So, needless to say
I’m odds and ends
But that’s me stumbling away


Subtitled “I’m Better on Paper; Or How Not to Use a Webcam”


Technical difficulties? Check

Lots of “and um’s”? Check

Fabulous hair? Check

Shrill voice? Check

Poor quality? Check

Too much rambling? Check

Weird facial expressions and fidgeting? Check!


It’s another video from JD, this time announcing the winners of the Simply Caramel Milky Way contest — LIVE, kind of, or really more just on video but happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!

You are seeing correctly. There are four videos because I’m an idiot. Please forgive me.

But each video is terribly exciting and provides plenty of opportunities for you to laugh. At me.

All that aside, congratulations to the winners and thank you to EVERYONE who commented.

Aaaaand . . . roll ‘em!

Simply Caramel Milky Way Contest: Part I

Or click HERE to watch!

Simply Caramel Milky Way Contest: Part II

Or click HERE to watch!

Simply Caramel Milky Way Contest: Part III

Or click HERE to watch!

Simply Caramel Milky Way Contest: Part IV

Or click HERE to watch!

Winners, please send your address to idothing@gmail.

That’s it!

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41 Responses to “I Announce the WINNERS of the Simply Caramel Milky Way Contest”

  1. 1 meleah rebeccah

    First of all, you look and sound VERY happy, on your ever-so-engineered web-cam in your office! {even if you are looking all over the place}.

    Web cams are crazy, but Im glad you got the ‘effects to work’ they are pretty cool.

    I think its AWESOME that you received flowers and teddy bears in the hospital, and I fully respect NOT wanting to talk about it and putting it behind you.

    Congrats to Maggie, Cardio Girl & Anne for winning the coveted Milkyways [even if Cardio Girl wont like the actual candy bar!}

    PS: The music cracked me up. And I died laughing when the camera crashed!
    .-= meleah rebeccah´s last blog ..Doing Things Differently – My Week In Review [Part Three] =-.

  2. 2 Bernie

    Congrats to all the winners!!

    I love the ring you are wearing. I think you could knock someone out with that. What fun!

    The high tech sweepstakes bag o’ names was great. The videos a hoot. The music really helped to heighten the suspense.

    Did I hear you say that you had to go buy more? Did I hear that on the last video? Moooo ha ha. That made me giggle.
    .-= Bernie´s last blog ..A Cut Hand And A Thrift Store Score! =-.

  3. 3 Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    OMG – you kill me. And inspire me to start doing video. It’s so fun and funny. My hair will never rock like yours, however, and I will just have to cram a baseball hat on my head so that I won’t obsess over it.

    Congrats to the winners.
    .-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..California is from Mars, Arizona is from Venus =-.

  4. 4 Ann's Rants

    I am speechless.

    and apparently nougat-less.

    You are a STITCH. and not just cause you were in the hospital.

    Glad you’re home.

    .-= Ann’s Rants´s last blog ..Playmobile 911 =-.

  5. 5 Kathy

    Oh, now how cute are you?!?! And I’m like Nanny Goats. There will never be a video of me on the blog without my trusty baseball cap.

    Congrats to all the winners! What a nice way to award them with your funny self! Welcome back home, chickadee. We’re glad to have you back!

  6. 6 Lola

    First of all, haven’t looked at the videos yet. I will. Did you know you can use Microsoft Movie Maker to combine those videos into 1 video and even put a title page? Ok, that was maybe a bit snarky. But, yes you can, it’s easy. I’ll be back after I watch the video and I promise not to be snarky as long as I won. Well…ok, I promise not be snarky even if I don’t win.
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..Kids and their bedrooms… =-.

  7. 7 Lola

    I meant Windows Movie Maker. I’m such a dork! (The real reason why I won the first dork-off.)
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..Kids and their bedrooms… =-.

  8. 8 Ron

    OMG…you’re a MOVIE STAR!


    You look faaaaabulous!

    What a clever way to announce your winners!

    I almost died when you gave away your hospital soap. You KILL me!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! BRAVO!

    So glad you’re back, JD! X
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Let’s Talk About Dust Bunnies =-.

  9. 9 Spot

    You are one crazy lady. I mean that in the best possible way because I totally love crazy people. I’m glad you are out of the hospital and feeling much better! And yay for flowers, letters and teddy bears! Although, it’s a little scary that people knew where to send them to you…

    Please, keep doing things…so I don’t have to.

