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I Wrote an Entrecard Song

Tweet NEXT DROP! The readers of this blog (Hi! I love you!) fall into four groups: People who participate in the Entrecard blogging network but don’t know the song “My My Metrocard” People who know the song “My My Metrocard” but don’t know about Entrecard People who participate in Entrecard AND know “My My Metrocard” […]


Tweet Oh, say, can you see My eyes—if you can Then my hair’s too short Yo, I didn’t cut it myself. A nice guy named Tony cut it. 5 inches! 5 pounds! Here’s the before picture: AH HA HA HA HA! I’m kidding. Here’s the real before picture: Yikes! That looks like the scary Grudge […]


I Did Things in Canada

Tweet To change things up a bit around here, I thought I’d go do some things in Canada. Dave came along, too. I Walked We usually vacation at the beach, where our walking involves getting from the bed to the pool to the buffet. Repeat for 6 days. But although there are very nice beaches […]


I Buy Stuff Online

Tweet It’s easy when you got all the information I’ve bought some very cool stuff online recently. I got beautiful artwork from Kelly at Aerten Art, a kickass pair of Zumba shoes, and . . . pills! (link deleted) Yup, drugs by mail! That’s the way I roll. Recently I made a rather ill-advised purchase […]



Tweet ——————– It’s the talk of the town at humor-blogs


I’m Going on Vacation

Tweet I know you’ll miss me Hey, y’all! I’ll be gone next week, searching for View from the Cloud stickers in Niagara Falls and meeting Kathy and her sister Ann and niece Regan in Toronto. Oh! And also vacationing with my lovely husband. I promise to bring you back some Canadian candy bars (no bacon) […]



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