. 1 Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"

    What a fun experience you had. Fortunately, you had an easy case. You jurors were very naughty not to follow the judges instructions about not discussing the case though–I can’t believe they don’t have a “baby sitter” go in that room with you to make sure you follow the instructions.

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”‘s last blog post..Refreshing, Funny, Interesting, Inspiring!

  2. 2 Christa

    Last year I got out of jury duty with the help of Jury Duty Jesus!

    Yeah, you read that right!

    Sweet baby Jesus was on my side as I used my secret “Softball Method” to get dismissed from serving. Thank you Lawd!

    intrigued? Oh sure you are! http://www.giggleon.com/jury-duty/

    P.S. If I get called for jury duty again, will you go in my place? I’ll buy you a case of donuts….any flavor you want!

    Christa’s last blog post..Suicide Survivor’s Guilt

  3. 3 lala

    I’m actually one of the few people who loves Jury Duty. I can’t believe you all talked about it though! But I also can’t believe they gave you lunch.

    lala’s last blog post..Sunset Stroll After a Day of Storms

  4. 4 Kate Everett

    I’ve just caught up to date, you’ve got such a talent for writing, made me chuckle! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks jury duty might be fun, although only as long as I had plenty of mags to while away the waiting time.
    Hope that cough’s getting better, I know how you feel – it always rears it’s ugly head right when you’re in a meeting or lecture or anywhere other than the comfort of your own home!
    Look forward to reading your next post :0)

  5. 5 Singular Girl

    Somehow I’ve always managed to just get out of jury duty without ever having to step foot into the courthouse… in the past it has always been due to the fact that I was in college, grad school, etc or that they mailed me a summons in the wrong county.

    This past year I nearly had a heart attack when they mailed me a summons a week before my vacation to Africa and I thought for sure I would be pulled up on a murder case and would never get to go on vacay. However, by a fortunate bit of fate they had a nifty little phone system that let me call in at noon and see if they even needed me to show up! Lucky for me, all of the poor suckers who had to drive down to the courthouse had filled the quota for the day and I managed to get out of jury duty yet again!

    Singular Girl’s last blog post..I’m sorry, did I wake up in the wrong century?

  6. 6 flit

    Maybe next time you should take enough donuts for everyone :)

    My hubby had to go do the jury duty thing here this summer – the case actually settled a week before the date but they didn’t bother to call anyone… they showed up, watched the movie, were given money (he got paid for milage too) and were released.

    Too bad he had to hang around to wait for me to get out of class.

    flit’s last blog post..Pouting

  7. 7 stephanie barr

    I used up all my jury duty material on Part I. Now, I got nothing.

    Glad you were able to clear it up in a day. When my husband had jury duty, he was effectively on call all week. Since he didn’t drive, that was an issue; I had to take him.

    However, now that he watches two little little kids during the day, his excuse is pristine. I, however, could be called any time. Except that you did jury duty so I don’t have to. I’m sure they’ll consider that a viable excuse :)

    stephanie barr’s last blog post..50 Word Snippets

  8. 8 Elle

    Yay, we can mark jury duty as successful, donuts gone to their eternal reward and hopefully the death cough has subsided. I’ve done jury duty only a handful of times, although the last one a couple years ago was the MOTHER. Not only was I picked, but I was picked to serve on a GRAND JURY, which meant that every month for six months or a year, I’d spend an entire day at the courthouse listening to the DA present cases to be tried. Man. It got intense at times.

    Elle’s last blog post..Four Foods on Friday #50

  9. 9 Angi

    Hmmm. I have never in my life been called for Jury Duty *knock on wood*. It sounds long and boring, although you make it sound pretty interesting to say the least!

    How’s the cough? ;-)

  10. 10 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I am proud of you for doing your civic duty.

    ps: And I just went and did that voting thing for you, too!

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Monday Mystery: Solve the Riddle!

  11. 11 Jeff

    Great story JD. I laughed, I cried. It was a lighthearted romp through a tense situation. It’s no wonder I love you.