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..Remember that one day we got snowed in? Oh yeah…it was today. =-.

  10. 10 Lola

    Congrats to the winners!

    (sniff) I wasn’t one of them, so I guess this means I must craft another excuse to go to PetSmart. Hey Irish, hey Maddux eat faster! Lol!

    Your hair looks fabulous dahlink!
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..Kids and their bedrooms… =-.

  11. 11 Grace

    Ummm – it’s the 23rd and I really love caramel and those winners are just so darn lucky – (I will not pout – for too long anyway)
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..I’ve come to the conclusion =-.

  12. 12 Tim

    Ha ha! I want you to act in and direct our next video. I can pay with donuts, coffee and Blue Beaver beer. I realize the beer might not do much for you, but you could maybe trade it for cereal marsh mellows or your all time favourite, cherries. Whadya think? I just wanted to throw that out there before Hollywood calls and snatches you from us :-)
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..Women Are The Root of All Evil =-.

  13. 13 Barb at WillThink4Wine

    You’re a hoot! Loved your anticipation music! The 4th candy bar announcement blew me away! And I found myself with all my fingers crossed, but my name is not Maureen so Rats! I must go pout now.

    Big hugs xo
    .-= Barb at WillThink4Wine´s last blog ..Best Buds – Just like old times =-.

  14. 14 absepa

    What a video series! It had everything: humor, drama, suspense, and an 80s soundtrack. Two thumbs up! (Also, I lovelovelove your ring!)

    Two of the three dogs really dug your videos, too. (Sorry, Abby wasn’t paying attention.) Patches and Sebastian watched intently, and did the little head-tilt thing whenever you moved around a lot on the screen. I think they’re fans now, too.
    .-= absepa´s last blog ..A very strange kind of day =-.

  15. 15 babs - beetle

    That was such fun, waiting (and waiting, and waiting) to find out who the winners were. The suspense was killing me. Congratulations to the winners. Now I will have to continue wondering what a chocolate bar from the US tastes like!
    .-= babs – beetle´s last blog ..The empty page =-.

  16. 16 Surfie

    You are such a hoot, JD! :)

    Congrats to Maggie, CardioGirl, Ann, and Maureen! I hope you enjoy your candy bars and special prizes. :)
    .-= Surfie´s last blog ..The Results – My Sub Assignment =-.

  17. 17 Regan

    Well at first I was upset about not winning but then I had a girl scout cookie so now I’m good. Although I hope to find one somewhere near where I live so I can buy one and see what it tastes like!

    Good job on being lucky, winners! :)

  18. 18 maggie

    Woohoo! I am so thrilled to have won a simply caramel milky way! Ummm…but please keep your soap. It is actually pretty funny, cause used soap kind of gives me the heebie jeebies.

  19. 19 Lauren

    Loved your camera antics.

    Congratulations to all the winners. Just hearing the word, milky way, makes me hungry for one. Now I’ve got to go search for a chocolate substitute, a bag of sugar or spoonful of maple syrup. I wonder if you can chug the stuff.

  20. 20 cardiogirl

    Sweep. The. LEG! (Begins hyperventilating) YES!!!

    (Takes a huge breath and drops to the floor unconscious.)

    I do like caramel, I really do. I just hate Milky Ways. It’s probably the nougat that jacks everything up and now that it’s nougat-less I will love this candy bar!

    Words fail me. I cannot explain how completely jacked I am that I won! It was not rigged! Fate looked upon me this day and nodded her head, “Yes.”

    Thank you so much, JD! And thanks for the lei, too, although I would have taken the hospital soap.
    .-= cardiogirl´s last blog ..Castor oil will seriously suck the oil out of every pore on your face if you’re not careful =-.

  21. 21 Daisy

    Hooray for the winners!

    I liked your videos, but I am especially envious of your Fun Filters. If I had Fun Filters when I was doing my live webcam, I might have gotten more visitors to watch me eat every day.
    .-= Daisy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Textures and Shadows =-.

  22. 22 Anne

    You look fabulous! Congrats to all the winners. Luckily, I was able to find my own Milky Way caramel at my local Walgreens. I gave it a try and it was yummy.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Random Snow Day Thoughts =-.

