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I May Have Mad Cow Disease

Tweet All aboard . . . Mad Cow Disease is no joke. Especially when it’s happening to me. Really, only when it’s happening to me, otherwise, it’s pretty damn funny, let’s be honest. I mean, it’s called “Mad Cow,” which is hilarious. And, yes, I realize the scientific name is something like “Bovine Spongybrain” or […]


I Cut Hair

Tweet Me thinks it would look better when cut from ear to ear Barber pole came from here Ah, Sundays. Lazy mornings. Dunkin’ Donuts. 3-hour naps. Fast-food supper. Long, hot days. Cool sea haze. Jukebox plays . . . oh, wait that’s something different. I do love Sundays, don’t you? But THIS Sunday is Haircut […]


I Played Sex Casino

Tweet SEX! CASINO! This weekend, Dave and I decided to turn our humble bedroom into a pleasure mecca with Sex Casino, just one of the many awesome and sex-ay games available at your one-stop shop for adult toys: Eden Fantasys (warning: the link takes you to dildos). The folks at Eden Fantasys were kind enough […]


I Kept a Diary

Tweet I found her diary underneath a tree And started reading about JD Yes, I kept a diary, off and on during the 1970s. As you compare the entries below with my life today, you’ll see that these years were pretty damn exciting. My life these days isn’t nearly as thrilling, tho, of course, I […]


I Have Four . . . er, Three Phones

Tweet Call me now baby, and I’d come a running Have you bought a phone recently? It seems you can’t buy just one phone anymore. You automatically get all these extra bonus phones. I could see the point of more phones if we all weren’t using cordless phones already, but now with the technology that […]


I Get Zapped

Tweet I can take a little pain I can hold it pretty well Painful spine came from here Lately, I’ve been getting zapped. Not this kind of “Zapped!” No, I’m talking about the sensation I get from my beloved portable TENS unit. Yes! Thanks to chronic back pain, I get my own little magic zapping […]



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