I Buy Stuff Online

It’s easy when you got all the information

I’ve bought some very cool stuff online recently. I got beautiful artwork from Kelly at Aerten Art, a kickass pair of Zumba shoes, and . . . pills! (link deleted) Yup, drugs by mail! That’s the way I roll.

Recently I made a rather ill-advised purchase (I was not on drugs). But I think you’ll understand why it was so irresistable.

Remember my Lucky Charms obsession, which compelled me to find the perfect charm-to-cereal ratio? Well, some brilliant reader named Punk Rebel Mama (link is somewhat NSFW—there are NIPPLES!) told me about this site where, in addition to cars, you can actually buy . . .


Yeah! Just the marshmallows! No pesky cereal to get in the way. So, in the interest of science and blogging, I shelled out $10.95 plus shipping to see how cereal marshmallows could improve my life.

The packaging was uninspiring, the colors a bit faded, and as for shapes . . . well, these are just blobs. No lucky moons or pink hearts.

But that’s OK. I’m about to realize my lifelong dream of eating a bowlful of cereal marshmallows:

HA! I’m kidding. I’m not completely crazy. First, I make a cereal base of Rice Krispies:

And then I apply the marshmallows:

Hmmm.That looks exactly like the bowl with only marshmallows. Funny.

Chomp, chomp, chomp. These definitely aren’t like Lucky Charm marshmallows. For one, where is the overwhelming sugary flavor? Something’s wrong if my teeth don’t hurt. And the texture is stupid. They’re either stale or extremely chewy.

These marshmallows suck, but I’ll at least eat this bowlful. For you.

Meanwhile, I still have approximately two and 3/4 bags left. I hate to waste perfectly good cereal marshmallows. There must be other uses for such a product?

Perhaps . . .

Crap! They’re actually eating them! Stop it! Prudence, I expected this of you, but Gus? I thought you had more sense.

(Prudence’s head is a blur because she moves like lightning any time ANY kind of food is within sniffing distance.)

OK, I can’t feed these to my cats. Not only is it unhealthy, but the ones they managed to eat before I snatched them away seemed to stick to their teeth.

What else can I do . . .

Pretend they’re candy?

A surprise for the postman?

A surprise for Dave?

A crappy prize in a future blog contest?


Packing peanuts?

Secret Santa?

Part of a craft project?

OK, now here is where you guys come in. I may do all these things so you don’t have to, but I NEED your help practically ALL the time! What can I do with these damn cereal marshmallows???


Don’t buy anything from these guys.

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58 Responses to “I Buy Stuff Online”

  1. 1 Sandra

    OMG this post made me laugh so hard!
    The only thing that I can come up with is to string them up and save it as a x-mas decoration.

    Sandra’s last blog post..Funky Monkey Snacks

  2. 2 Maureen

    Har! Oh. My. I like the packing peanuts idea. But heaven help the recipient if the package gets wet.

    Maureen’s last blog post..Set The Wayback Machine to 1982 Sherman

  3. 3 April

    You horrible woman teasing your cats with sugary treats that way. :-)

    Ok, as for what to do with the leftovers, they would be great for crafty type things, though I have no idea what because I lack the genetic predisposition to be crafty.

  4. 4 Julie

    hahah too funny! My cat will eat anything if it’s in a bowl I ate out of first. She’s like a dog always waiting for me to finish.

    I have that same china? guess it’s not really china lol. I have those dishes!

  5. 5 chat blanc

    wow! now your cats really will poop marshmallows and rainbows! :)

    chat blanc’s last blog post..The cult of (humor) personality

  6. 6 Luxor

    I think you should tie strings around them and drag them all around the floor while the cats chase them or make them fly through the air like wee pastel birdies. That’s just what I think.

    Luxor’s last blog post..Mirror, mirror, on the wall …

  7. 7 Alvin

    Magically Delicious Marshmallow Meatloaf

    • 1 1/2 bags of mail order marshmallow lumps
    • 1 lb diced spam
    • 1 chopped green something
    • fresh garlic to break down pink and yellow hues.
    • 2 cups Karo Syrup.
    • 2 tablespoons blue Kool Aid (Powder)
    • 1/2 cup Count Chocula

    Mix all ingredients; the best way is to put everything in a big zipbag and seal it and then squish everything. Add something crunchy (Doritos or Cracker Jacks) and squish it again. Put in pan and shape as desired. Top it with a little more of whatever.
    Bake at 355 or until spam floats to the top of the baking dish.

