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I Have a Shiny New Header

Tweet Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea The dark days are over, my friends. No more will the loyal readers of I Do Things convulse and die upon viewing a seizure-inducing header. No more, I say, will the visitors to this blog gag, froth at the mouth, and fall to the ground, […]


I Lived with a Rat

Tweet Walking down the street Carrying a baseball bat So you may remember that I lived in Ireland for a while. Dun Laoghaire, to be exact, which is a suburb of Dublin. I moved there after graduating college to avoid getting a real job. Lesson learned? A real job means benefits, decent pay, and tolerable […]


I Am Quirky

Tweet Don’t carry me too far away Am I allowed to call myself quirky? Or is that something only other people can do? It’s sort of like calling yourself classy or complicated. I think we all secretly agree that quirky is good, even tho we may refer to our quirks somewhat disparagingly. Better quirky than […]


I Eat (some of the) Lucky Charms

Tweet Blue moon Now I’m no longer alone In a recent scientific survey, it was determined that no one likes healthy cereals. Huzzah! Now I can sing my “Ode to Lucky Charms” without fear of reprisal from crazed health nuts. Pink hearts: my heart beats for thee Yellow moons: your warm glow comforts me Green […]


I’m Seeing a Therapist

Tweet Gonna need a shot of vitamin E By the time you’re finished with me As in physical therapist. Oh, I’ve seen brain therapists too, but that’s another post. Or posts. Or blog. And, no, sadly, my PT doesn’t look like the one in the picture, but I don’t look like that girl, so we’re […]


I Got a Kitten

Tweet You know that I’d do anything for you (OK, technically “we” got a kitten, but titling a post “We Got a Kitten” kinda ruins the whole “I Do Things” worldview.) ANYway, last Saturday, Dave and I went to a local animal shelter and promptly fell in love with 74 cats and kittens. However, our […]



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