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Tweet Hey, everyone! It’s regular ol’ JD here. No, sorry, I do NOT know where Dr. JD or Professor JD are right now. You’re stuck with me. It gets worse. You’re also stuck with an old post, because the only things I’ve been doing lately are: Bikram yoga rehydrating Wrapping Prudence up like a burrito […]


Tweet And the worms ate into his Head (brain) Hello, and welcome to yet another (FREE!) installation of Dr. JD diagnoses and cures the sickly people of the Internet! My esteemed colleague Professor JD recently took the blogosphere by storm when she appeared over at Cardiogirl’s VIP Lounge to help a bunch of people with […]


Tweet Hey, little sister, shot gun! Yes, in my version of a Polish wedding, I get to marry Gabriel Byrne while Claire Danes looks on in confusion. But this wasn’t my wedding.  Hell, we didn’t even GO to the wedding, because the deal was: wedding at 11:30, reception at 6:30, at a venue far, far […]


I Got Covered in Tar

Tweet Su-su-sushi don’t you cry Take you to the sushi bar and buy you some Fillet and claw Clam and tuna Gonna eat it raw So then there was that time I was covered in tar. The end. Oh, you want details. Well, you would. Listen, y’all can get covered in tar all by yourselves. […]


Tweet Jump by your will or be taken by force I’ll get you either way Trying to keep the hellfire lit I am stalking you as prey Welcome! Professor JD here. You might already be familiar with my esteemed colleague Dr. JD, who helps troubled and diseased souls across the Internet with their medical issues. […]


Tweet They’ve given you a number and taken away your name Let’s blame this one on lack of sleep, shall we? First off, I have an iPod Touch. Man, it’s awesome. I love it like a boyfriend, even tho that “Vibrate” function doesn’t work. Pity. What it DOES do is play music and . . […]



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