I Announce Gus’s Results


Hey, everyone! Remember Gus’s lolcat contest? Well, the results are in and . . .

. . . Gus is officially famous!

Thanks to you, his photo—now with exciting caption!—has been submitted to I Can Has Cheezburger, where, if about 10,000 people vote for him, his double-buttedness will seen and admired by the masses.

There were so many great entries that Gus couldn’t pick just one. He was able to narrow his choices down to three winners, and they are announced below. BUT! if you want to be surprised, don’t scroll down yet. Instead:


Click here for the first-place winner!

Click here for the second-place winner!

Click here for the third-place winner!


Gus appreciates everyone’s efforts. He only regrets that nobody was willing to shell out $1,125 to bid on Cute Overload‘s auction so that he could be REALLY famous. That’s OK. Gus understands.

( (


Congratulations to the winners!


And thanks to everyone who commented and showed their support for Gus!



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35 Responses to “I Announce Gus’s Results”

  1. 1 cardiogirl

    I love number three — Does this make my butt look fat?

    No, Gus. Your butt could never look fat.

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..According to Jamie Lynn Spears, having a baby is a piece of cake

  2. 2 Lori

    Poor Gus! He was just making a little kitty porn (for his own enjoyment, of course) and now it’s out there for the whole world to see!!

  3. 3 Kelly

    Very good, Gus! I’ve given each of them a vote over on ICHC. I hope to see you on the front page soon!

    Kelly’s last blog post..Doodle Etsy

  4. 4 Scratch Bags

    Lovely Captions. I voted on all three of them. I will put my best efforts to make Gus’ butts famous. lol

    Congratulations to the Winners.:)

    Scratch Bags’s last blog post..Don’t Mess With Us!

  5. 5 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Woohoo! I am very proud that my caption made it to the top three! One small step for cat, one giant step for Gus’ behind.

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Mr. Shrill’s Eyeballs: A Movie

  6. 6 Regan

    Yay lolcats! I voted 5 cheezburgers for them all! What is your lolcat user? We can be friends!! =) Mine is:


    Please check out my lols!

  7. 7 kathcom

    Gus deserves to be #1 at cheezburger! I love all the captions, but #1 really made me laugh out loud! Good luck!

  8. 8 Angi

    HAHA…this is awesome. I think I like #1 the best, but they’re all hilarious. My coworker and I waste WAY too much time on icanhascheeseburger at work… ;)

    Angi’s last blog post..Why I Could Never Be Friends With Kristen Bell

  9. 9 Athena

    Haha, these are great!!! Luv locats. I will go vote for Gus now!!

    Athena’s last blog post..Confessions of a Life Slut

  10. 10 Babs - beetle

    This is great news. I shall go and vote for all of them right now!

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..Another trip down memory lane

  11. 11 Tiggy

    Hurrah for Gus! I love Lolcats – If I spent as much time studying maths as I do making ‘funnee speld capshuns’ I’d be a Professor Emeritus at Cambridge University by now. Probably.

    Tiggy’s last blog post..I Like The Moon

  12. 12 Jay

    Wow – I’m amazed! All those captions and you chose mine? I’m so flattered!! Thank you!

    I hope he does well on ICHC!! Good luck, Gus!!

    Jay’s last blog post..Setting a bad example

  13. 13 Kathy

    In the interest of double-buttedness, I voted for all three TWICE! If you vote from different PCs (IP addresses), you can cast votes multiple times for multiple butts. Gus, you will be famous. You have The Power.

    Kathy’s last blog post..God Bless the Trash Haulers

  14. 14 JD

    Cardiogirl: Gus appreciates your comment. Looking too fat has been a big concern of his since we got our kitten. Suddenly he’s gone from sturdy to HUGE.

    Lori: HA! I never thought of that! No wonder he looked so guilty when I snapped the picture!

    Kelly: Thank you for your votes! I think Gus makes a better lolcat than any of the ones currently on the front page, but then I may be a little prejudiced.

    Scratch Bags: Thanks so much for voting! Yes, we should all do whatever it takes to make BOTH of Gus’s butts famous!

    Daisy the Curly Cat: And soon YOU will be famous for your thought-provoking documentary shorts featuring Mr. Shrill!

    regan: Thanks for the cheezburgers! I just signed up to submit these lolz, so I don’t have much online. But my username is IDoThings.

    kathcom: Thank you! I hope Gus can achieve his dream of fame. But if not, he’s very happy with all the new friends he’s made here.

    Angi: I love all the captions. It was a lot of fun. I definitely think all 3 of these are contenders for the front page.

    Athena: Thanks for your vote! Gus appreciates it!

    Babs – beetle: Thank you, Babs! Gus will be famous in a matter of hours!

    Tiggy: I think Cambridge has just added a LolProf program to their curriculum, so you may want to enter.