  23. 23 Buggys

    Loved the webcam effects. The colored/neon was my favorite. I’m glad you’re home and feeling better.
    I didn’t win? Drat, I’ll have to run down to the Walmart and hope for the best. Congrats to the winners!!
    .-= Buggys´s last blog ..WW- Giveaway! =-.

  24. 24 JD

    meleah rebeccah: Yes. Maybe a little TOO happy, if there is such a thing. Wait, I looked all over the place? I thought I had that under control. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. (And there is a FOURTH winner!)

    Bernie: Oh, that’s my favorite ring. I got in on Etsy. It’s full of sparkles. Yes, I did buy some more, although at the time I STILL had the original three. I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist them for much longer.

    Margaret (Nanny Goats): PLEASE do a video! I’ve met you — I know: you would be awesome. You’re so naturally funny and cool. Baseball hat is fine. Or, perhaps . . . cowboy hat?

    Ann’s Rants: CONGRATULATIONS! I hope I did you proud with my delivery of your comment. I’m glad I’m home too, believe me!

    Kathy: I would watch you or Nanny Goats on video wearing a freaking TURBAN if that’s what it takes. Your last video was beyond cute. I’m glad to be back!

    Lola: Yes, I’ve used Windows Movie Maker with great success, but it was a while ago, and when I tried again recently . . . it was hard. So with all the other problems of this whole video session, I just thought, forget it. Maybe next time. It DEFINITELY needed editing! You? Snarky? Mon dieu!

    Ron: HA! I know! Woo! Hey, it’s a perfectly good bar of soap! No need for it to go to waste. Um . . . would YOU like it?

    Spot: Oh, thank you. I love being crazy. The flowers and stuff were mostly from friends who actually know me in real life but rarely comment here. But they do read my blog, so I wanted to give them a shout out.

    Lola, again!: I’m sorry, my dorky friend. At least Irish and Maddux will be well-fed!

    Grace: You’re right! My brain wasn’t exactly tuned in. I spent the whole day thinking it was Friday, and then correcting myself, No, you dumbass! It’s Wednesday. But it was really Tuesday. Ooookay. I’m sorry you don’t get to taste the caramelly goodness of the SCMW, but I bet it’s coming to a drugstore near you soon if not now. GO CHECK!

    Tim: I am IN! Nothing against Blue Beaver beer, but I’m not much of a drinker. I will accept payment in donuts and coffee (Tim Horton’s?) so we’re good. Just let me know where to show up for makeup and costumes.

    Barb at WillThink4Wine: Thank you for noticing the music. I didn’t know if anyone would even hear it, since I cut it off so quickly. AND thank you for sticking around for the announcement of the fourth winner. How exciting! I’m sorry you didn’t win, but there will be more contests. Thanks for the hugs.

    absepa: Wow, thanks! I actually didn’t plan on quite so much suspense (as in: my rambling took over half the video or more), but it was fun. I got that ring on Etsy; let me know if you want details. You could probably find it by searching on “sparkle ring” or something. I’m REALLY thrilled that two of your pups were watching. I must be better than I thought!

    babs – beetle: Yeah, there was quite a lot of waiting, wasn’t there?! Thanks for putting up with it. I’m sorry that you didn’t win! Maybe, thanks to this post, the Simply Caramel Milky Way will become so popular it will make it overseas?

    Surfie: Oh, thank you. I had fun . . . for most of it.

    Regan: Thank goodness for Girl Scout cookies. Was it a Thin Mint?

    maggie: CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s funny about the soap. I’ll find someone else to foist it on. And I’ll think of something else for your “special prize.”

    Lauren: Thank you. I remember when I was a kid, I used to eat sugar out of the canister if there was nothing else. I hope you found something. Chugging maple syrup sounds like it would give you a sore throat. Let me know!

    cardiogirl: I KNEW you’d faint! Sweep the leg, I hope you like it. It’s very sweet and delicious. Try a bite! No, it was definitely not rigged, which should be obvious by the way I laughed when I saw your name. Maggie doesn’t want the soap, so . . . ?

    Daisy: I don’t think you need Fun Filters, Daisy. Many people enjoyed watching you and Harley eating or waiting to eat. Or sitting there. I mean it! I’d watch you in your litterbox, I’m such a fan.

    Anne: Thank you! I’m glad you found one and like it. Try Walgreens, caramel-less people!

