I ATE Braunschweiger

Wait! WAIT! WAIT!!!

This is a brand-new post! It’s not the recycled “Braunschweiger” post from the other day. It’s got all new stuff. And pictures!

‘Cuz, you know, after reading through all your awesome food comments, I got hungry. Real hungry.

Braunschweiger hungry.

So I asked Dave to get me some of the ol’ slimy, gray ‘schweiger when he did the shopping.

“It’s in a tuuuuuuube!” I called after him.

I was really excited! Braunschweiger for lunch! After how many years? One? Two? I dunno. It was still exciting.

I assembled my ingredients: sandwich roll, red onion, crisp lettuce, and yellow mustard. And the tube (click to see that I use only authentic Braunschweiger).

The tube is smaller than I remember. But what isn’t, these days?

I spread the spready stuff and layered on the onions and lettuce.

And took a bite.

Mmmm . . . I mean, ugh. Or is it mmmm? I couldn’t decide. I had to take a few bites. That old familiar braunschweiger taste was there, but there was this other—side taste, if you will—that kept creeping in and making me feel nauseous. It, too, was vaguely familiar, but I don’t remember it stimulating my gag reflex to this degree. The gross side taste dominated the good taste until, finally . . .

“I didn’t like my braunschweiger,” I confessed to Dave.

“That’s why I got you the small tube.”

The good news is, I was able to complete my . . . OUR . . . top ten lists. Thanks for your help! I loved reading about your food quirks. Some were disgusting, some were tempting. Some were disgustingly tempting. Herewith!

Top 10 Foods We Love Even Tho They Look Wrong
  1. Anything from McDonald’s
  2. Beef-a-Roni
  3. Borscht
  4. Braunschweiger (tho I withdraw my vote)
  5. Fried scorpion
  6. Lasagna
  7. Pate
  8. Pickle chips
  9. Raw oysters
  10. Red-hot potato chips
Top 16 Foods We Will Never Eat Because They Sound and Look So Gross
  1. Balut
  2. Blood pudding
  3. Chicken feet
  4. Fruitcake (except for Lola from Lola’s Diner!)
  5. Geoduck (except for Puglette from Puglette Ponders!)
  6. Kidneys
  7. Parmesan cheese mixed with meat
  8. Pickled herring
  9. Raw oysters (not unanimous)
  10. Sardines
  11. Scrapple (except for Christa from Giggle On!)
  12. Shrimp with poo-vein
  13. Snails
  14. Sweetbreads
  15. Tongue (except for Trade Show Guru!)
  16. Tripe
Top 21 Weird Food Combinations
  1. Avocado with ketchup
  2. Bleu cheese with nuts and bitter chocolate
  3. Bread torn up in a bowl of milk
  4. Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup and peanut butter sandwich
  5. Cheese and jelly sandwich
  6. Chinese sugar donut dipped in sweet and sour sauce
  7. Cottage cheese and brown gravy
  8. Cottage cheese and pickles
  9. Cottage cheese with peaches
  10. Flamin’ Cheetos with red wine
  11. French fries and Wendy’s Frosty
  12. Fried eggs with ketchup
  13. Fritos and chocolate ice cream
  14. Goldfish (crackers) and chocolate pudding
  15. Grape juice and lemonade
  16. Mayonnaise, ketchup, and wasabi paste (Oh, Tiggy!)
  17. Peanut butter and American cheese roll-ups
  18. Peanut butter and tomato sandwich
  19. Popcorn and Tabasco sauce
  20. Potato chips and cottage cheese
  21. Salt on apples

And . . . my vote for the Best Food Combo: Regan’s “IceFudgekie.” It is, quite simply, ice cream stuffed with fudge stuffed with a cookie.”

Why don’t you try something new today? Be daring. Maybe some tripe? How about a nice avocado with ketchup? You could be really brave and eat a shrimp with its poo-vein INTACT! Let me know how it goes down. No fair picking the IceFudgekie, either.


I’ll have a bowl of smilies with a side order of pickles, fetus head, and an oyster.

