I Am Recovering from BlogHer


JD and Kathy with Tim Gunn


Oh, my Zod.

It was fun.

It was exhausting.

It was inspiring, exciting, and colorful.

It was a bit overwhelming.

I met wonderful new people and connected with bloggers I “know.”

I didn’t puke.

I hugged Tim Gunn.

I ate a lot.

I didn’t go to any after-parties.

I did my thing at the Community Keynote.

I did it rather well.

I picked up some good blogging tips.

I laughed a lot.

I talked a lot.

I looked fine.

My throat hurts.

My feet hurt.

I didn’t drink enough water.

I didn’t forget anything or lose anything.

It was awesome.

I am going to BlogHer 2010 in NY.

I’ll write a real post tomorrow (I think), but for now, please enjoy my photos and this short film, which was taken at the cocktail party, end of Day 1. It might help you to know I was still pretty doped up from my reading.

Day 1 photos

Day 2 photos

JD Post Keynote Reading

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43 Responses to “I Am Recovering from BlogHer”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Ooooh. BlogHer is in NY next year? I could be convinced to go. Possibly. :)

  2. 2 Puglette

    OMG, look at you and your product placement! so cute!
    I’ll be back after work to look at all the photos, but the video is cute. mrs. potato head never looked better!

  3. 3 Mrs. Mecomber

    OMGOMGOMG!! BlogHer 2010 is coming to NY?!?!?!??!??!?

  4. 4 Tiggy

    There were cocktail parties? Damn.

  5. 5 maggie, dammit

    When are you doing, “I write Maggie’s blogher post for her so she doesn’t have to?” Curious. Trying to plan my day.


  6. 6 Jaffer

    W00T ! That is a very nice picture ! You must have very clean laundry by now that you were at at “Tide” conference.

    2010 in NYC eh ? Just curious, were there any other men there besides Gunn ? Straight men that is …

  7. 7 Muskrat

    So glad I met you, Kathy, Margaret, and Meg from Humor-Blogs! Y’all are great, and I appreciate your making me feel welcome at BlogHer.

  8. 8 Stephanie

    You and Kathy both look fabulous! I knew you’d do well on your reading and that you wouldn’t puke.

    I’m psychic (but, unfortunately, not able to go to Blogher in 2010 either). I’m so glad you had fun, though!

  9. 9 Dirty Old Mom

    I loved your keynote speech! Thought you did a great job :)

    And I agree, it WAS all a bit overwhelming, and all those other things you mentioned. It was my first time and I can’t wait for next year!

  10. 10 Grace

    I love that pink-y blouse with the floral skirt – Perfect. I liked the pics the Michelin Man better than the ones with Tim Gunn, actually the Michelin Man is way cuter…

  11. 11 Bingo

    The food looked lovely, and you looked beautiful, I love your hair JD.

  12. 12 absepa

    Great photos of you and Kathy! You looked gorgeous for your speech…the pink outfit was an excellent choice. Why did I never think of getting doped up to treat my stage fright? The next time I have to sing a solo, I’m definitely taking something.

    I’m glad you got to meet Tim Gunn. (I should note that I would be similarly excited if I got to meet Clinton from What Not to Wear.)

  13. 13 babs - beetle

    Well you can see that you had great fun! Can you please ask the powers to be at Blogher if they will come to the UK next – Sheffield in particular ;)

    BTW. My reader shows four new posts for you today!

  14. 14 Anne

    I am considering going, but I have to admit, I am scared. I don’t do well with crowds of people I don’t know.

  15. 15 kathryn

    I’ve been blogging for over a year now. From under a rock, I’m now guessing. There’s a blog GROUP? Blog HER?? Huh?

    I’m thinking, “These people sound just like ME….they’re just as witty…just as engaging (pinkie is delicately raised in the air at this point)….who ARE these people? Are they ‘clicky’? Would they accept me?”

    Where have you been all my life? (Okay, for the last 17 months or so)

    Is there someone out there willing to throw this dog-paddling gal a line with some info?

  16. 16 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Oh my Cod, you and Kathy met Tim Gunn!?! That’s cool! “Carry on!”

    It looks like you had a great time. Too bad you didn’t get to dance with life-sized Mr. Potato Head.

  17. 17 Barb - WillThink4Wine

    I knew you’d be awesome and have a blast! And Kathy didn’t get lost or anything. Way Cool.

    I had to Google Tim Gunn, which should give you a clue about my wardrobe and fashion sense. Just saying.

  18. 18 Jeff

    Cool!!! You had a “backstage?” How terribly impressive.