    Alvin’s last blog post..Ariance and Me.

  8. 8 Kathy

    OMG. I laughed harder and harder as I scrolled. I love that Prudence is such a spaz you can’t get a good shot of her. Like she needs sugar. Yeah, what’s up with Gus? He’s older and supposed to know better. I say get ‘em wet, ball it up and use it as a bowling ball. Careful, though. You might kill someone.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Oh, Canada!

  9. 9 Jaffer

    Why go through all that trouble. Celeberate ! Use it as confetti to thow during the Santa Claus parade or the next town election or when your favourite team wins or when the mail arrives.

    Jaffer’s last blog post..United Pigeons Toronto Confluence

  10. 10 cardiogirl

    For sure those must become packing peanuts. But don’t send them to a person with small children.

    Or cats.

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..The book of questions, Volume VIII

  11. 11 Canucklehead

    Haha! Too funny – did I mention PacMan cereal here before? Anyway, as you can tell by the name it has not been around for a while but that stuff was like 90% marshmellows – awesome. I love that the cats eat it – anyway, the solution to your problem is easy. Into a jello mold! Sure, then people would avoid the jello like the plague but did I mention that it was jello made with BOOZE? That’s right – they’ll be lining up … if required, maybe throw a blond wig on it as well, can’t hurt. If you really get stuck I know a mini-Canucklehead that would likely scarf those down like …. well, cereal marshmallows. Enjoy!

  12. 12 Carole

    I vote you use them as kitty litter. Think of how colorful and cheerful that will make their box. And who doesn’t want to defecate on colorful sugar blobs? They might actually be absorbent!

    Carole’s last blog post..The Amazing Dairy Cow

  13. 13 Ashley

    You can buy those things in shipshewana, IN (where all the Amish People live)…..they sell them by like the 5lb bags….but unlike the stale marshmallow blobs you purchased, theirs are shaped like magical stars, moons, rainbows, etc….AND they taste REALLY GOOD!

    As for the problem of what to do with them, I think you should use them to decorate random things. You could string them up for Christmas decoration, pretend like they are potpourri, hot Cocoa Topping, or you could split them up and give them to all your family and friends as party favors. When they look surprised say “its the latest craze!”

    Ashley’s last blog post..What’s that smell?

  14. 14 elasticwaistbandlady

    Keep them in your purse in case your mom and dad ever try to lead you into the forest to abandon you. The crusty little marshmallow pieces will make a nice, easy-to-follow trail. You better hope that woodland animals aren’t secretly marshmallow addicts.

  15. 15 Stephanie in KY

    Ew, ew, ew…I hate cereal with marshmallows! I’m SO glad you eat it so I don’t have to. Even when I was a kid, I hated any cereal with marshmallows, fruit flavors (like Froot Loops), or anything that made the milk turn colors (like Cocoa Pebbles).

    I think you should use the marshmallows for art projects, like we used dry beans and pasta in elementary school. Whatever you decide to do with them, please post photos!

  16. 16 Monique

    I’m crying I am laughing so hard.

    I used to love marshmallows in cereal but they started to hurt my teeth. :(

    I love them as packing peanuts. Of course I would not want to be the person receiving the items.

    Monique’s last blog post..I Promise It’s Not What You Think It Is

  17. 17 Fancy

    You totally crack me up. I bet they would be wonderful in rice crispy treats! And colorful, too!

    Fancy’s last blog post..Come out of the closet

  18. 18 Babs - beetle

    Ha ha! That’s just the sort of thing I do. I’m always disappointed because I usually gain weight from such naughty buying!

    Are you going to a wedding any time soon? It would make a novel change from confetti or rice ;O)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Career change was life changing!

  19. 19 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I ate the beak off a yellow Peep before, so I would probably eat those marshmallows all up, too. Maybe you can use them to make teensy, tiny S’mores! Do you think you can toast them on a toothpick?

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Fashion Friday: My Straw Hat

  20. 20 banquet manager

    What was the allure of buying cereal marshmallows anyway?
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

    banquet manager’s last blog post..Is The Store Room More Important Than Customer Service?

  21. 21 Margaret

    Three words: Stained Glass Windows.

