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I Honor My Family

Tweet One of these things is not like the other HA! Just when you were convinced that I hate old people, here is a post to prove otherwise. It’s a post about my favorite kind of old people: my ancestors! Specifically, parents, grandparents, and a few random aunts and uncles. One day, Dave (yes, THAT […]


Tweet Doesn’t mean that much to me To mean that much to you Old man came from here Old people! Come on, give me a break. I know it’s not ALL your fault, but still. You could be a little more considerate of those around you. Everywhere I go, old people are ruining my otherwise […]


I Help the Masses

Tweet Yesterday while Dave and I were trimming the hedge (NOT a euphemism, sorry), it occurred to me that I am not making the most of my I Do Things talents. Yes, I know I do plenty of things so you don’t have to, but I could be doing so much more. There are people […]


I Will Be Cremated

Tweet Baby, who turned the temperature hotter? Oven guy came from here ______________________________________ What’s your take on ashes? I mean, of the human kind? Should the “cremains” of your loved ones be scattered or stored? Perhaps you’d prefer to eat them or shoot them off into space? Cremains are the cremated remains of a dead […]


I Can Tap That

Tweet I kinda like that I wanna tap that Recently I discovered a fun-filled Web site that’s all about SEX only funny. It’s called Can I Tap That, and for those of you who don’t have a copy of Urban Dictionary handy, that phrase simply means “Can I have sex with yo’ ass?” Uh, not […]


Tweet From the top of the pole I watch her go down May pole dancers come from here You know the lady I mean. Every class has one. The know-it-all. The can’t-shut-up. The teacher’s pet. In my Zumba class, that person is me! Hahahaha. But so what? Until I read a post titled “I’ve About […]



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