Am I an Idiot?



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I crave link love as much as the next blogger, but sometimes, I have to wonder. Is this a compliment or an insult? A forgivable mistake or an intentional misspelling? Should I feel grossed out or awesome?

Truth or typo?

You tell me.

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43 Responses to “Am I an Idiot?”

  1. 1 Daisy the Curly Cat

    Oh noes! Sorry, I accidentally made one of those snorting laughter sounds. I guess it’s better than “I Dot Hinges,” right?

    Daisy the Curly Cat’s last blog post..Sunday Comics with Daisy!

  2. 2 Regan

    Oh, it’s the trush alright. Those people just made it sound not as good as it should. :D

    Regan’s last blog post..Girl Scout Cookies

  3. 3 feefifoto

    Truth! Typo! Truth! Typo! Oh heck! I don’t know. Now I need to go lie down. Or would you prefer to do that for me so I don’t have to?

    feefifoto’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: Triangle

  4. 4 Grace

    I would say, that who ever wrote that, was an idiot. You are ALWAYS funny, clever, and a tad off-the-wall – but then so are your devoted readers – off-the-wall I mean.

    Grace’s last blog post..The good, the bad and the ugly…Part whatever (plus Mr. Gaw-juss)

  5. 5 Mary @ Holy Mackerel

    I don’t know. Don’t ask. I am brainless today, it being Easter Sunday, and me being knocked out of my bed to my knees at 8 a.m., although I was told it was 9 a.m. Brats.

    Mary @ Holy Mackerel’s last blog post..Beauty

  6. 6 Tiggy

    A serious typo. Although you do realize I will forever be referring to this site as ‘Idiot Things’. ;)

    Mind you, someone thought my blog was called ‘Tittyblog’…

    Tiggy’s last blog post..Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Adult Baby Diapers

  7. 7 Kathy

    I’d be more insulted by the “…and sometimes humorous” part. SOMETIMES???

    Whoever wrote that is an idot. Oops, I mean idiot.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Windy’s Birthday Party

  8. 8 flit

    Clearly a typo…. cuz while you are ALWAYS humorous, you are never, EVER an idiot :)

  9. 9 Stephanie

    It’s a typo. You are always hilarious and quirky. And sometimes nekked.

    Stephanie’s last blog post..In Tribute: I Went Back To The Roller Skating Rink So You Don’t Have To

  10. 10 Prefers Her Fantasy Life

    Clearly the person is the iject. You are always humorous. And sometimes nekked. And usually full of hair.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life’s last blog post..I Refuse to Live in a Poemless Universe

  11. 11 absepa

    Clearly a typo! No one with a vocabulary like yours could ever be considered an idiot. And “sometimes humorous” should have read “always hilarious.”

    absepa’s last blog post..Why I Loved the 80s, Part 2: Prince

  12. 12 Stephanie Barr

    Do idiot thing have to do with the commentors? Can’t be, you have the best! You are always hilarious, even when describing horrific medical procedures (like nasal rapage).

    Either the whole thing is a typo or someone’s recovering from a full frontal lobotomy.

    Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Placeholders

  13. 13 Jaffer

    ManiaRavings was a typo


    On my very first visit you your blog you passed me as very clever in using the ‘I’ everywhere.

    I just couldn’t get enough of “I do” “I go” “I am” etc. in all your titles.
    This is a personal blog, an individual’s blog and JD gets to do what she likes and write how she writes.

    The person shows a hint of jealousy and does not like others who are self-centred even if there were themselves.
    Whether it was a typo or not, I think they mean it one way or another.

    Jaffer’s last blog post..These guys will take you out to lunch

  14. 14 Tim

    I wouldn’t be here reading your posts and all the comments if it was just a bunch of idiot things :)

    Tim’s last blog post..If You Have Allergies, Try Playing Board Games

  15. 15 Trout Fly Reels

    OMG that is very funny. Since I found your site through the site in question I had to re-read. I really think the typo was unintentional – he was trying to share the love. It is funny though.