    Margaret’s last blog post..We Pass The Gas Onto You

  22. 22 The Hawg

    Don’t know how you’ll get rid of those. My kids, however, would polish off those bags in about 10 minutes. If it’s bright and full of sugar, they’ll eat it — no questions asked.

    Good luck!

    The Hawg’s last blog post..High fructose corn syrup is garbage

  23. 23 Regan

    Hmm, I have a few suggestions…

    Give them out at work. If you don’t work in a place where you can give anything out, find a place where you can and pretend you work there.

    Charge people money to buy them.

    Stuff it in a box of Lucky Charms at the store.

    Donate it to charity.

    Give them to me, I’d like to try them.

    Throw them at people.

    Throw them at passing cars.

    Try to bribe people with them.

    Ask for your money back.

    Try to by stuff with them.

    Feed it to the birds.

    Make a pie.

    YES! Use them as packing peanuts.

    Use them as ear plugs.

    Use them as fake teeth.

    Hand it out at Halloween.

    Find a parade and throw them out in it. ((Hey! I’ll be in a parade! Give them to me, I’ll find someone to throw them out!))

    Do an experiment to see how long they last and don’t get moldy.

    Put them in the microwave to see what happens.

    Do a taste test with real Lucky Charms marshmallows, regular marashmallows, and colored/flavored marshmallows.

    Leave them as tips.

    Put them on pizza and see how it tastes.

    Just throw them out….

    Okay, I just ran out of ideas.

  24. 24 Meg

    If they go well with beer, I’ll take them.

    Meg’s last blog post..Teen’s First Mammary

  25. 25 Angi

    Hahahah…this made me laugh so hard.

    You could string them together with dental floss to use on a Christmas tree (a’la popcorn strings)…

    You could give them to the local food bank, I bet there are starving people who would eat them…

    Glue them all to a pair of pants and a sweatshirt and be “Marshmallow Woman” for Halloween…

    OK, I’m out of ideas,haha…

  26. 26 brooke regans friend

    omg prudence is just like regan the both dont need sugar
    - no offense to rean hehe

  27. 27 brooke regans friend


  28. 28 Babs - beetle

    Reading this a second time, I see the sadness in it [he he ha ha] I bet you were like a big kid when you got the package, and couldn’t wait to tuck in to a bowl of your favourite scrummy ‘Lucky Charms’ That sad fact seems to have gotten lost in the funny post…. ha ha ha….. sorry ;O)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..A fair price or a fleecing?

  29. 29 Elle

    Well, they look like they’d make very fine road paving material. Or you could dry them out and make buttons for doll clothes. Or very festive earrings that are also biodegradable. Also, you can use them in various experiments in the microwave — do they explode satisfyingly like regular marshmallows?

    Elle’s last blog post..Less Olympic, More Games

  30. 30 Jeff

    I think you should have a contest where we all have to do something, like a photo caption or something. Then we all vote on the which caption was the UNfunniest and the loser gets the prize. I have a certain cell phone picture I could donate ;-)

    Jeff’s last blog post..Wordless Weekend – Niagara Falls

  31. 31 Jay

    Hahahahahahahaha!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while!

    I think you should sell them on eBay. I think you should use this blog post as your description and just see what happens. I bet you make a fortune! ROFL!

    Jay’s last blog post..The value of a good sniff

  32. 32 Babs - beetle

    Another thing. Be sure to check every single one for ‘Food that looks like things’ ;O)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..A fair price or a fleecing?

  33. 33 jailbird

    we have the same dream… I always wanted nothing but the marshmellows in my cereal bowl (the soft gooey sweet kind like Lucky Charms). Thanks for killing the dream.

    string them together for jewelry
    donate to the homeless shelter (they’ll eat anything)
    mix them in with your rice krispie treat recipe
    shoot them from a BB gun
    decorate your trees and tell everyone they are chinese lanterns….

    I see I’m really not helping all that much – I’m just gonna go grab a bowl of cereal.

    jailbird’s last blog post..Dirty Shank # 102 Unhappily

  34. 34 Corrina

    OMG hilarious! I can totally understand why you bought them in the first place. I was SO excited for you when the post started.

    I’m at a total loss as to what they can be used for, other than inflicting a nasty sugar rush on someone you don’t like so much. :-D

    Corrina’s last blog post..The Date

  35. 35 Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

    You could stick them on a tooth pick and roast them over a candle… stick it in between two Teddy Grahams with a chocolate chip and have the World’s tiniest S’more!!

    Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor’s last blog post..By: Cindy Lietz@Polymer Clay Bead Making Tutorials

  36. 36 Scratch Bags

    I used to take all the stuff that I didn’t like to my office and somehow whatever I hated to the core, the people around used to love it. Take it to your office and see them vanish within minutes.:D

    Scratch Bags’s last blog post..A letter to 70s Auntie!

  37. 37 Curtis

    I guess they can’t go bad unless they get wet. If they get stale that just makes them more craft projects.

    Curtis’s last blog post..Xbox 360 or PS 3 Oh which one.

  38. 38 Tim

    I shared this with my whole family! We laughed and laughed. My kids wish they could get those packing peanuts, they seem to think they would eat them all for sure!
    I want to see how Alvin’s Magically Delicious Marshmellow Meatloaf would turn out. I’m not sure about the garlic, though.

    Tim’s last blog post..Giving Away Our Very First Redneck Beer Gift Basket!

  39. 39 Jenny

    Two words: White. Elephant. You would go down in history as the giver of the best white elephant gift ever.

  40. 40 JD

    Sandra: Yay for laughing! Hey, that’s not a bad idea! I’m afraid my cats might try to eat them, tho, now that they’ve had a taste!

    Maureen: Ew. Yuck. Yeah, that could be bad all right. It’d be funny if they were used to pack cartons of milk, and the milk exploded to create a boxful of marshmallowy cereal. Maybe not that funny.

    April: I didn’t mean to! I had no idea they’d actually EAT them. I thought they’d kind of sniff around and then walk away in disgust. I, too, lack any crafty genes (see “craft project” photo), but I think these would work best in some kind of nonedible setting.

    Julie: I love those dishes! It was my wedding pattern. I didn’t want a fussy, fancy one. I still use them today (obviously). And, yes, so do my cats.

    chat blanc: HA! Now that I would love to see. It could only be an improvement.

    Luxor: “Wee pastel birdies.” I like that. And so would my cats, I think. Of course, they’d try to eat them rather than play with them, but either way I’d get rid of them.

    Alvin: I am laughing and barfing! Uncomfortable. Anyway, your recipe is hilarious. I like how EITHER Doritos OR Cracker Jacks are OK. And why does “mail order marshmallow lumps” sound so unappetizing? Oh, yeah.

    Kathy: Pru was going nuts. And then Gus! GUS! I thought he was the sensible one. The bowling ball idea is quite good. And you’re right: it just might be quite deadly, as well.

    Jaffer: HA! When the mail arrives! Yes, that is cause for celebration. And these little marshmallow blobs probably wouldn’t hurt anyone too much. Great suggestion!

    cardiogirl: Heh. I know some small children (and cats) who would try to eat regular packing peanuts.

    Canucklehead: YES! Did you send me the PacMan commercial or did I hunt that down? Either way, yes. And thank you. Oh, why didn’t I think of a blonde-bewigged alcoholic jello mold! Brilliant!

    Carole: “Who doesn’t want to defecate on colorful sugar blobs?” Oh, boy. Forget the litterbox—I’m putting these in my toilet! It’ll look like an aquarium. AND I’ll get to defecate on colorful sugar blobs! SCORE!

    Ashley: Thanks for the tip. If I can’t find those Amish Shipshewana marshmallows online, then it’s time for a road trip. Excellent suggestions (seriously, they probably would be good in hot chocolate!) As for telling people it’s the latest craze—PERFECT! People will believe anything!

    elasticwaistbandlady: Do you know something about my mom and dad that I don’t? Thanks for the tip. Hopefully the fact that my cats were ready to eat them by the bowlful doesn’t mean that the woodland creatures will eat my marshmallow blobs.

    Stephanie in KY: WHAT? How can you dislike cereal with marshmallows? Marshmallows are the only reason to eat cereal! I promise: if I turn these into something arty, you’ll be the first to know about it. (Ah, you brought back memories: elbow macaroni spray-painted gold and glued to styrofoam!)

    Monique: I work as a freelance editor, and I think it would be hilarious to send manuscript pages in a box with these as packing peanuts. They’d probably make a big mess, tho.