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59 Responses to “I ATE Braunschweiger”

  1. 1 Jenn Thorson

    This is one case where I’m very grateful you ate it so I didn’t have to. Thank you, JD. It is an excellent service you’re providing. :)

    Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Of Cabbages and Kings Blog Buddies Virtual Giftlist

  2. 2 chat blanc

    with my highly evolved palate I think I’ll try flamin’ cheetos and red wine first! ;) ahaha!

    chat blanc’s last blog post..Shaken not stirred

  3. 3 Stephanie Barr

    I’m, of course, still on my cottage cheese/potato chip binge that I’ve been on since I read your blog LAST week (yes, I blame you). I also feel sheepish for not suggesting you include such gems as haggis and pickled pig’s feet. I mean, really. What was I thinking.

    I, too, am grateful you ate it instead of me. Um, no appeal at all, but I had a McDonald’s hamburger so, surely, we’re tied.

    I have a number of friends that combine mayonaise with french fries, by the way, though I do not.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Gifts for the Rocket Scientist

  4. 4 absepa

    Excellent follow-up to the braunschweiger post! I am sorry you didn’t enjoy your sandwich as much as expected. I had a similar experience with bologna a few years ago.

    As hard as I try to forget the pictures from that balut article, I just can’t get them out of my head. (shivers)

    absepa’s last blog post..Do You Keep Your Blog Secret?

  5. 5 TheSnackHound

    FRIED SCORPION??? I saw one that was as big as a cat in a village in Mexico. Does the poision cause a strange sensation in the mouth? Ok, not judging anyone here…but it is just not something that would cross my mind.

    TheSnackHound’s last blog post..Food Eating Food

  6. 6 Trade Show Guru

    hey JD,
    Thanks for the follow up. I’m still laughing, and I got educated as well (there are some weird combos above I can’t wait to try now).
    I’m glad you came to your senses on liver. ;)
    And call me weird, but in addition to eating tongue growing up, we also had scrapple and pickled herring (not together ;) ). I like them all.
    ~ Steve, the cultured trade show guru
    PS. And sorry, but I’ve got to agree with you on the Best Food Combo – Regan’s IceFudgekie. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..Top 3 Trade Show Display Design Mistakes

  7. 7 Daisy the Curly Cat

    I am pretty sure I would eat the shrimp with the poop vein. If someone would offer me one.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Monday Funday: A Holiday Word Search

  8. 8 maggie

    Ugh, should not have read this post while eating Chinese takeout!

    Is Braunschweiger the same as liverwurst? I used to eat liverwurst and onion sandwiches as a kid, but now I have no idea why and the thought makes me gag.

    maggie’s last blog post..I Opened a New Store!

  9. 9 Kathy

    Excellent follow-up! And good on Dave for knowing you only needed a little braunshwaterveryoucallit in a tube. Now. I’m guessing that if you had a thought bubble over Prudence’s head, it would read: “I lick my behind a half dozen times a day and even I wouldn’t eat that!” Did she try a little, or did she run to the nearest exit?

    I would like an icefudgekie, please.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Weirdest Trip Memento I’ve Ever Saved

  10. 10 Broadway Matron

    What, the cream cheese and tuna salad sandwich didn’t make to weird food combinations? I’m shocked…LOL

    Broadway Matron’s last blog post..What is your least favorite household chore?

  11. 11 Regan

    Hmm… since I have off of school today I might make an icefudgekie and say how it all went. I know we have ice cream, and we don’t have fudge but we have chocolate, and we definatly have cookies. To the kitchen!!

    Today, I will try Wendy’s fries dipped in a frosty. Except I don’t know if my mom will take me to Wendy’s just so I can try that combo.

  12. 12 JD

    Jenn Thorson: You’re welcome. Gag. You know, it’s not all cereal marshmallows.

    chat blanc: I think that sounds damn good, actually! I had some Fritos (regular, not hot) for lunch today and considered opening a bottle of Merlot.

    Stephanie Barr: Oh, and you say you’re not funny. “Sheepish for not suggesting . . . haggis“? Come on, now, you punster. Since I would have dearly loved a McDonald’s hamburger to wash away the taste of the braunschweiger, I don’t know that we’re even.

    absepa: I’m sorry if I gave you balut nightmares. That was a food challenge on Survivor a few seasons ago. And I still love bologna. Either on white bread with mayo or fried with ketchup.

