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I Take Muscle Relaxerrsssss

Tweet There is no pain you are receding A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon The battle against chronic pain continues! And I WILL win. But not without a few casualties. Those casualties, unfortunately, will be me. Only in singular. Casualty. Last week my doctor sat at her computer with her handy book, What Pills […]


Tweet Yeah, it took some help With lots of machines, the experts could tell Yup! I recently enjoyed a lovely stay at a 5-star hospital. And here’s what it was like. My Digs I had the best room on the floor. Far from the noise of the nurses’ station and set off so that the […]


I Am HOME from the Hospital

Tweet Sooo, you may recall that I was in the hospital for 5 days recently. Why? I was sick. Can we leave it at that for now? Thanks. Visual Proof of Sickness Like, I am NOT even faking this. (And yet . . . the hair!) _____________________________________ If that photo isn’t proof enough for you […]


I Am in the Hospital

Tweet And it’s a hospital with pretty spotty wi-fi, so I’ll have to make this quick. Never mind why I’m here; it’s unimportant. Rest assured I’ll be fine and home soon — and more important, I will have a good blog post for you (Hint: it will include words like “commode” and “syrup-stained gown”!) Anyway, […]


Tweet I don’t want to hear it ‘Cuz I know what I’ve done OK! So I went to see my orthopedist for my MRI results. BUT FIRST! Like everyone else, I had to wait. In a packed waiting room. Christmas carols blasting over the speakers and small children running around. A woman hacking WITH PHLEGM […]


I Had an MRI

Tweet My bed is pulling me, Gravity Daysleeper. Daysleeper. One day, an innocent young woman fearfully climbed into a tube and proceeded to have a panic attack. A disembodied voice politely asked her to “stop moving around in there.” She reacted by . . . But this is not that story. THIS story happens to […]



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