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I Ate a Jordan Almond

Tweet   Do you ever remember me, baby? OK, so a decade has passed since my last post. And that’s the closest thing to an apology you’re gonna get. More to the point, what have I been doing all this time? Oh, lots of stuff. I’m still doing the torturous Bikram yoga. I celebrated Dave’s […]


I Scammed a Happy Meal

Tweet Hungry for the meeting The dinner we’ll be eating All this recent talk of mealworms made me remember one of my bucket list entries: Purchase and eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal — without getting caught! Because you have to have proof of child, right, to legitimately buy a Happy Meal? I mean, there’s a […]


Tweet Hey, everyone! It’s regular ol’ JD here. No, sorry, I do NOT know where Dr. JD or Professor JD are right now. You’re stuck with me. It gets worse. You’re also stuck with an old post, because the only things I’ve been doing lately are: Bikram yoga rehydrating Wrapping Prudence up like a burrito […]


Tweet Hey, little sister, shot gun! Yes, in my version of a Polish wedding, I get to marry Gabriel Byrne while Claire Danes looks on in confusion. But this wasn’t my wedding.  Hell, we didn’t even GO to the wedding, because the deal was: wedding at 11:30, reception at 6:30, at a venue far, far […]


Tweet Always got a mouthful of such sweet things to say Chewy’s full of sugar and I love her that way This post was supposed to be about that mythical unicorn of the Sandwich World: The Candwich! It’s a sandwich . . . in a can! And I’m sorry to tell you that one of […]


I Make Fruitless Fruit Salad

Tweet Take all the fruit that you want to eat It’s gonna be a fruit salad . . . bleeeuurgggh! Did you remember to celebrate Dave’s birthday last month? If so, I hope y’all had a big, delicious slab of cake in his honor. Because over here, we didn’t get no cake. Dave’s birthday dinner […]



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