    Trout Fly Reels’s last blog post..The Pheasant Tail Nymph

  16. 16 Tippy

    You’re the most cleverest-est-est person I don’t know…

  17. 17 Corrina

    I’m voting typo but that person is still a moron.

  18. 18 Angelika

    A typo, surely.

    But LMMFAO anyway! *giggle*

    Angelika’s last blog post..Happy Easter!

  19. 19 Lola

    The blog writer is the idiot. I think I came across this site yesterday. All he does is diss other people’s blogs. That is what his whole blog is. Dissing other people’s blogs. And he’s not even good at it! I must have stopped reading before I got to what he said about you.

    Lola’s last blog post..Happy Easter Peeps!

  20. 20 stacey kimmel

    It’s called being “damned by faint praise.” And in the case of your blog, the only explanation is they’re jealous.

    Besides, I’ve already been an idiot many times over, so you don’t have to!

    stacey kimmel’s last blog post..Riley’s hoof: An update

  21. 21 JD

    Daisy the Curly Cat: I HEARD YOU SNORT! Not very ladylike, but that’s okay. You’re right, I’d hate to be known as I Dot Hinges. Because I totally do NOT.

    Regan: Heh. Good answer.

    feefifoto: When it comes to lying down, it’s no typo: I will do it so you don’t have to!

    Grace: Thank you, my dear. I agree that my beloved readers are off the wall (but also funny and clever) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Mary & Holy Mackerel: Uh oh. OK, ok. (backs away quietly) Hope you can come back when you’re feeling less crabby. HAPPY EASTER!

    Tiggy: Yeah, I kinda thought I’d be letting myself in for that. That’s okay. And . . . it’s NOT Tittyblog? Dang. Why have I been hanging around then?

    Kathy: I have to admit, I was a tad miffed. BUT! I posted a friendly correction on the site, and the blog admin was very cool and nice and apologetic. And he/she fixed it.

    flit: Hee! Thanks. But I think maybe I have done some idiotic things. I’m remembering a certain Ziploc bag on my head . . .

    Stephanie: Aw, thank you, Roller Girl. At least they didn’t call me a nekkid idiot.

    Prefers Her Fantasy Life: “Humorous, Nekkid, and Full of Hair.” I think I’ve got my new tag line. Thank you!

    absepa: Thanks, sweetie. The site owners confirmed it was, indeed, a typo, and fixed it. But they kept the “sometimes humorous” part. Hmph.

    Stephanie Barr: Yay, for the BEST commenters ever. I agree. It’s surprisingly easy to make nasal rape funny, by the way. A frontal lobotomy tho? Maybe not.

    Jaffer: Your comment sounds weirdly like a fortune cookie or something. But I’m so glad I snagged you with all my selfish “I” stuff. They did confirm it was a typo, but I supposed once I’d confronted them, they couldn’t very well call me an idiot to my face, could they?

    Trout Fly Reels: That’s how you found me? Oh, that’s hilarious. Yes, I told him it was no big deal, but it’s “I Do Things,” and he was very nice about it. I figured it was a mistake, but it was just too good to pass up. Hey, I’m glad it helped you find your way here!

    Tippy: And that is the nicest-est-est thing I’ve ever read. Sniff.

    Corrina: HA! No, lemme set the record straight. It really was a typo, and the guy was nice about fixing it. Also, I am kind of an idiot at times . . . it’s OK: I know you’re all thinking it.

    Angelika: Yeah, that was my reaction. As typos go, it’s a pretty damn good one.

    Lola:Oh, no, I don’t think it’s the same blog. As I’ve said, the guy was very nice about fixing it and apologizing (not that it was a big deal). The site seems fine and this was just a regular ol’ “link love” post. My love just got a little mangled.

    stacey kimmel: That’s so nice. And THANK YOU: that’s the phrase I was trying to think of. Well, I’ve been quite an idiot too, so it’s hardly a surprise.