    TheSnackHound: You saw a FRIED SCORPION as big as a cat??? I don’t know about the poison. They’re probably able to de-poison the scorpion . . . ? I just don’t understand it either. There are so many other things you can deep-fry.

    Trade Show Guru: So . . . is scrapple composed of gross pig parts? Or is it really just normal scraps of the good parts? And, yeah. No more liverwurst for me, ever. Thank goodness I have this blog to remind me when, in a few years, I decide to try it again.

    Daisy the Curly Cat: Well, you never know! You might get lucky and find yourself the recipient of a fat, succulent poo-veined shrimp. And I bet you would enjoy it very much.

    maggie: Ooops, sorry! Yes, braunschweiger = liverwurst = gross. “I have no idea why.” That cracks me up. I ate a lot of weird stuff as a kid, too.

    Kathy: Thank you! Yes, Dave knows me pretty well. Prudence did indeed turn away from the proferred sandwich, but I think it was the onions that made her run off. I want an icefudgekie too. They can’t be that hard to make.

    Broadway Matron: HA! I should’ve put that on there. I can actually see it, tho. Cream cheese isn’t SO very different from mayonnaise . . . right?

    Regan: Well, please let us know how your icechocokie turned out AND whether you got to enjoy the Frosty/fry combo.

  13. 13 Lola

    I thought we were in agreement? Braunschweiger and lettuce. That’s it. I’d hurl if I put mustard and onion on it. It’s sliced rings of Braunschweiger and then pile several leaves of lettuce, then take the palm of your hand and squish the sandwich flat. White bread of course. I think the squishing the sandwich flat thing was so that the sliced rings of Braunschweiger (the large roll of Braunschweiger sliced about 1/4 inch thick) would not fall out. I wouldn’t have the patience to spread it, I would think the bread would fall apart. But then again maybe because that’s because I have manhands. (Remember the manhands episode of Seinfield?)

    As I was reading your Weird Food Combinations List, I remembered a friend who ate Cottage Cheese with Corn. She called it “corn on the cottage”. One time eating with her at a buffet restaurant, was enough for me.

    Lola’s last blog post..Saving Christmas – There’s still time

  14. 14 Stephanie Barr

    Perhaps you shouldn’t ask how I know this, but you CAN eat scorpion, just not the end of the tail.

    And (since I know you and you WILL ask how I know this), I know this because a friend of mine, on a complicated dare in college, smacked and ate a scorpion in the wild (without even frying). On the plus side, he not only got out of Physical Training (ROTC) that day as a result, his Freshman clout was such that he pretty much didn’t get the normal ROTC Freshman razzing for the rest of the year. On the plus side, he was in the emergency room the next day with a temperature of like 106, where the doctor informed him that, if one must go eating poisonous bugs, it’s best to skip the poison parts.

    Now you know.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Gifts for the Rocket Scientist

  15. 15 Stephanie Barr

    That would be, “on the minus side” for the part about the emergency room. My brain is apparently at half mast.

    Oddly enough, this isn’t even the weirdest story I have about this friend.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Gifts for the Rocket Scientist

  16. 16 Regan

    I just made my icefudgekie. Here’s my (kinda sorta almost) profeshunal review:

    How to make:
    You will need ice cream, ((I used vanilla. It balances out all the chocolately flavors. You could use any flavor you want)) melted fudge/chocolate, and a cookie of your choice. ((I used a chocolate chip cookie. Your cookie can be store bought or home made))

    First, put 1 or 2 small scoops of ice cream into a bowl. Put a few big scoops of melted chocolate over that in a small circle. Next, put the cookie on the chocolate and put enough chocolate on your cookie so it completely covers it. Put 1 or 2 more scoops of ice cream on that.

    Note: The chocolate WILL harden around the cookie.

    Easiness to make – 8/10 ((I used home made cookies, but they were pre-made. This just made it take a little longer))

    Amount of time – 8/10 ((Just because of the home made cookies))

    Serves – 1, unless your feeling generous

    Easiness to eat – 9/10 ((The hardened chocolate over the cookie makes it a little harder to bite))

    Tastiness – 9/10 ((Try to get a little of everything together. The chocolate covered cookie is the best part))

    Overall – 8.5/10

    Would I make this again? – HECK YES!!!