    Buggys: Maybe I’ll do another video all in that colored-neon effect. Or not. I’m sorry you didn’t win. I hope you find one anyway. WALGREENS!

  25. 25 meleah rebeccah

    What. There is a 4th winner? OMG. I have to go back and watch the videos again!
    .-= meleah rebeccah´s last blog ..Doing Things Differently – My Week In Review [Part Three] =-.

  26. 26 LJ

    JD – you are toooo freakin’ adorable! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that giant ring.
    .-= LJ´s last blog ..Contemplating a Business Endeavour =-.

  27. 27 Puglette

    hooray for the winners!! ollie and i enjoyed your videos very much. he gave you several head tilts! it’s good to see you all perky and cheerful.

    i am in love with your kitty photo…who wouldn’t want a photo of prudence choking herself!
    .-= Puglette´s last blog ..Meet the Neighbors! =-.

  28. 28 Kathleen Kaufman

    Ah, I’m swallowing my disappointment, but I think I’ll be able to drown it with the help of special label box wine. My MIL said having box wine was like having a keg in the house, whoo boy was she right.

    Congrats to the winners!

    ….I hear ya on the hospital soap. I had to make due with baby wash, I guess I erroneously thought that since they charged me like $45,000 for my stay, that they would provide sundries….not so much.

    I’m gonna win the next one, I’m great at diagnosing illness…well, as long as its poisoning or chlorine gas attack, I’m great…..I get my medical knowledge from ‘I Survived’
    .-= Kathleen Kaufman´s last blog ..Teach This, Teacher Movie =-.

  29. 29 Bingo

    Ha ha ha, I enjoyed a lot the 3 videos, it’s a pity that I didn’t win because I wanted that piece of soap :(

    Congratulations to the winners!
    .-= Bingo´s last blog ..The secret to a long and happy life? Play bingo! =-.

  30. 30 Kathryn

    Wow. I….I don’t know what to say.

    First of all, that is the classiest garbage bag I’ve ever seen. I think THAT should have been part of a prize.

    Second, when you did the special effects? And you said you were pulling down your turtleneck? I was convinced you were gonna FLASH everyone…since we couldn’t have seen anything anyway….just when you think you know a person…

    Congrats on your successful giveaway, sweetie.

    LOVED the music…LOVED the “extras”. LOVE the way you said the lei was “special” and then took it back and announced you had a whole drawer full of ‘em.

    You SLAY me.
    .-= Kathryn´s last blog ..Freezerdoodle =-.

  31. 31 JD's Mom

    I love, love, love your blog post! I have listened to the whole thing twice, with N & M joining me for the 2nd viewing! You are so smart and clever and natural with the camera, not to mention very pretty and just plain cute! Love it!

  32. 32 JD

    meleah rebeccah: HA! Yes! And I haven’t heard from the fourth winner yet, so maybe even SHE didn’t watch the fourth video!

    LJ: Oh, do STOP! Hee! Isn’t that ring awesome? I got it on Etsy, and if you’re interested, please e-mail me at

    Puglette: Hooray! Wow, head tilts from Ollie! I couldn’t ask for a better response. Yes, the series of “Prudence Chokes Herself on the Ledge of Our Kitchen Cabinet” is very popular. Look for them as prizes in a future giveaway!

    Kathleen Kaufman: Oh, I’m sorry. For every winner, there must be 50 losers, or something like that??? Lemme know about that box wine. I did get a tiny tube of toothpaste and a tiny, brittle toothbrush at the hospital. The way I brush my teeth, I broke that toothbrush after 3 uses. I hope you won’t be too disappointed that I’m not going to have a “Guess the Illness” contest. Just know that it wasn’t lupus or chlorine gas.

    Bingo: I’m sorry you didn’t win the soap. But there will be more contests . . . and more used soap.

    Kathryn: Isn’t that bag special? I’m such a dumbass — I actually DID have all the names in a cute hat, but I decided I should mix ‘em up first, so I put them the bag — and forgot about the hat. Damnit! I SHOULD have pulled off my top! Maybe that will be the next video. “I Go Topless . . . ” well, I’ll think of something. I’m glad you appreciated the bit about the leis. I remember my jaw dropping open when I found them. I was like, Where did these all COME from?