    Jay: Congratulations! Well-deserved. Gus canNOT lose!

    Kathy: No one knows better than you The Power of Gus, so Gus’s fame is a sure thing. Thank you for the multiple-butt votes!

  15. 15 Chat Blanc

    I love all three!! I had to vote 5 cheeseys for all three, I couldn’t decide! Unfortunately my cat Maxx was no help at all, he just kept checking out his own butt in the mirror.

    Chat Blanc’s last blog post..Adventures in housecleaning

  16. 16 Elle

    Yay Gus! Thank you for your obvious good taste. I owe you many ear scratches. (None of this worked out in advance, I promise…)

    Elle’s last blog post..Jamie Lynn: Beware the Colic Nights

  17. 17 Maureen

    Great caps!!! I voted. Good luck JD and Gus!

  18. 18 Rob Kroese

    Ha! The first one was pretty good.

    Rob Kroese’s last blog post..Last Chance!

  19. 19 JD

    Chat Blanc: Oh, Maxx. If you work at it, you can achieve fame just as Gus has done. And then we’ll all be voting for YOU!

    Elle: Gus does love the ear scratch AND being told he has good taste. No one is suspicious, are they . . . ?

    Maureen: Thanks for voting!

    Rob Kroese: Yup. That was Gus’s favorite, although he had trouble choosing. You just can’t go wrong with Gus as your subject.

  20. 20 corrina

    Awwwww. my butt squared thing didn’t work out. lol He’s still super precious!

    corrina’s last blog post..I Will Choke You Out, Bitch.

  21. 21 Rickey Henderson

    Ah christ, somebody wake Rickey when the whole lolcat craze is over…

    Rickey Henderson’s last blog post..Farewell, Whiskers of Glory

  22. 22 Jenny

    Congratulations Jay, Daisy and Elle! All the entries were eminently Gus-worthy!

    Jenny’s last blog post..God Bless America … and Josh

  23. 23 Babs - beetle

    Oh I forgot to say that Gus is so adorable, I could give him lots of kisses ;O)

    Babs – beetle’s last blog post..I missed them both!

  24. 24 JD

    Corrina: I’m sorry! Gus really wanted everyone to win and have each caption submitted to Cheezburger, but I had to tell him I have a life and a job and have better things to do than submit 15 lolz for a blog post. Your caption was awesome and Gus appreciates your contribution!

    Rickey Henderson: Hope you need to catch up on your sleep, ‘cuz lolcats are here to stay!

    Jenny: Thanks! And to be Gus-worthy requires the highest quality. (no more penny?)

    Babs – beetle: Just between you and me, I think Gus would rather have kisses than fame.

  25. 25 Rickey Henderson

    Yeah, Rickey supposes that protesting lolcats is like tring to rage against the inevitable ebb of the sea. The thing with the lolcat is that for some of the pictures (the ones where they bare their teeth) Rickey would be willing to guess that the people taking the pictures are goading the cats into making those faces. And that shit aint right.

    Rickey Henderson’s last blog post..Farewell, Whiskers of Glory

  26. 26 JD

    Rickey Henderson: That reminds me of when we were kids, we used to squeeze our cats to get them to make a certain sound. We also dressed them up in doll clothes. That shit ain’t right, either.

  27. 27 banquet manager

    I’ve had cats all my life but never one as famous as Gus. Hell, none that ever did anything except sleep all day and poop! I still love them though.

    banquet manager’s last blog post..Soup To Nuts Carnival

  28. 28 Margaret

    Awesome. Do we have to register on the site to vote?

  29. 29 dcr

    I can’t believe mine didn’t win. Surely it was the best!

    Oh, wait, I didn’t enter.


    Congrats to the winners!

    dcr’s last blog post..Assassin Bug

  30. 30 Niarobian

    that was quite a contest and quite some love, thanks for writing on it

    Niarobian’s last blog post..Is Google Algorithm Relevant to African Content

  31. 31 JD

    banquet manager: Your cats sound perfect. It’s hard to reach the level of fame that Gus has thus far achieved. Thanks for stopping by!

    Margaret: Nope! That’s the beauty of it. Just click on a cheezburger icon above the picture (5 is the best rating) and . . . voila! Gus is famous! Thank you for your support.

    dcr: I know! You almost won. Had you just entered . . .

    Niarobian: Much love for Gus! You’re welcome!

  32. 32 benevolentsnark

    Aint no shame in his game – meowoot!

    benevolentsnark’s last blog post..2 Fast 2 Furious

  33. 33 JD

    benevolentsnark: Never has been never will!

  34. 34 Kittyluver

    Wow… This is really a nice butt pic of a kitty. What an idea that little brain is having!

    Kittyluver’s last blog post..Get To Know About Kitten Illnesses

  35. 35 JD

    Kittyluver: Gus is proud of both his butt and his brain. Thank you for stopping by!


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