  17. 17 absepa

    I hardly ever comment twice on one post, but I just had to add: fried bologna is the subject of much contention in my household. My husband loves it; the smell makes me nauseous. He claims that I keep him from one of his favorite delicacies, even though I’ve told him many times that he’s welcome to make it whenever I’m not at home. As long as he makes sure to Febreze everything afterward.

    Also, the icefudgekie is sounding better and better. Somebody should get Regan a patent on her idea, and quick.

    absepa’s last blog post..A "Dear Dog" Letter

  18. 18 Babs - beetle

    Now you totally confused me by calling it a tube before. A tube has a screw top, like toothpaste. I now see that it is basically a liver sausage?

    You may well find it difficult to eat spread like that. Usually you spread a thin, and I emphasize THIN) coating on toast or a cracker. It is very rich and not supposed to be eaten in great dollops! Then again, this is JD we’re talking about here. The same person that has a marshmallow ratio of 20 to 1 rice pop for breakfast ha ha!

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Mo singing ‘A Merry Little Christmas’

  19. 19 Laura-Junkfoodaholic

    Braunschweiger? Never tried it. Sounded disgusting though! :) Whew, I’m glad you ate it so I don’t have to! hehehehe! I know you’ll think I’m weird but I love raw oysters! I have to eat them dipped in cocktail sauce (heavy on the horseradish) and on a saltine cracker. Now, that’s good eatin! I also like sardines on a saltine cracker on occasion and you’ll be shocked to know I LIKE SNAILS! It’s called escargot. Here’s what it looks like when it’s served. It’s delicious… I promise! Merry Christmas!

  20. 20 Tim

    Babs: In Canada we have a few different foods that come in a tube with no cap, like ground beef, pre-made dough, and sausage meat for stuffing.
    I like liver sausage, about once a year. Never with onions and mustard tho, just lettuce. I only get the small tube myself, since I never finish one anyways. It’s one of those craving foods that wears off once I get some, only to return months later once the taste dims in my memory. By the by, cats usually LOVE liver sausage, as do dogs.

    Tim’s last blog post..Bizarre Text Messaging Deaths and Other Weirdities

  21. 21 Cromely

    I still love braunschweiger. I’ve been known to eat it straight from the tube with a spoon.

    Chicken Feet don’t taste bad, but I don’t plan on ever getting them again. They’re just too much work. It takes a lot of effort to get very little meat off.

    Cromely’s last blog post..Seth Green saves Heroes

  22. 22 flit

    I am surprised not to see vegemite ’round here someplace. Where are all the Aussies?

    Somehow, after reading this thread, I am no longer hungry for my dinner.

    Too bad, since it is almost ready.

    Baked fish, taters and broccoli just seems so boring now *sigh*

    flit’s last blog post..Things that make you say “hmmmmmmmmmm…”

  23. 23 JD

    Lola: We were in agreement, but then some people started talking about onions and mustard, and I got all distracted. Still, I can only blame the braunschweiger and its side taste for turning me off forever. Even tho your description of the rings (much more appetizing than the tube) and the squishing sounds tempting, I’m done with braunschweiger forever. (Bonus points for Seinfeld reference!)

    Stephanie Barr: I knew if I waited long enough (2 seconds), you would tell me. So . . . wow. That guy is kind of my hero. Did he smack the scorpion dead? Was it delicious? Did he recover fairly quickly? Did he recover? Answers, please, and more stories (you may want to skip the comment and go directly to the stolen blog post!)

    Regan: Forget Scorpion Guy, YOU are my hero! That is a truly awesome description and review. I just have to know: what kind of chocolate did you use? I’ve got the ice cream, I’ve got the cookie . . . I’m 2/3 on my way to IceFudgeKie Nirvana!

    absepa: If anything merits a second comment, it’s fried bologna. Now, I admit, the smell is a bit disgusting (in a good way). It’s really like hot dogs, right? Don’t tell me you hate hot dogs? And, I agree: Regan, we won’t let anyone steal your brilliant idea!