    I feel stupit cause I didn’t know who Tim Gunn was. Sorry. I so wished I could have shared in your joy.

    And that video… any chance there was alcohol involved during that time? Or was it ALL the time?

    So glad you had fun. And REALLY glad you didn’t puke. Congratulations!

  19. 19 Heid@TrulyEngaging

    Hi Julie,
    Great to meet you “Speed” style… that was soo fun! My first BlogHer and I loved it and {I didn’t go to any after parties either} :)

  20. 20 Preston

    It looks like you had a wonderful time. Good for you!!! And you didn’t puke? How cool is that? Of course, I kept watching the news for any mention of a puking maniac at a blogging convention and now I know why I didn’t see anything. :)

  21. 21 C.B. Jones

    No puke shots? sounds pretty uneventful.

  22. 22 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    It was so great to meet you. Thanks for the tip on Where In The World Is Father Muskrat.

  23. 23 JD

    Kelly: Well, if I need to be the one to convince you, I will do it!

    Puglette: Ha! Mrs. Potato Head was hot, I have to say. And yes, the “I Do Things” logo was shoved into every camera I saw.

    Mrs. Mecomber: YES!!!! They announced it. It’s official. I think you can register NOW!

    Tiggy: Supposedly. Actually, there’s plenty of embarrassing photographic evidence if you know where to look (and I do).

    maggie, dammit: It’s on my list, right below “I Have Stank Feet so you don’t have to” BUT above “I Hate Old People so you don’t have to.”

    Jaffer: Oh, yeah, there were men. Straight men, even! Father Muskrat was there, Black Hockey Jesus, Busy Dad . . . etc. My laundry isn’t any cleaner, I’m afraid, but I did enter a drawing to have someone come and DO my laundry for a year!

    Muskrat: You’re great too! And, er, somewhat different than I imagined. I mean that in a good way.

    Stephanie: Thank you. We both had a blast. I didn’t even have a STOMACH ache!

    Dirty Old Mom: Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. It was my first time, too, and yeah — I’ll be there next year . . . only in jeans and a T-shirt!

    Grace: The Michelin Man was pretty darn cute. And so squishy. I loved the pink top, too. My mom got it for me. I think I’ll have her do all my shopping.

    Bingo: Thank you! So . . . which was lovelier: my hair or the food? (Or the food in my hair?)

    absepa: I was surprised at how clear-headed and non-slurry I was once I started reading. I was pretty messed up beforehand. But I needed to be. Tim Gunn was definitely a highlight.

    babs – beetle: I’m afraid I don’t have any pull with the folks at BlogHer, but I would LOVE to attend a conference in the UK. Who knows? (Four new posts? WTH???)

    Anne: There were a lot of people there solo. If I ever went by myself, I’d be sure to bring a laptop so I could fiddle with it instead of sitting alone. A LOT of people did that. Plus, you really do meet a lot of people. Please think about going. It’s such a great experience.

    kathryn: We are not “clicky”! Join us here: http://www.blogher.com/

    Daisy the Curly Cat: YES! I was soooo excited. Kathy wasn’t so much at first, but then when she saw him, she immediately started giggling like a schoolgirl. He was awesome. And so was Mrs. Potato Head.

    Barb – WillThink4Wine: Nope, Kathy did fine. Well, she still has to get home, but she made the trip here with absolutely no problems. I’m not the most fashion savvy person either, but I do watch both of Tim Gunn’s shows. I’ve been a fan for a while.

    Jeff: Well, it was just an area kind of roped off with a curtain. But we had our own water glasses! Don’t be sorry for not knowing Tim Gunn. I don’t think he knows you either. (BUT HE KNOWS ME!) No alcohol: only pharmaceuticals. THANK YOU! We had a blast.

    Heidi@TrulyEngaging: Hi, Heidi! So great to meet you. The Speed Dating was fun. I still have to go thru my business cards, but I do plan to follow through. I had a great time and am glad you did too!

    Preston: HAHAHAHA! A “puking maniac.” Now I’m a little disappointed I didn’t make the news. Oh, well.

    C.B. Jones: Sorry. Supposedly someone threw up all over their hotel room after one of the parties. I’ll try to track down that photo for you.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life: You too! I’m so glad you found Father Muskrat. We were running out the door and saying good-bye to Margaret from Nanny Goats, and I don’t even remember what I said. Awesome meeting you!

  24. 24 Musingwoman

    Loved, loved, loved meeting you and can’t wait to see the video of your keynote!

    So jealous you got to touch Tim Gunn.

