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I Bought a Door

Tweet Guys with name tags walking down the aisles Rows of garden hoses that go on for miles and miles Wait! Where are you going? Don’t leave me here alone with my door story. Haven’t you heard? Doors are actually very funny and exciting to read about! You can tell, because I put an exclamation […]


I Am Famous (and More!)

Tweet I’ll come back for the honey . . . and you So you’ve already read the famous I Embrace My Randomness post and thought, “Wow. There can’t be any more random things to know about JD.” Wrong! Behold: More random things I do so you don’t have to: 1. I draw. Look! I drew […]


I Hulu

Tweet Look at me hypnotized and half alive, maybe it’s four or five Some parts are sleeping, some parts are paralyzed Just one more minute . . . just one more minute . . . Last night, Dave made a chilling announcement. At some point today, all our TVs will go dead as a result […]


I Delete Spam

Tweet Viva! Viva! Viagra! Spammers are getting really smart. I just received a plea for money from none other than Charles Brown, addressing me as his “DEARLY BELOVED.” Now, I am no one’s “dearly beloved”—much less in all caps, but! the subject line said, “Not Spam.” So I think it’s safe to assume that I’m […]


I Eat the Whole Donut

Tweet Boston Cream Sprinkles Gimme a dozen I think we all can agree: Donuts—or doughnuts, if you’re a stickler—are the food of the gods. A handheld confection, sometimes cake, sometimes raised, sometimes frosted, sometimes glazed, sometimes stuffed with goo, sometimes filled with only a lonely hole, donuts are the total package. A friend recently told […]


Tweet For those of you who never even knew that I visited the Ponderosa Sun Club (PSC) in the first place, this re-post is for you. The suddenly popular “I Went to the Ponderosa Sun Club” post, originally published on 9-12-07, tells of Dave’s and my visit to a nudist resort last summer. But the […]



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