    Babs – beetle: Right: it’s a sausage-like tube, not a toothpaste tube ALTHO a toothpaste tube would make it easier to squeeze out. I didn’t realize I was breaking braunschweiger etiquette with my huge, giant dollops, but your way does sound much more appetizing.

    Laura—Junkfoodaholic: SNAILS! I’m shocked. Except . . . wait a minute. Now that I think about it, I’ve eaten snails too. In Paris. With tons of garlic. And they were OK. Raw oysters, however, will never slide down my throat—NEVER! I don’t even like cocktail sauce.

    Tim: Thank you for the clarification. We have those same tubed foods. Prudence might’ve eaten the braunschweiger, but the onion turned her off. The onion was the only thing that kept me going, as it’s taste helped to drown out the awful side taste. I hope I don’t forget that I now hate braunschweiger.

    Cromely: Now that I could never do, even in my braunschweiger heyday. It needs something to offset the texture—something crunchy. I can’t eat peanut butter on its own for the same reason. Don’t you just eat the whole foot? I thought the bones were so light and brittle that you ate the whole thing. But what do I know.

    flit: Ah, vegemite! Yeah, I’ve never tried that tho Jeff from View from the Cloud wrote a post about it. It did not sound too appetizing. Actually your dinner sounds very good. I myself had baked salmon, brown rice, and green beans.

  24. 24 Stephanie Barr

    Stolen blog post must wait until Thursday and there’s already competition for my most stealable comment – and the week’s not even over! He said he smacked it dead first. He DID survive, but he had this weird genetic condition that makes his blood pressure spike horribly so it ruined his kidneys so he had to get a transplant.

    He’s also one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring people on the planet. To be honest, the guy deserves his own NOT stolen post. And I’ll probably give it to him… sometime. I’ve got a great story about him.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Clearing Near Earth of Debris

  25. 25 absepa

    (A record third comment–I promise I’ll shut up soon.) It’s really weird, given all of my “meat issues,” but I LOVE hot dogs. I could probably eat them every other day, with cheese, mustard, and relish. Mmmm…hot dogs…

    absepa’s last blog post..A "Dear Dog" Letter

  26. 26 John

    I’ve never actually tried lettuce on my liverwurst. Usually I’ve got to settle for prepackaged, but once in a while I go for the ‘natural’ casing if my local deli’s got it in.

    Funny, some companies put it in longer skinnier, while others use the standard wider tubes in 1lb size.

    John’s last blog post..Letting Go

  27. 27 Jeff

    I totally missed the comment on your last post about the torn up bread in a bowl with milk. My grandmother made us eat that every time we slept over at her house. Seriously… white bread, in a bowl, with milk and sugar. I thought I was alone with my nightmare.

    Jeff’s last blog post..The wheels on the bus go round and round

  28. 28 Puglette

    ok, more food secrets and admissions…
    I love pickled herring, every so often I buy a small jar and eat them all. I used to eat sardines as a child, I loved them! On crackers or sour dough bread. I will probably slurp some raw oysters some day. My parents were first generation americans, all their parents immigrated to San Francisco. I grew up eating lots of pickled, salted, cured fish and meats. I also enjoyed salami on sour dough, fresh from the bakery…yum!! I have tried to duplicate this treat but the bread is just not the same here in WA.

    my dad used to make my niece and i sugar sammiches…white bread with butter and white, granulated sugar sprinkled on it. you fold the bread in half and munch away…yummy!!! we’d eat those and watch the mickey mouse club after school.

    good times

    Puglette’s last blog post..Pinecone Retrospective

  29. 29 Regan

    Oh, for the chocolate I just melted a a bunch of hershey kisses and a chocolate santa together I got from my friend. It worked out fine.

    Note: When melting the chocolate, put it in for 10 to 15 seconds at a time until it’s melty.

  30. 30 ann of thejunkdrawerblogfamily

    Hey! Regan! Where did you find Hershey kisses in the house! Are they under your bed?!


  31. 31 JD

    Stephanie Barr: Well, it’s good you’ve got plenty of stolen blog post fodder. I’d love to hear more about this guy!

    absepa: WOO! THIRD COMMENT! I understand completely. Hot dogs aren’t really meat, after all (well, kosher dogs are, and that’s all I eat). Nevertheless, they are so delicious they can make the most squeamish person abandon all meat issues.