    I’ve been summoned twice but both times my company thought I was too valuable to let go and they wrote a letter asking to dismiss me. I would much rather sit on a jury than at my desk any day.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Mr. Know-It-All

  12. 12 Woody

    I had jury duty once. I didn’t get selected. Something silly about how I hated the hospital that was being sued for wrongful death. I don’t really know why I didn’t get picked.

    Woody’s last blog post..I’m Baaaack

  13. 13 Babs - beetle

    Wow! they were very lax with it all. When I sat on jury (in London) it was very strict, and lasted three days. there were twelve of us and there was no laughing, or joking. We were not allowed to discuss anything outside of our jury room, throughout the three days. The chap was most definitely guilty (robbery with violence) but we had to let him off of one count because there was no proof of a tiny little incident! I seem to remember we got him on a couple of other counts though :O)

    It did feel good, knowing I had helped in serving justice.
    I was very glad it hadn’t been a horrible, grizzly murder though.

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Ducks, ducks, everywhere ducks!

  14. 14 Tiggy

    Congratulations JD, justice was served! But not donuts.

    A pity the case was not a bit more exciting, like a bizarre cult kidnap or international hamster smuggling operation. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Oh, Hai, Ku! Tiggy’s Day in Poetry

  15. 15 Lidian

    You are such a terrific writer! I love your blog and am going to go vote for you right now.

    Lidian’s last blog post..Let Them Eat Wacky Cake

  16. 16 Blair

    Haha! That was hilarious, especially the bits about the donut and him looking like your friend Andy. Since everyone is sharing their jury duty stories, I haven’t been, myself, with excuses ranging from being in college to living in a different county. I actually sort of idealize the idea of being on a jury (perhaps once in my life) but it’s probably not all it’s cracked up to be, and I’m sure it’s a pain to go down to the courthouse until you get picked…

  17. 17 Jaffer

    Well, I’lll b sure to take a box of TimBits the any time I get called unexpectedly government related. http://www.wikinomics.com/blog/uploads/timbits2.jpg

    Jaffer’s last blog post..Decision 2008 : Focus on the Eh-conomy

  18. 18 JD

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”: We were a bit naughty, I suppose. I was prepared to keep my trap shut, but EVERYONE else started talking! We did wonder at one point if we were being watched.

    lala: I know! Lunch! We thought we were pretty special. I have to say, I’d take jury duty over sitting around in the waiting area all day long.

    Christa: I loved the Softball Method story! Everyone! Head over to Christa’s blog and read how she got out of jury duty. It might have hurt a bit, but I’m sure she feels it was worth it. Thanks for sharing, Christa!

    Kate Everett: Thanks so much for stopping by (and catching up!) I did have a fun and interesting day at jury duty, and you can too! But I warn you: bring your own magazines. Do NOT rely on the courthouse to provide the really good ones, like People and Star.

    Singular Girl: Well, you know, I have always called that nifty little number the night before. Most of the times, YAY! I don’t have to go. But this was the fourth time I’ve heard the heart-sinking news that my name began with an unlucky number. I’m happy for your good luck—some people never have to serve!

    flit:I was so SURE I wouldn’t get chosen! Next time, yes. A dozen donuts. Your husband got paid for gas? That’s unheard of!

    stephanie barr: HA! You always got something. And, yes. Definitely tell them that JD did jury duty so you don’t have to. I can’t imagine them not accepting that.

    Elle: Death cough: gone! Donuts: gone! Jury duty: done! Wow. I can’t imagine serving on a grand jury and devoting so much time to a trial. A serious trial! Care to share any details? Was it . . . murder???

    Angi: My cough is finally better, thank you! And, yeah, jury duty can be boring, but I think the waiting around is worse. I was lucky to have a fun jury, too. And our judge was pretty entertaining as well. All in all, not too bad.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Thank you, Daisy! You are so sweet. Be sure to tell Harley that he can vote, too!

