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I Had a Bunionectomy

Tweet Wheeeee! I am officially bunionless! Thank you to everyone who wished me well, and to those who didn’t? HA! It went just fine anyway. I wonder why all this bunion talk has made me so hungry for Funyuns? ANYway, I’m done. And since I’m currently at this moment NOT swallowing handfuls of Vicodin, I […]


Musing Does Things

Tweet Image courtesy of Hey, do you all know Musing from Blogtations? Musing collects and showcases hundreds of mostly humorous quotations from bloggers everywhere! It’s an awesome and addictive site. But today she’s HERE at I Do Things writing a guest post because, thanks to foot surgery—TODAY!—I have been really busy. Please enjoy! I […]


I Am Deformed

Tweet Wow! It’s been a rough couple of weeks here at I Do Things. I’ve been hurt, scarred, and now deformed. But don’t worry, my young friends. It’s not the bad kind of deformity (ie, Elephant Man-itis). It’s just my foot. Next week I’ll be undergoing a dangerous procedure to remove that gross bump under […]


I Was Scarred for Life

Tweet Unless of course that famous horse Is a sawed-off horse’s head! Illustration courtesy of D at SeafoodPunch! (Thanks, D!) WARNING! This post contains links to scenes of violence that may not be appropriate for all ages but were apparently perfectly fine for the young JD. When I was a kid, my mom and dad […]


I Get Hurt

Tweet Now watch his head explode Illustration courtesy of D at SeafoodPunch! A few weeks ago, I fell down the basement stairs. I literally tripped over my own foot and, because I was carrying some laundry (which we all know is delicate and breakable), in order to avoid dropping the laundry, I fell rather awkwardly. […]


Tweet Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with JD’s Syndrome Cause: Dancing Symptoms: sudden jaw dislocation, hair growth, extreme rashes, vague warts Cure: sleep Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Don’t worry, y’all. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, and just knowing what is wrong with me is helpful. After talking with my team of […]



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