    John: My mom swears by the fresh, deli kind. Maybe I should give that a try. I wonder why the difference in tube size? Does it make it taste better?

    Jeff: Well, at least you got sugar! And, no. You’re not alone. You can ALWAYS come here and find a bunch of weird food quirks that will make your lutefisk sound positively appealing. Maybe.

    Puglette: Oh, boy. I love your food memories! I mentioned previously I have some sardines in my cabinet — I’ve got to try them. Pickled herring and raw oysters, however? You’ll have to eat those so I don’t have to. I remember reading a book as a child about a kid who got to eat butter and sugar sandwiches, and I thought that was the COOLEST thing, but my mom never let me try it. Why not? I was already eating sugary cereals and truckloads of candy bars.

    Regan: Thank you! That’s something we can all try. And then the chocolate hardens from the ice cream? BRILLIANT!

    ann of the junkdrawerblogfamily: HA! I wondered if you’d catch her!

  32. 32 commonsmith

    Disgusting. Haha


    commonsmith’s last blog post..2008 #1 – Top 5 World Changing Events

  33. 33 Preston

    I had no idea what Braunschweiger was but it looks like the offspring of Bologna and Liverwurst. (Both of which I adore) So did you try the Peanut Butter and American Cheese roll-ups? They’re tasty aren’t they, huh? Not that I expect you to serve them as your holiday dinner but they do make a tasty and nutritional snacky.

    Happy Holidays! Hugs :)

    Preston’s last blog post..American Small Town Christmas – Ya Gotta Love It!

  34. 34 shakespeare

    I’m sure this is your hundredth time receiving the Lemonade Award, but you’ve been splashed with it again! See


  35. 35 JT

    The bread torn up in a bowl reminded me of something an aunt would do. I lived with her for several years, and every time my uncle went on an over night trip, we had “banana soup”. Milk, with bread torn up in it, sugar and sliced bananas. I have no clue were she came up with it, but to this day, I have difficulty with bananas. I love them, but they just remind me of that soup which doesn’t sit well.

    Thanks for your comment, it helps right now. I’m trying to set myself up a breakdown schedule, lol. It is a needed thing, but I forget all to often.

    JT’s last blog post..Random pics in a story line

  36. 36 Singular Girl

    Clearly there are people out there who have had much more dangerous run-ins with scorpions than me. I can promise you that the fried scorpion I ate was NOT the size of a cat. Maybe they grow them smaller in Asia.

  37. 37 Kathy

    I just had to come back and catch up with your comments. I’m feeling a sense of awe, revulsion, and bewilderment at the stuff your readers have eaten.

    Hats off to you guys. I’ve lived a sheltered culinary life.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Weirdest Trip Memento I’ve Ever Saved

  38. 38 JD

    commonsmith: Indeed. HahaHA!

    Preston: I’m not sure I’ll be able to work up the nerve to try the PB/cheese roll-ups. Still . . . if you say they’re good, I feel I should at least try. And if I eat ‘em, my holiday guests are going to have to eat ‘em too! You try braunschweiger, and I’ll try PB/cheese, OK? Hugs right back to ya! (and happy holidays!)

    shakespeare: Thank you! It most certainly is NOT my hundredth time, and even if it were, it would be an honor.

    JT: Hey, good to “see” you. I do hope you’re feeling a little better. Your “soup” recipe reminded me that we used to eat sliced bananas in milk with sugar. I loved it! It was probably the only way our mom could get us to eat bananas. I think the bread would’ve ruined it.

    Singular Girl: Whatever its size, fried scorpion will not be on my menu any time soon.

    Kathy: But you’re going to try some of this stuff, now that you know about it, right? Oysters? Turducken? TRIPE?!

  39. 39 Brooke

    Yes the Icefudgekie sounds incredibly delicous. I’m going to make one because i have homemade cookies, cookies and cream ice cream, and homemade fudge. HA HA HA! I have mostly homemade stuff and it will be delicous.

    Regan- You have never tried to dip your fries into a chocolate frostie. *GASP* I’m ashamed of you have not taught you well.