    Jeff: Thanks, Jeff. I work for myself, as I’ve said, so there’s no one here but me to say how valuable I am. I guess my word means nothing. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed romping through jury duty with me.

    Woody: A HA! See, we never really had the opportunity to answer questions like that. In fact, one of the guys involved in a workers comp case ended up getting picked. Hmmmph.

    Babs – beetle: Wow, your jury sounds serious! And, I think, quite correct. I’m glad you didn’t have to deal with a murder case, too. I’d feel terrified that the defendant would somehow find me and kill me, regardless of how I decided. Brrrr!

    Tiggy: No, no donuts were served, sadly. And yes, I do wish hamsters or cults had been involved. A cult of hamsters? Now that would’ve made me forget all about donuts.

    Lidian: Oh, thank you so much! And now I am off to read about this wacky cake of which you speak.

    Jaffer: Ah, yes, Timbits! I remember those coming up in a previous convo about donut holes. Mmmm. Timbits might not have been so greasy.

  19. 19 Koolmotor

    Wasn’t Red Buttons in Twelve Angry Men?

    And you have it mixed up.

    It’s the police that have the doughnuts, not the jurors.

  20. 20 DFTF

    You tell a good story! Hilarious. :-) I got a bit distracted by this phrase, though: “it just looks too disgusting to whip out. ” But then that sort of thing happens to me often.

    DFTF’s last blog post..Monday Blah Blah Blah

  21. 21 Regan

    I’m glad you done did your jury duty without too much trouble.

    Maybe your friend Andy has a twin, and that’s who that guy was…

  22. 22 ann of thejunkdrawerblogfamily

    Your jury adventure has a Seinfeldien flavor to it. Hysterically funny story about nothing. My favorite kind of humor!

    I’m sure you were the prettiest one in the courtroom. Case closed!

  23. 23 JT

    ROFL! I love this!
    I’ve been called to Jury duty exactly one time, and it was dismissed before it ever went far enough for me to even show up! Somehow, I feel slightly cheated here.

    JT’s last blog post..Movie Mania

  24. 24 Natural

    LOL, this was as good as the first. you’re such a funny story teller. i think i’m going to alert the officials here that should they ever need someone in my place to call you.

    a freaking bad suit. oh no. i’m sorry, that’s grounds for dismissal.

    “The defendant looks exactly like my friend Andy.” LOL. I can almost hear ya now. Funny. NJoyed!

    oh, um carrying whipped cream or at least a powered donut in your bag at all times is a good idea. either one of those rings around your mouth will make people think twice before selecting you for anything.

    Natural’s last blog post..Down In the Dumps: Write this Way

  25. 25 flutter

    You are too funny. I just did the same damned thing and my butt still hurts from all the sitting

  26. 26 chat blanc

    Yay!! Justice and donuts prevail! :D

    chat blanc’s last blog post..For the guys

  27. 27 Tim

    Glad to hear your feeling better!
    I don’t know anyone that has done jury duty in Canada, but I can only imagine everyone ordering in Tim Horton’s coffee and a couple boxes of donuts. We have those at every safety meeting and supervisor’s meeting at work.

    Tim’s last blog post..When is Canadian Thanksgiving?

  28. 28 Jay

    That was quite funny, but I’m sure jury duty isn’t really funny at all, especially when you’re separated from your doughnut experience. LOL!

    I’ve never been called. Not once. I don’t want to go for jury duty and yet I feel a little hurt.

    Jay’s last blog post..Are people really this stupid?

  29. 29 Kit Courteney

    I’ve never been called, either. Always dreaded the thought, but your day sounds like fun. Not quite the right word, but you know what I mean.

    I like your writing.

    Kit Courteney’s last blog post..Names

  30. 30 JD

    Koolmotor: You’re right! No wonder we had the obligatory Red Buttons lookalike on our jury. As for the donuts, those were mine, fair and square.

    DFTF: Thank you! And, ew. You’re right. Next time I talk about whipping something out, I’ll at least make sure it’s not something disgusting.

