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Tweet And the worms ate into his Head (brain) Hello, and welcome to yet another (FREE!) installation of Dr. JD diagnoses and cures the sickly people of the Internet! My esteemed colleague Professor JD recently took the blogosphere by storm when she appeared over at Cardiogirl’s VIP Lounge to help a bunch of people with […]


I Win Stuff

Tweet Come on, let’s find a way to be happy Not like Plankton, he will never be satisfied Well, the Arte y Pico and Proximade awards seem to have run their course. For now. In addition to those auspicious prizes, I’ve received lots of cool stuff from my fellow bloggers over the years. BEHOLD! A […]


Tweet What a lovely, lovely picture You’re my treasured work of art So, as you may recall, there was this contest at I Do Things regarding candy bars. There were also interminable videos featuring some stupid camera effects and lots of nervous twitching. There was soap. There was poorly cued music. But most important, there […]


Tweet So, needless to say I’m odds and ends But that’s me stumbling away Subtitled “I’m Better on Paper; Or How Not to Use a Webcam” So! Technical difficulties? Check Lots of “and um’s”? Check Fabulous hair? Check Shrill voice? Check Poor quality? Check Too much rambling? Check Weird facial expressions and fidgeting? Check! YES! […]


Tweet Wish I knew what you were looking for Might’ve know what you would find WOOOOOOO! You read that right. I am giving away three of the rare, hard-to-find Simply Caramel Milky Ways to three lucky, LUCKY readers. Can you believe my generosity? It knows no bounds, srsly. It all began yesterday, when I went […]


Tweet But glittering prizes And endless compromises Shatter the illusion of integrity It’s TIIIIIIIIIIIIME! Time to announce the WINNERSSSSSSSSSSS! Thanks to everyone who played, even when it was pretty obvious that the contest was WON and DONE. I think maybe I suck at contests. I always seem to leave out an important rule or caveat, […]



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