    Tim: I’m glad to hear that. But there are SOME idiot things, right?

  22. 22 babs - beetle

    Well, eedjit or not, you are the funniest eedjit I know – but only sometimes. Those times, just by coincidence, happen to be whenever I read your posts. I think I read all your posts, don’t I? ;O)

    babs – beetle’s last blog post..Going back in Time. Final part – Love is

  23. 23 The Hawg!

    Now, J.D. — I’m sure all of us dedicated fans will declare it’s clearly a typo. Just point the way and we’ll clamor around and demand that the type be corrected posthaste.

    Then again, that is pretty funny.

    “Idiot things?” Heh. That would apply to my blog…

    The Hawg!’s last blog post..Are Twitter’s days numbered?

  24. 24 Jaffer

    Fortune ? Cookie ?


  25. 25 MamaNeedsaCosmo

    It’s just a horrible attempt at being funny. Something you never have to do is attempt being funny. Because you ALWAYS bring the funny. Funny rhymes with bunny. A horrible segue to saying “Happy Easter.”

    MamaNeedsaCosmo’s last blog post..Life Support

  26. 26 Baron von Rochester

    OH man, that is absolutely hilarious. But you know — I’d click on a blog link to something called “Idiot Things,” and I bet I’m not alone. I think this will increase your traffic, typo or not.

    I also liked how I could click on the text to embiggen it. That was kewl.

    Baron von Rochester’s last blog post..In Which My Greatest Fear is Realized

  27. 27 Musing

    That’s funny. Reminds me of the time someone linked to my quote site and called it “Blotations.”

    Musing’s last blog post..Nickname your computer

  28. 28 Jenn Thorson

    Let’s hope the person just had Idiot’s Guide to Blogging on his mind when he was writing up that review.

    Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..TV Commercial Mascots Fight For Personal Lives

  29. 29 Maureen

    A dyslexic typo, I am sure….

    And “snort!” as well to Daisy’s version!

    Maureen’s last blog post..Adventures at the Mall

  30. 30 Elle

    A typo. A moronic, insulting-in-a-trying-to-be-funny-way typo. This guy better not show up again. We can take him. We shall make the war grimace and frightening noise.

    Elle’s last blog post..Bacon Grease, Brown Sugar and Skittles, Oh My.

  31. 31 JD

    babs – beetle: HA! Seriously, I am not so funny in “real” life. But thank you for saying at least my posts are funny. For that, you will receive TWO blueberry pies.

    The Hawg!: I actually am beginning to like the sound of “Idiot Things”! I’m sure no one would argue that there are plenty of idiot things going on around here. And thank you for rushing to my defense. The blog owner was very nice and did make the correction at my request. No clamoring will be required.

    Jaffer: I don’t know. I was tired last night and full of Easter scalloped potatoes. Sometimes I do idiot things so you don’t have to.

    MamaNeedsaCosmo: Niiiiiice! Happy Easter to you! And thank you. It’s far from effortless, believe me.

    Baron von Rochester: I thought it was pretty funny, too. And apparently I did get at least one reader from that particular link. They’ve since changed it . . . but now I’m regretting asking that they do so.

    Musing: Snerk. Is that supposed to rhyme with “flotations”? “Blow-tations”? It doesn’t even make SENSE, damnit!

    Jenn Thorson: Yeah, maybe that was it! Tho I have to confess, I hate those “Dummy’s Guides” and “Idiot Guides.” We’re not idiots, book writers!

    Maureen: Yes, I think you’re right. And when DOESN’T Daisy make me snort with laughter?

    Elle: Oh, no! Y’all are so sweet. But it turned out to be an honest mistake, and the guy was really nice. Tho I wouldn’t mind seeing that war grimace and frightening noise. . .

