I Am Honored

My good friend Kathy, over at The Junk Drawer, has just honored me with a very special award.


GO! Smell the Flowers is an awesome community of 20 bloggers from all over the world who share inspirational and enlightening stories and encourage others to do the same. Watch the video to learn more! This wonderful group created the prestigious Flower Smeller award, which Kathy received from the talented Mr. Grudge. She then passed the award along to me, Cardiogirl of Cardiogirl: 19% Body Fat 100% Fun, and Dan of Dan’s Blah Blah Blog. Kathy also awarded her niece, Regan, whose hilarious comments prove that humor runs in the family.

I am thrilled to receive this award and to pass it along to three very deserving Flower Smellers. They are:

  • Canucklehead. The name alone makes me laugh. The blog makes me cry—with joy and awe at some of the things Canucklehead comes up with. The blog began with “little more than a lonely man, a case of beer, and a Sunday afternoon.” Oh, readers. Canucklehead is now so much more. Go read some of his posts. The man had lunch with Tommy Chong, for crying out loud!
  • Fracas. The blogger with a heart of gold is so prolific she can’t contain all her thoughts in one blog. So, lucky readers also get a more R-rated Fracas. Choose your favorite. You can’t go wrong either way.
  • Random Blog. Mmmm. Delicious randomness. This can be a tricky approach to blogging. Too much randomness can be a big mess. But Corrina gets it just right. She proves that randomness = funny-ness and shares her random observations with wit and style. Random on, Corrina!

But wait!

Apparently there’s more love to be spread around. And who better to do the spreading than the one and only Lord Likely!

I was astonished and thrilled to receive Lord Likely’s special Valentine’s Day award, along with, in his words, some other “fine fillies”: Nurse Myra; Claire; Chelle, The Offended Blogger; Dame Beenzzz; Diane Aldred from Much of Muchness; Paula; Valerie Morrison; and Lady Terri.

As if Likely in Love wasn’t enough of a Valentine. Thank you, my Lord!

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11 Responses to “I Am Honored”

  1. 1 Ernie

    Do you really want to smell flowers that came out of a junk drawer. They’d probably be really dry and not have any smell at all. I had a lord spread his love on me once…ONCE.

    Ernie’s last blog post..Another Amazing Ask Ernie Video

  2. 2 JD

    Ernie: You’re gonna have to tell us about your . . . experience with that lord. And the flowers? Smelled simply divine.

    JD’s last blog post..I Am Honored so you don’t have to be

  3. 3 Lord Likely

    There is plenty more where that came from too, my dear!

    I hope the smell of the flowers helped to revive you after your receipt of my lordly love. Congratulations!

  4. 4 GO! Smell the flowers

    Congrats from all at GO! Smell the flowers and you’re welcome to pop over and smell anytime…

    Lord Likely has admired our pick rose buds for many months now!
    Healthy Rgds,
    GO! Smell the flowers

    GO! Smell the flowers’s last blog post..Kosovo proclaims Independence amidst Serbian furore

  5. 5 Canucklehead

    Thanks so much. I am quite honoured and that is high praise indeed. Sadly, you have caught me at a time when I am unable to smell the flowers – heck, I can barely smell the huge glob of Vick’s that resides on my my lip. (That ‘vapour rub, not Michael’s). Yech – why did I say that? Anyway, congrats on your award. Well, the first one anyway – I’ve read enough of Lord Likely to know he spreads himself pretty thin. That rogue!
    All the best.

  6. 6 Corrina

    Awwww…. I’m so happy now! THANK YOU, you big sweetie pants you! And congratulations on your awards. :-) Very deserved, indeed.

    Corrina’s last blog post..I’m So Excited!

  7. 7 JD

    Lord Likely: It would take a lot more than flowers to completely revive me after being spread so thickly with your ever-flowing love. I’m still a bit faint. But your compliments have perked me up to no end.

    GO! Smell the Flowers: Thanks! And thanks for coming up with such a cool and meaningful award. I’m very proud to have been honored.

    Canucklehead: Mmmm. Vick’s. I love that smell. Even your reference to Michael Vick can’t ruin it. I hope you feel well enough to do some flower smelling soon.

    Corrina: You’re welcome! We all need more randomness in our lives. And thanks for the lovely reciprocal post. Spread the joy!

    JD’s last blog post..I Am Honored so you don’t have to be

  8. 8 Jeff

    Woo-hoo.. congrats!

    I love your subtitle. You’re right, you are kind of awesome :-)

    Jeff’s last blog post..Marmite VS Vegemite – The Taste Test Challenge!

  9. 9 JD

    Jeff: Thanks! And thanks again for doing that taste test so I don’t have to. Really sounds (and looks) wretched.

    Your daughter is a sweetie and a trouper!

    JD’s last blog post..I Am Honored so you don’t have to be

  10. 10 Corrina

    Oh yeah… Back at ya! Please see my blog for details. :-)

    Corrina’s last blog post..You Make My Day!

  11. 11 JD

    Corrina: HA! Now I get to call you a big sweetie-pants! Thanks so much.

    JD’s last blog post..I Won’t Do These Things so you’re gonna have to do them yourselves


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