  40. 40 Alice

    And to think my coworkers think I’m weird for eating peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Imagine if I brought to work some of these combinations…some of which I’d try and others I would absolutely not. On the gross foods list, I DO like blood pudding and scrapple. One of my favorite foods as a kid was deer liver and onions (even though I wouldn’t eat the onions). I tried it a few years ago after not having it for over a decade and it was absolutely horrible so I can sympathize with you looking forward to your sandwich and then not enjoying it. I initally wanted to try braunschweiger again, but after reading your post, I’m not so sure now.

  41. 41 Natural

    i used to eat potato chips on butter bread, but that’s not nasty.

    ONCE i had cravings for french fries and sauteed onion mixed together.

    told ya. i don’t try new foods.

    Natural’s last blog post..You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Post Is About You

  42. 42 JD

    Brooke: Did you make an IceFudgekie? We need a second review (and pictures, if possible).

    Alice: Yeah, my advice is to stay away from the braunschweiger. It’s not like it’s healthy or anything, so you’re doing yourself a favor. DEER LIVER? Interesting that you liked it as a kid. And I’m actually starting to get curious about this whole scrapple business. Should I try it?

    Natural: BOTH of those sound fantastic. I have eaten potato chip sandwiches AND french fry sandwiches, both with butter and the latter with ketchup. The french fries and onions wouldn’t be that different from a hash brown situation. Hmmm. You’ve given me some good ideas . . .

  43. 43 Rickey Henderson

    Funny stuff. Here’s wishing you and your family a very happy holidays from Rickey!

  44. 44 Becky

    Ugh, that looks horrible!! I am still feeling slightly ill from the nasty fruitcake I just attempted to eat (see my blog posting), and this just makes things worse.

    Becky’s last blog post..I Hate Fruitcake

  45. 45 mlm

    Wow, I thought I was the only one whose Mother made sliced-up bananas in milk and sugar (no bread, though)! I recently made a bowl for my son and took a taste, and it sent me back to my childhood. I ended up eating the whole bowl!
    JD, if you’re not crazy about the idea of a grilled peanut butter sammy in Tomato soup, how about the PB sammy in Cream of Mushroom soup? My brothers do that all the time. You never did say what you thought about Fritos or Plain (not flavored) chips dipped in peanut butter. You really need to try it. Sweet, salty, crunchy–it’s the best of all worlds!

  46. 46 Christa at Giggle On

    I love JD. She does things I wouldn’t dream about but I need to set the record straight about one of the food combinations deemed “foods we will never eat because they sound and look so gross.”

    Any respectable Italian knows it’s ok to mix parmesan with meat when making authentic balls, meatballs that is. We mix pork, veal and beef (pardon to the vegetarians), garlic – liberal amounts , egg, seasoning (can’t tell you which ones, it’s a trade secret) and CHEESE! Yeah baby – cheese! muah-ha-ha!

    Don’t knock meat with cheese until you tried my balls. *laughing* I’m such a pig!

    Finally, if you ate mashed meat from a tube on bread, you need to try Scrapple. I’ll hook you up and make it like we do in Philly. You’ll love it!

    Merry Christmas JD and thanks for making us all laugh! Giggle On girl, Giggle On!

    Christa at Giggle On’s last blog post..Dollars for Comments

  47. 47 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    One of my favorite foods that look wrong is blue potato chips–not corn chips, potato chips. Blue potatoes supposedly originated in North America. They probably wouldn’t look good in potato pancakes either.

    Happy Holidays!

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life’s last blog post..A Mostfina Christmas

  48. 48 Stephanie Barr

    I have to agree with Christa on the cheese with meatballs. My husband’s are to die for (yes, he cooks me mucho good Italian) and would NOT be the same without cheese.

    Also, I happen to know from experience that those cool purple potatoes one can get from Central Market (and see on Iron Chef) make yummy and conversation starting French fries, but are positive scary (and noxious) as mashed potatoes.

  49. 49 CJ

    omg – it’s braunschweiger on RYE with sweet pickle relish and maybe mayo…

  50. 50 JD

    Rickey Henderson: Thank you! And same to you. May your holidays be braunschweiger-free.

