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I Go Moji so you don’t have to

Tweet Goin’ Moji Keep me moving What’s Moji, you’re asking? Well, it’s a lot of things, but it’s not a dessert. Read on. Recently, a nice lady contacted me about trying and reviewing a Moji product. Oooh, MOJI! I thought. Those tender, delicious ice-cream balls of soft, tender niceness. MOJI! Oops, OK. My mistake. This […]


I Am Thankful

Tweet But you should be thankful too. Why? Oh, I think you know. Anyway, we’re all busy, so instead of listing all the things for which am I thankful, I’ve decided to just slap up a bunch of pictures. With the exception of a gleaming Vicodin bottle and a sweaty picture of my Zumba-shaking butt, […]


I Am Suing

Tweet Who you gonna call? My lawyer! An eagle-eyed reader sent me the most incriminating e-mail attachment the other day. In order to protect her anonymity, I will refrain from naming her. But! You should totally check out her awesome photo blog here! Er, perhaps she’s not so anonymous anymore. But I know you can […]


I Was Interviewed

Tweet She Who always seems so happy in a crowd Whose eyes can be so private and so proud No one’s allowed to see them when they CRYYYYYY Oh, my (chicken and) stars (soup)! How long have I been blogging? Two and a half years? Hasn’t anyone wondered? Hasn’t anyone cared? I guess not, because […]


I Have Great Ideas (Redux)

Tweet Hey! In in the interest of saving my brain, I’m slacking off a bit this week regarding all things blog. In the meantime, won’t you please enjoy an oldie but a goodie from almost EXACTLY TWO YEARS AGO TODAY? You will? Oh, phew. *        *        * The next time you’re working in your yard, […]


I Watched “Stud Hunters”

Tweet Stud hunters, c‘mon, drop your pants Stud hunters, here’s your big chance I know Stud Hunters sounds like a reality show where teams of TV fame-whores vie to find the stud of their dreams and then shoot him in the head BUT! it’s actually a porno movie from those sex-ay folks at online adult […]



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