    Regan: Maybe Andy has a SECRET twin he never knew about, and I’ll be responsible not only for letting Twin Andy win his case but also reuniting Andy and Twin Andy!

    Blair: Thanks for stopping by! You’re right, the part about hanging around the courthouse is pretty boring, but the actual jury duty was interesting and kind of fun. I’d urge everyone to try it at least once.

    ann of the junkdrawerblogfamily: Overruled! I mean, sustained! Well, whatever it is that means “I agree!” I hadn’t thought about it, but it was kind of Seinfeldian. Some donuts, some coughing, just some stuff that happened.

    JT: Youhave been cheated! But no doubt you’ll get another chance. Thank you for ROFL-ing! That makes me feel good.

    Natural: Oh, good! I thought the second half might’ve lagged a bit. And, see, I KNEW I should’ve eaten my donuts before I got called. Then I would’ve had that tell-tale ring of sugar around my mouth that might have deterred them from picking me. But then I might never have met Red Buttons.

    flutter: We need more details! Did you convict? Acquit? Cough a lot? Did the defendant look like a close friend?

    chat blanc: Is there any better outcome to one’s day? Justice and donuts!

    Tim: And now I am DEFINITELY moving to Canada. Man, you guys are lucky. If they’d somehow managed to order Tim Horton’s for us, we would never have left that jury room. “Still deliberating, your honor!”

    Jay: I understand your predicament. I hope you feel a little less left out after reading about my jury duty experience, which certainly did have its funny moments.

    Kit Courteney: Why, thank you! Yeah, I don’t know about “fun,” but it was something different. And that’s the thing: you always dread it, but it’s really not that bad if/when it happens. Unless you get pulled into a month-long trial.

  31. 31 Monique

    Maybe next time (hopefully there won’t be one) I will get a good and easy case like yours.

    Monique’s last blog post..Just Because YOU Put Them There Doesn’t Mean I Am Going To…

  32. 32 PG

    well done. good read for sure.

    i have yet to actually have to sit on a jury. each time I am called for service I get sent home, all cases settled without trial that day. oh well. at least last time i got some photos for my blog of the exterior of our fancy new courthouse (although the court security peeps weren’t wild about me shooting)

    as much as i’d be a bit put off that i’d have to serve, i sorta want to be on a jury at least once.

    PG’s last blog post..Cell Division? (255/365)

  33. 33 Kathy

    There’s so much good stuff here, if I commented on every gem, this would be as long as your post. Andy, the donuts, Red Buttons! Yes, and sweet cinnamony justice is the best kind. Well done, JD! I hope you can keep serving on juries so I still don’t have to! Never been asked and couldn’t be happier.

    p.s. A woman with shellacked hair and a truly amazing Beadazzled denim ensemble is a peer of no one’s.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Think Hugh Hefner Would Be Interested?

  34. 34 Comedy Plus

    I start jury duty tomorrow. I never get picked, but I go anyway. Loved your story. Have a great day. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..A Week at the Gym

  35. 35 Kelly

    Gosh, the last time I was on jury duty was also in Cook County. :) My case was WAY more interesting… it was a murder case! And we deliberated maybe 30 seconds longer than you did. And THEN sat around for half an hour or so before telling the bailiff we were ready.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Crossroads

  36. 36 carol at A Second Cup

    My husband is one of those people who get called for jury duty every two years or so. He usually finds it interesting and enjoys doing his civic duty. He is not nearly as humorous at reporting the experience.

    carol at A Second Cup’s last blog post..What Do You do While Dropping E-Cards?

  37. 37 JD

    Comedy Plus: Thank you! And good luck. Come back and let us know how it went. And don’t forget the donuts!

    Kelly: Oooh, murder! Did they considerately wrap it up in one day for you, like they did for us? I’m sure that extra 30 seconds of deliberation made a difference.

    carol at A Second Cup: Aw, good for your husband. We need people like him to take this a bit more seriously and not make a big joke out of it!

