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I’ll Say “No” to Drugs

Tweet But I never touched nothin’ That my spirit could kill How many times has this happened to you? You’re at the airport, heading home after a wonderful vacation in a tropical land, when all of the sudden: “FREEZE! DROP THE BAG! HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD! ON THE GROUND!” I reckon if it’s happened at […]


Tweet Christmas Day will always be Just so long as we have we So it’s Christmas Eve, and¬†I’m busy and stressed and rushing and hurrying. I know, I know: everyone else is too. But did everyone else wake up this morning thinking they had a bladder infection? Probably NOT! So there’s my lame excuse for […]


I ATE Braunschweiger

Tweet Wait! WAIT! WAIT!!! This is a brand-new post! It’s not the recycled “Braunschweiger” post from the other day. It’s got all new stuff. And pictures! ‘Cuz, you know, after reading through all your awesome food comments, I got hungry. Real hungry. Braunschweiger hungry. So I asked Dave to get me some of the ol’ […]


I Eat Braunschweiger

Tweet I’m gonna eat jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly beans I was inspired by this article on “Ten Foods We Love Even Tho They Taste Wrong” (which includes such delicacies as Chef Boyardee Spaghettios and Kraft Mac & Cheese: SCRUM!) to finally, FINALLY sit down and figure out my own . . […]


I Faked a Concussion

Tweet Tell me why, tell me why, why d’you have to lie? Gather ’round, everyone, and hear the tale of a 10-year-old JD: a lying, faking, selfish¬†monster of a child who needlessly worried her parents and spent innocent taxpayer’s money, just for a little attention. Kids! Craving Attention? You will need: 1 head the ability […]


I Suffer for My Hair

Tweet Wow! The Internet has been a-buzz ever since I posted that picture. You know, THAT picture. In which the otherwise lovely and desirable JD stuffed her gorgeous curls into a Ziplock bag to keep them dry during a shower. I have to admit. It was rather a blow to my pride to have to […]



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