    Fancy: Oooh! Rice Krispie treats! Hadn’t thought about that. Maybe the baking process would soften them up a bit. I’m on it!

    Babs – beetle: Hee! I’d love to throw these at somebody. Great big huge handfuls, and just see what happens.

    I’m regretting this purchase already. After my first bowl of cereal, I vowed I wouldn’t eat anymore. But I am weak.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Hmmm. I’ll have to try that. They may be too hard. But if I microwave them ON a cracker, that might work. You’re very brave to have eaten a Peep beak.

    Margaret: Oh, lovely. My husband is still yelling at me for the colorful gel flowers I stuck all over our windows that are now melting all over and impossible to remove!

    The Hawg: Well, you just answered my question. What’s your address? Your kids can be plowing thru these bags before the week is over!

    Regan: I like your suggestion of pretending to work somewhere so I can hand these out. It’s so crazy, it just might work. Throwing them at people or cars would be very satisfying. If I’d had room in my suitcase, I would’ve brought you one of the packages. I think I may end up just eating them. That seems easiest . . .

    Meg: I can’t say they don’t go well with beer, so . . . should I send them?

    Angi: Oh, poor starving people! I’d hate to inflict these gross sugary treats on them! I do, however, love the idea of being “Marshmallow Woman” for Halloween. That is pretty good. As long as no one throws milk at me.

    brooke regans friend: I’m sure Regan is happy to be associated with Prudence.

    Babs – beetle: Thanks for bringing back the painful memories, Babs! Sigh. Yes, it was pretty sad. And surprising. I was so sure they could only be delicious. Well, at least someone around here is sensitive enough to see the dark side!

    Elle: I actually did microwave them and was going to include photos for this post, but the only thing that happened was that my microwave started to smoke, so I gave that up. But the road paving material idea . . . that definitely has merit.

    Jeff: Now you’re onto something. This stuff is definitely appropriate for losers. Either way, I want to see that cell phone picture.

    Jay: Oh, boy! I’ve been wanting to sell something on eBay for a while. I was going to sell my hair after I got it cut, but they swept it up before I could grab it. “Magical cereal marshmallows!” I gotta get busy and start writing a caption.

    Babs – beetle: I did! But they all look like blobs!!! Not a man-in-the-moon face or chipmonk among them!

    jailbird: Oh, dear. Another dream dead. I’m so sorry. On the contrary, your suggestions are quite helpful, especially the BB gun one. I guess I have latent violent tendencies. I really want to throw these at people. Enjoy that cereal!

    Corrina: Unfortunately, the recipient of that nasty sugar rush seems to be me. Despite my vow not to eat any more of these—I can’t stop. They really do taste better the more you eat them. DAMN IT!

    Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor: Hee! I like the idea of the World’s Tiniest S’more. Except that would be a waste of a perfectly good chocolate chip and Teddy Graham!

    Scratch Bags: If only. I work at home, so I can only share it with my cats, who, as you can see, are only too happy to partake. Can I bring them to your office?

    Curtis: Right-o. I think craft projects is about the only viable option. Except I KEEP EATING THEM!

    Tim: I’m glad your family enjoyed this! The packing peanuts are on their way to your house right now. I hope you have good dental insurance!

    banquet manager: What was the allure??? Umm . . . good question. I’ll have to do some research.

    Jenny: Oh, YEAH! Or secret santa. After all, it’s the latest craze!

  41. 41 Katie

    Too bad they tasted like poo. I was all hopeful for a bowlful of marshmellows.

    Wait until Christmas and use them for roofing material on a gingerbread house.

  42. 42 Punk Rebel Mama


    I’m a BLOG-CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously folks, the website is really my online business. I work from home too. And I do actually sell the lingerie on ebay as well. (…although I was under the impression the nipples were not all that noticeable! )

    I’m sorry to hear they didn’t live up to your fantasy…I’m pretty sure I “stumbled on” to your blog but that post mirrored my lament as well and since I’d seen such an item exist, I did my best to google it for you….it wasn’t what my store used to carry, but it was all I could find at the time…I’ll keep looking…

    I wonder if THIS PRODUCT might fix your need for a sugar rush???


  43. 43 Punk Rebel Mama

    Oh, my blog is here: punkrebelmama.blogspot.com

    betcha didn’t see THAT BLOG NAME coming! hee hee

  44. 44 Elle

    Left you a small something at my place. Not marshmallow-related in the least.