  25. 25 dcr

    So, you didn’t do any live blogging while you were on stage? Did you even Twitter on stage? I wonder how many people in the audience would have been reading your tweets if you were tweeting live on the spot?

    I’d be impressed that you met Tim Gunn. I would be, if I knew who he was.

  26. 26 dcr

    Look at that. CommentLuv hates me again.

    So, who was it that sponsored lunch? Prego? ;)

  27. 27 Andrea

    I really wanted to go to BlogHer this year but wasn’t able to so I’m crossing my fingers that I can go next year. I think it would be awesome to meet everyone whose blogs I read. Even if they have no idea who I am! lol

  28. 28 Puglette

    loved all the photos! you and kathy are so cute, it looked like so much fun. i may have been napping, but which blog post did you read? i probably would have been kicked out for being a paula deen stalker, i love me some butter, y’all!

  29. 29 flit

    Glad you had fun, looked okay, and didn’t puke. Well done.

  30. 30 JD

    Musingwoman: Me, too! LOVE! So awesome. I just wish we could’ve spent more time together. Yeah, Tim Gunn was everything I dreamed he’d be. Maybe he’ll come to NY.

    dcr: OK, GUYS! I don’t expect any of you to know Tim Gunn. As for Tweeting from the stage, that would’ve been freaking awesome. Should’ve done that. I know the audience was. (Good guess on the lunch sponsor, BTW. CommentLuv apparently hates everyone.)

    Andrea: Well, we’ll know you by then, right? Yeah, I gotta start saving for BlogHer 10. I hope they don’t sell out right away. Thanks for stopping by!

    Puglette: Thank you! I read the “I Faked a Concussion” post, and no, you weren’t napping; I didn’t mention it. I’ll be posting the video today or tomorrow. I took a picture of Paula Deen for Kathy, but I don’t really know her.

    flit: Thank you. I was most pleased.

  31. 31 cardiogirl

    Be still my heart — a photo with Tim Gunn! I might have to photoshop that to put my face in there. Do you think Kathy would mind?

  32. 32 Jay

    That you in the frog costume, JD? No? Oh .. that’s you with your face up in the camera looking for all the world as if you’d been on the sauce all day! I suppose that’s the euphoria of having done your stuff without disaster!

    Seriously, you look great! I’m glad it went well and you had fun!

  33. 33 Unfinished Rambler

    Fantastic photo of you and Kathy, among two of my favorite bloggers. And then that guy who I didn’t know who he was until my wife told me. Sorry, don’t have TV and don’t get out much, but it was good to see photo of you two happy.

  34. 34 JD

    cardiogirl: Uhhhh, yeah, I think she might. And don’t even hint about stealing the signed 8×10 glossies we each received. There might be violence.

    Jay: Thank you! Yeah, “euphoric” is a good word. Drunk with relief and gratitude. Also full of delicious crab cakes.

    Unfinished Rambler: Oh, that’s so nice. We were both a little weird about our photos and how we looked, etc. But a photo with Tim Gunn is too good to pass up (even if you don’t know who he is!)

  35. 35 donna

    I so loved your keynote. Just wanted to stop by to say that.

  36. 36 Pricilla

    I am glad you had so much fun. I am glad you did not puke.
    Although then you did not have the “I puked at BlogHer so you don’t have to” post to write…oh well.

  37. 37 JD

    donna: Thank you so much! I’m glad you stopped by. Hope you had a great time at BlogHer.

    Pricilla: Oh, I am SO glad I didn’t puke! As delightful as the post title is, I don’t think it would’ve been very fun to read. Maybe next year . . .

  38. 38 jennyonthespot

    How did I miss your wonderful singing at the karaoke? Drats. I got there too late.

    You did a FABO job on stage *bowing*… you looked lovely in your pink…
    Though I imagined you to be a supreme delight… your were even more delightful than I imagined!

    There’s just nothing like meeting someone in real life, and what blessing to have met you… now I gotta do all that I can to be able to make it to NYC :)

  39. 39 JD

    jennyonthespot: Oh, no, I didn’t sing!!! Well, I guess I kind of did, on my own. YOU are the one who rocked the stage in those rocker white pants, my friend! And I am so glad we got to meet and hang out a bit. It was truly magical.

  40. 40 Condo Blues

    Your community keynote was great! I’m really sad that I didn’t get to meet you and Kathy in person. Maybe next year!
    .-= Condo Blues´s last blog ..I Partied with a Giant Potato at BlogHer 09 =-.

  41. 41 JD

    Condo Blues: Thank you! I’m sorry, too. I remember your saying that you were going to be a mic wrangler at one of the “Green” sessions? Oh, well. Yes: next year for sure!

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