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My Mom Watched American Idol

Tweet But I know I’m gonna change that tune, When I’m back on top, back on top in June It’s been like Freaky Friday over here in I Do Things Land. For years, I’ve nagged my mom to watch American Idol, and she has steadfastly refused. Then all of the sudden, she became a rabid […]


I Watched Last House on the Left REDUX

Tweet Oh, hi. Yes, I’m recycling an old post. It’s been that kind of week, month, year. Sorry, my peeps. Your Aunt JD WILL be back, and better than ever, very shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy my review of the awesome horror classic Last House on the Left. They recently dared to remake this […]


Tweet If you go down to the woods today You’d better not go alone Hey, let me ask you guys something. Has anyone ever chased you around with a whisk broom? While you were naked? And giggling? I’m willing to bet this has happened to maybe 1% of our population, and yet this is the […]


Tweet Happy she and happy he They’re both as happy as can be You read that right. Twenty (20) years of monogamy. “Monogamy” translates to “sex with the same person for the rest of your life.” This was a difficult concept for me, back in my wild youth. But I’m happy to say that everything […]


I Make Fruitless Fruit Salad

Tweet Take all the fruit that you want to eat It’s gonna be a fruit salad . . . bleeeuurgggh! Did you remember to celebrate Dave’s birthday last month? If so, I hope y’all had a big, delicious slab of cake in his honor. Because over here, we didn’t get no cake. Dave’s birthday dinner […]


Tweet Don’t be jealous of my boogie Really, tho, I love ALL drag queens. I would love to hang out with a drag queen. If you are a drag queen, please call me so we can be best friends and also so you can show me how to create a cleavage shadow. Drag queen boyfriends […]



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