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I Ate a Chicken Foot

Tweet Chicken in the bread pan, pickin’ out dough Chicken foot, chicken foot, I ate a chicken foot (to be sung to the tune of “Lollipop.”) Sooo, what’s up, chicken butt! Did you ever say that as a child? I said it often, as a college student. I still think it’s funny. People’s reactions to […]


Tweet So, needless to say I’m odds and ends But that’s me stumbling away Subtitled “I’m Better on Paper; Or How Not to Use a Webcam” So! Technical difficulties? Check Lots of “and um’s”? Check Fabulous hair? Check Shrill voice? Check Poor quality? Check Too much rambling? Check Weird facial expressions and fidgeting? Check! YES! […]


I Am HOME from the Hospital

Tweet Sooo, you may recall that I was in the hospital for 5 days recently. Why? I was sick. Can we leave it at that for now? Thanks. Visual Proof of Sickness Like, I am NOT even faking this. (And yet . . . the hair!) _____________________________________ If that photo isn’t proof enough for you […]


I Am in the Hospital

Tweet And it’s a hospital with pretty spotty wi-fi, so I’ll have to make this quick. Never mind why I’m here; it’s unimportant. Rest assured I’ll be fine and home soon — and more important, I will have a good blog post for you (Hint: it will include words like “commode” and “syrup-stained gown”!) Anyway, […]


Tweet Wish I knew what you were looking for Might’ve know what you would find WOOOOOOO! You read that right. I am giving away three of the rare, hard-to-find Simply Caramel Milky Ways to three lucky, LUCKY readers. Can you believe my generosity? It knows no bounds, srsly. It all began yesterday, when I went […]


I Dream of the Milky Way

Tweet A living box of candy wrapped up so very fine Do it to me chewy chew me out of my mind I thought I’d dreamed it. I saw it. I bought it. I ate it. I loved it. And I dreamed about it. But then, was it all a dream, after all? NO! Because […]



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