    Becky: Oh, I’m sorry to make you feel even sicker. That is (usually) not the intent of my blog. I’ll check out your fruitcake post, and maybe I’ll feel sick, too. Then we’ll be even.

    mlm: Fritos in PB sounds really good, and I will definitely try it. I absolutely HATE cream of mushroom soup, tho. I’d be more likely to dip the sammy in tomato soup, which I love, even tho that combo is not thrilling to me. Hooray for bananas in milk and sugar! We need to start a club or at least a Facebook group.

    Christa at Giggle On: Oh, Christa, I’d love to try your balls! Actually, there was only one person who submitted the parmesan-mixed-with-meat comment. Check out Baron von Rochester’s comment on the previous post. I LOVE parmesan mixed with anything. OK, you get me to eat scrapple and I’ll send you an I Do Things keychain. Free!

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life: I’ve never seen blue potato chips! I’ve seen green ones, but they are not to be eaten. Hmm. Do the blue ones taste different? I am very curious now. Happy holidays to you!

    Stephanie Barr: INTERESTING! OK, now when you say “purple” potatoes—I have seen those. I guess it figures you could make ‘em into chips. And very interesting that they make good fries but not mashed potatoes. You guys are opening up a whole new colorful world!

    CJ: HA! Maybe that’s where I went wrong. But so many people suggested mustard. I’m not a big fan of rye bread anyway. I just can’t see the mayo, but you’re not alone in that one. Oh, Braunschweiger! Will it ever work between us?

  51. 51 Florida Girl In Sydney

    I’ve been so off the internet for 3 weeks, I was just seeing all the things you’ve done for me and wow! I am so grossed out right now I, haven’t read the next post yet about whatever that meatish product in a tube is, but I’m feeling a spam-esque-ish kind of mental nausea—

    Was it the cocktails I drank tonight partying it up with my old friends in Orlando– or is your blog post making me light-headed?

    Florida Girl In Sydney’s last blog post..A Little Tease

  52. 52 JD

    Floriday Girl In Sydney: So good to see you! I’m sorry you came back after a 3-week absence only to be made instantly nauseous. I promise: fewer gross posts in the New Year. Happy Holidays!

  53. 53 Alan

    I would say 90% of that just sounds awful. And that Braunscwegenhuffen stuff? Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole…ewwwwww…

    Fun lists though. Love me some good Top 10 lists! :-)

    Alan’s last blog post..I Hate Repeating Myself. I SAID…I HATE Repeating Myself!

  54. 54 JD

    Alan: I’m sorry, could you repeat that? No, seriously: Thanks for stopping by and enjoying these humble lists. Now won’t you please have a dollop of braunschweigenshuffen on a cracker?

  55. 55 Hugging the Coast

    I like mine with raw onions and a good spicy mustard on top (like Plochmans). The choice of the bread is crucial. For this I prefer a NYC style hard roll (poppy seeds a plus!) or a nice dark, chewy pumpernickel or rye bread.

    Hugging the Coast’s last blog post..25 Lucky New Year’s Day Regional and Ethnic Food Recipes From Around the World

  56. 56 JD

    Hugging the Coast: I think I need to write a whole ‘nother post about the various ways to eat a braunschweiger sandwich. You’re making me HUNGRY!

  57. 57 Angela

    While you did not have the best experience with Braunsweiger my whole family loves it. My hubby started eating it years ago and I got hooked and so did my kids. And now we buy a couple of tubes a month. Its not good for you so we limit ourselves. Got to have a taste for it. Just putting this one out there but here is one weird combinations of food. How about trying Funyun chips and cottage cheese together. Yummmm

  58. 58 JD

    Angela: Thank you for sharing your Braunschweiger love story. No, it’s definitely not something to indulge in on a regular basis. Man, Funyuns! I haven’t had those in years. I love potato chips and cottage cheese (esp. cottage cheese with chives), so I bet I would love this. Thank you!

  59. 59 Jonathan Rogers

    One of the things I most commonly eat when I wake up is toast with jelly and cheese (usually sharp cheddar). It my seem strange, buy you have to try it. The tang of the cheese goes very well with the sweetness of the fruit.


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