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I Have Insomnia

Tweet And sleep comes With a knife, fork, and a spoon For many people, insomnia can mean one or more nights without sleep, tossing and turning, staring at an unforgiving clock; in short, a seemingly endless night followed by a crabby-ass day. For me, it means waking up at 3 AM and not falling back […]


Tweet Wait in line ‘Til your time Every now and then, I like to do a nice thing to balance out all the not-so-nice things I do on a daily basis. One of the nice things I do is obey the “No turn on red” signs. I believe this makes up for the fact that […]


Tweet Let your soul take you where you long to beeee! Man, of all the high-quality TV shows I watch—Real Housewives of Orange County, Hell’s Kitchen, Make Me a Supermodel—I’m gonna write about American Idol. Oh, well. I have a feeling there are a few other people out there familiar with this show. So I […]


I Am a Redhead

Tweet When it comes to getting a dirty job done, I’ll take a red-headed woman Apparently, I’m a redhead. I don’t know when it happened. I’m not aware of coloring my hair or of my hair coloring itself, but in the last few years, people have started referring to me as a redhead. I’m not […]


Tweet It’s love It’s love It’s love It’s la la la la la la love How many of you know who Chris Knox is? (waits for a while . . . goes off to do laundry and watch a movie . . . wanders back) Well, to most of you, he’s the guy who sings […]


I Got Torn Apart

Tweet Tear me apart If you wanna win my heart To be more literal, I got f*%#ing torn apart so you don’t have to. But to be less literal, I didn’t get torn apart at all. Just kind of dented. YESSSS! The folks at Ask and Ye Shall Receive reviewed my blog. Here’s the deal: […]



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