    Elle’s last blog post..Well, What a Lovely Surprise!

  45. 45 The Hawg


    I appreciate your kind offer to send those sugary things over to my kids but I must decline.

    I love free stuff, perhaps more than most people. However, the idea of my children hopped up on sugar and pestering me is more than I can bear.

    You know I’d love to help you out. But, this time. Well, uh, no.

    The Hawg’s last blog post..Sick of Obama and McCain? The Hawg’s got the solution!

  46. 46 Chris Canto

    Take all of the marshmallows you have left. Put them all in microwave, preferably a small one, set the timer for five minutes.


  47. 47 JD

    Katie: Oooh! They’d make a pretty gingerbread house roof. I’d have to put a little sign in front, tho. “Please do not eat the roof. It tastes like poo.”

    Punk Rebel Mama! YESSS! You are now a celebrity! Thanks for including the link to your shockingly-named blog, tho I don’t think anyone minded too much being directed to that OTHER site. Looks like a great biz, and congrats on being able to work from home. The cereal marshmallows were a disappointment flavor-wise (tho I kept eating the damn things!) but they nevertheless brought much joy to my life, so I thank you for that link. AND my husband thanks you for that other link, the product of which I am anxiously awaiting!

    Elle: Oh, thank you! Yes, I think I’ve had my fill of marshmallows. It’s still very sweet, tho.

    The Hawg: I understand. If my own reaction is anything to go by, your kids would indeed be tearing around the house with their eyeballs popping out. No one needs that.

    Chris Canto: I am definitely trying the microwave thing again (first time = lots of scary smoke).

  48. 48 Natural

    um maybe you can take them with you to wal-mart and start dropping them from the parking lot and then all throught the store as you shop.

    if anybody asks tell them the last time you left your marshmallows at home you couldn’t find your car for weeks. call them sunnie and don’t forget to say this: “now get the h*ll out the way, you’re messing up my trail.”

    you crack me up!

    10.95 plus shipping? how much to send them back for a refund.

    Natural’s last blog post..Doggone, Grandma

  49. 49 JD

    Natural: (I almost typed “Matural.” Does anyone ever call you that? No? OK.) That’s not a bad idea. I’ve gotten lost in a “Super” WalMart before and almost started crying. If only I’d had a bag of cereal marshmallows with me. Yeah. 10.95. A little steep. But we all had fun, didn’t we?

  50. 50 Matt

    Lol. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You could use them as packaging peanuts or sell them on Ebay.

    Matt’s last blog post..Charges Dropped for Terminator Salvation Star Christian Bale

  51. 51 JD

    Matt! Thanks again! Glad you got a laugh out of my expensive cereal marshmallow dilemma. I like the packing peanuts idea. And you can sell ANYthing on eBay!

  52. 52 PG

    Alright, I am soooo far behind. and still trying to catch up from vacation mode….

    BUT OMG…. GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it.

    I reckon that kids would still dig the cheap ass ‘marshmallows’.

    Frankly I can’t be bothered to read all the previous comments, I’m not that cool….

    but if you have extras after what I am sure are dozens of a-list ideas, I say send them to me and I will do extensive video research regarding the appeal of ‘marshmallows’ in children aged 2-10

    PG’s last blog post..Slob In Disguise (216/365)

  53. 53 JD

    PG Welcome back! You don’t need to be cool to hang out here. There have been a lot of great suggestions, and, if I hadn’t already eaten all the cereal marshmallow (hangs head in shame), I’d definitely send them your way. Maybe you can do your own video research using Lucky Charms?

  54. 54 flit

    Love your blog :)

    great concept, and great writing

    flit’s last blog post..Dream Jobs…

  55. 55 JD

    flit: Thank you so much! I hope you’ll stick around. We have a lot of fun here . . .

  56. 56 Lexington ma roofer

    LOL what did you finally end up doing with them??

  57. 57 JD

    Lexington ma roofer: I’m ashamed to admit I ended up eating most of them after all—even tho they didn’t taste that great.

  58. 58 Dave K

    Awesome i do love cereal marshmallows, not sure if i could stomach a whole box of them thou. Just throw a marshmallow party for all the kids in your area and get them all sugar-hyped up
    .-= Dave K´s last blog ..Should I really pack this much lingerie Dave?…. =-.


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