    Monique: Good and easy. And one day. That’s all you can hope for. Well, you can hope you don’t have to go in the first place.

    PG: Thank you. Yeah, I think everyone should get to do it at least once. And I wish I’d thought to bring my camera. Then you could’ve seen Red Buttons and Andy’s twin!

    Kathy: You make an excellent point about Beadazzled Woman. I did leave out one important detail: she had a dog named Princess. I hope you never get called, but you know what to tell them: JD did it so I don’t have to!

  38. 38 Florida Girl In Sydney

    Every line of this had me laughing out loud– so much I couldn’t even put LOL because it would not have done you justice. Totally hilarious.

    Florida Girl In Sydney’s last blog post..Would you like mustard with that?

  39. 39 Margaret

    Thank you for your service, Coffee McCofferson. I have somehow managed never to be on a jury. I was dismissed twice because they were 6 month-long criminal trials and I claimed financial hardship (or some such BS). I shouldn’t even be talking about this because I haven’t received a jury notice in 2 or 3 years and feel it will arrive any day now – I’ve been too lucky for too long!

    This was a great post! I felt your sweat, heard your cough and smelled your doughnuts!

    Margaret’s last blog post..Two Great Tastes? That’s What You Think.

  40. 40 flit

    re: the milage thing…. everyone that is more than 40 km got paid extra for milage… we are 42 km from the city. He got more for doing nothing for less than an hour than he was making all day at our store at the time.

    Perhaps it’s a Canadian thing, eh? :)

    flit’s last blog post..Family Support

  41. 41 JD

    Florida Girl in Sydney: Oh, thank you! That makes me feel so good. To make people laugh—it’s all I’ve EVER WANTED!

    Margaret: Thank you so much. And, yes. I’m afraid everyone who’s posted here about never having had to serve will be struck down and all simultaneously receive a summons in the mail. I hope not! May your luck continue . . .

    flit: It must be Canadian. Eh. I’ve never heard of that happening here, but it’s MORE than fair. Poo!

  42. 42 Kelly

    It was actually a two-day trial, I believe. Pimp killed one of his “girls.” Up the street from where I was living! His character witnesses (I use the term loosely) were all criminals themselves. Afterwards, the judge thanked us for convicting him, because this had been the second woman he’d killed!

    Kelly’s last blog post..Emerald Isle

  43. 43 JD

    Kelly: Brrrrr. That gives me the creeps. I’ll stick to my workers’ comp cases, I think.

  44. 44 John

    So far I haven’t had the chance of being called myself. Course if I did I’d have to smuggle in my cell phone for picture taking and blog about it. :) Glad you got through without too much problem with the coughing.

    John’s last blog post..If Gene Simmons were nicer

  45. 45 JD

    John: I wish my phone had a real camera. I can only send pix to other phones or you BET I would’ve been snapping away. I’m sure no one believes that one of the jurors was a dead ringer for Red Buttons.

  46. 46 Elle

    The grand jury decides who goes to trial — so I heard a lot of different cases, saw very few witnesses, a lot of it was the DA coming and saying, here is the case, this is the evidence we have, this is who is involved, and we had to decide whether it went on to court or not. It was very interesting, and I got to know the other eleven people quite well during the time. AND the DA usaed to buy us these wonderful cardamom tea cakes from a bakery in town. No ordinary doughnuts for the Grand Jury. Dern, now I want one…

    Elle’s last blog post..Follow the Trail of Soggy Crumpled Kleenex

  47. 47 JD

    Elle: Wow, you had it good. My donuts do sound pretty crappy compared to cardamom tea cakes. And being on a grand jury DOES sound interesting. Nothing like having people’s fate in your hands.

  48. 48 Chicago Family Dental

    Never been to jury duty, but whenever my parents get notices for jury duty, they just say they don’t understand english.

  49. 49 JD

    Chicago Family Dental: Well, that’s one way to get out of it. I’m afraid someone would come to my door and challenge me.


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