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I Embarrass Dave

Tweet Is there life on Mars? Chicken person came from here ____________________ Poor Dave. But he had his chance. Two years ago, when I first started this blog, my second post was about visiting a nude beach. Dave was concerned that his family might read it and asked me to write something else. My response […]


Tweet That looks like a large pair of knickers Pickle came from here ________________ Of course I do NOT! But some people have to. Wash themselves with a rag on a stick, I mean. And it’s not polite to laugh. In front of them. The whole rag on a stick phenomenon began as simple cartoony […]


I Watched Mr. Sardonicus

Tweet My name was not always Sardonicus, and I did not always wear a mask. Oh, boy. It isn’t often I have insomnia, and it’s even less often that there’s something good on TV when I do. The other night I caught Mr. Sardonicus on MeTV. A classic Gothic horror flick, Mr. Sardonicus features slow-building […]


I Am Speaking at BlogHer

Tweet By speaking, I mean reading. And by reading, I mean puking. Who wants to come and watch me puke? It all started as a harmless joke. Junk Drawer Kathy sent me the link from BlogHer asking for bloggers to submit a favorite post. The chosen posts would be read by their authors at the […]


I Ate 100 Calories

Tweet Diet coke and a pizza, please Giant cupcake comes from here _______________________ You know those 100-calorie snack packs, right? They come in all kinds of shapes, flavors, and colors: from bright orange Cheetohs to pastel-pink cuppy cakes. It’s a great idea. Because each 100-calorie snack is packaged separately, you’re not tempted to gorge on […]


I Saw Kobe Grimley First

Tweet Yesterday morning, I published a post comparing photos of Kobe Bryant and Ed Grimley. The timestamp on my blog is messed up, but the post went up around 8AM Central Time. I shared the link on Facebook (note time): LATER THAT DAY, eagle-eye reader absepa sent me this: Wow. USA Today‘s sports blog “Game […]



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