    JD’s Mom: Aw! Thanks! I can’t believe you sat through it twice. That’s a mom for you. XOXOXOXO

  33. 33 meleah rebeccah

    I thought there were ONLY three winners and three candy bars! You faked me out. Congrats to Maureen too!
    .-= meleah rebeccah´s last blog ..Honest Scrap =-.

  34. 34 Pricilla

    Congrats to all the lucky winners and my condolences to all of us losers…
    .-= Pricilla´s last blog ..Happy Goats Video Extra! – The Goat Olympics Continue =-.

  35. 35 Jen

    Congrats to all the winners and I love that you gave them such special “other” prizes.

    I love your bling, that ring and bracelet are awesome. I’m sitting here in St. Paul wondering if this is a new style of fashion we will be allowed to enjoy in about two years or if you are just such a fashionista that you are blazing your own trail. I guess I’ll know in two years.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..How To Text Message Properly =-.

  36. 36 Jaya

    That was FABULOUS, and just what I needed to transition from slacking off at work to total freedom at home. I watched your videos (yes, all four of them) while eating fried chicken and hot peppers. Yum. That candy bar sounds kinda lame, though. I am growing quite fond of you, which is weird, considering that you are a human. Usually that only happens with cats.

    Oh, and one pointer to make your next video better… wear the hospital gown again. That really added a certain je ne sais quoi to your hospital videos… and if you are thinking that you can’t wear the hospital gown because you left it at the hospital, well, you could always have a future post titled: “I Steal A Hospital Gown So You Don’t Have To”. (Because, really, none of us want to do it.) And if you get busted, and wind up in jail, well, yes, of course we’d all enjoy your: “I Get Arrested So You Don’t Have To” post, but more than that, many of us would hold fundraisers on our blogs to raise the money to bail you out. Because you mean THAT much to us!
    .-= Jaya´s last blog ..Cat Pile! =-.

  37. 37 Kathleen Kaufman

    Pfftt….I guess I’ll have to find something else to get oddly competitive about.
    .-= Kathleen Kaufman´s last blog ..Teach This, Teacher Movie =-.

  38. 38 ann

    congrats to all your winners. I enjoyed your videos, the special effects were truly amazing :)
    .-= ann´s last blog ..Under the sea =-.

  39. 39 JD

    meleah rebeccah: FAKEOUT! Maureen still hasn’t popped in to see if she won. I will have to give her a nudge.

    Pricilla: I’m sorry, losers! Better luck next time. And there WILL be a next time.

    Jen: No, Jen, although I AM a trail-blazing fashionista, this ring can be YOURS! Just go to and search for “stoopidgerl.” She has tons of cute stuff. The ring is called “Giant Sprinkles,” I think. The bracelet I got at a farmers’ market. How’s that for high fashion?!

    Jaya: I’m so happy to be your dinnertime/transition entertainment! That must’ve been a long dinner to watch all of the videos. Kudos to you! I am growing rather fond of YOU because you like cats more than humans and spelled “je ne sais quoi” correctly. Oh, my gosh. Fundraisers? That’s so nice to know if I ever get caught smuggling heroin. I DID almost steal the giant stretchy shorts that they make you wear for an MRI. It would’ve been so easy . . .

    Kathleen Kaufman: I think it’s time to move on. But don’t move too far away. I’ll definitely do another contest. I have a few odd food items on order . . .

    ann: HA! Thank you. Yes, I worked long and hard on that “blockhead” one. Because it’s so flattering.

  40. 40 Maureen

    ME??? Me??? OMG…. Woot!

    Thank you JD! You faked me out too, even with your email; I was all like, “well, did I really win???”

    And here my lucky number is FOUR! Ha!

    Oh JD, you are too kind, thank you so much! And a photo of Pru???? I am sorry, but the chocolate pales in comparison to such a great prize. She is going to be framed here for me and my furballs to enjoy.

    * does a happy dance now *

    Oh, and your videos are hilarious! I was watching here at work; good thing I have my own office with a locked door; although the laughter coming from inside may have my co-workers wondering about my sanity (which wouldn’t be the first time).

    After the teary week I had, I really, really needed this. Thank you!
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Surrounded =-.

  41. 41 JD

    Maureen! Congratulations! I’m sorry to hear you had a teary week. I hope next week is better. Sounds like a Simply Caramel Milky Way is JUST what you need. I’m just sorry you had to endure all those videos to find out the good news. YAY!


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