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I Blew the Nostril in Jamaica

Tweet Everything was plentiful at the buffet Raise your fork and something’s always there For the second night in a row since returning from vacation, I left Dave a note saying I’d gone to bed already. At 6:30. “Another early night, eh?” he said the next morning. “Yup. Still catching up, I guess.” “Catching up […]


Tweet Guess who’s back Back again JD’s back Tell a friend Oh, boy. So . . . yeah. A week ago at this time I was floating over to the swim-up bar. The sun was beating down on my naked butt. My only dilemma: should I move to the beach or stay at the pool? […]


I Am a Dork

Tweet Vote, baby, vote UPDATE! I won! Can you freaking believe it? I couldn’t have done it without YOU, my non-dorky readers. Thank you for voting. I will now carry on my dorkly duties with pride and a little bit of embarrassment. Thanks, Lin! And as Margaret from Nanny Goats once said, “We’re ALL dorks […]


I Hit the Panic Button

Tweet And the ride I say, the ride is so smooth Death-Mobile! Terror Ride! Drive of Death! Horror Car! Fear on Wheels! Er . . . Scary Ride to Get Coffee and a Potato! These are all would-be titles of the movie that was my morning yesterday. Tell me which one you like best! Soooo, […]


I Throw Kisses

Tweet Come on, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me There’s been a lot of hatred around these parts lately, so I thought we should all switch our emotional gears. To love. Specifically, to the love of chocolate. For there be no greater love than that between a stomach and chocolate. Except it’s not really mutual. […]



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