  32. 32 Jen

    I wouldn’t be so upset about the “idiot things” you have indeed done some idiotic things for us so we didn’t have to. This person obviously doesn’t understand the service you provide to your readers. What I would be upset about is the “sometimes humorous”. This person has not paid close attention to your posts. Maybe they are a really just a bit peeved that reading your blog caused them to ruin a perfectly good keyboard by spewing Diet Coke all over it in a fit a laughter. I think you have ruined at least three for me in the last six months I have been reading your blog. It’s only six because I have learned to push the little drawer that my keyboard sits on back in under the desk so that I don’t spew Diet Coke.

    Jen’s last blog post..Moms at the Zoo

  33. 33 dcr

    Congratulations! You are now #10 in Google for “Idiot Things”.

    But, it looks like you have some competition:

    And, now that he’s corrected your entry, you’ll probably drop off the first page of Google.

    So, you better start working on some Idiot things so you can stay at the top! ;)

    dcr’s last blog post..What You’ve Been Waiting For

  34. 34 Your Daily Cute

    I say typo… You get the benefit of the doubt cause I just met you. ;)

    Great blog! I’m cracking up over here.

  35. 35 Trade Show Guru

    hey JD,
    FYI – I think both and are available.
    And I appreciate you being an idiot so I don’t have to be one, but somehow, I still manage to be one on a regular basis…
    ~ Steve, the occasional idiot trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..Trade Show Booth Staffing Secrets

  36. 36 Trade Show Guru

    oops! I didn’t realize the urls in my comment above would get hyperlinked… What an idiot I am! And the hyperlinks go nowhere. Feel free to unlink them.
    Oh, what an idiot I am! Pass me a Red Stripe. ~ Steve, the more than occasional idiot trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru’s last blog post..Trade Show Booth Staffing Secrets

  37. 37 Natural

    who wrote that? you want me to kick their butt? sometimes people make me sick. any fool can criticize and most fools do.

    it’s a typo

    Natural’s last blog post..My Two Left Feet

  38. 38 JD

    Jen: You are so resourceful. And now I feel bad, because I OYANK, apparently. Or six. Anyway, I do like your theory and have to admit to feeling rather peeved about the “sometimes humorous.” Maybe that should be my tag line: “Sometimes idiotic, always humorous”?

    dcr: Heh. And damn! I should’ve let them keep it “Idiot Things.” I never realized idiot things were in such a demand!

    Your Daily Cute: Thank you and welcome! Benefit of the doubt is always good.

    Trade Show Guru: Isn’t that annoying? And often, including links in a comment makes you a spam suspect. But, hey! Just ‘cuz those links don’t go anywhere doesn’t mean the domains aren’t available. I may look into that. If being an idiot means cracking open a Red Stripe at 8:15 AM, I AM AN IDIOT!

    Natural: HA! No butt-kicking necessary. They changed the title and were very nice and apologetic. Just simmer down, you.

  39. 39 Jay

    Hahahahahahahaha!!! Well, they do say no publicity is bad publicity, don’t they? People will be flocking to your blog to find out just how much of an idiot you are! LOL!

    But seriously? Typo. Definitely typo. ;)

  40. 40 Bingo site

    That guy is such an idiot! This is one of my favorite blogs because I think it’s hilarious and your articles are very original.

    Bingo site’s last blog post..Bingo Practical Jokes

  41. 41 JD

    Jay: Yes, I’ll take whatever publicity I can get. And I don’t think anyone coming here from an “Idiot Things” link will be too disappointed!

    Bingo: Thank you!

  42. 42 candle burn times

    The blurb sounded somewhat positive. Actually, sounded like he wanted to be dismissive and negative, but the more he wrote the more he actually wound up recommending you. No typo, he was playing on your URL trying to dis you. Instead he gave you a funny post and a bunch of fun comments.

  43. 43 JD

    candle burn times: That’s the way I saw it: an opportunity to write a post and have people chime in. I did end up commenting on his site, and he very obligingly changed the title (and was quite apologetic about the typo)!


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